Jasper County, Illinois Schools
Class Pictures

Liberty School

This picture of the Liberty school two miles east of Hidalgo was taken in 1901. Mrs. Agnes Fischer of Yale is the owner of the photo which was made by Pierson Brothers, ?-time Casey photographers.
First row: Ira Bowers, Everett Evermon, Elvin Evermon, ?rtie (Dougherty) Oliver, Willie Brookhart, Ernest Evermon, ?arl Bowers, Lucy (Dougherty) Odle.
Second row: Roy Bowers, Ralph Chaney, Floy Haynes, Minnie (Gross) Hall, Lola Brookhart, Byrrel (Bowers) Walden, Dessie (Bowers) Harris, Susie Dougherty, Audrey (Evermon) Carroll.
Third row: Clyde Bowers, Lester Chaney, George Dougherty, Julia Brookhart, Bert Haynes, Bertha (Connor) Billman, Lonnie Bowers, Ethel (Bowers) Cobern, Minnie (Dougherty) Cherry, Harve Gross, teacher

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

Liberty School

Liberty School 1910
This picture of the Liberty school was taken in 1910. It is owned by T.O. Fischer of Yale.

Front row, left to right: Vernon Dougherty, Laurence Cowger, Attosa Gross, Edwin Evermon, Ralph Gross, Inez (Everett) Markwell, Gladys (Davis) Payne, Grave (Everett) ?oneleson and Clella (Isley) Sweazy.
Second row: Clarence Gross, Agnes (Evermon) Fischer, Loren Gross, Erma (Johnson) Fulk, Everett Johnson, Neva (Cowger) Bowman, Eldred Evermon and Erma Isley.
Third row: Chloren Isley, Darrel Everett, Ola (Johnson) Cork, Edwina (Cowger) Reisner, Lucy (Dougherty) Odle, Elvin Evermon, Ernest Evermon and Walter Laus, teacher.
Back row: Doyle Bowers and Carl Moore.
The school was located east of Hidalgo.

West Liberty School

1915 West Liberty School picture

This picture of the "upper grade room" of West Liberty school was taken in 1915 when Gladys Letsinger was the teacher. Mildred Bennett Hilderbrand of Route 1, Olney, is the owner.

First row, left to right: Gene Robins, Dean Metheny, Clarence Greene, Ralph Greene, Harley Grove, George Day, Paul Linton, Arthur Howard, Bill Ivy, Delbert Skaggs, Tommy Howard.
Second Row: Everette Fritschle, Harley Musgrove, Glenn Wagner, Raymond Wagner, Wilmer Wilson, Charles McDowell, Gale Metheny, Herman Tincher and Merl Grove.
Third Row: Gladys Bennett, Hazel Musgrove, Irene Rhodes, Ruth Grove, Ruth Nicholas, Mary Richards, Eula Mae Tincher, Erlene Pate, Isabell Robins, Rudell Bain, Lucille Tincher, Helen Wagner and Anna Metheny.
Fourth Row: Eva Howard, Reba Wilson, Mildred Bennett, Opal Bain, Elsie Musgrove, Rowena Linton, Hazel Meek, Kathleen Sterchi, Pearl Ivy and Lavada Howard.
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

West Liberty School


From the Newton Press-Mentor

"This picture of the West Liberty School was taken in 1921 when Shirley Hall was the teacher. Mrs. Mildred Bennett Hilderbrand of Route 1, Olney, is the owner of the photo.
First row: Kilroy Sprague, Arthur Howard, Ivan Hartleroad, Clarence Green, Harley Grove, Harold Leffler, Pearl Utley and Charles McDowell.
Second row: Reba Wilson, Mona Turpin, Eula Mae Tincher, Elsie Musgrove, Pearl Ivy, Lucille Tincher, Anna Metheny, Hazel Meek, Dean McDowell and Rowena Linton.
Third row: Ralph Green, Tommy Howard, Maxine Leffler, Mary Richard, Margaret Dickerson, Ruth Grove, Florence Hartleroad, Isabelle Robins, Mildred Bennett and Paul Linton."
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]


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