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This isn't what we do best, so we don't try. But I'm very amenable to EXCHANGING links with your site if you have a data-filled genealogy website dealing with Coles, Jasper or Kane Counties AND which is not trying to sell anybody anything. (We're all about FREE data!)

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List of Early Illinois Settlers

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Earliest records that are available in each Illinois county’s courthouse

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Page updated November 2017.
So many sites have disappeared from the internet! Very Sad. Makes for a small list of links...

And to make it even smaller, for many years I've been providing links to organizations and sites that haven't had the courtesy to return the favor by providing a link to any of our sites (but are still providing links to other genie. sites), so this list was pared down even further.

Coles County Links

This website contains letters from Mary Jamieson Leland Cox, who lived in Coles County, to her family members back in Virginia. They tell of her hardships in Coles and also mention children's names, etc. If you're researching the COX family, this will be useful. If not, it still makes for darn interesting historical reading. Here's a direct link to Mary's letters

Jasper County Links

Cumberland County Links

Elliott Cemetery Listing

Kane County Links

Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library - Also view Ella's Historical Collection housed at the Illinois Digital Collection

The County Clerk's office has opened their own website where you can purchase records for genealogical purposes.


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