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Jasper County, IL Marriages

©Transcribed by Kim Torp

These marriages are in close-to-alphabetical order by groom's last name. Use your browser's FIND function to find a name. Remember to use different spelling variations of names. It is worthwhile to get a copy of the marriage register from either the Jasper County courthouse or the IRAD in Charleston because, in addition to the information listed below, often they included the names of witnesses to the marriage. Information is presented here as on the microfilm and misspellings abound [that means don't write me with corrections] :-)

Notes: "AGE" on the original records means "Age at next birthday" And the non-Jasper county birthplaces given are usually a county name rather than a town name. (i.e. Clay, IL would be Clay county, IL)

~ I Surnames ~

IMMEL, Albert -- Age: 24
Wife: Rebecca M. DISPENNY -- Age: 17
Marriage Date: 29 Jul 1883
Husb's Birthplace: Crawford, IL
Wife's Birthplace: Crawford, IL
Husband's Father: Paul IMMEL
Husband's Mother: Eliza HAWKINS
Wife's Father: Alfred DISPENNY
Wife's Mother: Mary SMITH
ISLEY, B. F. -- Age: 26
Wife: Sarah E. COBURN -- Age: 19
Marriage Date: 30 Dec 1879
Husb's Birthplace: Decatur, IN
Wife's Birthplace: Vermillion, IL
Husband's Father: Soloman ISLEY
Husband's Mother: Rosan CONONSE
Wife's Father: John D. COBURN
Wife's Mother: Elizabeth C. BULLOCK
ISLEY, Reuben Albert -- Age: 24
Wife: Mary Ellen KOONTZ -- Age: 21
Marriage Date: 16 Sep 1884
Husband's Father: Philip ISLEY
Husband's Mother: RUBY
Wife's Father: Andrew Jackson KOONTZ
Wife's Mother: KIBLER
ISLEY, Thomas J. -- Age: 53
Wife: Margret Jane CURNUTT -- Age: 46
Marriage Date: 18 Oct 1896
Husb's Birthplace: Decatur, IN
Wife's Birthplace: Edgar, IL
Husband previously married
Husband's Father: Phillip ISLEY
Husband's Mother: Mary MOLDFATHER
Wife's Father: James CURNUTT
Wife's Mother: Melisa SUMP
ISRAEL, Charles Samuel -- Age: 30
Wife: Hattie Ray DANNER OR BONESTULE -- Age: 28
Marriage Date: 24 Dec 1895
Husb's Birthplace: Griggsville, IL
Wife's Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Wife previously married
Husband's Father: Elija Washburn ISRAEL
Husband's Mother: Elizabeth CASSADY
Wife's Father: German Ray BONESTELLE
Wife's Mother: Harriet M. CLARK

~ J Surnames ~

JACKSON, Alvin Leroy -- Age: 23
Wife: Mary Alice COWGER -- Age: 22
Marriage Date: 30 Mar 1879
Husband's Father: Oliver JACKSON
Husband's Mother: Serina STAMM
Wife's Father: John B. COWGER
Wife's Mother: Nancy A. MC DANIEL
JESSUP, Warren K. -- Age: 37
Wife: Jennie DICKERSON -- Age: 21
Marriage Date: 07 Mar 1894
Husb's Birthplace: IN
Husband's Father: Jackson L. JESSUP
Husband's Mother: Malinda KELLUM
Wife's Father: Stephen L. DICKERSON
Wife's Mother: Margaret CONSLY
JOHNSON, Marshall Age: 28 years Marriage
Wife: Lydia COOPER Age: 30 years
Marriage Date: 06 Dec 1900 Recorded in: Jasper, Illinois
Husb's Birthplace: Effingham, IL
Wife's Birthplace: La Salle, IL
Husband's Father: James T. JOHNSON
Husband's Mother: Asenath JOHNSON
Wife's Father: Thomas B. COOPER
Wife's Mother: Christine BLOOM
Source: FHL Number 1312612 Dates: 1878-1900

JONES, William A. -- Age: 27
Wife: Rachel Rebecca COX -- Age: 22
Marriage Date: 04 Nov 1888 Jasper, Illinois
Husband's Birthplace: Willow Hill, IL
Wife's Birthplace: Crawford, IL
Husband's Father: George W. JONES
Husband's Mother: Rachel E. STRECHER
Wife's Father: Thomas COX
Wife's Mother: Margaret CALVERT
JORDAN, Harvey -- Age: 24
Wife: Mary CREED -- Age: 17
Marriage Date: 16 Dec 1896 Jasper, Illinois
Wife's Birthplace: Newton, Jasper, IL
Husband's Father: William JORDAN
Husband's Mother: Mary BANTA
Wife's Father: Jerome CREED
Wife's Mother: Rosa WISE
JOURDAN, Ephraim -- Age: 23
Wife: Josephine CREED -- Age: 19
Marriage Date: 17 Sep 1893 Jasper, Illinois
Husband's Birthplace: Newton, IL
Wife's Birthplace: Newton, IL
Husband's Father: William L. JOURDAN
Husband's Mother: Mary BANTA
Wife's Father: Jerome CREED
Wife's Mother: Rosa WISE

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