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Jasper County, IL Marriages

©Transcribed by Kim Torp

These marriages are in close-to-alphabetical order by groom's last name. Use your browser's FIND function to find a name. Remember to use different spelling variations of names. It is worthwhile to get a copy of the register from either the Jasper County courthouse or the IRAD in Charleston because, in addition to the information listed below, often they included the names of witnesses to the . Information is presented here as on the microfilm and misspellings abound [that means don't write me with corrections] :-)

Notes: "AGE" on the original records means "Age at next birthday" And the non-Jasper county birthplaces given are usually a county name rather than a town name. (i.e. Clay, IL would be Clay county, IL)

~ Y Surnames ~

YELTON, John R. -- Age: 31
Wife: Mollie E. CURL -- Age: 18
Marriage Date: 03 Dec 1880
Husb's Birthplace: Shelby, IN
Wife's Birthplace: Edgar, IL
Husband's Father: Charles YELTON
Husband's Mother: M. A. SCHRYOCK
Wife's Father: Thomas CURL
Wife's Mother: Hattie DUST
YINGST, Nelson -- Age: 22
Wife: Mary Lucretia COLWELL OR STALLINGS -- Age: 20
Marriage Date: 05 Sep 1883
Husb's Birthplace: Cumberland, IL
Wife previously married
Husband's Father: John YINGST
Husband's Mother: Mary TIMMERMAN
Wife's Father: Frank STALLINGS
Wife's Mother: Jane REDFORD
YONGE, Zebulon Inslee -- Age: 30
Wife: Margaret Julia DICKERSON -- Age: 19
Marriage Date: 24 Mar 1880
Husband's Father: John YONGE
Husband's Mother: Catharine GIBSON
Wife's Father: John DICKERSON
Wife's Mother: Nancy SWAN
YOUNT, Levi L. -- Age: 52
Wife: Josie DEBOW -- Age: 40
Marriage Date: 21 Jan 1889
Husband previously married
Husband's Father: Jacob YOUNT
Husband's Mother: Elizabeth HENDERSON
Wife's Father: Robert W. DEBOW
Wife's Mother: Neona GOSNELL

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