Jasper County Marriage Notices

as printed in the Newton Press

These were ALL transcribed by ©Kim Torp from original microfilm
unless otherwise noted.

These are notices of marriages found in the Newton Press.
The date refers to the date of publication, not the date of marriage.

Notices are listed by husband's last name.

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Surnames A-D

Chas. H. Acklin of Newton married Laura Donham of Corey, Clay Co., Ind. last Tuesday at West Union. Nov. 26, 1890

Louis (Puss) Aikens was married to Miss Grace Manheart of Robinson Tuesday morning of last week, at St. Elizabeth's Catholic church of that city by Rev. Florent Delfosse. Mr. Aidens is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Aikens of north of town and we are told his bride comes from a respectable family of the oil city. Unfortunately Louis met with a very serious accident the Thursday following his marriage. He was at work with a corn shredder when in some way he got his right arm in the machinery, breaking and lacerating it so badly that amputation was necessary. The arm was taken off about the elbow. Ste. Marie Tribune, November 21, 1913

Allen m. Clara Hurst - NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23-DEC. 18, 1908

Anderson, 19 m. Nora Huffman, 19 - NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Asbury m. Martha Moshenrose, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Baichley, who formerly set type in the Mentor office, was recently married at Oakland to Miss Clara O'Dell. Apr. 1, 1891

Baker, 25 m. Ada Lateon, 18, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23-DEC. 18, 1908

Charles Bausac and Mrs. Elizabeth Michl of the Bend were married at St. Valentine's Catholic church in the Bend Monday morning at a 10 o'clock nuptial low mass. Rev. Chas. Flori officiating. The contracting parties were attended by Miss Barbara Helford and George Fowler, relatives of Mrs. Michl..... [Ste. Marie Tribune, November 28, 1913]

Bear, 21 m. Beulah Isley-18, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Beckwith, 24 m. Lizzie Brooks-24, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23-DEC. 18, 1908

Benefield was united in wedlock to Miss Ollie Alexander Thursday night last. They heard the bells Friday night. Thomas Harrison furnished the cider. NEWTON PRESS, 1883

Bigard m. Fern Gowin, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23-DEC. 18, 1908

Walter J.
Bliss, 24 m. Delilah C. Wilson-22, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23- DEC. 18, 1908

B. F. Bogard, quite well known in this city and for a time agent of the I. & I.S. at Oblong, was recently married to Ms. Laura Riley, at Anthony, Kansas. She was a teacher in the public schools McDonough Corwin, Kansas and Mr. Bogard was agent for the M. P. Road there. The former is a cousin to Mrs. C. A. Davidson, of this city. Newton Press, May 27th, 1891

Geo. J.
Bottenfield, 27 m. Mary E. McCord-21, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23- DEC. 18, 1908

Brown m. Minnie Armer?, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Burch m. Lola Winer, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23- DEC. 18, 1908

BURCH to Mrs. Rhoda A. GIFFORD March 1, 1882

Burk, 24, m. Allie Wakefield-17, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23- DEC. 18, 1908

Burk, m. Ethel Reed, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23- DEC. 18, 1908

Miss Tama Roberts and AaronBierbower and Miss Lillie Roberts and Frank Proctor were united in the holy bonds of wedlock at the residence of the bride's parents in Hunt City March 4. On the following day they departed for Ford county where they will take charge of the homes prepared for them. March 13, 1889

"Charles Baine, of this place, will be married to a lady named Jane Wright, of Jasper county, next Monday. Robinson Constitution. " We don't know Jane Wright from the "gal" that found Moses in the bulrushes, nor Charles Baine from the fellow that "toated" hay to Barnum's elephant in 1864, but we'll wager a four dollar coon dog that Charles got the best end of that bargain. Newton Press, May 11, 1876

Barrett, of North Muddy township, and Miss EttaPerrine were made as one at the home of the bride in this city last evening, Rev. Charles Yelton performing the ceremony. They are both young, well known, educated and intelligent and have been popular in society for several years. Oct. 5, 1892

Married at St. Louis.....Gus
Barthelme, of Ste. Marie, and Miss Mary Kratzmeyer, of East St. Louis, were married Tuesday. They were schoolmates together years ago, before Ignatius Kratzmeyer, father of the bride, and family moved away from this county, and Mr. Barthelme went west, and both number among their relatives some of our best citizens. The groom is a son M. Barthelme, a wealthy farmer of Ste. Marie township. We wish them success. 1902 (contrib. by Source #28)

John A. Batman and Miss HattieRichardson, were married by Rev. C. W. Sabine, Tuesday evening. Wednesday, Sep. 21, 1892

Frank Bever and Miss Mary Mulvaney were married by Squire Fithian, Monday morning. Newton Press, July 3, 1889

Bridgman and lady, of Granville, married a day or so in Newton last week. The Doctor is a social, clever gentleman, and the best of all, he is a true-blue democrat. May 16, 1875

C.F. Brown married Ida E. Roebuck in Newton. The bride is the daughter of the late D.E. Roebuck. "Effingham Republican", quoted by the Newton Press on October 15, 1890

Jesse Brownfield of Mattoon and Mary Keller were married last week. They will make their future home in Mattoon. Gila, Jan. 14, 1891

Married at the bride's residence in Granville twp near Hunt City, March 20, by Rev. F.M. Buckner, of Melrose, Hon. John F. Buckner, a leading young attorney of Danville, to Miss Rosa Martin, one of Jasper county's most successful teachers as well as a favorite with our best people and a good christian lady. March 23, 1892

S. Buckmaster to Miss Arminda Sampden- AUG. 24-Sept. 7, 1881

Thos. J. Busby and Miss Anna E. Martin, of Wheeler, were married yesterday. Esquire Webb officiating, State's Attorney Harrah and Sheriff Ross, acting as groomsmen. Mrs. Busby presented her liege lord with a sunny faced boy aged six months, likened after its father, as a souvenir of their courting days. September 17, 1887

Thomas Cahill and Mrs. Martha C. Stuart were united in holy wedlock, at the Miller House in Newton, this (Thursday) morning. Judge Moffit officiating. It is said that the bride is one of the prettiest women in Jasper County. Jan. 18, 1877

Calvert to Miss Annie E. Steel - SEPT. 7-14, 1881

Christopher C. Carter and Miss Sarah M. Boldrey were united as one last week. Mr. Carter is an energetic young farmer and his wife the daughter of Nathan Boldrey, an old citizen. Mrs. Carter is held in such high esteem that she is now and has been for sometime the distributor of Uncle Sam's mail at Bogota. Nov. 28, 1888

HUNT CITY: M. F. Carter is married to one Miss Carr of indianapolis, Ind. Reported 20 Feb. 1884 [contrib. by src #28]

Rev. Chas. M.
Chamblin and Mrs. Mary C. Holt were married at the M.E. parsonage, Wednesday evening, Rev. Douglas Shouse officiating. The bride formerly resided in Newton, but about a year ago went west and has been living in Topeka, Kansas, with her son, William Bell. It is the third matrimonial venture for each of the contracting parties. A light luncheon, with ice cream, was served at their home after the ceremony was performed. Friends will wish them well. April 13 1903... [contrib. by src #28]

GILA: Charles Clark, one of our most enterprising young men, was married to Miss Lizzie Nichols on Tuesday the 22nd. at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Jane Arnold of Island Creek. Newton Press, 30 Jan. 1884 [contrib. by src #28]

Genard R.
Clark, 34, and Miss Mamie Fern Dill, 30, both of Robinson, were married here, Wednesday evening at the M.E. parsonage by Rev. C.A. Oskins. Clark is an overseas soldier, serving through the World war with company B, 130th Infantry. April 22, 1927

David Cohoon was married to a Miss Kinney, of York, last week. Yale, Nov. 12, 1890

At the bride's parents Wm. C. Green and wife, Oliver Cunefore and Miss M.J. Green, Sunday, the 9th inst. Rev. F.M. Lambert officiating. Aug. 12, 1891

John Clayton of Rushville, Ind. and Miss Lulu Ping of Willow Hill were married at Olney yesterday. Aug. 13, 1890

Henry W.
Case, 25 m. Gladys B. Claxton-18, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Clark, 34 m. Hulda Morris-22, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

John R.
Clayton m. Mrs. Margaret Kelly, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Wm. J.
Cole m. Fannie O. Jayne, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Henry C.
Comb,19 m. Minnie Pippin, 20, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Wm. C.
Coon, 21 m. Edith Harrison-17, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Collins, m. Clella Hunt, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Cornwell m. Grace Loy, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Correll to Miss Sarah J. Allison - Aug. 17-24, 1881

CUNEFARE to Miss Frances BROWN March 1, 1882

Chas. A. Davidson and Miss Cora M. Bogard were married at 10:30 a.m. today at the bride's parents in the 3rd ward, Rev. J.D. Reeder officiating clergyman. The groom is a well known and highly respected young legal light, recently elected city attorney. His handsome wife is one of the society belles of Newton and as amiable as she is accomplished. A select number of friends witnessed the impressive ceremony which linked together two hearts as one for better and for worse. May the shadows of adversity never fall across their pathway is the wish of the Press. They left immediately for Cincinnati and other points on their wedding trip. September/October ? 1887

Hywel Davis and Miss Ella C. Brooks were joined in marriage at the residence of Mr. J.W. Brooks, father of the bride, Sunday morning, Rev. J.P. Youngling performing the ceremony. The happy couple immediately left for Jellico, Tenn., where Mr. Davis owns large interests in the extensive mines there. His wife has long been one of Newton's most popular young ladies and taught several terms in the public schools. Nov. 28, 1888

Three Young Couples to Marry [Ste. Marie Tribune - January 9, 1914]
Wedding bells will again being to chime in Ste. Marie and vicinity in a few weeks. Even "bachelor" Mat Derler for whom all hopes had been given up, will be among the number to call one his wife.
The bans were published at the Catholic church here, for the following:
Mat Derler with Laura Schneider of Stringtown.
Frank Ochs with Maggie Shelly.
At the Bend church:
Francis Michl with Mary Yeager.

Mat Derler, of Ste. Marie township and Miss Laura Schneider of Stringtown, were married by Rev. P.J. Virnich at the Catholic church here, Wednesday morning at 9:00 o'clock. They were attended by Geo. Derler, Mat's brother, and Miss Clara Schneider the bride's sister, as groomsman and bridesmaid. The bride was dressed in blue silk with a veil. The bridesmaid in light blue silk. The couple went to the home of Mr. Derler's parents, Geo. Derler and wife, where an all day's celebration was held. Mat Derler, as stated above, is a son of Geo. Derler and wife, of southeast of here. He has passed through many years of life's trials all alone and we are sure that he will pass the remaining years with much joy and strive to make himself a worthy husband. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schneider of Stringtown.
[The Sainte Marie Tribune, Friday, Jan. 23, 1914]

A double wedding is to be solemnized at St. Peter today, the contracting parties being Clem V. Dhom and Miss Kate Minke and Leo Minke and Miss Anna Haher. Rev. Father John Molitor will perform the ceremony which will link together the two couples. A large number of guests went over this morning and a grand ball is expected to be held at the residence of Mr. Joseph Minke tonight. Oct. 22, 1890

Married at Marshall on Dec. 24: John C. Dovell and Minnie Scovell. Dec. 31, 1890

John Dugan and Miss Ella Mullins were married on the 11th. South Muddy twp, Nov. 21, 1888

Paul S.
Doe m. Mary Denman, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Chas. V.
Dhom, 26 m. Josephine Lobmier-21, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Dobbins m. Matilda Slaught , NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Doty m. Julia Kasserman , NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

John E.
Dunn?-21, m. Audrey Shontz-18, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Jos. E.
Dunn m. May Busick, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Surnames E-H

Henry H. Elder, one of Crooked Creek's substantial citizens, was married a few days ago to Miss Nannie Haines, an estimable young lady. Jan. 14, 1891

On the 3d instant, by T.C. Melton, Esq., Mr. Levi Emerick and Miss Dorcas E. Fithian, both of Newton Illinois. N.P. Friday, Dec 7, 1866

Arthur G. Foster and Miss Lola Kirkham were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, at the residence of the groom's mother, Mrs. Henrietta Foster, in West Newton, Tuesday, Rev. Douglas Shouse officiating, both are well respected young people of near Wheeler. The Press extends congratulation's. July 24, 1904 (Src: djk@acronet.net)

Chas. E.
Fields, 23 m. Hattie M. Murphy-21, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Jon. F. Fitts to Miss Mollie F. Maloy - SEPT. 7-14, 1881

Ezra Foltz to Miss Adaline J. Mackley - Aug. 10-17, 1881

Rueben C. Foote, 25 m. Belle Mann-23, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Mr. James Gibson, of this place, was married on Saturday evening last, to Miss Vinda C. Brooks. T.C. Melton, Esq., performed the marriage ceremony. Newton Press, Nov. 25, 1870 (NEW!)

Wm. Glasier m. Miss Alice Grove, Newton Press, Wed. Dec. 7, 1881

Isaac Good To Mrs. Mary Ann Harris - Sept. 14-28, 1881

B.F. Griffy to Miss Anna Vantrees - SEPT. 7-14, 1881

G.K. Gosnell and Mrs. Caroline Burgoon were married at Effingham last week. January 11, 1888, Slate Point

The chief society event of the week was the marriage of John Grace, jr., to Miss Rosa Lustig at Island Grove church, Wednesday, June 6. ReportedJune 12, 1889

Our young friend Billy Gregory was married, Sunday, to Miss Amanda Wortman, Judge Fithian officiating. They have our good wishes for their happiness. Sep. 7, 1892

Married, on the evening of the 28th ult. at the home of the bride's parents, Walter Guess and Miss Nora Wakefield. Oct. 5, 1892

Samuel M. Gustin last week married Miss Carrie Gharst, a well-known school marm. February 1, 1888

Gerth? m. Viola Mahaney, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Couch? m. Nellie Grey, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Walter R.
Greover m. Nora G. Morey, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

HAGEBUSH - ISLEY:  Marilynn Isley, '36 was married yesterday in Newton, her home town, to Willard Hagebush.  Miss Isley is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.  Mr. and Mrs. Hagebush intend to make their home in Newman.  [Daily Illini, 8 November 1936]

Mr. J.T.
HACKETT of Eureka , KS and Mrs. Jessie Cullom of this city were pronounced husband and wife this morning at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and mrs. David MAX. They will make their home in Eureka, KS. October 3, 1883

Forrest Hargis of Willow Hill and Miss Troas Hampshire of Oblong were united in marriage, Monday, by Rev. J.E. Spencer at the First Christian parsonage in Newton. They were accompanied by Misses Mina Hargis and Lucille Roberts. Tuesday, August 9, 1927

Our friend Sam Harker was married last week to Miss Sarah Graham of Grove twp. Sam is one of Crooked Creek's bright young Democrats, at present supervisor. His wife is a daughter of Thomas Graham, one of the leading farmers of the county. Dec. 9, 1891

Our young friend, Mr. J.H. Harrah, of Montrose, was married to Miss Jennie Kenoyer, of Grove Township, on the 30th ult. The wedding took place at the residence of Mrs. Clementine Epperson. May prosperity and happiness attend them. Feb. 10, 1876

Harrah and Miss Etta Matheny, two excellent young people of Grove township, were married last week. Oct. 5, 1892

Wednesday, June 20, by Father Reade, Mr. Bushrod Harris to Mrs. Lydia Nigh, both of this place. June 22, 1866

Colmore Harris, jr. and Miss Emma Woodard, of Fox twp, were married the fore part of the week. Both are well known and highly respected young people. Their many friends wish them health, happiness and prosperity. March 2, 1892

Married at the residence of H.K. Powell, in Newton, Ill., at the hour of 8 o'clock A.M. Monday, December 25th, 1876, by Rev. Jason Carson, Mr. J.B. Harris to Miss Julia Chrissman, all of this place. We congratulate Mr. Harris on his recent good fortune. By his marriage to Miss Chrissman, he has secured a rare and excellent prize for a wife, as she was one of the fairest and most accomplished young ladies of our town. The happy couple left on the early morning train for a tour to Indianapolis, via Olney and other points, followed by the well-wishes of their many friends for a long, happy and prosperous wedded life. Dec. 28, 1876

James M. Hicks, our genial and efficient deputy sheriff, was married on Sunday to Miss Alice T. Green at the residence of her mother in Cumberland county. Mel is one of the cleverest boys in Jasper county and well worthy of the excellent wife that he has got. We extend our best wishes for their future happiness and prosperity. They will make Newton their home in the future. May 7, 1890

Edward J. Hines, Fox township's popular collector and Miss Maggie Cunningham were married yesterday. February 8, 1888

The approaching marriage of Miss Mabel Hines to Alexander Redmon of Wellington, Ill. was announced Sunday at the Catholic church. The wedding will take place here Thanksgiving day, Nov. 27th. Mr. Redmon is a son of the late Alexander Redmon. He is principal of a school at Wellington. [Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, November 14, 1913]

Michael Hines and Miss Clara Zeigler were married by Father Molitor at the Catholic church, yesterday... They will live in Fox township... Feb. 4, 1891

Mart Hinterseher and Miss Tillie Eppinger were married at the Catholic church yesterday morning. Oct. 19, 1887

Otto Hippler and Miss TinaMiller, both of the St. Peter neighborhood, were united in marriage at St. Thomas Catholic church, Newton, Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock, Rev. John Lupton officiating. Fred Wemmer and Miss Nettie Hippler were groomsman and bridesmaid respectively. They will reside on a farm. April 22, 1927

WEST LIBERTY ITEMS: Mr. Henry HITCH and Miss Julia DICKERSON were made one HITCH Monday evening at the residence of the bride. They started on a wedding tour to the Indian Territory, where they will spend a week or two with a sister October 3, 1883

Walter D.
Hollley to Mrs. Manerva Shook - SEPT. 7-14, 1881

John Hoover to Miss Melissa Bogard - April 1882

Jno. W. Howell to Miss Emma Mann - SEPT. 7-14, 1881

James Huddleston and Miss AnnaKellam were married at the residence of the bride's parents in Fox township one day last week. Both are well known educators and young people of excellent family connections. Rev. J.L. Jessup officiated as minister. A number of guests were present, among them Sheriff H.F. Ross and wife of this city. Oct. 22, 1890

Hall m. Bessie Garnier, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

David O.
Hammer, 36 m. Lulu May Leggitt-23, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Miss Sarah
French and Christopher Hilderbrand were united in the bonds of holy matrimony on Wed. Feb. 22. The Newton Press, March 1, 1899 - [contrib. by src #33]

Hooker m. Inez Boring, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Thomas S.
Hutton m. Orpha Kibler, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

MARRIED ON THE STAGE...........Rev. Douglas Shouse attended the commencement of the St. Elmo schools at the opera house there last Thursday night, accompained by his daughter Miss Jennie, and had an interesting and romantic experience.
Just before the benediction the master of ceremonies invited Rev. Shouse, as a former pastor, to ascend to the stage, which he did, and after a short address to the six graduates---five girls and one boy---in substance the latter added: "If there is any young man present who wishes to make us all happier and to sympathize with this lone lad, let him come forward, and I'll make him a brother-in-law to the class. Robert M.
Hunt, a railway agent, thereupon arose, stepped to the front and was joined by Miss Grace Gruver, a graduate, and in a moment they were united in the holy bonds of matrimony with the beautiful ritual ceremony of the Methodist Episcopal church, in the presence of fully 500 people, not to exceed a dozen of whom had the slightest intimation of what was to occur. Everybody was surprised, and it took an hour or more for congratulations. [Unknown date, contrib. by src #28]

Miss Lou Hunt of Falmouth and Jack Brooks of Hidalgo were married Saturday evening. Rose Hill, The Newton Star, April 27, 1898.

A marriage license has been issued to Thomas
Hunt and Minnie Foltz. May 13, 1891

Huss and Miss Mary Crowley were married by Rev. Huffmann, at the Catholic church, on Wednesday morning, at 8 o'clock. The bridal party started on their tour via Springfield, Quincy, &c. Aug. 10, 1876

Surnames I-L

South Muddy: John H. Jackson & Miss Rebecca Stanley were married on the 18th. inst. Newton Press, Wed. November 28, 1883 [contrib. by src #28]

It is an old and time-honored adage that the "course of true love never runs straight." This was verified in this place on Thursday last. A twain from the northern portion of our county, whose tender hearts had been penetrated to the depths, by cupid's arrow, named M.
Jeffers and Missouri Watt respectively, daughter of the late John A. Watt, deceased, came to town for the purpose of having their infinite love bound the tighter together with a hymeneal cord, that they (the twain) might "flop" as one solid "lump of happiness" through the rest of their existence upon this terrestrial globe without any fear of a severance by the intervention of others. After arriving here, the trouble become more visible. The parents of the girl were dead, and the clerk would not issue the license, she being a minor, but knowing that the aid of legal knowledge availeth much, they consulted a "young sprout of the law" immediately, and acting upon his advice, the young lady chose a guardian and after filling his bond, he wrote out his consent, after which the clerk issued the license, Uncle Billy Carter performed the ceremony and the two went home rejoicing. June 18, 1874

Calvin O.
Jones m. Cora A. Lewis - reported Oct. 15, 1890

Oct. 8, 1890: Married, at the residence of the bride's parents in Granville township on Sunday, Oct. 5 at 3 o'clock p.m. Calvin O. Jones to Miss Barbara Lewis, Elder Isaac Taylor of Coles performing the ceremony. About 50 invited guests and most of the relatives were present, among the latter Lee Lewis, a brother of the bride, who lives at Bethany. The groom is a son of the late Geo. W. Jones, of Willow Hill, a man as well known as any of the older citizens of the county. He is a young man of pluck, brains and energy and has just the qualities to make life a success. His wife is a daughter of P.R. Lewis, also known to almost every resident of the county. She is a lady of accomplished manners and education and will meet her husband half-way in making a living. We received a generous supply of excellent cake and take occasion to wish them well.

Thomas Benton
Jones and Mrs. Mary Chandler were married on last Wednesday evening. Dec. 17, 1890

John E.
Jones, 24, m. Amy B. Romack - 19, [NEWTON PRESS, JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908]

Jos. W.
Jones, 50 m. Nancy J. Isley - 48, [NEWTON PRESS, JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908]

Jones - Postle
Newton, Ill, June 23. - Virgil Floyd Jones, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Jones of near Bogota, and Miss Evelyn Postle, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Postle of near Newton were united in marriage in Petersburg, Ind., Feb. 6, it was announced Saturday. Mr. Jones was recently graduated from the University of Illinois and Mrs. Jones was graduated from the Teachers College at Charleston. They will reside near Bogota next fall. Mr. Jones is employed as a teacher of Oakland school and Mrs. Jones a teacher of Hawthorne school in Richland county, near Wakefield. [Journal Gazette (Mattoon, Illinois) 23 Jun 1937, p. 5, tr by KT]

Kasserman and Miss Pearl Hadly surprised their friends, Monday, by going to Effingham and being married. James, a son of Mrs. Elizabeth Kasserman of Daytona Beach, FL, and a grandson of Jerry Doty of Willow Hill, went to Napierville, Ill., to visit his brother Fred Kasserman and Mrs. Kasserman returned on home. Both are well respected young people and we wish them well. Aug. 31, 1926

Married at the St. Mary's Catholic Church in Trenton, Ill., Oct. 3 by Rev. F. Bonsel, Aloysius Keller to Miss EmilieAug. The groom is a son of Mr. Nicholas Keller, sr., of Ste. Marie township, this county, where he was raised and has many friends and relatives. Of late years he has resided at Trenton and will continue to live there in the future. The bride is an estimable young lady and the daughter of the leading business man of that city. Mrs. Kate Rohr, of Boos Station, a sister of Mr. Keller's, attended the wedding. .... October 9, 1889

Park Kelly of Mattoon and LolaBrown of Newton were married at the residence of the bride's parents on Wednesday last. She is the youngest daughter of Honorable and Mrs. D.B. Brown. The couple will live in Mattoon. Mar 4, 1891.

Miss Elizabeth Hinds and JamesKelso, both of this city, slipped away to Effingham, Sunday afternoon and were married by Rev. A.P. Hall, pastor of the Christian church there. They were accompanied by Miss Bessie Ross and Lee Pippin, who acted as attendants. When they returned to Newton Sunday evening, their Chevrolet sedan had a tin can attached to it to inform people of the happy event. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Hinds, and is a graduate of the Newton community high school, class of 1925. She attended a business college and later managed a neighborhood grocery in east Newton. The groom is a young business man, a part owner with his father-in-law of the Wide-Awake grocery on the west side of the square. Since coming here from Paris last winter, he has made many friends. We wish them well. August 10, 1926

Elmer Kennett and Miss Brodrick, both of Falmouth, were married at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. A.P. Brodrick, Sunday. Wednesday, September 12, 1883

Married, April 23 [1891] at the office of the county clerk, Reuben
Kibler and Miss Annie Merritt, both of Jasper county, Illinois; were united in marriage by W.E. Rhoads, J.P. "Marshall Messenger" as quoted by the Newton Press May 6, 1891

Kibler, 26 m. Bertha Myers-17, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Kilburn m. Barbara Hentgen?, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Charles King and Miss Essie Cahoon were married on the 20th inst. Rev. W.T. Lewis tied the knot. They had an infair on Saturday night. Yale, January 18, 1888

Announcement has been made by Dr. and Mrs. E.J. Neathery of Sherman, Texas, of the marriage of their daughter, Mrs. Paige Neathery-Leighton, to Roy V. King of Newton, Illinois, on October 4, 1926. Mrs. King, as Mrs. Leighton, for the past three years has spent a part of her time in Roswell [New Mexico]. Since their return to Roswell from Texas, Mr. and Mrs. King have made their home at the Hotel Gilder. Roswell, N.M., Daily Record, April 11 as quoted in the Newton Press April 22, 1927

Roy V. King, a son of Mrs. Zella King of this city [Newton], has been a salesman for the Corticelli Silk company with headquarters in the southwest for several years. We congratulate him. April 22, 1927

Eber W.
Kinkade and Mrs. Mary Warren, both of Willow Hill Township, are to be married this evening. The parties are quite well known and highly respected old people, and are connected with some of the best families of Jasper and Richland Counties. The Newton Press, Wednesday, June 5, 1895 - [contrib. by src #33]

Klair, after many trials and tribulations, has got married at last. See marriage licenses. - June 25, 1874

Isaac L. Koontz and Miss ElizaEagleton, living northwest of the city, were married one day last week. October 29, 1890

Joseph Lambert, aged 69 and Miss Hattie Oakley, 24 years old were married in Cumberland county. Reported Sep 17, 1890

Charles E. Lamotte and Miss Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Litzelmann, all of Fox township, were married at St. Marie by Rev. P.J. Vernich, yesterday morning. Sep. 2, 1891

Fred Lathrop & Miss JennieBrown were married on last Wednesday evening - July 27, 1887

Lester Leamon and Miss CarrieRichard were married on the 7th. - Sep. 17, 1890

Charles Lemay and Rilda Morgan were married Sunday. Newton Press, Apr. 29, 1891

Lemay m. Ethel Narvel, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Letsinger, chief clerk in the store of W. C. Martin, and Miss Anna Oldham were married at the residence of the bride and her brother, Rev. J. W. Reed officiating, Sunday. They have our best wishes for health and happiness. The Newton Press, November 2, 1895 - [contrib. by src #33
Lewis to Miss Rosie Andrews - Aug. 10-17, 1881

Lewis S.
Lollar to Miss Dena A. Ward - SEPT. 7-14, 1881

Louis m. Anna Kerner, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Loy m. Bessie Drake, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Married Away from Home.... Clay Lewis was married at Indiannpolis, last week, to Miss Cora Ellis, an accomplished young lady. Clay is a son of Mr. and Mrs. P.R. Lewis, and is worthy of a good wife to help him over the rough places along the journey of life. They are now on a visit with his parents, and will farm near Hunt City. Newton Newspaper, no date. [contrib. by src #28]

Jennie List was married to Mr. Swim last thursday a week ago. Jennie has been employed in Mr. Swim's family for the past two years; Mr S. lost his wife a year or so ago, so they concluded they would "swim" together for the balance of life. 1878 - [contrib. by src #28]

A quiet wedding was solemnized last Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, the contracting parties being Silas
Little and Miss Minnie O. Hall, the accomplished and charming daughter of Rev. D.T. Hall and wife, both being of Rose Hill. The groom is well and favorably known...Mr. and Mrs. Little will be at home to their friends after October 1, in their own cozy Queen Anne cottage, in Rose Hill. Sep. 7, 1892

Nick Lovings, of Charleston, and Miss Mollie Sanders were married, Sunday. Willow Hill, May 15, 1899

Wm. Lucas was married at Marshall to Miss Anna Mitchell. Reported Oct. 1, 1890

Surnames M-P

A marriage ceremony was solemnized Sunday, May 1st., 1892, at the home of the bride's parents, near Wheeler, IL., at which R.I. Madden, the popular young druggist of this city, and Miss Nannie Mason, an accomplished and affable young lady, were made husband and wife , Rev. J. D. Reeder, of Fairfield, officiating. The young folks arrived in this city Tuesday morning, after a bridal trip to St. Louis, and immediately went to housekeeping in C. Staley's Cottage on College Street, which the groom had previously furnished, and caused to be put in readiness. We extend to them congratulations and best wishes for a happy future, and to the bride a hand of welcome. ___________ Grayville Mercury Mr. Madden and his bride arrived in Grayville, Tuesday, and will occupy the new cottage residence of C.P.Staley, on College street. ____ Grayville Independent [contrib. by src #28]

Marshall and Mrs. Mary Richards married Sunday. Dec. 31, 1890

The neatest surprise that we have heard of yet was the one wherein A.J. Martin, of Crooked Creek, surprised his friends. About 75 of his neighbors and others called on him in his absence to give him a birthday surprise dinner. Everything was running along smoothly when Mr. Martin appeared upon the scene with a lady on his arm -- recently Mrs. Mary E. Chapman, a daughter of Mr. Wm. M. Jones -- whom he introduced as his wife. It was a neat turn to affairs and the Press congratulates the wedding party and all others connected with the pleasant doings of the day. Mar. 25, 1891

J. W. Martin to Miss Mary V. Snyder - SEPT. 7-14, 1881

Wm. R. Martin to Miss Phoebe A. Larkin - Aug. 17-24, 1881

Married, October 4th 1887, 10:30 o'clock, a.m. at the residence of James L. Crews in Grove township, Ephriam Mason to Miss Lucy A. Crews, Rev. John D. Reeder officiating. The bride is the charming daughter of Mr. James L. Crews, one of the oldest, best known and most substantial farmers of the county. The bridegroom is the son of John Mason, of North Muddy, also a substantial farmer and known among gentlemen of the turf throughout the United States for his stable of excellent race horses. "Eph" is regarded as a superior judge of the qualities of a horse for speed, and we can vouch that his judgment in the selection of a most amiable wife can not be surpassed. Many friends were in attendance and the affair was extremely enjoyable. All join in wishing the young couple a long life of connubial bliss. We expect to have some of the cake if the preacher's appetite is not too voracious. October 5, 1887

WEDDING CHIMES: Philip MASON, eldest son of John MASON president of the Peoples Bank of Newton, to Miss Missouri C. CALDWELL, daughter of the late A. G. CALDWELL and Mrs. Rebecca J. CALDWELLL, were married in Effingham, IL. October 10. OCTOBER 17, 1883

Curtis S. Mayes, of Knox county, Ind., and Miss Mary O. Bell, of Newton, were united in marriage by Rev. Sabine at the residence of the bride's mother, Monday evening. Mr. Mayes is engaged in railroading and is a young man of quiet industrious habits. His wife is a modest, ladylike young woman. Sep. 2, 1891

Newt Maxwell and Miss SallieDill were united in matrimony, at the residence of the latter, by Esquire I.M. Shup, Sunday evening last. No cards, no cake, and we guess there was not much of a frolic, anyhow. Nov. 30, 1876

Miss Zellie McCord and HollWalters m. Saturday evening. Newton Press, May 6, 1891

Dr. J.L. McCormack is to be married to Miss Alwilda Hocking, of West Liberty, on the 9th inst. Sep. 2, 1891

Jas. McCoy to Miss Ora B. Crampton - AUG. 24-Sept. 7, 1881

McCollough, our jolly hack driver, was married to Miss Louisa Scott, on last Tuesday evening in this place. The young couple have our best wishes for their future prosperity. Oct. 14, 1875

We received a card announcing the marriage of Wm. McDonald to Miss Fannye Cooper, at Chicago, Jan 26. They will reside at Thornton, Ill. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Cooper, formerly of Willow Hill. Success to them. February 8, 1893

Mr. Samuel
McElhiney, of Teutopolis, Effingham county, was married to Miss Mary E. Foltz, of this county, at the residence of Adam Girhard, in Newton, on Sunday morning last, Rev. Brownlee officating. Jan. 27, 1876

Married at the residence of the ?? mother, in this place on Thursday evening, February 26th, by the Rev. Mr. Armstrong, Mr. A.A. McKean to Miss M.E. Neptune both of Newton. We extend this young couple our best wishes for their future prosperity and connubial happiness, hoping that their brightest fancies of earthly bliss may not prove as an idle dream. March 6, 1874

On Thursday last, by the Rev. Mr. Carson, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Oliver McKee, of Pawnee county, Nebraska, was married to Miss Lydia M. Holt, of this place....The young couple started for their western home last Sunday. Newton Press Aug. 24, 1876

Michl - Yeager
Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock at St. Valentines Church at the Bend, Francis Michl, son of Val Michl, and Miss Mary Yeager, daugher of Mr. and Mrs. John yeager, were united in holy matrimony. Rev. Charles Flori, pastor, performed the ceremony at a nuptial high mass. William Michl, a cousin of the groom, acted as groomsman. Miss Gertrude Yeager, a sister of the bride acted as bridesmaid. The bride was dressed in a neat gown of white messaline draped with a veil. The bridesmaid wore a dress of blue messaline.
After receiving congratulations after the ceremony, the newly-weds with a host of relatives and friends went to the bride's home where all partook of a good and wholesome dinner that was prepared for the occasion. The afternoon and evening was spent in dancing. Both parties are well respected and industrious young people of the Bend, and the TRIBUNE with their relatives and friends wish them a happy married life, or as Father Flori expressed it at the service, "a safe and pleasant voyage across the ocean of life". [The Sainte Marie Tribune, Friday, Jan. 23, 1914]

Noah P. Minner m. Miss Martha J. Boldery, Newton Press, Wed. Dec. 7, 1881

Frank Mitchell and Miss Lillie Patterson were united in marriage at the court house, yesterday morning by Judge Harrah. The young couple are from Grove township and both are of good families and worthy of success in life. Mr. Mitchell is a son of O.H. Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell a daughter of Elwood Patterson. August 10, 1892

At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Mitchell, in Grove township, on Wednesday afternoon, October 14, occurred the beautiful marriage of the daughter, Winnie to Lewis Raper, Rev. H.O.Hiser, M.E. minister , performing the ceremony and Mrs. Gib. Mason playing the wedding march. Immediately thereafter supper was served--a table well filled with good eatables, after which congratulations were received. The bride is an accomplished young lady and we congratulate Mr. Raper in securing such an esteemed companion. The groom is an industrious and interprising young gentleman. Both have many friends. He has an elegant home to receive his wife, which they will shortly occupy, situated in Grove Township near Gila.
Ira Mitchell, wife and son Frank
Ora Mitchell, wife and son Fred

Messrs. Missess
Arnold List Mary Sowers
Orville Mitchell Ada Strole
W.J. Harned Nina Patterson
Earl Sowers Mayme Rittmann
Charley Raper Nellie Bliss
Hallie Swick Lou Bliss
Everett Mitchell Sarah Mitchell
Guy Bliss Effie Sowers
Fred Bliss Lola Swick
Ollie Moomaw Sarah Green
Frank Shumard Mertie Green
James Raper Gladis Claxon
Evert Green

Messrs and mmes
Isaac Mitchell W.E. Kibler
Frank Raper Gib Mason
We wish them a long and happy life and may their patway be strewed with flowers...... A Guest

John McCullough and Sadie Meridith were married, Sunday. Wednesday, August 3, 1892

Samuel McCullough and Miss Della Wheeler were married, yesterday morning, Rev. Father Molitor officiating. Mr. McCullought is a steady, industrious young man, an excellent baker and holds a position as such at Clark's restaurant. His wife is well qualified to meet her husband midway in the battles of life and is a lady of intelligence and amiable disposition. Wednesday, August 10, 1892

Married the 22nd inst. Benjamin Miller to Miss Rilda Isley. Gila - February 29, 1888

Bruce Moffit, a prominent educator of the county, was married on last Thursday evening to Miss LizzieFithian, one of Willow Hill's most accomplished young ladies, Rev. J.W. Field of Robinson, performing the ceremony. The PRESS extends its wishes that their lives may be filled with sunshine. May 2, 1888

McCoy m. Iva Bartley, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Geo. P.
McGlashan m. Claudo B. Biggs, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

McKinney, 21, m. Iva Wooden-17, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

McSchooler, 21 m. Gussie Semple?-16, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Matlock, 21 m. Gertrude French-20, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

John R.
Manning m. Martha Hur, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Manning m. Anna Harvey, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Wm. H.
Marrs m. Eva Myers, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Wm. M.
Marrs-26 m. Effie Myers-18, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Meeker-23 m. Irene Huddlestun-18, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Miller m. Carrie Black, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Oscar W.
Moore m. Mamie L. Fehrenbacher, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Murry m. Louise Frauli, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Nebergall-26 m. Anna Lanter-19, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Married - On last Monday, at the residence of the bride's father, by Esquire Needham, Mr. Wm. Lambird and Miss Catherine Perrine, both of this county. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the young couple for a piece of very delicious cake, and wish them all the happiness imaginable in their new enterprise. March 27, 1874

Nichols m. Carrie Kibler, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

John E.
Neptune m. Mrs. Fannie Harris, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Thomas B.
Newkirk m. Miss Martha Brewster, Newton Press, Wed. Dec. 7, 1881 (Src: djk@acronet.net)

H. Nichols to Miss Lydia Kibler JANUARY 18, 1882

Ochs - Shelly
Rev. R.?. Virnich united Frank Ochs and Miss --?? Shelly as husband and wife at the Catholic church, Tuesday morning at 9:00 o'clock. James Yost, a cousin of the bride and Christina Ochs, the groom's sister, acted as witnesses. The bride wore a dress of white messaline, the bridesmaid a dress of white silk. Mr. Ochs is a son of Frank Ochs and wife of west of here, and is an energetic young man. The bride is a daughter of Wm. Shelly and wife, and is a well respected young lady. The married parties left the same day for St. Louis where they expect to spend a short time visiting and viewing the city. They will make their future home in the Flori property here in town. We extend congratulations to both parties.
[The Sainte Marie Tribune, Friday, Jan. 23, 1914]

Dr. D. T.
Odell m. Rebecca Pippin, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Ostheimer, for years clerk at Goeppner's and as good a boy as lives in Newton, is to be married to Miss Sallie Mahar of Evansville, Indiana next Tuesday. The Press extends it's congratulations to the twain in advance of the ceremony, and hopes they may find their wedded lives as pleasant as they anticipate. 1882 [contrib. by src #28]

Padgett m. Mabel Buck, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Wm. E.
Parrent m. Nellie Hurst, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Peelman m. Dot Tinnea, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Another soul has been made happy. Mr. Daniel
Perrine, who always has an eye to economy, took advantage of the coming rise in the price of marriage license and led Miss Isabelle Benefiel to the hymeneal altar last Saturday. We have read of the Daniel of olden times being cast into the lion's den, etc., but are not prepared to say whether the modern Daniel will share so well in the den in which he has so suddenly and innocently been thrown. However, he has our best wish for his future happiness, lions or no lions. - June 25, 1874

Wm. E.
Price-20 m. Beathy V. Heady-19, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Richard Pictor and Miss Mary Kauffman were married at this place Tuesday the 10th. Success to them. They will live near Boos Station. Ste. Marie, January 18, 1888

Married in St. Marie: Richard F. Pictor and Agnes Spitzer on June 9 [1891]. June 17, 1891

Alfred Pierpont and Miss Mary Estella Gard were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the residence of A. L. Corbaley, south of Waterville, Sunday afternoon, October 20. Only a few relatives and intimate friends witnessed the ceremony. Judge A. J. Davis tied the knot in his usual impressive manner.
The young couple starts on the matrimonial sea with the best wishes and hearty congratulations of many friends, including the Index. Mrs. Pierpont has a large circle of well-wishers in the Waterville country where she has lived since childhood and is highly esteemed, who congratulate the groom on his lucky selection. Al, as Mr. Pierpont is generally called, has as many friends as the hairs on his head, is one of the earliest settlers of the Big Bend, and notwithstanding that we have made several false announcements of his matrimonial ventures in the past, we still extend our right hand across the chasm of mistakes and with him much joy with a big cap M.--Big Bend, Washington, Index
Mr. Pierpont was born and raised in Jasper county, leaving here nearly 20 years ago for the west, residing in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. He is a brother of Mrs. T. D. Foster, of this city. His many friends will wish him pleasant traveling over the journey of life. The Newton Press, November 2, 1895 - [contrib. by src #33]

Thomas J.
Portlock and Mrs. Rachel E. Jones, both of Willow Hill township, were married a few days ago. Mr. Portlock is an old teacher and a minister in the Baptist church; his wife was the widow of the late Geo. W. Jones, one of the best known and most highly respected citizens of the county, and is a lady of many christian virtues. We wish them many happy days together. Jan. 15, 1890

Thomas Portlock to Miss Elizabeth Bird - SEPT. 7-14, 1881

Married at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Ping, Wm. H. Price and Miss Bertha Ping, on the 6th inst., Elder E. Ping performing the ceremony. After the usual customs of such occasions, a grand supper being served, the parties repaired to the home of Thomas Price where a general good time was had. Dec. 9, 1891

Married on Tuesday, the 11th inst. at the Railing House, Olney Illinois, by Rev. D.H. Thompson, presbyterian minister of that place, Mr. H.K.
POWEL to Miss Dolla THOMPSON, both of Newton. May their lives be long, prosperous and happy. Newton Press, Jan 7, 1870

Surnames Q-U

John F. Ransom and Miss Mamie Clarke were married at the residence of the bride's parents and Grayville today. Mr. Ransom is one of Newton's best young men, genial, honest and industrious. He is at present foreman of Keavin's poultry department. Miss Clark is an accomplished young lady of one of the first families of Grayville, and a niece of post master and editor of the mentor, J. E. O. Clarke, of this city. The newly married couple will make their home in Newton. June 24th 1891

Miss Annie L.
Rath and Mr. Frank A. Raef were married at the Catholic church, tuesday morning by Father Jansen. Feb. 18, 1891

Ream was married to Miss Susie Scott, at the residence of Mrs. Norton, at 7 o'clock P.M. on Sunday last, by T.C. Melton, Esq. Hamer is a good, industrious boy, and we congratulate him on this streak of good luck. May 6, 1875

Miss Mabel Hines and Alexander Redmon were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the Catholic church Thursday morning at a 9 o'clock nuptial high mass, by Rev. P.J. Virnich....The wedding couple was attended by Miss Felisitas Hines, as bridesmaid and Eugene Hines, as groomsman...The bride is the accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hines of Fox township. She has been a teacher up to this fall. Mr. Redmon is a son of the late Alexander Redmon and wife, of the same neighborhood, in Fox. He also is a teacher of ability, at present holding the position of principal of schools at Wellington, Ill.... Ste. Marie Tribune, November 28, 1913

Verner L. Reep and Miss LucileGarnier, two of our best young people, graduates of the Newton High School, were married at the parsonage of St. Thomas Catholic Church, Wednesday evening, Rev. J.J. Cronin, pastor, performing the ceremony, with ring accompaniment. Rex. W. Boston, cousin of the groom and Miss Hazel Barrett, a cousin of the bride, acted as attendants. Verner is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reep of the Vanderhoof school district and is a recently returned soldier of Battery D, 326th Field Artillery from overseas. His wife, only child and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Garnier, is a gracious accomplished young lady, and will be an ideal companion for the husband of her selection. They will reside on Beezor Hill, South Van Buren Street, where a home was already provided, and to which they went at the conclusion of the ceremonial event that united them for life. The Press joins their friends in congratulations. Nov. 28, 1919

Miss Maggie Lobmier and Peter Rennier Married Wednesday - Wednesday morning at St. Valentine's church in the Bend, occurred the marriage of Miss Maggie Lobmier to Peter Rennier, Rev. Fr. Chas. Flori, pastor, perfroming the ceremony, at a nuptial high mass, before a large crowd of admiring friends and relatives. The attending witnesses for the contracting parties were Miss Elizabeth Lobmier, a sister of the birde and George Rennier, a brother of the groom.
The bride was neatly clad in a pretty white messatine satin gown and veil. The bridesmaid wore a pink messlin satin. At the close of the church ceremonies all went to the home of the bride's parents, where upon the arrival of scores of other invited guests, an elaborate wedding festival followed which consisted of a sumptuous dinner, a platform dance in the afternoon, and numerous other forms of entertainments, with refreshments whenever desired. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Atois Lobmier of the Bend, a lady ....?. [hole in newspaper]. Ste. Marie Tribune - Friday, November 14, 1913

Michael Richards and Miss Maggie Barthelme, both well to do young people of Fox township, were married at St. Marie, yesterday, by Father Virnich. Jan. 21, 1891

Alonzo B. Richardson, clerk in the Chicago Store, and Miss Cora McMurray, of Smallwood township, were united in marriage at the residence of the bride's parents, Sunday, Rev. J.R. Skinner officiating. Oct. 5, 1892

MARRIED -- At the residence of the bride's father, in this place, on Wednesday evening, the 30th ult., John
Rodgers, and Miss Mary ?hern, I.M. Shup, Esq. officiating. The young couple have our best wishes for their future happiness. Oct. 8, 1874

Geo. E. Roebuck and Miss Daisy Waltz were married at 10 a.m. today at the residence of the bride's parents on Van Buren street, south, Rev. J. F. Martin, Presbyterian minister, officiating. Mr. Roebuck is well known as one of Newton's brightest of the younger business men and at present head salesman and manager in the clothing department at Gooch's west side store. His wife is a handsome and highly accomplished young lady, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Waltz.... They left on the 11:17 train for Chicago and other points on a short visit after which they will return to this city, their future home. Nov. 25, 1891

Sept. 7, 1866: Married at Vincennes, Ind., last week, our fellow townsman, Thomas R. Rood to Miss Melissa Best. [contrib. by src #28]

Daniel J. Russell, of Smallwood township and Miss Sarah M. Vanderhoof, of this city, were married at the residence of the bride's parents, Sunday, Rev. C.W. Sabine, officiating. Wednesday, Sep. 2, 1891

Richard C.
Reese m. Mabel McTaggart, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Richards m. Mrs. Clara Lambert, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

John L.
Roderick-22 m. Agnes Kelly-18, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Married: Saturday evening, March 24, 1883, at the residence of Thomas J. Portlock, near Falmouth, by Rev. Parkman S. Beals, Mr. John W. Sampson to Miss Sarah E. Portlock; all of Jasper county, ILL. 1883 [contrib. by src #28]

JACKVILLE ITEMS: Married: Mrs. Henrietta McCOY, of this place to Mr. Henry SANDERS of Willow Hill. Reported OCTOBER 10, 1883

Geo. Sarver to Miss Jane Green - AUG. 24-Sept. 7, 1881

David Scamahorn to Miss Sarah Cook - Sept. 14-28, 1881

Henry G. Schackmann and Miss Mamie Perrine were united as one, Rev. Father Molitor performing the ceremony at 8 o'clock this morning at the Catholic church. Mr. Schackmann is a member of the firm of Schackmann Bros., druggists, and one of the leading business young men of the city. His accomplished wife is the eldest daughter of David B. Perrine, for years a prominent grain merchant of Newton. A large circle of friends will wish them God speed on their journey through wedded life. October 5, 1887

Schottman m. Lizzie Wolf, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Dr. Sam S. Shamhart and Miss Mollie Sellinder were married at the residence of Wm. Babbs near Falmouth last evening. Dr. Shamhart is a rising young physician at Bogota and his wife is a niece of Mr. Babbs and Mrs. Josiah Mullins, who was here on a visit from Cincinnati. Rev. J. G. Reed, M. P. pastor officiated. Success to them. The Newton Press, July 22, 1897 - [contrib. by src #33]

Eugene SHUMARD returned from Texas Thursday a married man. The bride is the daughter of Mr. James Arnold, formerly of this city, but now a resident of Texas. OCTOBER 17, 1883

Selby-24 m. Edna Orendorff-21, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Shafer m. Celia Bigard, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Judge Lawrence Y. Sherman, of Macomb, McDonough County, and Ms. Ella Cruise, of Grove Township, Jasper County, will be married today at the residence of the bride's father, honorable James L. Crews. Judge Sherman was raised in this County, went to Macomb several years ago where he served as city attorney and subsequently as County Judge one term. May 27th, 1891

Shook to Miss Mary L. Tuttle - Aug. 10-17, 1881

Shryock-22 m. Effie M. Tate-20, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Skaggs-73 m. Mary I. Todd-55, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Wm. Small to Miss MaggieKingery - AUG. 24-Sept. 7, 1881

Geo. W.
Small to Mary E. Cash. The great common difference 30 to 15. Sep 21, 1876

L.B. Smith of Crawford Co., married Mattie Ireland, daughter of Mr and Mrs. James C. Ireland of Willow Hill township. Nov. 19, 1890

Marion Smith and Miss Ettie Printz, two excellent young people of North Muddy township, were married last week. The groom is a son of ex-Treasurer D.P. Smith of this city; his wife has been engaged in teaching for a couple or three years. March 2, 1892

O.W. Smith and Miss May Scott were married at the residence of the bride's brother, O.S. Scott, Thanksgiving night, Rev. J.R. Skinner officating clergyman. The wedding was not unexpected, but it was a well kept secret and no one knew when it was to occur but the contracting parties and their immediate relatives. Mr. Smith is a lawyer, just entering into the practice, affable, pleasant and of good ability and bright prospects -- a member of the firm of Jack, Smith & Fithian. His wife is a young lady of amiable disposition, a universal favorite in the society of the city and well worthy to preside over a household. They commence housekeeping in west Newton. Nov. 30, 1892

Married Away from Home.....Miss Tessie
Faller was married in St.Louis, a few days ago, to Thomas Soden, who is reported to be in well-to-do circumstances. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.R. Faller, of this city, and has been in St. Louis for several years, where she was a saleslady in a store. The couple are expected here this week on a visit. Newton Newspaper, No Dates. (Src: djk@acronet.net)

Sowers, a prominent farmer of Grove township, and Mrs. Sarah J. Andre, widow of Frank X. Andre, late sheriff of Jasper county, were married by Elder Charles Yelton at his home in this city, Sunday. Success to them. The Newton Press, November 2, 1895 - [contrib. by src #33]

Sowers and Miss Ella Foote were united in marriage at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Barnard Foote, Wednesday, Oct. 13, Rev. W. C. Reeder, officiating. A bountiful dinner was spread of which the following persons partook:
M. M. Sowers and family, A. J. Batman and wife, W. C. Reeder and family, Wm. Foote and family, Ed Meurlot and family, H. G. Matheny and family, Alva Sowers and family, H. C. Foote and family, John Morris and family, Messrs: James Story, Bert Matheny, Oscar Sowers, Misses Effie Varvill, Lizzie Wishard, May Moomaw, Sadie Newlin.
Wickliff is one of Jasper county's young farmers; his wife is an estimable young lady. Their friends wish them success and happiness through life. The Newton Press, October 20, 1897 - [contrib. by src #33]

Married: Wm. P.
Spray and Miss May Wilson were united in marriage Tuesday at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gibson in Fox township. Miss Wilson is the adopted daughter of the Gibsons. Wednesday, September 12, 1883 Src: djk@acronet.net)

A.C. Spurgeon m. Mrs. E.O.Selby, Newton Press, Wed. Dec. 7, 1881 (Src: djk@acronet.net)

Marriage was performed, Wednesday, Oct. 25th, at 5 p.m., between Martin E.
STANLEY, the youngest son of Jesse P. STANLEY, a prominent farmer and stock man, five miles west of this city, and Miss Ora BICKEL, an accomplished lady, of Latona. The ceremony occurred at the home of Samuel WARD, near Latona. Rev. I. M. HOEL pronounced the words that made them one. Friday, October 27, 1899

Smith-25 m. Jane Irnel?-19, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Smith m. Allie Randolph, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Isaiah STEWART of Hunt city and Miss Sophronia TERHUNE of Willow Hill, will be united in marriage today. OCTOBER 10, 1883

Sutton m. Demoline Worthey, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Swen-39 m. Hattie Goesell-35, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Daniel B. Stone to Miss Sophia Dow - Sept. 14-28, 1881

Daniel Stout to Miss Fannie Kingery - Sept. 14-28, 1881

SLATE POINT: John Strole and Miss Dora Foltz were married last Wednesday. Newton Press, 16 Jan. 1884 [contrib. by src #28]

Mrs. Lizzie
Swick, formerly of Jasper county, where she was quite well known, was recently married at Charleston to Mr. S.E. Ray, a wealthy citizen and one of the alderman there. Jan. 14, 1891 [contrib. by src #28]

At high noon today a church wedding of beautiful appointments was solemnized by Reverend William W Fleetwood, in the First Episcopal church of the Good Shepherd, joining in the holy bonds of matrimony, Miss Merle Carlson, daughter of Mr J. L. Carlson of this city and John N Teets of Newton, Illinois.
In addition to the relatives of the bride, about fifty friends were seated in the church which had been previously decorated with a profusion of roses, sweetpeas and other fragrant blossoms. Promptly at 12 o'clock, the bridal party entered the church and proceeded to the altar, while Mrs Mary Young, the church organist, rendered the Mendelssohn wedding march.
The bride, a pretty brunette, appeared wonderfully charming in a prettily trimmed gown of grey charmeuse and wore a chic white hat. A diamond brooch, the only article of jewelry worn, was Mr Teet's gift to his bride. Miss Carlson carried a brides bouquet of white roses and lilies of the valley daintily tied with white satin ribbon Miss Eleanor Miller, as brides-maid, was daintily gowned in tan charmeuse with chiffon overdress and carried a basket bouquet of sweet-peas. Miss Miller also wore a becoming white hat. Mr Teets was accompanied by Sterling E Price, as best man. At the altar the bride was given away by her father, J. L Carlson.
Immediately following the ceremony the bridal party, accompanied by the bride's sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. S. J Kaplan and children, were escorted to the Weber club, where a temptingly prepared wedding breakfast was nicely served in the private dining room. Appropriate toasts to the bride and groom were neatly spoken and fittingly responded to by the happy couple. Mr and Mrs. Teets will leave for a few weeks' visit with friends in Red Cliff, Colorado, after spending a few days in Salt Lake City. From Red Cliff the couple will go to Newton Illinois, Mr. Teet's home where the romainder of the summer will be spent and about September 1 they will be at home in Golden, Colorado, where Mr Teets will continue his course in mining engineering. Mrs Teets has numerous friends in this city, having graduated from the Ogden high school and for the past year conducted a night class in domestic science and a day class in domestic art at the Weber academy. Mrs. Teets graduated from a teachers' course in domestic arts and science at the Agricultural college in Logan.
Good wishes for a happy and prosperous future are extended by a host of friends and relatives both here and in Salt Lake City, where the bride has a wide acquaintance. [The Ogden standard., July 08, 1914, (Ogden City, Utah)]

J.G. Townshend, ex-pension examiner, was married a few days ago to Miss Nettie Gillmore, daughter of the county clerk of Effingham county. They will reside in Baltimore, Md., where Mr. T. will practice law. He has a host of warm friends among the old soldiers here and many others who will wish him well.

John O.
Tumelson-20 m. Katie Baker-20, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Baker, age 25, Hidalgo, married, Joseph Toland age 24, Point Pleasant. 1902

Nath Trimmer to Miss Susan Crouse - April 1882

At the residence of P. Raef, Esq., by T.C. Melton, Esq., Mr. William
TROBAUGH and Miss MargaretP?LESS(?), all of this county.

Levi A.
Uhl m. Gertie A. Harding, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Surnames V-Z

John C. Voorhis m. Miss ElizabethReam, Newton Press, Wed. Dec. 7, 1881 (Src: djk@acronet.net)

John T. Ward and Miss Bertha C. Lollar. Mr. Ward is a salesman in the store of Pixley & Lollar at Wheeler. His wife is a daughter of Geo. M. Lollar, junior member of the mercantile firm above mentioned. Both are highly respected and greatly esteemed for their many good qualities. The marriage ceremoney was performed on the 6th inst. by Rev. Geo. W. Tate. Reported Sept. 12, 1888

Married, January 8th, 1893, at the residence of the bride's father, Andrew Watts, Mr. John F. Bridges, of Newton, and Miss Ester F. Watts of Jasper County. Judge Fithian officiating. The happy couple will go to housekeepig in Newton... Jan. 11, 1893

Glen Way and Miss Mayme Todd, both of Willow Hill, were married at Charleston, January 1st. Rev. J.M. Daniels performed the ceremony. [Ste. Marie Tribune - January 9, 1914]

HAPPILY-WEDDED. Weber-Kepp. Married, at the residence of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Kepp, near Ingraham, on January 28, 1900, Dr. J. C. Weber, of Newton, and Miss Zula Kepp, Elder F. M. Lollar, officiating. Miss Chandler presided at the organ, and a most enjoyable evening was passed by all in attendance.
This newly married couple will depart in a few days for their new home at Newton, and the best wishes of many friends will follow them. Those present were: Benedict Weber, Anton Weber, Ezra Kepp, Otto Kepp, Elzie Kepp, Frank Weber, Charles Nix, Robert Read, George Bateman, Robert Rhodes, Buren Madden, Clarence Wood, Hattie Gerking, Hattie Brooks, Frankie Lollar, Anna Bryant, Minnie Weber, Kate Weber, Mollie Simmons, Mary Nix, Mrs. Anton Weber, Della Leonard, Geneva Chandler and Frankie Bryant.
Dr. Weber and his wife will occupy the residence of the late D. B. Brown in this city, where a neatly furnished home awaits them. Dr. Weber has a splendid practice in his profession and his future seems well assured. The PRESS extends to the young couple its best wishes for their happiness. Friday, February 2, 1900.

Alfred Webster m. Miss Nancy J. Trexler , Newton Press, Wed. Dec. 7, 1881 (Src: djk@acronet.net)

The marriage of Mr. Chas. E.
Williams and Miss Ella E. Hauser took place at the bride's residence as announced. Rev Sweeney performed the ceremony that made two happy hearts one. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCurdy, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. N. Rogers, Miss Stella Rogers, Miss Winnie Jackson and Miss Haley McCurdy, of Indianapolis; Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Walde, Miss Marjery, Boston, Mass., and Mrs. J.S. Williams, St. Louis, Mo., mother of the groom, were among the strangers present. Mr. John T. Lair, of Connersville, Ind. and Mr. Bert Updegraff, of Indianapolis, acted as groomsmen, and Mrs. Jennie Updegraff, of Newton, Ill., as bridesmaid. Mr. and Mrs. Williams left at 9:30 last night for St. Louis, where they will reside. Columbus (Ind.) Herald. October 5, 1887

Dr. Samuel F. Williams and Miss Ella L. Lake were married at the bride's father's on the 8th inst., Rev. Daniel Gray officiating. Dr. Williams is a physician with a large and growing practice and his wife an accomplished young lady. Newton Press, Nov. 28, 1888

James M. Wilson & Miss Linnie Large married Thanksgiving Day. They are living in Mattoon. Dec. 3, 1890

Thomas R. Wilson and Miss AnnaHesler were married Thursday evening at the home of the bride's parents in North Muddy township. Mr. I. M. Shup, justice, officiating. Mr. Shup, the magistratical editor of the Newton Press, has a contract to marry the Hesler family, which will be completed when he has pronounced the ceremony for Frank and Joe to their prospective better halves. He has already officiated at the weddings of John J. Hesler, Miss Fannie Hesler, Miss Anna Hesler and Wm. Hesler. Wednesday, September 12, 1883 [contrib. by src #28]

Wm. Wilson to Miss Sarah Byrne - Aug. 17-24, 1881

Walter E. Winterrowd and Miss Effie Foster were married at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. D. Foster, west of town, Sunday evening, Rev. Geo. T. Smith, pastor of the Central Christian church, officiating. Both are sterling young people. Mr. Winterrowd is a blacksmith, a son of the late John Z. Winterrowd, and in every way worthy of his wife; Mrs. Winterrowd is a daughter of the senior proprietor of the Chicago Store Grocery, was a teacher in the public schools of the county for several years, two terms of which were in this city, and will be a helpmeet to her husband. We wish them peace and prosperity. The Newton Press, October 7, 1896 - [contrib. by src #33]

MARRIED - On Monday evening last, by Esquire Jones, Mr. George Wise and Miss Ella Brown, both of this place. George has commenced his married life with a vim of enterprise. In the evening at about 6 o'clock, immediately after the marriage ceremony was performed, he deserted his elected one, whose heart beats in unison with his, went to the saw mill where he had been laboring and worked until the wee hours of midnight, not doubted actuated with the belief that too much bliss would create a blister. George, we congratulate you upon this noble spirit of enterprise, and will say, in the way of friendly advice, keep on in this course, and ere long old grim TIME will cast a golden smile upon you, and earthly paradise will ensue. June 11, 1874

ISLAND GROVE ITEMS: The names of Joseph WISHART and Miss Mary MAMOSIER were called at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Sunday. They are to be married Tuesday, October 23. OCTOBER 17, 1883

Wohler and Miss Anna Feldkamp of Grove township were married in Effingham last week. Sept. 1901 (reprinted in "Ye Olde Days" Sept. 21, 1926)

Wm. Woods to Miss Amanda M.Oaster - AUG. 24-Sept. 7, 1881

Miss Beulah
Workman and Omer Scurlock, both of South Muddy, were united in marriage at Louisville, Wednesday, July 30. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Workman of near Winterrowd, and the groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scurlock of near Bogota. July 2, 1926

Floyd Worthey of South Muddy and Miss Martha E. Whightsil of North Muddy were married, Sunday, November 23 [1919] at the Central Christian parsonage, in the presence of a few relatives and friends, by Rev. W.H. Griffin. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Worthey and the bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Whightsil. Both are fine young people... November 25, 1919

Ward m. Marcia Cowger, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Ward m. Bessie Wolf, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Henry E.
Warfel m. Anna Gibson, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Watts m. Clara Vanderhoof, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

White m. Clara A Brough, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Jas. G.
Williams m. Ella McInturiff, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Elmer E.
Wolfe m. Mattie M. Terry, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

Geo. E.
Wright m. Lena Cohoo, NEWTON PRESS-----JUNE 23, DEC. 18, 1908

George Yeager of the Bend and Miss Margaret Hippler of St. Peter vicinity northeast of Newton, were united in marriage at St. Thomas Catholic church of this city, Monday morning at 7 o'clock, Rev. John Lupton officiating. Alexander Dhom and Miss NettieHippler, a sister of the bride acted as attendants. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Hippler... April 27, 1927

MARRIED, at the residence -----(paper folded) father, near this place, on Thursday evening last, by Rev. I.S. Armstrong, Mr. Harve Yelvington to Miss Olive Charlott, both of this county. We wish Mr. Y. and his accomplished lady abundant success and a full share of true earthly happiness, in their new relation. Mar 27, 1874.

MARRIED - On Thursday last, at the American House in this place, by T.C. Melton, Esq., Mr. Israel ?owers and Miss Gertrudea Gray?am, both of this county. Oct. 8, 1874

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