1904 Mt. Zion Class Picture

Many thanks to Rhonda Swisher for contributing this!!!!

Picture of Mt. Zion Class of 1904

From the Newton Press:

"This picture of the Mt. Zion School was taken in 1904. The school was located northeast of Lis.

First row: Bert Phillips, Roy Foltz, Arthur Clark, Ralph Clark, Roy Phillips, Lyman Sowers

Second row: Orpha Cunefare, Olin Foote, Albert Cunefare, holding slate, Grace Foote, Eunice Kibler, Blanche Kirk, Eliza Cunefare, Zola Phillips, Charley Kennedy, teacher

Third row: Claud Phillips, Mearl Allen, Otto Cunefare, Harry Allen, Ed Foltz, Mabel Foote, Ettie Gosnell, Nellie Printz, Blanche Kibler, Hazel Swank

Fourth row: Harry Hays, Emmitt Phillips, Carl Kibler, Walter Hays, Barney Foote, Alva Kibler, Elmer Phillips, Carley (sic) Kibler, Ethel Foltz, Edith Kibler, Pearl Kibler.

Otto Cunefare is the owner of the picture."

1920 Coad School Class Picture

Many thanks to Rhonda Swisher for contributing this!!!!

Picture of Coad School

The Newton Press writes:

"This picture of Coad School northwest of Rose Hill was taken in 1920 and is owned by Noel Nichols of Newton.

First row: George Snedeker, Roscoe Cummins, Mel Combs, Harold Griffith

Second row: Raymond Cummins, Lloyd Bowers, John Shedeker, Clisty Brackney, Edith Bowers, Gertrude Jackson, Madge Songer, Lois Billman, Cleta Billman, Kenneth Ward, Noel Nichols.

Third row: Zenneth (sic) Jackson, Lorrine Arnold, Roy Brackeny, Wayne Billman, Doyt Bowers, Arnold Andrews, Victor Arnold, Lena Cummins.

Fourth row: Ruth Huffcut, Freda Hopper, Thelma Arnold, Delbert Bowers, Gerald Andrews, Olive Combs, Ruth Spiker, Pauline Jackson, Pearl Cummins, Lyle Riddle

Paul Harker was the teacher. Edna Bowers, another student, was not shown on the picture."

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