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Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer

ANDERSON BURNSIDES was born in Jackson County, Ohio, January 17, 1839, and came to this county in 1851 in 1861, he enlisted in Company K, Thirty Eighth Illinois Infantry, served until 1833, and was wounded at Stone River. December 20,1866, he married Miss Rachel Foster, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Trexler) Foster. This lady died in 1868, and December 8, 1861, Mr. Burnsides married Rebecca E. Smith, daughter of Benjamin E. and Anna E. (English) Smith, and born in Coshocton County, Ohio, in 1849. To this union were born Merritt, September 13, 1870; Winnie and Minnie (twins), August 6, 1872, and Rachel N., August 18, 1875. John Burnsides, father of our subject, was born in Virginia in 1811, went to Jackson County, Ohio, at the age of four, and in 1835 married Rachel Jacobs, born in 1814, and daughter of John and Susan (Trexler) Jacobs. This couple reared to maturity the following children: Susannah, born in 1836; Anderson, in 1839; J. T., in 1841; Hugh, in 1844; S. G., in 1846, and Filena, in 1849. John Burnsides came to Jasper County in 1856, and settled on 420 acres, and entered another tract in 1863, and the father of the wife of our subject, Benjamin Smith, came here in 1838.

DR. J. C. CHAPMAN, physician and surgeon, of Wheeler, was born in this county October 19, 1855, and here reared on a farm until the age of sixteen his determination to become a physician was formed in childhood, and when but twelve years old he began to prepare himself by study for the responsibilities of that profession. At the age of sixteen, he began teaching school, still devoting his leisure hours to the study of medicine. He took a teacher's course at the college of Valparaiso, attended Merom College, and read medicine with Drs. J. H. Walker, Maxwell and Faller, all eminent practitioners of Newton. He next entered the American Medical College at Saint Louis, and graduated, after a three years' course, in 1879. He practiced at Island Grove, and at Dieterich, and then, in 1882, came to Wheeler, where he has an extensive patronage and is also interested in the drug business. He is a member of the Centennial Medical Society and also of the Society of Physicians of Jasper County. May 1, 1880, he married Miss Frances, daughter of W. J. and Elizabeth (Ireland) Madden, and to their union have been born two children, Eva and Nellie.

H. H. DIETZ, the second of four children, born to Benjamin and Phebe (McLin) Dietz, is a native of Fairfield County, Ohio, and was born February 13, 1847. He was educated at Pleasantville, and May 5, 1864, married Miss Sarah Beery, daughter of C M. and Barbara (Hubs) Beery; to this marriage have been born four children,  Beery B., Cora B., Perdie C. and Harley G.. Mr. Dietz came to Jasper County in the fall of 1870, bought 200 acres of land which he farmed until 1882, when he entered the mercantile business at Wheeler, where he is now doing a prosperous trade. Mr. Dietz's father was a native of Pennsylvania, and C. M. Beery, father of Mrs. Dietz, was born in Ohio in 1813.

CAPTAIN WILLIAM C GILLSON is a native of Calcutta, was born in 1835, and came to America when ten years of age. He was reared and educated in Ford County, Ill., and April 25, 1861, enlisted in Company K, Seventh Illinois Infantry, and served as private until 1863, when he was promoted First Lieutenant, and in September, 1864, promoted Captain. He took part in seven severe battles and was wounded at Pittsburgh Landing, Follow Bluff and Altoona. He was mustered out at Springfield, Ill., after which he went to Kentucky, where he married, in 1865, Miss H. A. Winter, daughter of William and Nancy (Segman) Winter, born respectively in England and Philadelphia, and in the same year, 1799. Mrs. Nancy Winter is still living, and makes her home with our subject. Mr. and Mrs. Gillson have had born to them seven children, Nancy J. (deceased), Neonia D., Thomas W., William E., Edward A., Mary N. and Aaron D.

CAPTAIN W. C. HARNED was born in Bond County, Ill., was reared a farmer and attended school until 1861, when he enlisted in Company D, Twenty Second Illinois Infantry, served one year, was discharged on account of disability, returned home and reentered the army in July, 1862, as Second Lieutenant of Company Er One Hundred and Thirtieth Regiment. He took part in the battles of Port Gibson, Champion Hills, Black River, siege of Vicksburg and the campaign after Jackson. He was captured, with the rest of his regiment, April 8, 1864, and was held prisoner at Camp Ford, Texas, until June, 1865. He was promoted First Lieutenant in February, 1863, and Captain while prisoner of war. In 1867, he married Miss Isabel McKenzie, who died February 14, 1868, leaving one child, George. In 1871, he married Miss Isabel File, a native of Indiana, whose parents settled in Bond County in 1818. Her grandfather, Henry File, established the first distillery in Bond County in 1819. By his last marriage the Captain became father of six children, Julia, Matilda, Nora, Jennie, William and one that died unnamed. John W. Harned, father of the Captain, was born in Texas while it yet belonged to Mexico, and moved with his parents to Madison County about 1830. In January, 1842, he married Mary Matilda Nelson, daughter of William and Mary (McLain) Nelson, and to their union were born nine children, all of whom reached maturity.

L. S. LOLLAR was born in 1858, in Clay County, Ill., where he was reared to farming and educated in the common schools until seventeen years of age. In 1881, he married Miss Denia Ward, daughter of W. H. and Susannah (Burnsides) Ward, natives of Ohio. There has been born one child to this union, Lola Mabel.

G. H. MERCER was born in Jackson County, Ohio, in 1846, was reared a farmer and was educated in the common schools until seventeen years old; he then went with his parents to Adams County, Ind., resided there four years, returned to Ohio, and in 1863, came to Jasper County. In 1864, he enlisted in the One Hundred and Forty Third Illinois Infantry and served six months; he then returned to this county, but after a short stay visited Ohio; in 1866, he came back and purchased sixty acres and is now engaged in farming. In 1872, he married Margaret E. Varvil, who was born in Indiana in 1851, and who was but one year old when she came to this county with her parents, John and Nancy (McCollough) Varvil, natives of Kentucky. Mr. Mercer is now the father of five children, Annie A., James A., Henry B. Louisa J. and Mary E. Joseph Mercer, father of our subject, was a native of Pennsylvania, and married Annie Day, a native of Kentucky, who bore him thirteen children,  Louisa, J. M., Mary J., Comfort, Rebecca, Robert, Marion F., John A., G. W., Winfield, Portlier, Hannah and William S.

JONATHAN TREXLER was born in Jackson County, Ohio, November 23, 1840, and at the age of twelve came with his parents to this county, where he was reared to farming and educated in the common schools until nineteen. In 1861, he enlisted in Company K, Thirty Eighth Illinois Infantry, and fought at Corinth, Perryville, Stone River, Knob Gap, Liberty Gap and Chickamauga; he was four times wounded, and was honorably discharged at Springfield, Illinois, in 1864. He married, August 23, 1865, Miss S. A. Cather, daughter of N. T. and Cynthia (Fields) Cather, natives of Indiana and North Carolina, and early settlers of Jasper County. Mr. and Mrs. Trexler have had born to them four children, namely, Lillie M., Minnie O., Merritt and Vernon C The father of our subject, John Trexler, was an early settler of this county, was born in Jackson County, Ohio, in 1816, and in 1837, married Mary Dixon, born January 28, 1817, and daughter of Eli and Elizabeth (Graham) Dixon. She died January 29, 1860, the mother of eight children, our subject being the second. Mr. Trexler next married Polly Ann Dobbins, who bore him five children and died May 26,1883.

ALEXANDER WILSON, Township Supervisor, was born in 1831, in Washington County, Ind., but was reared a farmer in Putnam County. In 1851, he married Miss Emily C, daughter of Nicholas and Susannah (Gatan) Conett, and born in Montgomery County, Ohio, in 1835. Ten children followed this union, Julia A., Sarah J., Susan C., Abel A., Fenton E., Phebe, Eliza, Orlena, Lucy, and one deceased. Abel Wilson, father of our subject, was born in Kentucky, and was a son of Alexander and Sarah (Lucas) Wilson, the former a soldier of the war of 1812. Abel Wilson married, in Washington County, Ind., Julia Holsapple, daughter of George and Phebe (Hubbard) Holsapple, and to their union were born six children, George W., William, John, Lucy, Sarah J., and Alexander. Our subject came to this county in the spring of 1872, and bought 216 acres of land, which he has since increased to 416 acres. He has served as Supervisor of his township since 1879, has never sued a man nor been sued, is a member of the Masonic Fraternity and the Christian Church, and is a conservative Democrat.

ISAAC JOHNSON is a native of Ohio, was born in Guernsey County, July 3, 1834, and is the son of David and Elizabeth (English) Johnson, also natives of the Buckeye State. David Johnson having died in Ohio, his widow moved to Iowa, and thence to Kansas, where she also died. Isaac Johnson was reared to farming by his parents, and in Pennsylvania, June 19, 1854, he married Esther, daughter of Enos Gallaway, a physician, farmer, and miller. He farmed on rented land in Ohio, until about 1857, when he came to his present farm, rented it for two years, and then purchased it. He now owns 150 acres of superior land, and is a very successful farmer. He has ten children living, as follows: Mary E., Lucinda J., Ruth M., Lona, Rosalie, II. Annis, Albert P L, Eva, Smith E. and Delia E.

JOHN H. MAHANEY, Supervisor, was born in Page County, Va., June 24, 1850, and is a son of Ezra and Ann Eliza Mahaney, also natives of Virginia. Our subject spent his early boyhood in Indiana, until the fall of 1862, when he came with his parents to Illinois, and was here reared a farmer. In December, 1871, he married Rachel D., daughter of John and Nancy Ward. Mr. Ward, a native of Virginia, was a farmer and a pioneer of Jackson County, Ohio, but died in Illinois. Mrs. Ward was a native of Ohio, and died in that State. Four years after his arrival in Illinois, John H. Mahaney resided in North Muddy, and then came to his present farm in this township. In April, 1872, the mother of Mr. Mahaney was killed by the fall of a two-story frame dwelling, which was blown down and torn to fragments in a wind storm. His father was severely injured, and a ten-year-old brother cut on the head, but Mr. Mahaney and a sister, both in the house, escaped uninjured. The children born to Mr. Mahaney are six in number: Eliza E., Rachel O., Dolly A., Bessie P., John H. and Mary F.

CHARLES MASON, a native of Rensselaer County, N. Y., was born in February, 1814, and is the son of Stephen and Hannah Mason. The family first came West to New Albany, Ind., then moved to Posey County, Ind., thence came to Illinois, where the father died in Tazewell, and the mother in McLean County. At the age of seventeen, Charles Mason began life for himself, laboring by the month at from $5 to $15. January 5, 1837, he married in Lawrence County, Ill., Miss Rhoda Travis, and began housekeeping in Clay County on rented land. Five years later, he purchased sixty acres, improved, on which he lived seven years, and then came to his present farm in this township, where he owned 300 acres, but has given his children about 100 acres, and possession of about 120 acres beside. Mrs. Mason is a member of the Christian Church, and of her children, there are living, William M., Sarah, Roxina, Mary L. and Alice C.

LYMAN RANDALL was born in Oxford County; Maine, in 1838, and is the son of Esek and Edith (Pickens) Randall, natives of Massachusetts. Lyman Randall had the advantages of a high school education, and on coining West in 1858 engaged in school teaching in winter and farming in summer until 1851, when he enlisted, September 4, in the Eleventh Missouri Infantry and served until January 26, 1866. Among the many engagements in which he took part were those of Fredericktown, Mo. Island No. 10, Corinth, Miss., Jackson, Vicksburg, Nashville, Spanish Fort and a number of skirmishes. In 1867 he married, in Ingraham, Clay Co., Ill., Miss Mary E. Ingraham, a native of Missouri. Mr. Randall first owned four acres of land at Ingraham, which he disposed of during the war, and at its close purchased 140 acres in Clay County, Ill., on which he lived five years and then came to Smallwood Township, this county, purchased 120 acres and resided thereon five years. In the fell of 1875 he came to this township and settled on his present farm of 160 acres, all under good cultivation and supplied with comfortable buildings. Mrs. Randall owns 112 acres in Clay County, mostly under cultivation. Mr. and Mrs. Randall are members of the Christian Church, and have two children living, Winfield and Edith.

WILLIAM N. STUART, a native of Guernsey County, Ohio, was born in June, 1835, and is the son of John and Charity (Lame) Stuart, natives respectively of Pennsylvania and Virginia and pioneers of Ohio. Both parents died in this State. William N. Stuart came here in 1860 and here he and sister own a farm of 350 acres, of which 190 are improved and constitute one of the finest farms in South Muddy Township; the products, grain and stock, are divided between them. Mr. Stuart is a thoroughgoing farmer, is serving his second term as Justice of the Peace, and is recognized as one of the progressive men of his township.

JAMES E. WORTHEY, farmer but formerly a blacksmith, was born in Coshocton County, Ohio, and is the son of James F. and Charlotte (Odor) Worthey, natives of Virginia and pioneers of Jasper County, Ill., where the father died and where the mother is still living, at the age of about eighty. The marriage of the latter, the second time, took place in her seventy sixth year. James E. Worthey was reared in his native county until twenty one, served three years as a blacksmith's apprentice, and came to this county in the fall of 1855. March 6, 1856, he married Mary E. Warren, a native of Kentucky, and daughter of William Warren, a farmer and a native of New York State. For about twenty one years our subject followed his trade in this State, principally in this township, where he lived on the farm where he first began housekeeping, and which comprises eighty acres. Mr. Worthey served as Constable here for three years and then resigned. He and wife are members of the Missionary Baptist Church, of which he has been a licensed preacher for the past fifteen years. He has had born to him nine children, Julia C., Lucinda A., Harriet E., Mary E., Rosie E. (deceased), George (deceased). Theodosia (deceased), William F. and Nathaniel J.


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