Jasper County, Illinois
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The following is believed to be a list of bicycle owners in Newton:
J.E. O. Clarke, Pearl Phillips, Pearl Gillmore, H.M. Chamblin, Bruce Moffitt, Ralph Gibson, Charles Spurgeon, Geo. E. Franke, Charles Brown, Hale Johnson, Joe Boos, jr., Charles Watts, J.A. Batman, L.E. Bevis, Edgar Johnson, John Wise, jr., Leonard Honey, John Matheney, John Honey, John Houchin, Lowell Houchin, Walter Chamblin, Elza Skinner, Joe Dorna and Miss Ellie Prichard.
 [Newton Press July 12, 1893]

The Jasper County Press says in regard to the cattle plague:
"In this county we believe there is no longer any apprehensions in regard to the plague.  There are a number of herds that are suffering from a disease of the foot in a mild form.  It is claimed by those who have made the examinations that it was aggravated, if not caused, by the frost.  Cattle that were well protected against the storms are not affect.  John Mason's cattle and also D.P. Kibler's were frozen fast in the mud, and probably an inquiry would show that others had had their legs frozen. [Mattoon Gazette (Mattoon, Illinois) • 4 Apr 1884, Fri; Page l]

Sheep Killed by Dogs
Willow Hill, Ill., June 23 - D.I. Lingafelter of near Willow Hill reports half of a flock of 60 sheep killed and injured by dogs a few nights ago.  Of the 30 injured, a dozen have died.  Other farmers in that vicinity have suffered damage to their flocks from dogs. [Journal Gazette (Mattoon, Illinois) 23 Jun 1937, p. 5, tr by KT]


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