"Our City Paters"

Newton's First Officers Under City Government

Sketches of the Several Candidates Presented to the Public, Through the Medium of the Press

September 17, 1887 - The Newton Press, Jasper County, IL
©Transcribed by Kim Torp

The Anti-Saloon element of Newton's voting citizens met at the courthouse on last Wednesday evening and nominated a ticket. On Friday evening the Peoples' party held a convention at the same place and put a ticket in the field. The election occurred today. Those successful constitute the first city officers; unusual interest centered in the result. As a consequence there was considerable excitement at the polls, both sides manning them from the casting of the first ballot till the last vote was in the boxes. The two tickets and a sketch of the respective candidates is herewith presented:


James W. Gibson, mayor

James C. McCollough, city clerk

S.B. Brown, city treasurer

David Trexler, city attorney

Daniel Miller, city marshal

Thomas Cooper, city marshal, independent

S.A.King, street commissioner.

Isaac M. Shup and W.H. Lathrop, aldermen from the first ward; Joseph Litzelmann and Charles R. Kelso, second ward; and Dr. A.A. Franke and H.D. Yelvington, third ward.

James W. Gibson, aged 42, was born in Detroit, Mich. Held offices of county judge and village trustee - "only offices on God's green earth and wants no more."

James C. McCullough is an Ohioan by birth but a Jasper county lad since a small boy. He is now deputy county clerk, a position he has filled satisfactorily for four years and has been village clerk two terms. His age is 27.

Samuel B. Brown has lived 58 years, a Kentuckian, was a major in the state militia and county school commissioner there. Came to Illinois in 1868 and served twice as county surveyor, trustee several times, is now justice of the peace, school and village treasurer.

David Trexler is a Buckeye by birth, but a Jasperite since he was 2 months old. His age is 35. Mr. Trexler was admitted to the bar in 1878 and has practiced with success since, doing most of the pension work of the county. He served one term as representative in the legislature from this district and five times as village attorney.

Daniel Miller is 31 years old, a butcher by trade, was born in Jasper county, and has served one term as village marshal. He is a fearless, active young man and perfectly safe to trust as the baton carrier.

Thomas Cooper is an Ohioan, 53 years old, resided in this county since 1858, a railway and public works builder, held the office of representative, circuit clerk, master in chancery, police magistrate and village marshal.

S.A. King is a Kentuckian, lived in this county since 1872, a carpenter by trade and is serving as street commissioner, the first office he ever filled. He is 40 years old.

Isaac M. Shup, 50 years old, lived in this county since 1864, served four years in the army, held the offices of police magistrate, justice of the peace, collector, postmaster and representative in the legislature.

W.H. Lathrop is 33 years of age, proprietor of the Newton marble and Granite Works, came to Jasper county in 1880, is senior warden in the Blue Lodge of Masonry, served one term as village clerk.

Joseph Litzelmann is landlord of the American House, 38 years old, born in the county, enlisted and served a short time in the army, has held the offices of village trustee and school director.

Charles R. Kelso, 44 years old, lumberman and timber dealer. Born in Pennsylvania. Acted as school director and is one of the present board of trustees.

Dr. A. A. Franke is 34 years old, born in Newton, a graduate of the Kentucky School of Medicine, has an extensive practice and has been village trustee.

H.D. Yelvington, 45 years old, lived in Newton since 1866, a carpenter, an old soldier and has served several terms as village trustee.


Samuel R. Barker, Mayor

Flori Faller, city clerk

F.J.C. Schackmann, city treasurer

Chas. A. Davidson, city attorney

Daniel Miller, city marshall, endorsed

Patrick O'Brien, street commissioner

John A. Brown and John Hauk, for aldermen in the first ward; Felix Garnier and Joseph Watts in the second;and Dr.A.A. Franke endorsed and S.G. Barbee in the third.

Samuel R. Barker is 56 years of age, has resided in Jasper county since 1848 and in business in Newton most of the time in the lumber trade. He has filled the offices of county treasurer, supervisor several times, three of which he was chairman, village trustee and school director. He is vice president of the state organization of C.K. of A.

Flori Faller was born in Newton 25 years ago, has a good common school education, is a miller by trade and keeps the books of Boos, Falle_ Co. at the Newton Water Mills.

F.J.C. Schackmann is aged 31 years, a Jasper countyan by birth, received a common school education, has been in business in Newton since 1877. He is a druggist and pharmacist, senior member of the firm of Schackmann Bros. Was secretary of the Jasper County Creamery Association, director of the Building and Loan Association and is financial secretary __ Newton Branch of the C.K. of A.

Chas. A. Davidson is 26 years old, born in Hoosierdom and a resident of Jasper county since 1872. He taught school while studying law, was admitted to the bar in May 1885 and has since practiced in the courts of this county. His official services consist of one term as village attorney and president of Newton's board of trustees since May last.

Patrick O'Brien is aged 65, a resident of Newton for five years. He never sought or held office, but has served as section foreman on a number of railroads and has the reputation of doing as much and as good work as any man could.

John A. Brown, 69 years old, lived in Newton since the wolves howled at the people's doors, a blacksmith and a good one, has been school director, village trustee and justice of the peace.

John Hauk, aged 56, born in Butler county, Ohio, moved to this state in 1863. Held offices of school director and highway commissioner, is an Odd Fellow and Red man.

Felix Garnier has resided in this city and county nearly all of his life, is 57 years old, a blacksmith by trade, but now engaged in selling farm implements. He has been assessor, village trustee, school director and is now township collector.

Joseph Watts, 56 years old, one of the first settlers of the county, never, we believe, held office. He built the first brick house in the county and is a mason by trade.

S.G. Barbee was born in this county, lived in Newton since 1870, is 45 years old, proprietor of the Newton Iron Foundry and never held or asked for an office.

The vote is as follows (the numbers are hard to read):



NO. 1


NO. 2


NO. 3


For Mayor

J.W. Gibson

S.R. Barker









For Clerk:

J.C. McCullough

F. Faller









For Treasurer:

S.B. Brown

F.J.C. Schackmann









For Attorney

D. Trexler

C.A. Davidson









For Marshal:

D. Miller

T. Cooper









For Commissioner:

S.A. King

Patrick O'Brien









For Aldermen:

I. M. Shup


W.H. Lathrop

38 (?)

J. Hank


J.A. Brown


J. Litzelmann  


C. R. Kelso  


F. Garnier  


J. Watts  


A.A. Franke    


H.D. Yelvington    


S.G. Barbee    



Officers elect: Barker, McCullough, Brown, Davidson, Miller, King, Shup, Lathrop, Litzelmann, Garnier, Franke and Yelvington.

Committee Meeting

The Democratic central committee of Jasper county, Illinois, met at the court house in Newton, pursuant to adjournment, on Monday, August 29, 1887, at one o'clock p.m.

Committeemen present from the several townships as follows:

Grove, Ellis Hicks

Crooked Creek, Wm. Kilgore and W.W. Hays

Willow Hill, H.J. Merceret

South Muddy, W.N. Stuart

Smallwood, Geo. W. Brown

Wade, H. K. Powell, S. R. Barker and Wm. Shup

On motion the committee present proceeded to canvass the votes cast at the primary election held in the several townships of the county on Saturday August 27, 1887, for county judge and declare the nominee; and appearing from the returns on file that James M. Honey received the highest number of votes cast he was declared the nominee of the Democratic party for county judge.

There being no further business before the meeting the committee adjourned subject to the call of the Chairman.

H.K. Powell, Chairman. J.M. Hicks, Secretary

Transcribed from the August 24, 1887 Newton Press

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