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Obituaries and Notices of Death

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Note: Some of these obits are paraphrased. You are advised to obtain the originals for yourself.
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Acklin, [child] - Several persons have died recently in our neighboring town of St. Maries. Mr. Nick Miller and a child of Caleb Acklin died there the first of the present week. [The Newton Press, Feb 13, 1874]

Acklin, James - while kindly endeavoring to procure a squirrel for a sick friend, was accidentally and fatally shot on Sunday last at about 12:00. He lived until 11 p.m. of the same day. Newton Press Sept 16, 1870

Acklin, John, Senior - an old and respected citizen, died at the residence of his son, in this place, at 3 o'clock yesterday morning. Mr. Acklin was taken sick on Saturday evening last, of congestive chill. Since 12 o'clock Tuesday, up to the time of his death, he was unconscious and speechless. [The Newton Press, Mar 27, 1874]

Acklin, Jesse (Thursday, December 6, 1877), son of Caleb Acklin, died at his father's l/2 mile east of Newton on last Monday morning of pneumonia. 8 years old.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Adami, L. - an old citizen of Jasper County, died on the 13th inst. The remains were buried in the St. Peter graveyard. Jan. 18, 1877

Adami, N. - has died of winter fever within the past six or eight days. Dec. 28, 1876

Adams, Freddie R. - 2 years, 1 month and 22 days old, d. Dec. 15, 1891

Adimi, Mrs. - (Note: should probably be Adami) d. Jan. 31, 1877, aged 77 years old. Buried St. Peter's Cemetery Feb. 8, 1877

Adkins, ? - A three or four year old boy of Thomas Adkins, died very suddenly Saturday last of congestion of the stomach. Oct. 7, 1875

Adkins, Elsie Louella - A very sad death was that of Miss Elsie Louella Adkins, which occurred at the parental home five miles north-west of Newton, Monday morning, April 29, 1918, after a brief illness of pneumonia. Deceased was a lovable young woman; her companions were many, and all of them will hear of her demise with sincere regret. She was born April 14, 1892 and passed away at the age of 25 years and 15 days.
Surviving are a father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Adkins, sisters, Mrs. Lawrence (Frankie) Britton and Audrey; brothers, Wade S. and Roe; besides other relatives and dear friends. Funeral services were held at the family residence Wednesday, May 1, and interment at the Brick cemetery. The attendance at the obsequies was very large, attesting to the esteem in which she was held. Newton Press, Friday, May 3, 1918

Adkins, Joseph Melvin - son of Thomas J. and Dicy Adkins, was born in Jasper county, April 9, 1857. He moved with his parents to West Virginia when 2 years of age, returning to Jasper county when about 5 years old , and resided here the remainder of his life. He departed this life at the family home near Lis, where he had lived for the past fifty-seven years, July 11, 1939, at the age of 82 years, 3 months and 2 days.
He was united in marriage to Miss Amanda Scott, January 24, 1884. He leaves his loving companion, Mrs. Amanda Adkins; two sons Wade and Roe of Newton; two daughters, Mrs. Lawrence (Frankie) Britton of Newton and Mrs. Omer (Audrey) McDaniel of Peoria. One daughter Elsie preceded him in death. He also leaves eight grand-children; two sisters, Mrs. Jennie Frakes and Mrs. Alice Adkins of Newton, and one brother, Harvey Adkins of Tucson, Arizona.
He was a member of Oak Hill M. P. church, a loving husband, a kind father, a good neighbor and by his honest upright living has left a memory ever to be held in reverence, The Newton Press, July 18, 1939 [contributed by Source #33]

Adkison, James H. L. - cancer, died Monday night. Been ill for about 4 years. Lived in Grandville Township. Widow and one daughter survived him. Had a 400 acre farm.
[Contributed by Source #4] (Wednesday, January 20, 1897)

Admire, James D. - d. at Detroit, MI - frmerly of Jasper, age 50. Death reported 2 Feb 1945.

Albert, William G. of Hidalgo, age 66. Death reported 27 Feb 1945.

Alcorn, Verne W., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Alcorn, was born in Olney, May 1, 1895 and died January 20, 1927, at Chester, aged 31 years, 8 months and 19 days. On July 3, 1895 he married Anna Fern Keller of Newton, and they were the parents of one child. Surviving, besides his wife and daughter, are aunts, uncles and other relatives. Funeral services were held at Olney, Saturday afternoon, conducted by minister John Honey of Newton. Interment was in Haven Hill cemetery. Tuesday, January 25, 1927

Aldridge, Mrs. Catherine, aged 72 years, 7 months and 8 days, died at her residence in Fox township, on the 18th ult. Deceased was born in Kentucky and had raised a family of children and was highly respected by all who knew her. July 6, 1892

Aldridge, James - a well known farmer of near West Liberty, died last night, after a lengthy period of ill health. The Newton Press, February 6, 1920 - [Contributed by Source #33]

Alexander, --- A small child of W.C. Alexander was buried Sunday afternoon. Newton Press, Nov. 30, 1876

NEW Allan, Henry -- NEWTON, July 18—Henry Allan for 30 years a resident of Jasper county northwest of Newton, died about at 2 o'clock Tuesday morning. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Zachariah Allen and was born near Mason, in, Effingham county, May 3, 1855. He was married to Miss Emma Lawn and to this union were born nine children, three of whom preceded their father In death. Mrs. Allen died about nine years ago. The living children are Ona Allen of Newton; Mrs. Mertie Lilly of Louisville, Ill.; Mrs. Grace Johnson of Montana; Alva Allen of Newton Harry Allen of Effingham county and Merl Allen of Decatur. All except Mrs. Johnson were at the bedside when he died. ["Decatur Evening Herald" Thursday, July 18, 1929, Decatur, Illinois - BZ - Sub by FoFG]

Allen, Infant - child of Oscar and Nancy Allen died a few hours after its birth. February 8, 1893

Allison, Cella - of Ste. Marie Twp - Newton Press, Aug 10 - Aug 17, 1881

Allison, Samuel - of Willow Hill died. Newton Press, Feb. 18, 1875

Allison, Samuel - who has been lingering the past 3 or 4 months with some chronic disease, died July 16, 1890 He leaves a wife and several children...His remains were laid to rest in the Cummins cemetery the 17th inst. at 11 a.m. July 23, 1890

Althaus, Edward F. of Urbana, d. 23 Dec. Death reported 2 Jan 1945.

Anderson, Mrs. Elizabeth - age 90 (approx): "Fortune Teller" and only African-American resident of Olney, formerly of Newton. Her father was "Fox" Anderson, a liberated slave, who served as a servant to Capt. Bushrod W. Harris of Newton during the Civil War. Death reported 8 Dec 1944.

Anderson, Oscar - a prominent citizen of Willow Hill, suicided last evening. When discovered this morning he lay in an old house some distance from his residence and had evidently been dead for several hours. Near his body was a revolver with one chamber empty. A bullet hole in his head indicated this his death was the result of his own rash act. No reasons are assigned for his suicide but it is supposed that he was temporarily insane. A wife and three children survive him. Mr. Anderson was elected president of the board of trustees of Willow Hill, Saturday. He has long been a leading member of the Baptist church and an exemplary citizen. For many years he has taken an active part in politics as a Democratic leader although never a candidate for any office of profit himself. Newton Press, January 25, 1888

Anderson, Rebecca Elizabeth (Lizzie) (nee Sharick): Born in Jasper co, Sept 16, 1862 and died at Washington, Iowa, July 31, 1926, aged 63 years, 10 mos and 15 days - the youngest daughter in a family of three daughters and one son, whose parents were Christian and Sarah A. Sharick, pioneers of Jasper county who came from Pennsylvania. The son died before reaching maturity. The eldest daughter, Mary, became the wife of William Thomas...the second daughter Barbara, remained single and resided on the home farm until her death three years ago....In early womanhood Lizzie became the wife of Henry Smith, but was widowed in less than a year. After that she kept a candy shop at Danville, Ill., operating a candy kitchen in connection.. married Sanford A. Anderson on Sept 9, 1902. Lived in Keota before moving to his farm in Seventy-six twp, Washington co. IA. Daughter Leah was born and lived six happy years, dying from burns received when her clothing caught fire from matches with which she was playing at the home of a neighbor. Some years after...she was left alone a second time and moved to Keota to be near the grave of her little daughter....She is survived by her sister, Mrs. Mary Thomas of Newton, Ill., two nieces, Mrs. Otto Toland of Newton and Mrs. R.C. Shaw of Tonkawa, Okla, one nephew, Dr.R.V. Thomas of Manteno, Ill and other relatives. Aug 10, 1926

Andrews, Elizabeth - 65 years, 1 month, March 28. Newton Press, May 14, 1890

Andrews, Dr. J.C. - died at his home in Rose Hill, Thursday, after a long illness of consumption. Crooked Creek, Feb. 18, 1891

Andrews, Josiah (Friday, June 1, 1900), died on May 27 near Rose Hill at home. Son of Wm. P. and Catharine Andrews. Born September 20, 1819 in Green County, Ohio. Moved to Rush county, Indiana at an early age. Married in Rush county in 1840 to Rachel Brooks. Came to Jasper county, Illinois in 1842, and his father came soon afterwards. His father became a pioneer preacher of the Christian Church. Josiah had 8 children with Wm. P. and Thomas surviving him. Buried in Andrews cemetery. [Contributed by Source #4]

Andrews, Wm. T. - an old citizen of Crooked Creek township, died Sunday. Uncle Billy was for many years a respected resident of this county. Five children survive him. Emory Andrews, city attorney of Mattoon, is a son. Nov. 9, 1892

Anspach, Mrs. George - The body of Mrs. George Anspach, drowned at Ste. Marie in the river a few weeks ago, was found in a drift near by. [The Newton Press, April 20, 1887]

Anspach, Mary Jane - died Sep. 21, [1916 or 1917]; age 76 yrs, 1 mo, 14 days - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Applegate, Virginia M. - 74, of Hazel Dell died at 8 a.m. Monday (March 6, 2000) at her residence.

Arehart, George W. - son of Jacob and Hester Arehart, was born April 15, 1866 in Willow Hill twp and made Jasper co. his home during his entire life. United in marriage to Gladys Mitchell, July 3, 1926....He is survived by his companion of such a short time, three brothers, J.H. Arehart of Willow Hill, J.E. Arehart of Arkansas and J.F. Arehart of Tilton, Ill; three sisters, Mrs. Polly Maples and Mrs. Anna Hill of Jasper co. and Mrs. Jane Maples of Arkansas and a number of other relatives. Also a half sister, Barbara Hilton. Funeral services were held at the house, conducted by Rev. H.D. Catt. Interment was in the Todd cemetery. Tuesday, January 25, 1927

Armer, Mrs. Belle - after a long and painful illness died Dec. 20, 1887. She was born May 5, 1855, becoming the wife of Anselim Armer Nov. 18m 1874. She was a lady of rare qualities of head and heart and her death will be mourned by a fond husband and a host of warm friends. Peace to her ashes and rest to her soul. A FRIEND. Newton Press, January 11, 1888

Arms (?), Mary Mrs. - resided on Hillside, died yesterday after an illness of 2 or 3 weeks. Survivors include three sons residing in Minnesota in railroading and her oldest daughter Mrs. S.D. Leffler living in Smallwood township. Interment was in Pleasant Ridge cemetery. Death reported July 8, 1891

Armstrong, Ada M. of Willow Hill Twp. Newton Press, Sep. 7 - Sep 14, 1881 [Contributed by Source #28]

Armstrong, Rev. I.S. - pastor of the Newton M.E. Church, died at Noble, Richland County, IL at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening June 10, 1874, after a long and painful illness, occasioned by that dreadful disease - dropsy of the heart, aged 48 years and about 5 months.
Mr. Armstrong was born in Ireland, and was sent to America at the tender age of 6 years, and was raised until about 12 years by an Irish lady of the same name living in Hillsboro, Ohio. At the age of 10, he began to develop marked signs of superior intellect, and it was at this period that he commenced to educate himself to a standard commensurate with that energy and determination which was a characteristic of his whole life, to go forth and battle with the world and its great conflicts, in the cause of advancement and right, and to establish a character and name, worthy of registry along side that of the best men of the country; and although unfortunate in many of his undertakings, yet his ---- [can't read] enviable one. While at Hillsboro, he commenced the study of law, and his constant endeavors to become a mast of that, to him, much coveted profession, was steadily though surely rewarded by the fruits of hard study, while a gentle and affable disposition won him many warm and true friends, whose service proved a gold benefit in after years.
At 16, he went from Hillsboro to Metropolis, Massac County, Ill., and there practiced his profession with great credit and ability for about 18 or 20 years. Previous however, to the commencement of his practice as a licensed attorney, at Metropolis, he went into the law office of John A. Logan, and Joshua Allen - then probably the best law firm in that part of the State -- as their clerk, and two years afterwards was admitted as an equal partner. His first license to practice law was obtained through and by the recommendation and instrumentality of Abraham Lincoln, who, until his death, remained a faithful friend; and according to the statements of the friends of the late deceased, that intimacy and friendship was heartily and equally reciprocal.
Mr. Armstrong was a natural orator, and while yet in his teens, gained considerable notoriety by delivering orations at celebrations, etc. He ran for Congress in the Cairo district ... on the democratic ticket, against Isaac Clemonts, and was defeated by only a small vote...Subsequently he again ran...for Circuit Judge against Judge Sloan in the Cairo Circuit and was defeated by only 4 votes.
He served in the U.S. army during the war with Mexico, and was a brave and dutiful soldier. At the breaking out of the rebellion, he enlisted in company H, 29th Ill Volunteers, and was commissioned as first lieutenant of his company. Afterwards he was chosen as adjutant of the regiment. He serve his country with much credit for about four years, and was finally discharged on account of ill health.
About 6 years ago he embraced religion, since which time up to within a few weeks previous to his death, his whole time and attention was devoted to the ministry and his labors in that respect will no doubt be sadly missed.
After leaving Metropolis, he went to the Noble Circuit, and from there, was sent to Newton. He was a resident of this place lacking 3 months of two years.
Although Mr. Armstrong was convinced that he was not much longer bound for the cares and troubles of this earth, yet death had no terror for him, and up to within a few minutes of his departure for that land from whose bourn no traveller returns, he talked calmly of the past, present and future, while he bid his many friends a long farewell. His last supplication was for the Lord to make his death easy, and we learn that he died calmly and apparently without a struggle.
Thus ends the eventful career of a good and true man, a man whose whole life has been one of moral worth and usefulness.
Mr. Armstrong leaves a wife and three children, and very many warm and true friends to mourn his death. His remains were buried at Noble, by the Odd Fellows, of which order he has long been a worthy member. June 18, 1874

Armstrong, Jonathan, 82 years, 11 months and 8 days - died Dec. 6, 1891

Arnold, Delia Barton - "Impressive funeral services of Mrs. J.F. Arnold whose death occurred last Thursday, were conducted Sunday afternoon from the First Presbyterian Church in this city, the pastor, Rev. Wm. C. Krebs, officiating. The Eastern Star of which Mrs. Arnold was a member, gave their beautiful ritual ceremonies at the conclusion of the services. Burial was made in the Riverside Cemetery.
Deceased, a daughter of Rev. Joshua and Mrs. Elizabeth Barton, was born June 18, 1858 near West Liberty. She was united in marriage December 25, 1876 to J.F. Arnold in this city and to them was born 6 children, 2 an infant daughter and their eldest son, Edward Everett, preceding her in death. Newton Press (date of death c. 1/27/1921 (
She is the wife of John Fletcher Arnold II m. 12/28/1876 and is the d/o Rev. Joshua Barton and Elizabeth Petty. - contrib. by Source #34)

Atkins, Rev. Nelson - formerly pastor of the M.E. church at Willow Hill, died at the home of his father near Summer, last week. He leaves a wife and two daughters to mourn. Death reported Dec. 10, 1906 Contributed by Source #28

Ashby, Joseph of Casey, Coles County, IL, age 77. Death reported 12 Sep 1944

Bach, Mrs. Xavier - the venerable mother of Mrs. Wm. Hargett, of this city [Olney], died at her home near West Liberty, last Monday morning - Olney Republican, reprinted in Newton Press, Dec. 23, 1891

Badger, ?? - Old man Badger, another old & respected citizen, died at his residence northwest of Newton on Tuesday. Newton Press, Sep 8, 1875

Badger, Stephen - departed this life at his home in Clarkston, Wash., Nov. 16, 1918 of kidney and heart trouble, aged 76 years. He was a brother of the late William Badger, of Grove twp, and with his death closes the book of this once well-known pioneer family in Jasper county. The older residents of Newton and vicinity will remember Stephen Badger as a farmer living near the Moulden school house, southwest of town, and some 45 years ago lived in Newton and with others, conducted a tannery in "the woods" east of the public square, which is now only a few hundred feet east of the I.C. depot. Mr. Badger visited Newton 3 or 4 years ago. January 3, 1919

Bailey, Infant (male) - b. and d. 30 Sep 1918 in Hunt Twp. Parents: Marion Bailey and Meda Miller. Burial in Mound Cemetery [Src #85]

Badgly, John - died near Ste. Marie last week. A wife and three or four children survive him. Sept 16, 1891

Bailey, John L. - b. 8 Sep. 1905 IL; d. 30 Jun. 1918 Hunt City. Farmer, single. f. Frank Bailey, b. IL; m. Alice Meek, b. IL. Gun Shot wound, informant Minnie Shacklee. Burial Mound Cem. , 1 Jul. 1918. [Contributed by Source #28]

Baker, Infant - of Wm. Baker died on Monday last. Newton Press Aug 24, 1876

Baker, Isaiah - aged 45 years and 10 months, died Jan 5, 1892

Baker, Lorenus R. - b. 18 Dec. 1847 IL; d. 26 Sep. 1918 Grandville Twp. Jaundice cause of death. Farmer, married. f. Lorenus M. Baker, b. VT; m. Clarissa Willison, b. OH. Informant, Mrs Frank Purcell. Burial White Oak Cem., 27 Sep.1918. [Contributed by Source #28]

Baker, Theodore - of Willow Hill committed suicide at Landes May 3, caused by Lula Paddick refusing to marry him. May 11, 1892
Here's more of the story contributed by Source #28: "Theodore Baker of Willow Hill, ILL. committed suicide at Landes, a small village north of here, last night, caused by Miss Lula Paddick refusing to marry him. He left her last night at her home after pleading hard for her consent to be his wife. When at the gate he drew a razor and slashed his throat five times, making terrible wounds. He then rushed to her room and fell unconscious before her. She was so horror-strickened that she now lies in a critical condition. Baker died in a few minutes. "

Baker, Mrs William - Sunday, Feb. 7, the sad news was carried from house to house that Mrs. William Baker was dead. She was born March 11, 1844, married to Mr. Baker November 3, 1864, and died at the family home, near Rose Hill, Sunday, Feb. 7, 1904. As we entered the home of the departed our voice was hushed with sorrow, for as a neighbor and friend our feeling was beyond control. Mrs. Baker was all sunshine, all joy, when in health. Go to her home and you always found a welcome; she made no distinction between the rich and poor. Never did she turn a hungry soul away empty handed. Look upon the walls of her home and your eyes would be- hold the beauties of art and nature. It was a trying hour for her husband and children. This wife and mother will be most sadly missed, having been a companion to her aged husband for 43 years; always ready to assist and make the path of life pleasant, sharing the trials and hardships. But now the arm-chair, which waited to receive her weary body after the day's work was over, stands vacant. Mother is no more; her labor is over.
As the tears of grief moisten the grey beard of her husband and the recollection of the past life comes to his mind he can say, I know her rest is sweet. He can look through the album of nature and behold her in the bloom of youth. The children will look for mother; they will listen for her footsteps; they will await her coming. Never will they forget the many kind acts, the many words of warning and the good instructions that came from those silent lips. She leaves surviving a husband, three children, Frank, Charles and Mrs Cora Bowers, a brother, Abraham Ray, and many other relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at the Universalist church, east of Rose Hill, Monday, conducted by Rev. J. K. Dillen, of Greenup, and remains were laid to rest in the Cummins cemetery. Newton Press, 1904 [Contributed by

Baldwin, Mrs. (Thursday, July 19, 1877), an old Willow Hill Township resident, died the first of the week. [Contributed by Source #4]

Ball, Eddie, aged 15, died at the residence of his parents L.F. and Mrs. Ball in this city, Friday. His remains were interred in the Newton cemetery Saturday, six of his fellow students in the High School acting as pall bearers. March 20, 1889

Bailey, Perry C. of Latona, age 92. Death reported 19 Jan 1945.

Baldwin, Albert, died on Aug. 2, 1888 at age 22 years, 3 mos., 22 days. Newton Press, Sept. 5, 1888

Bales, Rachel Loryse (male) - b. 17 Feb 1918; d. 24 Sep 1918, age 7m, 7d in South Muddy Twp. Parents: Harvey, b. in Clay Co and Maggie Pr??tt, b. Jasper Co. Informant Harvey Bales of Bogota. Burial in South Muddy Cemetery . [Src #85]

Ball, Henry - died the 9th inst. of lung fever.Gila - Newton Press, February 15, 1888

Banta, Miss Ella - died at the residence of her mother, south of town, after an illness of several months, yesterday. She was the daughter of Capt. Lawrence Banta. Dec. 3, 1890

Banta, Lawrence -- At Newton, Ills., Captain Lawrence Banta [Rock Island Argus.(Rock Island, Ill.), July 25, 1895] 

Barbee, Mrs. Jane (Wednesday, September 15, 1880), died Sunday, September 12, 1880 at about 4 p.m. Wife of Thos. Barbee and stepmother of S. G. Barbee. 37 years old. Died of consumption. Buried in Newton Cemetery. [Contributed by Source #4]

Barker, Mrs. Anna (Thursday, March 16, 1879), wife of Frank Barker, died at home in Newton on Saturday last (the 11th) at 5 a.m. of pueperal fever. Leaves a husband and many relatives.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Barker, Mrs. Ann Caroline (Wednesday, March 15, 1882), Born in 1833 in Brayson county, Kentucky. Maiden name was Hill. Married to Samuel R. Barker on April 5, 1853 on the old Von Reudgisch farm. Died on Wednesday, March 8, 1882 at 8:30 p.m. at her Newton home. Aged 48 years, 11 months, and 18 days. Had 12 children. Buried in Newton Catholic cemetery.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Barker, Anthony - an old citizen of this county, living in St. Marie Tp., died Wednesday, December 29th, after a brief illness. January 6, 1876

Barker, Carrie (Wednesday, January 19, 1887) died at 11:25 p.m. of consumption on Friday, January 14, 1887. Daughter of S. R. Barker of Newton. Aged 16 years and 9 months.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Barker, Francis X. (Wednesday, May 4, 1887), Aged 42 years, 2 months, 14 days. Died on Friday night at his father's home (S. R. Barker). Wife and two children survived him. Buried in St. Joseph cemetery. [Contributed by Source #4]

Barker, Genevieve R. (Tuesday, December 5, 1899), died at 2:30 a.m. on Dec. 2, 1899 at son Frederick's house. Born on Jan. 10, 1824 in Baden, Germany. Came to US at age 7. Married on January 12, 1843 to Charles Hollinger. Had 12 children with Mrs. John (Mary) Zeigler, Mrs. John (Catharine) Rentz, Frederick Hollinger, Mrs. Joseph (Lizzie) Rubsam, and John Hollinger surviving her. Funeral at St. Thomas Catholic Church. Burial in parish cemetery. [Contributed by Source #4]

Barker, Noah L. - of South Muddy Twp., Newton Press, Aug. 17 - Aug. 24, 1881 [Contributed by Source #28]

NEW Barker, Samuel -- Died, Samuel R. Barker, well known lumber dealer, at Newton, Ills.  [True Republican, 4 February 1893]
Barkley, Ervin of near Yale, age 71. d. at a Robinson Hospital. Death reported 13 Oct 1944

Barracks, Rennie - 21 years, June 3, Ste. Marie. June 12, 1889

Barrett, Mary died on May 13, 1898 in her Lafayette Street home in Newton. Born on
September 3, 1815 in Logan county, Virginia. Moved to Hancock county, Indiana in 1831 with parents. Married John P. Brooks there in November. Settled near Newton, Illinois in 1853. Had 13 children with J. E. of Central City, Kentucky; Mrs. T. J. Adkins of Wade Township; Mrs. Geo. H. Shup, Mrs. I. M. Shup, Mrs. J. W. Gibson, and Mrs. J. E. Neptune, all of Newton; Mrs. W. L. Heath of Central City, Kentucky, and Mrs. Calvin Austin of Effingham surviving her. Buried in Newton cemetery.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Barrett, Dicy (Wednesday, March, 1887), Died at 11 p.m. on Friday. Born in Cabell Co., West Virginia on September 13, 1822. Daughter of Reverend Samuel Barrett. When 14 years old, joined the M.E. church. Married at age 17 to Marcellus Rogers. Had 11 children with John Rogers of Cass county, Missouri; Ben F. Rodgers of Jasper county; Mrs. W. B. Jones of Jasper county; Mrs. John W. Tussing of Jasper county; and Mrs. C. L. McCormack of Johnson county, Illinois surviving her. [Newspaper said six children survived her but only five were listed.] Became ill when going to Newton to get her sister ( Mrs. S. T. Scott of Indianapolis). Died of compression of the brain.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Barrett, Roseldor Harvey - b. 21 Jun 1857 IN; d. 28 Apr 1918. Widowed, concrete contractor. father William E. Barrett, b. Ind; Mother Mary A. Wyrick who was b. in OH. Buried in Newton Cemetery.

Barrett, William E. - died Nov. 18, [1916]; age 83 yrs, 8 mos, 8 days - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Bartlett, Jasper - of Cracker Ridge, died last Wednesday. He was buried at Willow Hill. St. Marie - Newton Press, February 1, 1888

Bartley, John (Thursday, August 17, 1876), died after three weeks of enteritis on Aug. 1, 1876. Lived Willow Hill Township. Aged 53 years. Wife, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters survived him. [Contributed by Source #4]

Bartley, John - a respected citizen of Willow Hill Tp., died Tuesday, at 11 o'clock, A.M. Thursday, Aug. 3, 1876

Bartley, Mary C. - died Oct. 2, [1916]; age 77 yrs, 7 mos, 29 days - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Bartley, Mordecai - an old and highly respected citizen of Willow Hill township, died after a long illness, Friday evening. Deceased served one term as treasurer of Jasper county and held other offices of responsiblity and profit. ...... He was born in Adams county, Ohio, Dec. 11, 1817; moved to Shelby county, Ind., in 1825; married Miss Sarah H. McComas, who survives him, June 4, 1840. Their childred (sic) died in infancy. .... Newton Press, January 9, 1889

Bartley, Mrs. Sarah A. - relict of the late Mordeca Bartley, died at the residence of her sister, Mrs. Frances A. Powell, in this city, on Sunday at 5 a.m., after an illness of nearly two years. Deceased came to Jasper county from Virginia when a little girl, with her parents and resided here ever since excepting about three years. Her age was 71 at the time of her death. She was a member of the Baptist church and a good, christian woman. The remains were taken to Brockville, Willow Hill twp, and after services by Rev. Elisha Ping were laid to rest by the side of her husband in the cemetery there. Jan. 6, 1892

Barton, Horace L., aged 25 years and 9 days, died at the residence of himself and sisters, Sunday morning, after an illness of several months of consumption...born in Richland county; came with his parents to Newton when a small child; the death of his father and mother, a few years ago, himself and brother Louis were left to take charge of themselves and surviving sisters, Stella and Mamie - Ella the eldest child having preceded her parents to the grave. They went manfully to work, but that dread destroyer, consumption soon removed Louis, Horace worked at odd jobs in the spoke factory and at whatever he could get to do in the day time and at night learned telegraphy...became assistant station agent here,next to the Oblong office, subsequently a place on the P.D. & E. north and later at Poseyville, Ind. as agent and operator. Jan 13, 1892

Barton, John C. - died at the residence of his mother, Mrs. LEACH, September 20, age 27 yr 11 mo 28 da. Burial was in the Newton Cemetery. SEPTEMBER 26, 1883 [Contributed by Source #28]

Barton, William Died Friday night, September 15, 1882 at his Newton home. Born on August 14, 1839 in Hart county, Kentucky. Moved near Onion Hill, Richland county, Illinois when he was 12. Married Nancy A. Mannaugh. Had 8 children with 4 surviving him. Oldest daughter Ella died two weeks and a day previous to William's death. [Contributed by Source #4]

Batman, G. B.(Wednesday, November 3, 1880), died on October 27, 1880 at his son Alexander's home. Born on July 11, 1794 in Bullet county, Kentucky. When 21 years old moved to Indiana; moved 34 years later to Jasper county, Illinois. Two sons and 2 daughters survived him.
[Contributed by Source #4]

July 15, 1954

C. G. Batman, Former Mayor, Dies Tuesday

Funeral Services To Be Held Friday For Pioneer Jasper County Civic Leader

Charles G. Batman, 73, former Newton mayor and prominent citizen, passed away at 9:15 p. m. Tuesday, July 13, at Richland Memorial Hospital, Olney, following a long period of ill health.
Funeral services are tentatively set for 10 a. m. Friday at Grace Methodist Church in Newton with Rev. T. L. Schaffer officiating. Burial will be in Riverside cemetery. The body is at the Reese Funeral Home in Newton.
Born in North Muddy Township, near Slate Point, in Jasper County, he was a son of the late Andrew J. and Mary Jane (Kibler) Batman and the last of a family of ten children.
He was married Sept. 16, 1903 to Miss Nellie Lambird, and they quietly observed their golden wedding last year, with all of their children at home with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Batman moved to Newton 45 years ago, and until his retirement in 1944, he was actively engaged in business here. He first operated a livery stable and feed store. He later sold his interest in the livery business and his nephew, Delbert Batman, joined him in the feed business, which was started in the Kiser building on West Washington Street. They later bought the elevator in West Newton, which they operated as the Newton Feed and Seed Company over a long period, selling to the present owner, L. E. Kennedy, in 1944.
Mr. Batman and his nephew also entered the implement business about 1925, when they were the dealers here for International Harvester. Later they conducted a grocery store in the building occupied by the L. & M. Market, selling to C. L. Batman, Mr. Batman's son, and Lorenzo Metcalf the same year of his retirement from the elevator business.
Always active in civic affairs, Mr. Batman served as mayor of Newton two terms and on the city council, as alderman, three additional terms. It is a coincidence that death should come to Mr. Batman, one of the strongest supporters over the years of the Jasper County Fair, during the week that its annual fair is in progress. A secretary of the fair board for 24 years and a past president of the organization, he was largely instrumental in the planning and erecting of the new grandstand which replaced the old one following its destruction by fire a few years ago.
Mr. Batman has been a member of Grace Methodist Church during his entire residence in Newton and for many years served as a member of the official board, being treasurer at the time of his death. He is survived by his wife, Nellie, son, C. L. (Lorraine) of Newton, and two daughters, Mrs. Warren (Bernice) Scheibe of Lincoln, Neb., and Mrs. R. H. (Elizabeth) Rugh of Charleston, West Virginia. He leaves also six grandchildren. Preceding him in death were his sisters, Mrs. Eliza Jasper, Mrs. Clara Meurlot, and Mrs. Myrtie Sowers and Mrs. Nettie Soote, brothers, George S. and John Batman. Three other children of the family died in infancy
Mrs. Batman Dies; Widow of Ex Mayor
Nellie Batman, 85, of 315 West Washington street, Newton, died at 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 2, 1968, at Blue Fountain Manor, Godfrey, Ill., where she had resided since 1963. Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. today at the Sessengood Marshall funeral chapel in Newton with Rev. Gail W. Hines, pastor of Grace Methodist church, officiating. Burial was in Riverside cemetery.
Mrs. Batman was born Dec. 16, 1882, in Jasper county, a daughter of John W. and Emma (Clark) Lambird. She was married to Charles G. Batman, who died July 13, 1954. Mr. Batman was a long-time Newton businessman and former mayor. He also served for many years as a leader of the Jasper County Fair. Following his retirement from business, Mr. Batman built and rented several houses in the 200 block of South Church street. Mrs. Batman was a member of Grace Methodist church.
Surviving are a son, C. L. Batman of Newton; two daughters, Mrs. Berniece Schiebe of Lincoln, Neb. and Mrs. Elizabeth Rugh of Geneva, Switzerland; six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Batman, John A. - a member of one of Jasper county's first families, passed away at his home in Albion, Monday, July 26, at 2:10 a.m. aged 58 years, 8 months and 26 days. Death followed a one week's illness and was caused by heart trouble... Mr. Batman was a son of the late A.J. and Mary Jane Batman, who came to Jasper county in the early days.. Deceased attended the Daville, Ind. college, studying law and was admitted to the bar in 1895. His marriage to Miss H--- Richardson occurred in Newton, September 20, 1889. Five children were born to this union, two girls and three boys, the oldest, Fay, dying in infancy. Those living are Sibyl, Gladys and Leo of Tampa, FL and Gerald of Indianapolis. In 1919 Mr. Batman was married to Nellie S. Smith of Albion...Besides his wife and children he leaves the following sisters and brothers, Mrs. Eliza Jasper and George S. and Charles G. Batman of Newton, Mrs. Clara Meurlot of Orlando, FL and Mrs. Myrtie Sowers of Wheeler....interred in Riverside cemetery. Newton Press, July 27, 1926

Bausack, Z. (Zik) - was found dead at the home of his brother, Sampson Bausack, in the Bend, Tuesday morning. He had been dead for some time when found. Death was most probably due to heart failure.
A coroner's jury was impaneled about 10 o'clock Tuesday evening and an inquest held. The jury, composed of F. E. Kraus, foreman, Dan Miller of Newton, Thomas Gowens, John Yager, Mike Geiger and Peter Kidwell, returned the following verdict; "We, the jury, find that death was due to natural causes, unknown to us." Deceased came from Coles county several weeks ago for a visit with his brother. He was 65 years of age. The remains were laid to rest in the Berlin cemetery Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock---St Marie Tribune

Beals, Stephen Oliver - son of Amos and Ellen Beals, born April 31, 1865 and died July 24, 1926, aged 61 years, 2 mos and 24 days. Married to Mary Grimes, March 11, son, Guy Beals... Was a teacher and a carpenter...his last illness began with an attack of influenza last March. Other complications set in and for the past several weeks he suffered intensely, but uncomplainingly. He is survived by his wife, son Guy of Shelbyville, three grandchildren, two brothers, Allen of Newton and Burton of Iuka. A brother Charles and sister Dora preceded him in death...Interment was in Riverside cemetery. Newton Press, July 27, 1926

Bean, W.O., an I. & St. L. brakeman, fell from a freight car and was killed near Mattoon last Wednesday. October 5, 1887

Bear, Charles - a middle aged man of family, residing two and ½ miles east of Wheeler died Tuesday from a long afflication of heart disease. Early this spring he was in a critical condition, but partially recovered and returned to his duties as a rural mail carrier for some two weeks when he was again confined to his home, gradually growing weaker until death ensued....He is survived by his wife, three brothers, sisters and a host of other relatives and friends. Newton Press, July 30, 1926 Excerpts from Obit of August 6, 1926: son of Gottlieb and Rosa Bear, born in Effingham county, March 18, 1875, d. July 28, 1926, aged 51yrs, 4 mos and 10 days...married Kate Ragsdale October 28, 1905. Survived by brothers Fred Bear of Charleston, Ervin and Ernest of Wheeler, two sisters, Mrs. Lizzie B. Hall and Mrs. Lena B. Ragsdale of Wheeler.

Beaird, James - (note: this is probably BEARD) who was teaching at the Kern school house, and formerly a pupil of Fletcher Arnold's school died Saturday last, of a congestive chill. Jan. 18, 1877

Beaver, Mrs. Noah (Wednesday, November 27, 1878), died Wednesday at about 1 a.m. a few miles west of Newton. Husband, several children including an infant survived her. [Contributed by Source #4]

Beeman, Verney E. - infant, July 15. Newton Press, Aug. 12, 1891

Beery, C.M. - of Wheeler, died very suddenly of heart disease on Thursday last, aged nearly 70 years. Mr. Beery had been a prominent citizen of Wheeler for several years and was engaged in various mercantile and other pursuits. Deceased was a leading Odd Fellow and was buried by the members with the full honors of the order. He was the father of Mrs. H.H. Dietz, of Wheeler. April 22, 1891

Bell, Wm. (November 19, 1879), Was a Union private in Civil War. Died from 9 days of pleuro- pneumonia. Died on the 13th in Frankfort, Franklin, county, Illinois. Wife and son in Newton survived him. [Contributed by Source #4]

Bennett, Carry - DIED, at this place on the 27th ult., Carry, little daughter of Lewis and Sarah Bennett, aged one year and 18 days. Oct. 8, 1874

Bennett, J.M. - A man by the name of J.M.
Bennett, living in Grove township, died very suddenly last week. His symptoms and sudden death led a son of Bennett to believe that his father had been poisoned. A post mortem examination was made by Messrs. McLaughlin and Maxwell, from which it was ascertained that Bennett died from natural causes.  [The Newton Press, Feb 20, 1874]

Benson, ? - A daughter of John Benson, living near Granville, died last Friday of typhoid fever, aged 21 years. Oct. 14, 1875

Bergbower, Anthony Pearl - Fox twp. Death reported Dec. 28, 1892

Bergbower, George - Sept. 1901 (reprinted in "Ye Olde Days" Sept. 21, 1926)

Berkey, Robert B. - died Oct. 3, 1916; age 61 yrs, 9 mos, 26 days - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Berkhimer, John - of Wheeler, died last week. August 26, 1891

Bertselman, Barney - an ex-alderman of Mt. Carmel, suicided by drinking carbolic acid. Newton Press, July 24, 1889

Best, Henry (Wednesday, March 15, 1882), Married in 1868 to Retta Nigh of Newton. Died
from consumption on "Wednesday morning past" at his Columbus, Kansas home. Had three children who survived him.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Best, John W. - a quiet good citizen, died on Friday morning in this city. Mr. Best was a poor man, but an honest one and left many friends to mourn his demise. Newton Press, March 21, 1888

Best, Peter Isaac - died April 20, [1917]; age 63 - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Bever, John - died of consumption at the residence of his father east of town, Saturday night, aged 30 years, 8 months and 18 days... He had been afflicted with consumption for a number of years and lived in the west and south both in the hope of overcoming the dread disease, but to no purpose. He served one term as city clerk..... His remains were interred in the Pleasant Ridge cemtery, Sunday. May 7, 1890

Bever, Jonathan A. - departed this life May 14, 1884, at his residence near West Liberty. He was born in Virginia September 15, 1818, was taken to Scott county, Ind. when he was 10 years old. He was married to Polly Bennett March 22, 1838. They remained in Indiana until the year of 1864, when they moved to Jasper county where he lived until 1875. He then moved to Kansas, remained there only one year, then returned to this neighborhood. Mr. Bevers and his wife lived together 46 years. They raised a family of ten children, four girls and six boys, who are still living. They lost one infant....Six weeks before his death he was received into the Quaker church, giving good evidence that he was a child of God. He bore his sickness with Christian patience and resignation. Newton Times-Mentor, May 2, 1884

Beverlin, Samuel S. - called by death Sunday. Newton Press, August 17, 1916 (1926?)

Bevins, Charles J. - died in Terre Haute, IN "from the effect of his excesses" May 22, 1889

Bevis, John - died November 14, 1882, at his residence, one and a half miles southwest of the city, after a lingering illness. Deceased was born in Bartholemew county, Indiana, Oct 31, 1833, and was married to Miss Mary Shafer in 1855. She survives him together with three children. During the war he served as a soldier and after he was discharged went to the farm. (rest of article is unreadable) [Contributed by Source #28]

Bickers, Clola - b. 25 oct 1917; d. 3 Nov 1917 So. Muddy Twp., 9 dys Parents: Perry Bickers and Gussie Calloway. Burial in McQueen Cem. [Src #85]

Bickers, George (Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1896), Born Aug. 2, 1827 in Grant county, KY. Moved to Jefferson county, IN with his parents. On Oct. 10, 1846 maried Eliza Carpenter and had 7 sons and 6 daughters with 9 children surviving him. In 1855 joined the Methodist church. After moving to Jasper county, joined the Mt. Zion Baptist Church and became a deacon. Died "last Thursday night". Buried in Hankens graveyard.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Bickers, James A. - of Wade Twp. d. 1870 (Contributed by Source #28)

Bickers, Sanford - b. 11 Mar 1848 (IN); d. 1 Mar 1918, So. Muddy Twp. Parents: George Bickers (b. IN) and Eliza Anderson (b. IN) Death Informant: Geo Puttoff of Wakefield. Buried in McQueen Cemetery. [Src #85]

Bickney, Myrtle Mae - b. 7 Apr 1885; d. 18 Nov 1918 in Hunt Twp. Married. Parents: Thomas Tuttle, b. OH and Katie Edwards. Burial in Bethel Cemetery. [Src #85]

Bigard, Infant - Little baby boy of Mr and Mrs Peter Bigard of Fox Prairie died last Monday morning. Reported July 22, 1891

Biggs, Everett D. - aged one year, four months and 17 days. Newton Press, July 1, 1891

Billman, Samuel - born May 10, 1837 and died December 21, 1919, aged 82 years, 7 months and 11 days. He was married to Mary Ann Huddlestun, Aug 6, 1863. She preceded him in death April 26, 1890. Four children, 2 of them surviving: one son Edward Billman of Rose Hill and a daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Parr of Hunt City. ...He was married a second time to Mrs. Anna E. Foster April 28, 1892. She died June 21, 1910. Funeral services were held at the home of his daughter...interred in the Deboard cemetery near Advance. Friday, December 26, 1919

Birch, Lee - b. 25 Mar 1898; d. 17 Dec 1917, So. Muddy Twp. parents: Dorsey Birch (b. Clay Co, IL) Rosa Cook (b. Jasper Co) Informant Dorsey Birch of Ingraham, IL. Burial in So Muddy Twp. (Src #85)

Bird, Mrs. - The wife of John Bird died at her residence, about 6 miles north east of Newton, at 3 o'clock on Saturday morning last, of consumption. Her remains were buried in the Brooks graveyard on Sunday. Newton Press, Oct. 29, 1874

Bixler, Bruce of Waynoka, OK - formerly of Jasper, age 70. Death reported 29 Dec 1944.

Bixler, D. Erasamus - son of William C. and Rachael M. Bixler, died in St. Marie on Saturday, Nov. 21, [1874] of congestion of the brain. He was interred in St. Marie on Monday. The Newton Press, Dec. 3, 1874

Blade, Ruth- 84, of Newton, died Friday, Nov. 19, 1999, at St. Anthony Memorial Hospital in Effingham.
Survivors: a son, Clark (wife, Luanne) Blade of Rochester; a daughter, Martha (husband, Marvin) Allison of Newton; six grandchildren; a great-granddaughter; and two sisters, Bessie Dulgar and Helen (husband, Delmar) Lawler, both of Newton. Services: 10 a.m. Tuesday, Grace United Methodist Church in Newton. Burial: Aten Cemetery in rural Hidalgo. Crain Funeral Home in Newton is in charge of arrangements. [State Journal-Register, Springfield, IL, November 21, 1999, Page: 43, submitted by source #78]

Blair, Daisy - 9 years, 10 mos and 5 days, January 31. Reported May 2, 1888

Blair, Mrs. Eliza Ann - d. in Mahomet, age 90. Death reported 19 Sep 1944

Blair, Mrs. Joanna - 26 years, 7 mo., 11 days, died on the 12th inst. in Smallwood. Survivors include her husband, Thomas Blair and two little girls. Dec. 24, 1890

Blair, Mrs. Nancy (Tuesday, February 6, 1900), died on Monday in Smallwood Township.
Married Thomas Blair, Senior. Children were Mathew, John, Alex, Thomas Jr., and Mrs. A. B. (Eliza) Black. Was a widow. Aged 89 years.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Blair, Uncle Thomas S. - an old and highly respected citizen of Smallwood township, died a few days ago. He left a large number of relatives and a host of friends. Newton Press, March 21, 1888

Blair, Will - stepped on a rusty nail and from the effects of the same died a day or two afterward. October 5, 1887

Bliss, A.C. - father of J.C. & Henry, died at his home seven miles north of Newton Monday last of general debility. He was 64 years old. Newton Press, April 22, 1875

Bliss, Francis - died Jan. 5, [1917]; age 77 yrs - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Bliss, Mrs. Jane - widow of Charles J. Bliss died of heart disease Saturday at her daughter's home, Mrs. Ida Andrews of S.E. Rose Hill. She was 75. She is survived by sons Guy of Rose Hill and Fred of Calif.; Ida, Mrs. Lulu Baker of Rose Hill, Mrs. Cora Mitchell of Decatur, Mrs. Minnie Mitchell of Newton. Aug. 10, 1926

Bliss, Henry S. - Died at his residence in this place at ten minutes past 2 o'clock a.m. on Monday last, Henry S. Bliss, after an illness of two weeks duration of billious fever and jaundice, in the 39th year of his age. His remains were taken to the Brooks graveyard north of town the same day for burial. Mr. B. had for some months, in fact, years previous to his death, been in sour health, having been afflicted of a painful though not necessarily fatal disease which, however, had weakened his constitution to such an extent that he was unable to survive the more severe illiness which ?? fastened upon him. He was an exemplary member of the M.E. Church, a good and valuable ?? and a kind, indulgent husband and father. He leaves a wife and four small children and many relatives and friends to mourn his death. N.P., May 13, 1875

Boardy, Henry - 54 years, 6 mos., February 8. Newton Press, February 29, 1888

Bodell, Abner - died Feb. 1, [1917]; age 69 yrs, 2 mos, 11 days - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Boehl, Hiram Sr. - Resident of the Bend, Ste. Marie. Died July 20, 1926 at age 85 and 10 days. Born in Rheintlatz, Germany. Nine children survive: Mrs. Rhoda Roider and George B. of Chicago, Mrs. Clara Schneider of Hamlin, Ark, Theodore of Wendelein, Mrs. Dora Garwood of Teutopolis, John, Hiram, Otto and Mrs. Anna Fowler of the Bend July 20, 1926

Boggs, Amanda E. - wife of Joseph W. Boggs and daughter of Rev. C.M. and S.E. Chamblin, departed this life at her home in Newton, Sunday, Aug. 4, 1888 at 5 o'clock a.m., aged 28 years, 3 months and 23 days. Deceased was born in Belmont county, Ohio, April 11, 1861; joined the M.E. church in January 1874; and was married to Joseph W. Boggs, January 28, 1883. She ... leaves a husband, an infant child, father, mother, three brothers and a large circle of friends to mourn her early death. Newton Press, Aug. 7, 1889

Boggs, Mrs. Chas. H. (nee Minnie Graves) - b. Aug. 23, 1880 near Joopeston, Ill., d. Oct. 27, 1918 at Knobs, Montana after an illness of 3 days of influenza. Buried Nov. 2 in Floral Hill cemetery near Hoopeston, beside her father, John I. Graves, brother Allen and sister Wilma (who died last April). Married Chas. H. Boggs Nov. 1, 1910, who survives her along with their child Irvin C., b. Sept 1, 1916. Other survivors are her mother, Mrs. Ellen Graves and four sisters: Mrs. J.H. Winterrowd, Newton, Mrs. W.S. Archibald of Albany, N.Y., Mrs. C.E. Smith of Brewer, Me,, Mrs. T.F. Riedy of Watervliet, N.Y. and two brothers, Golda Graves of Janesville, Ill. and John R. Graves in France. Newton Press, Nov. 8, 1918

Boggs, Wm. H. - Friday eveing Wm. H. Boggs in an attempt to board a moving freight train on the C & A Railroad at Normal, this state, was thrown under the wheels and instantly killed. He was the youngest son of Daniel Boggs, this county, and left to seek employment. Friday night his father received the sad intelligence of his frightful death and at once started for Normal. Monday the remains were conveyed to Olney and interred there. APRIL 2, 1884 (?) (Contributed by Source #28)

Bohrer, Will - of Cumberland County, died at the residence of his father, Monday, of consumption, aged 30 years and 9 days. His brother Ed, who lives in Crawford county attended the funeral. Newton Press, Jan. 21, 1891

Bolander, Louis - b. 25 Aug 1830 Germany; d. 15 Nov 1917 in Ste Marie. Widower. parents: Gilbert (b. Germany) and Magdalena Malta (b. Germany) Burial in Ste Marie Cemetery. (Src #85)

Bolander, Raphael - b. 13 Feb 1903 d. 2? Feb 1918, aged 15. Parents: Aloysious Bolander and Lucy Margaret Kinney (both b. IL). Buried in Ste. Marie cemetery 1 Mar 1918. [Src #85]

Bolander, Sophia (January 5, 1900), died yesterday in Ste. Marie at her home. Aged 72 years. Her husband and children Michael, Jacob, and Mrs. Louis (Magdalene) Huss survived her. Buried in Catholic parish cemetery. [Contributed by Source #4]

Boldrey, Nathan - died Feb. 10, [1917]; age 76 yrs, 10 mos, 7 days - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Bollinger, Dr. H.C. - one of the oldest continuous resident physicians of Jasper county, died at his home in Willow Hill, Saturday. Newton Press, Mar. 23, 1892

Booker, Abraham - died at his residence in Newton Sunday, Jan. 10, 1892 at 3 a.m., aged 86 years, 4 mos. and 11 days. Deceased was born in Virginia Aug. 29, 1805; moved to Kentucky when quite young and from there to Indiana in 1818; in 1829, he was married to Miss Rachel Eeds, who survives him. 11 Children, 5 still living: two sons, Howell and Carroll, and three daughters, Mrs. T.G. Gambill, Mrs. Jennie O'Neal, Mrs. Sarah Willard. In 1882 he came to Jasper co. and has resided here since...Members of the Christian (Disciples) church for more than 60 years...Jan 13, 1892

Boos, infant child of Joseph Boos and wife was buried at the Catholic cemetery, Saturday. Newton Press, July 24, 1889

Boos, Aloysius (Wednesday, May 19, 1880), died in Newton at 6 p.m. on Sunday, May 16, 1880 at his mothers' house; pneumonia. . Born in Alsace, Germany ("then a province of France). Had two younger brothers and possibly four sisters. They thought that one sister was a member of the order of St. Joseph in St. Louis, Missouri. [Contributed by Source #4]

Boos, Mrs. Elizabeth (Wednesday, August 4, 1886), Born in France. Came to America when "quite young". Died at 9 a.m. in Newton at her daughter's home Buried in the Catholic cemetery. [Contributed by Source #4]

Booth, Mrs. Hannah, aged 90, died at Indianapolis at the home of her daughter on June 26 [1889]. She was the widow of Beebe Booth, who built the brick store house now occupied by John H. Larrabee and who was for many years a partner in business with the late T.J. Martin. Newton Press, July 10, 1889

Boos, Magdalene - wife of Joseph Boos, died at her home 6 miles west of Newton on Monday of puerperal fever, aged 27 years old. Interment in the new Catholic Cemetery northwest of town. She leaves a husband and two little children, one an infant. Thursday, March 18, 1875

Boos, Miss Mary - died September 16, 1916 or 1917, age 66 yrs, 1 mo, 5 days - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Boram, Wm. T. - June 17, 1884, 24 years old. Died at Poor Farm.

Bostwick, Cynthia P. - wife of one of the proprietors of the Mattoon Gazette, died at Denver, Col., Dec. 23. Mrs. Bostwick was a daughter of Thomas C. Patrick and when quite young lived with her parents in Newton on the Leach property near the public school building. January 9, 1889

Bostwick, Lawrence of Willow Hill Twp. - Newton Press, 1882 [Contributed by Source #28]

Bower, Abner T. of Pierceton, Indiana. Formerly of Newton. Death reported 9 Jan 1945.

Bower, John - South Muddy, d. Aug. 9 [1890], aged 54 yrs. Death reported Sep 17, 1890

Bowers, Emma - b. 28 Oct 1886; d. 17 Dec 1918 Crooked Creek Twp. Married. Parents: H.F. Kelley and Ollie Mansfield (both b. in IL.) Informant Elonzo Bowers of Hidalgo. Burial Aten Cemetery. (Src #85)

Bowers, Mrs. Ethel T. - 85, of 108 Wilson Street, Newton, died at 5:10 p.m. Friday, Nov. 12, 1982, in her home. Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Buchanan funeral home, Newton, with Rev. Dale Hood officiating. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 tonight (Monday). Burial will be in Riverside Cemetery.
Mrs. Bowers was born March 5, 1897, in Jasper County, a daughter of the late William and Alice (Swick) Sutton. She married James Robert Thompson. He preceded her in death. She later married Ira Bowers, who also preceded her in death. She was a member of Central Christian church in Newton. Surviving are one sister, Mrs. Addie Utley of Decatur; one daughter-in-law, Mrs. Paul Thompson of Newcastle, Wyo; one granddaughter; and four great-grandchildren. (Contributed by Source #28)

Bowers, George (Wednesday, December 15, 1886), found murdered near tracks of P.D.&E railway, AB miles north of Embarrass River. Was shot in heart and then placed on the railway tracks. [Contributed by Source #4]

Bowers, George V or U. - Grove Twp. 1882. [N.P., Contributed by Source #28]

Bowers, Infant (female) - stillborn 17 Dec 1918 in Crooked Creek Twp. parents: Lonnie Bowers and Emma Kelley, both b. IL) Sixth birth, 5 remaining children alive. Buried on farm.

Bowers, Mrs. - wife of Geo. Bowers living north of town, died Wednesday night, 22d ult. Newton Press, Jan. 6, 1876

Bowman, Clara, 9 years, 3 months and 13 days, Sept. 26. Newton Press, Oct. 19, 1887

Boyd, A. A. of Hunt City, age 70. Death reported 6 Feb 1945.

Boyd, Alice - b. 18 Jan 1852; d. 18 Mar 1918, Willow HIll. f. Cornelas Cohoon, b. OH; m. Manda Coswel, b. IL. Informant James Boyd. Burial Mound Cem. (src #85)

Boyd, [male] Infant. b. and d. 16 Jun 1918 in Grandville Twp. Parents: Asher and Tinsie. Burial in Leamon Cemetery

Boyd, Julis - aged 33 years, suicided himself by hanging himself in his barn, three-quarters of a mile east of Granvillle, this county, Monday last. He went up into the haymow, tied one end of a rope to a rafter, fastened the other end around his neck, and--------------jumped into eternity. He was, financially, in extremely straightened circumstances, and it is presumed this trouble caused him to take his life. He was a brother-in-law to Esq. Ryan, of Granville. He leaves a wife, (to whom he had been married about five months) and two children by his first wife. Coroner Krebs conducted the inquisition on Tuesday. Newton Press, WEDNESDAY, January 18, 1882. (Contributed by Source #28)

Boyle, Rebecca J., - b. 14 Feb 1828, VA; d. 10 Jan 1918, Willow Hill. Widow. f. Jacob Bouyle. Buried in Mound Cem. (src #85)

Boxley, Mary E. - b. 18 Nov 1887 TN; d. 2 Feb 1918 Wade Twp. Widow. Parents: M. Johnson (b. TN) Susan Davidson (b. TN). Buried in Slate Point Cemetery.

Bracket, Rachael, 66 yrs., 8 mos., 21 days, Feb. 12, 1888

Brackett, Pvt. Paul Lorene of Newton d. in Trinidad on 1 Oct. Death reported 10 Oct 1944

Brackney, Dortha May - b. 28 Mar 1905; d. 30 Sep 1918 Crooked Creek Twp. Single. Buried in Hicks Cemetery (aka Kerns)

Brackney - Mrs. Rachel, died at the home of her son, Levi Brackney, of near Wheeler, Friday, January 14, 1916, aged 74 years and 10 months. Rachel Ann Mitchell was born March 14, 1841, in Beaver Co. Pa., came with her parents to Illinois when nine years old; united with the M. P. church at Kedron at the age of 14; and was married to George Lane during the Civil war. To this union were born three children. Her husband died in 1868. She was married to Lewis Brackney, November 25, 1899.
She is survived by two sons and a daughter, Edward Brackney of Tolono, Ill., Mrs. Lizzie Burwell of Elk City, Okla., and Levi Brackney of Wheeler, Ill., 14 grand-children; two brothers, two sisters and a host of friends to mourn the loss of a sincere christian, but our loss is her gain and while she will be missed by all we can so live as to meet her again. She sleeps in Jesus, blessed sleep from which none ever wake to weep. Newton Press, January 1916. (Contributed by Karen Fink)

Bradshaw, "Doug" - fireman of about 30 years of age - leaves a wife and baby to mourn his untimely death in Pueblo, Colorado. Deceased was born in Grove township, Jasper county. His wife was formerly Miss Anna Wright of Effingham. Newton Press - Nov. 21, 1888

Brenton, John James - b. 20 Oct 1832; d. 28 Dec 1917 Willow Hill. Widower. parents unknown. Informant John Brenton of Willow HIll. Burial in Hutsonville, IL (Src #85)

Brewer, Hon. D.L. - formerly of Jasper Co., IL and brother-in-law of Sonny Clark, died at the residence of Mr. Clark March 14 and was buried at Lawrenceville, IL. His Home. He was born in Wayne Co., IN, 12 July 1829 and moved here in 1849. He served with honor and distinction in the Mexican War. After his removal to this state he studied law and under Judge Charley Constable, after which he attended Law school in Louisville, Kentucky and graduated. In 1869 he married Miss Nettie, daughter of Judge Davis of Clay Co., who bore him a daughter of unusual intelligence. Mr. Brewer was States Attorney of this Judicial District about 20 years ago. (Contributed by Source #28) 1870?

Brewer, David - of North Muddy Twp. Newton Press, 1882 (Contributed by Source #28)

Bridges, Bertha May - little daughter of William L. & Lucretia Bridges, died Wednesday evening after a lingering illness of four weeks. Newton Press, Jan. 7, 1875

Bridges, Charles - only son of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Bridges, died at the family residence, yesterday, at 3 p.m. after an illness of about two weeks with la grippe, aged 17 years, 6 months and 13 days. Deceased was a bright and sunny dispositioned boy and the idol of his parents and sister, Miss Anna. His funeral will take place at 10 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday). Newton Press, January 29, 1890

Bridges, Elhanan - well along in years, died very suddenly in a passageway in a barn on the home premises at Dundas, Saturday afternoon, presumably of apoplexy. He had been talking with a neighbor, and the latter had not yet got out of sight when deceased fell over dead. Mrs. Bridges reached him in a minute or two, but death had occurred. Mrs. James G. Alcorn of Newton is a daughter. Mr. Bridges had been manager of the Peter Warren & Son store at Dundas for several years, and was highly respected by a wide circle of friends, relatives and acquaintances. The Newton Press, May 18, 1920- Contributed by Karen Fink

Bridges, Elmer Duncan - only child of B.M. and L. Bridges, departed this life at their home in Newton, march 26, 1877, aged one yr, 4 mos and six days.

Bridges, Jane - Mrs. Jane Bridges died Sunday last at her residence after a short yet painful illness of cerebro spinal meningitis, commonly known as spotted fever. She leaves a little daughter, about 9 years old. She was around 35 years old. Jan. 16, 1874

Bridges, Mrs. Lillian - died last night of pneumonia. Her condition had improved so much that she was thought to be on the way to an early recovery but evidently a turn to the worse occurred quite suddenly.
Deceased was the widow of the late Boss M. Bridges, a businessman of Newton in the period following the Civil war. She was well along in years, enjoying exceptionally good health until her illness which developed a couple of weeks ago.
Mrs. Bridges was one of Newton's ideal women, loved and respected by everybody, and her friends were many and sincere. The editor of the Press was well acquainted with both Mr. and Mrs. Bridges and regarded them highly for their sterling character and genial, cheery personalities.
Surviving are her two children--Kendall Bridges, a son living in Texas, and Miss Ildria Bridges, a daughter of Washington, D. C. Both were with their mother at the time of her death. Funeral services will be held at Grace M. E. church at 10 o'clock a.m. tomorrow, and interment in Riverside. [The Newton Press, February 17, 1920 - Contributed by Karen Fink]

Bridges, Lyman H. - Champaign, April 4--Lyman H. Bridges, retired Illinois Central baggage master, died Friday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Max Branch of Champaign, following an illness of several weeks. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the Mittendorf funeral chapel, with Rev. H. Clifford Northcott, pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal church, in charge. Mr. Bridges, a resident of Champaign for over fifty years, was born January 18, 1852, in Newton, a son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bridges. He received his early education at Newton, later graduating from Westfield College. He married Miss Priscilla Eagleton, December 24, 1874, at Newton, where they resided for a time. He served as baggage master at the Illinois Central station in Champaign for many years, retiring January 1, 1926. He was a member of Western Star lodge No. 240, A. F. and A. M. and of Vester chapter No. 128, Order of the Eastern Star.
J. H. Winterrowd, Charles C. Winterrowd, Gerald Winterrowd and Mrs. Virgil McCormack of Newton and B. G. Graves of Neoga were among those in attendance at the funeral from a distance. Mr. Bridges was well known at Newton, visiting here once or twice a year. The Newton Press, April 7, 1933 (Contributed by Karen Fink)

Bridges, Milton (Friday, February 7, 1868), died last Tuesday. Worthy citizen. Contributed by Source #4]

Bridges, Priscilla -- Mrs. Bridges dies at age of 74 years. Mrs. Priscilla Bridges, a resident of Champaign for the past 45 years, and prominently known thruout the Twin Cities, died unexpectedly at 1:30 o'clock this morning at her home 134 West Hill street, Champaign.  Altho she had been ill the past three weeks, her sudden death was a shock to the members of her family. The deceased was born on Feb. __? (splotch on paper) 1855, at Newton, Ill., the daughter of Alexander and Mary Engleton and was married to L.H. Bridges, Sr., on December 24, 1874.  Mr. and Mrs. Bridges passed their 55th wedding anniversary last month. She was a member of Wheel No. 5 of the First Methodist Church, Champaign, order of Eastern Star, White Shrine of Jerusalem, ladies of the G.A.R., and the Daughters of Veterans. Besides her husband, she is survived by the following children: Mrs. J.M. Branch, 53 East Chalmers street, Champaign;  Mrs. Monnie B. Mott, 134 West Hill street, Champaign;  L.H. Bridges, Jr., 419 1-2 North Neil street, Champaign; Mrs. E.O. Wagoner, Chicago; Mrs. F.W. Dieckman of Cleveland, O., and Mrs. A.H. Rehorst of Milwaukee, Wis. Four grandchildren also survive, Mrs. Doris Blue, Urbana; Miss Maxine Branch, Champaign; Miss Anita mat Rehorst, Milwaukee, Wis, and W. Branch of Pittsburg, Pa Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon from the Bettendorf funeral chapel, with Rev. H. Clifford Northcott, pastor of the First M.E. church officiating.  Burial will be made in Roselawn cemetery. [Urbana Daily Courier; January 18, 1930]

Bridges, Dr. V. R. - a prominent citizen of Mattoon died one day last week. He was twice married, his first wife being Miss Mary E. Boyd, and second wife, Miss Jennie Cushman. Three children--two by his first marriage and one by his second--and a widow survive him. Dr. Bridges resided in this county prior to the 60's and was a teacher in the public schools. He was related to W. L. Bridges of this city. The Newton Press, January 1, 1896 - Contributed by Karen Fink

Bridges, Mrs. Letitia (nee Hayes) - The death of Mrs. W. L. Bridges, which occurred at the family residence in this city, at 6 a.m., Monday, February 6, 1899, was a shock to the community although not unexpected, as the news from the bedside had given little hope for her recovery from the time that she became ill, her ailment being pneumonia, preceded by la grippe, both of the severest type. Letitia J., daughter of William and Elizabeth (Martin) Hayes, was born in Cumberland, Ohio, June 12, 1847; came to Newton when quite young; attended the public schools of the village until old enough, when she went to St. Mary's Academy of the Woods, near Terre Haute, Indiana, graduating from that institution of learning, after taking the full course of study, which included music; returned to her home here; and was married in September, 1865 to William L. Bridges, who, with a daughter, Mrs. U. G. (Anna) Hinman, of Springfield, survive, three children preceding their mother to the grave--May and Willie dying in infancy and Charles at the age of 17 years.
It can truly be said of Mrs. Bridges that she was a good woman--kind, generous, charitable and sociable. She possessed talents of a superior order, and with the many and varied accomplishments that come from a liberal education and association in refined society, was a favorite in this city and county, where she and her husband number their friends by the circle of their acquaintanceship. While not a member of any church, she contemplated uniting with the Presbyterians, and died in the full faith of joining her loved ones in the spirit world.
Services will be held at the residence this afternoon, conducted by Rev. W. H. Prestley, pastor of the Presbyterian church, and burial at the Newton cemetery. To the surviving relatives we extend our sincerest sympathy in the hour of their affliction. [The Newton Press,February 8, 1899 - Contributed by Karen Fink]

Bridges, William L. - b. 22 Mar 1841 VA; d. 22 Nov 1917 Newton. father: Absolom Bridges. Informant of death Martha Bridges. Burial in Newton Cem. [Src #85]

Bright, Sarah E. - May 19, 1886, 10 months - Died at Poor Farm

Brillhart, John - an old and respected citizen, died in this city on last Saturday afternoon at three o'clock. The funeral took place from the residence of Mr. Gory Gaddis on Monday. Oct. 17, 1876

Brooks, Amanda (Wednesday, March 19, 1879), cerebrospinal meningitis; aged 42y, 5m, 10d. Died January 3rd. [Contributed by Source #4]

Brooks, Eliphas (Wednesday, December 8, 1886), died at his Newton home on Dec. 3, 1886. Born in 1821 in Ohio. Moved to Rush county, Indiana; then to Jasper county, Illinois on July 31, 1840. Married first to Rachel Earnest; 5 children. Married second to Mary C. Smith on November 15, 1855; 5 children. In 1847 joined Methodist Protestant Church. [Contributed by Source #4]

Brooks, Elnor P. - an old and respected lady, died at the residence of her step-son, Mr. J.C. Brooks, in this place, at 2 p.m. Monday last and was buried at the Brooks burying ground, eight miles north of Newton, on Tuesday evening. She was 75 years of age. [N.P. obit - Thursday, May 7, 1874)

Brooks, Isaac - Interred at the Brooks cemetery on Saturday, the 23d. Mr. B. was one among the early settlers of Jasper. He had been suffering of a broken leg for some time, which terminated in his death Thursday night. [N.P. March 1, 1877]

Brooks, James Edward - b. 26 Nov 1834 IN; d. 20 Nov 1917 in Smallwood Twp. parents: John Brooks (b IN) and -- Barrett (b. IN) Buried in Pleasant Ridge Cem. (Src #85)

Brooks, John - Died at 3:10 a.m. on July 16, 1878 in Newton. Born in Rush county, Indiana on Dec. 25, 1814. Came to Jasper county in October 1852.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Brooks, John H. - d. at Vandalia, age 70 - formerly of Rose Hill. Death reported 6 Oct 1944

Brooks, John - Old and respected citizen of Newton died at the residence of his son, John C. Brooks on Monday evening of this week. Buried in Brock's graveyard, north of town. Thursday June 10, 1875

Brooks, Mrs. Mattie (Wednesday, February 15, 1882), Died 5 l/2 miles southwest of Newton at her home. About 28 years old. Wife of Jas. E. Brooks. Died "one day last week". Buried in Pleasant Ridge graveyard.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Brooks, Mrs. (January 8, 1879), wife of Jas. E. Brooks. Brief illness of cerebro spinal meningitis. Died on Friday, January 3rd, 3:30 p.m. About 40 years old. Lived 4 AB miles southwest of Newton. Sister was Mrs. J. M. Brooks. Funeral at Pleasant Ridge Church; burial in Pleasant Ridge cemetery. Eight children survived her including 7 week old baby.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Brooks, Rosana - b. 11 Jun 1842 IN; d. 6 Jul 1918 Willow Hill. father: Wm Royal. Informant John Griffy, Pitcher, OK. Buried in Mound Cemetery (src #85)

Brooks, Thomas S. - died Dec. 24, [1916]; age 84 yrs, 11 mos, 27 days - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Brooks, --- A son of Thos. Brooks of Crooked Creek tp., aged about 8 years, died Saturday night last of brain fever, after an illness of about 30 hours. Sep. 14, 1876

Brooks, John - son of Thos Brooks, Jr. died Saturday evening, Sept 9 [1876] Newton Press, Sept 28, 1876

Brooks, William Elephus - son of Josephine Nelson and Milton Brooks, was born at Wheeler, December 31, 1876, and passed away at Effingham hospital, July 15, 1939, aged 62 years, 6 months and 14 days.
On January 9, 1898, he was united in marriage to Miss Maude Beckwith. To this union two children were born, Mrs. Beryl Schackmann of Jacksonville and Charles Brooks of Milan. M. Brooks was one of a family of six children, three of whom survive him, namely: Henry Brooks of Rose Hill, Mrs. Lizzie Beckwith of Newton, and Mrs. Mayme Cutshall of Olney. Other than these and his wife and two children, he leaves five grandchildren, a number of nieces and nephews and many other relatives and friends.
Funeral services were held at the Falmouth M. P. chuch, Monday afternoon, with Rev. J. E. Spencer officiating. Interment was in Riverside cemetery, Newton. The Newton Press, July 18, 1939 [contributed by Karen Fink]

Brooks, W.R. - b. 25 Oct 1892; d. 21 Dec 1918, Wade Twp. f. James Brooks. m. --- Elanger. Burial Chapel Cemetery [Src #85]

Brooks, Young - 92 years old, died on September 4, [1926] at the home of a son in Alton, and was laid to eternal rest at Hidalgo. Tuesday, September 21, 1926

Brown, Ballard - an old and respected citizen, departed this life at his home, six miles west of Newton, Sundy evening last, after a protracted illness of pneumonia. Uncle "Bal," as his younger friends were wont to call him, was a generous, kind hearted neighbor and citizen - whose latchstring was ever out and at whose board there was always room for "one more," March 22, 1877

Brown, Drury B. born Feb. 9, 1825 in Allen county, KY. Married in 1851 to Martha J.
McReynolds ..... they had 10 children with Mrs. S. C. Andrews of Newton, Mrs. E. G. Gorrell of Louisville, Frank Brown of Newton, and Mrs. Park Kelley of Mattoon surviving him. Came to Newton in 1853. Died Thursday morning, Oct. 22, 1896 at his home. Buried in Newton Cemetery.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Brown, Lt. James Herbert was KIA 14 Feb in Belgium. Death reported 13 Mar 1945

Brown, ? - Grandma Brown died at her residence in Rose Hill the 21st and was interred in the Aten cemetery near here the 22nd. She was well along in years and leaves one son and numerous relatives and friends to mourn her loss. February 29, 1888

Brown, ? - The aged wife of Uncle John Brown, of Smallwood township, died a few days ago. She was over 80. The bereaved husband and children have the sympathies of their many friends.Feb. 10, 1892

Brown, ? - A young lady by the name of Brown living southeast of Newton, died Saturday evening. Newton Press, Mar. 1, 1877

Brown, John - Slate Point: John BROWN and Freeman COUMPHRY were standing in a swing which they were both moving to and fro at considerable height, when the Brown youth slipped and fell, fracturing his skull. Dr. N.D. Myers was summoned, but before he arrived, young Brown died. Burial in the Kibler Cemetery. Newton Press, Wednesday, August 29, 1883 (Contrib. by Source #28)

Brown, John - "One of Jasper County's old residents and moneyed men, is gone..... John Brown, aged 88 years, died last Saturday at his home 3 1/2 milles southeast of Bogota. The deceased was born in Dundee, Scotland, April 10, 1810. He moved to this country with his father when he was but ten years old. He married in the year 1832. He was one of the moneyed men of the county. He was a kind hearted man and had many warm friends who regret his departure. He was a very shrewd man in all of his dealings. He has been a minister of the gospel for some 60 years. He was of the Baptist faith. He leaves 3 daughters and 6 sons to mourn his loss. NEWTON STAR, 1898 (contrib by Source #28)

Brown, Mrs. - d. Feb. 1877 The widow of Marshall Brown was buried at the Burford graveyard on Sunday last. March 1, 1877

Brown, Norman (age 12) & Marjorie (age 6) - The two had been playing on the bank of the Sangamon river...when Marjorie walked out on the end of a log, which turned under her, and she fell into the water. Without hesitation, Norman, who was a strong swimmer, jumped in after her but could not cope with the current. Eli Blair, 12 years old, a cousin of Norman, was the only witness to the tragedy. He ran crying to his mother. The Champaign fire department rushed to the scene with a lung motor, but the bodies were not recovered in time for its use. Norman was a son of Mrs. James Brown of near Bogota, and little Miss Marjorie a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Brown, who recently moved to Mahomet from the Bogota vicinity. Norman had gone to visit his brother, George Brown, and family. A double funeral will be held at Mount Zion church today, Friday, August 6, and interment will be at Hankins cemetery. August 6, 1926

Brown, Samuel B. - died Jul. 25, [1917]; age 88 yrs, 4 mos, 24 days - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Bruner, Mrs. - wife of B.H. Bruner, living on Ping prairie, died Thursday night last, of puerperal fever. Mar. 8, 1877

Brust, Mary E. - b. 24 Jan 1859; d. 2 Sep 1918, Crooked Creek Twp. Widow. Parents: Eliphas (b. OH) and Mary E. (b. IL) INformant Raymond D. Brust. Burial Brooks Cem. [src #85]

Bruster, Mr. M.T.- an old citizen of Rose Hill, died very suddenly, Friday forenoon.... was a veteran of the Mexican war, serving as corporal of Co. G., 1st ILL, Vol. Regt. and was drawing a pension at the time of death under the service bill passed two years ago. He was a good citizen and had many warm friends. A wife and two children, a son and daughter, both grown, survive him. May 1, 1899

Bryan, Alfred Riley - b. 26 Jan 1826 Hardin Co., TN; d. 19 Mar 1918 Wade Twp. Widower. Parents: William L. Bryan (b. TN) and Matilda Strawn (b. TN)Informant of death: H.W. Bryan. Burial Riverside Cem., Newton, IL (Src#85)

Bryan, Wm. - aged 82, of North Muddy twp, departed this life at his home on Saturday. He had been a citizen of Jasper county for 40 years. He was twice married, his second wife and four children surviving him. Mr. Bryan was a good old man and his relatives and friends sincerely mourn his death. Jan. 6, 1892

Bryer, B. - an old citizen, died here (St. Marie) week before last. N.P., Sept 3, 1874

Bryer, Mrs. Susan - one of the oldest lady residents of Ste. Marie, died here on Wednesday night and was interred Friday. She was one of the first teachers of the village school. Nov. 23, 1887

Buckmaster, ? - During the rain and wind storm on sunday, a little son of F.M. Buckmaster, living in North Muddy Township, was instantly killed by a stroke of lightning. The boy, in company with an elder brother and another boy, was in the barn-loft near an opening to the hay mow when he was killed. The elder brother was so badly stunned that it was supposed for some time that he was also dead. Newton Press, May 13, 1875.

Buckmaster, F.M. - of North Muddy tp., died on Monday last after a lingering illness of typhoid pneumonia. Feb. 24, 1876

Buntain, Mary Jane Mrs. - wife of our esteemed friend and fellow citizen, S.B. Buntain, of South Muddy township, departed this life in her 37th year, at her home, 12 miles west of Newton, at about 6 o'clock on Wednesday evening, January 10th inst., of consumption, after a painful illness of several months duration. Mrs. B. was an estimable lady and a dutiful wife and parent. Nearly two years ago she united with the Christian Church, since which time up to her death she was a zealous and faithful member of that denomination, and died with the full assurance of a happy reward beyond the grave. She passed calmly and peacefully into the arms of her Maker, seemingly without a struggle. Besides her husband, she leaves 5 children, one brother and many warm friends to mourn her death. Her remains wll be interred in the Stuart burial ground tomorrow. Paris papers please copy. Newton Press, February 11, 1875

Buntain, Smith B. (Thursday, March 9, 1876), an old citizen of Jasper county; died a few days ago.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Bunting, Thomas - died last Monday morning on August 17, 1874 at the residence of Mrs. Acklen about three miles northeast of Newton. Of lung fever. N.P. August 20, 1874

Burcham, Florrie - d. 29 Sep 1917, age 44, North Muddy Twp. parents: Andy Fillinger (b. OH) Louise Marker (b. OH) Informant of death J.C. Burcham of Wheeler, IL. Burial in Newton Cem. (Src #85)

Burford, Ada - little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Burford, died at the residence of her parents west of town on Friday morning, aged 7 years, 11 mos. and 13 days. She was sick but a day. Ada was a bright child and her parents have the sympathy of their many friends in the hour of their bereavement. Services were held at the First Christian church and the burial took place at the Newton cemetery. Jan. 13, 1892

Burford, B.B. - after long suffering, departed this life on the 16th ult. Mr. Burford had been a citizen of this county for a number of years. N.P. - Nov. 11, 1870

Burgoon, Henry - died at the residence of G.K. Gosnell the 10th of hemorrhage of the bowels. Slate Point, reported February 22, 1888

Burgund, Ann of Ste. Marie, disease is not known, aged 63 years. Died January 31, 1879. [Contributed by Source #4]

Burgund, Catharine "died in a puerpal state--diagnosis possible under peculiar circumstances." Ste. Marie. Aged 31y, 9m, 8d. Died January 8, 1879.
[Contributed by Source #4]

Burk, John - aged 70 years. Death occurred "last week." Newton Press, Feb. 17, 1876

Burns, Lucy - died Feb. 26, [1917]; age 78 yrs - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Burnsides, John - an old and highly respected citizen, died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. H. Ward, at Wheeler, February 18th, of pneumonia. The remains were laid to rest in the Latona cemetery. Reported February 22, 1888

Burnsides, John Ezra - Died, on the 25th of August, 1874, at its father's residence (in Boone), of croup, John Ezra, son of John T. and Mary E. Burnsides, aged 3 yrs, 5 mos and 11 days. Thus a lamb is taken from the fold on earth to the fold in heaven, there to receive the smiles of the Redeemer and await the coming of those who linger behind until the messenger comes for them. Sep 3, 1874

Burnsides, Rebecca E. - died Sep 28, 1916; age 65 yrs, 8 mos, 14 days - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Burris, Finney - Soldier Boy Burial: The remains of Finney Burris, the soldier boy from the Phillippines who died in San Francisco, Oct. 13, reached Newton this morning, and are now resting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burris. Interment, Wednesday afternoon. Services by Rev. Douglas Shouse, Co. B. will furnish the pall bearers and guards of honor, and a semi military funeral will be given. It is indeed a sad occasion for the bereaved relatives. 1902 (Contrib. by

Burton, Oscar of Oblong, age 68. Death reported 14 Nov 1944.

Bush, Joan - died Apr. 18, [1917]; age 71 yrs, 3 mos, 11 days - From "Past Year's Death Roll" printed September 28, 1917

Busick, Harry Eidson - infant son of M. K. & Clara Busick, died 20 Jan. 1883, age 7 mo 8 da. Burial at Newton Cemetery NEWTON PRESS 1883 (Contrib. by Source #28)

Buskirk, Minerva (Wednesday, February 28, 1883), died February 8, 1883. Aged 20 years and 8 months. [Contributed by Source #4]

Butler, Mary Mrs. - a South Muddy lady, died very mysteriously a couple of weeks ago. An inquest disclosed that she was affected with dropsy of the heart. Newton Press, February 1, 1888

Button, Ruth A. - b. 15 Feb 1840 IN; d. 19 Feb 1918, Wade Twp. Widow. parents: E.N. Thomas (b. OH0 and --- Eaton (b. OH) Buried in Kedron Cemetery. [Src #85]

Byres, Catherine - b. 22 Apr 1838 IN; d. 17 Apr 1918, Hidalgo. Parents: John Kilbourn and Kate Ray (b. IN). Death informant: E.M. Combs. Buried in Aten Cemetery. [Src #85]

Byers, Benjamin S. of near Hidalgo, age 68. Death reported 1 Sep 1944


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