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Newton High School
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Newton High School Jasper County IL
Newton High School, 1924

Facts About Newton High School from the 1924 Nukomi Annual yearbook:

THAT Newton High School was the first High School in Jasper County?
THAT the first session was held in 1880?
THAT the first class graduated in 1882 and consisted of ten members?
THAT in 1883 the High School was held in the third story attic of the grade school building?
THAT the first piano used by N. H. S. was purchased in 1881 and is still in existence?
THAT the first superintendent was N. S. Scoville?
THAT the first Commencement was held in the M.E. Church?
THAT the first Alumni Banquet was held in 1882?
THAT there was no graduating class in 1887 because the school was being remodeled?
THAT Miss Nancy Cummins was Principal in 1887?
THAT the three smallest classes consisted of four members each and graduated in the years 1886, 1888 and 1903?
THAT the first child of an Alumnus graduated in 1906?
THAT in 1908 and 1909 school was held in the upstairs suite of the Gilmore block while the old school building was being enlarged?
THAT in 1910 the Junior-Senior reception was held at the New American Hotel? before that time it had been held in private homes.
THAT C. E. Girhard was connected longer with the school than any one else?
THAT when the war broke out the students went to school on Saturday, so that they could be free in April in order to do their bit on the farm and in the town?
THAT thirty-eight of these were High School Alumni
THAT N. H. S. became a Community school, in 1920?
THAT in 1922, the Glee Clubs taught a new Victrola for the school?
THAT the first Annual was published in 1921?
THAT the first session of school held in the new N.C.H.S. building was in 1922-1923?
THAT the football team of '23 won every game of the season?
THAT the first class to graduate in the new building was the class of '23 and consisted of thirty-one members?
THAT the class of '24 is more than twice as large as any class that has gone out from the Newton High School?

G. H. '24.
L. C. '21

Nukomi Annual

Van Trexler - Editor
Eugenia Flori - Asst. Editor
Frank McCullough - Bus. Man.

  Associate Editors
Literary: Frances Elder and Gladys Bower
Alumni: Bernice Jones and Margaret Markwell
Joke: Albert Imming and Charles Mitchell
Calendar: Lee Harris and Beulah Hunt

Society: Beulah Davis
Athletics: Idris Cornwell
Sales Manager: Paul Allison
Advertisement: Henry Kinsel
Class Representatives:
Freshman: Florence Bruner
Sophomore: Elizabeth Mitchell
Junior:  Ralph Connor
Faculty Advisor:  Blanche Stephenson

Board of Education
J.M. Hicks, President
J.W. Matheny, Clerk
B.T. Adkins
N.A. Crouse
W.H. Houser
W.C. Eveland

Sarah Taylor Sunderland, A.B. - Illinois Wesleyan University - English and History
Donald F. McCash, principal - Drake University - Algebra
Blanche Stephenson - Butler College - Manual Training Normal School - latin, History and Physical Trainig
Henrietta Smith, A.B. - University of Illinois - Mathematics (NOTE: hand written next to her picture is "Died 1924")
Fannie R. Metcalf B. E. - Illinois State Normal University - Home Economics
Juanita P. Richey B. M. - University of Illinois - Music and English
Mildred D. Heath A. B. - University of Illinois - Home Economics
Glenn H. Sunderland B. S. - Southern Illinois Normal - University of Illinois - Agriculture
Charles E. Naumer - Washington University, St. Louis - General Science and Algebra
Richard Fawley - Eastern Illinois State Teachers College - Manual Arts, Commercial Arithmetic and Civics
O. W. Howell B. S. - University of Illinois - Bookkeeping and Economics
Mildred D. Stephenson A. B. - Indiana University - English
Emilie Hathorne - University of Illinois - Chemistry and Physics
Lucia Hill A. B. - Smith College - Biology and Related Arts

Senior Class of 1924

Junior Class, 1924

Sophomore Class,1924

Freshman Class,1924

Frances Elder "Toots"
Lee Harris
Dorothy McComas "Dot"
Frank McCullough "Duffy"
Clayborne Cummins "Ted"
Marie Mitchell "Peggy"
Lowell Story
Ina Hall "Bob"
Joseph Hostetter "Preach"
Charles McComas "Chuck" [Handwritten Note: "Married 1924 while in school"]
Eugenia Flori "Jean"
Gordon Acklin
Bernice Jones
Floyd Klier
Walter Wright
Ruth Carr
Bertha Reisner "Betty Jean"
Walter Chaney
Pearl Hanna
Belle Dulgar "Dutchy"
Richard Davis "Dick" [handwritten note: "Married Autumn 1924]
Gladys Bower [handwritten note: Married Nov. 27, 1924]
Bertha Wetherholt "Birdie" [handwritten note: "Married Summer 1924]
Eugene Mason
Pauline Wright
Victor Reed
Mary Dougherty [handwritten note:Married June 14, 1924]
Beulah Davis "Solomon"
Roy Dickerson
Dale Bixler "Doug"
Winnie Worthey
Lucile Clagg "Eliza"
Clinton Harding
Gladys Davis
Van Trexler "Trex"
Elizabeth Faller "Lib"
Beulah Hunt
Christena Hutson [handwritten note: "Married 1924 same time as Ruth Carr]
Paul Allison "Pat"
Lawrence Eaton "Dot"
Margaret Markwell
Argola Ives "Curlie"
Glenn Hall
Lanore Maxwell
Rose Cummins
Denzel Huddlestun "Denz"
Clyde Resch
Grace Henninger "Gracie"
Viola Tate
Arthur Reis "Art Checkers"
Cecil Sims "Topsy"
Clarence White
Leslie Isley
Frank Woodard
George McColley
Ethel Harris
Treva Davison
Clara Pictor
Ralph Hall
Cecil Acklin
Juanita Chapman
Anna Parr "Ann"
Mona Portlock
Albert Imming "Tubby"
Ethel Dougherty
Charles Mitchell "Chuck"
Roy Chesnut "Oogly"
Idris Cornwell "Doodles"

Junior Class
Class Officers
President: Ralph Connor
Vice President: Albert Needham
Secretary & Treasurer: Elizabeth Hinds


Harold Bayles
Gladys Bennett
Audrey Bower
Amy Brooks
John Cherry
Ralph Connor
Verdie Correll
Alfred Cunningham
Cleda Cunningham
Lawrence Danver
Russell Danforth
Mabel Dulgar
Beatrice Eaton
Lennie Ellis
Frank Fear
Adam Franke
Carl Fritschle
Murl Gardner
Ida Green
John Harvey
Elizabeth Hinds
John Honey
Margaret Honey
Cloyce Hunt
Glenn Isley
Leonard Isley
Wayne Isley
Lucille Jourdan
Gwendolyn Keavin
Nora Klier
Harry Lathrop
Kathryn Long
Gerald McCormack
Circe Magill
Vivian Marshall
Lowell Mitchell
Albert Needham
Iola Owen
Margaret Raef
Mabel Ragon
Leo Reis
Theresa Reis
Orville Resch
Delmar Richards
Robert Richards
Robert Robb
Opal Romack
Margaret Semple
Grace Stretcher
Pauline Sutton
Zola Swick
Leo Swisher
Kathryn Trainor
Dewey Wilson

President: Dwight Reed
Vice President: Elizabeth Mitchell
Secretary & Treasurer: John Needham

Leo Allison
John Batman
Madlynn Boos
Marie Bower
Bernice Brooks
Alma Brothers
Anna Buergler
Gordon Bunton
Albert Butler
Rowena Butler
Dorothy Carroll
Maurice Clark
Agatha Coburn
Kenneth Crouse
Olive Crouse
Isabelle Danforth
Earl Dufrain
Lela Ellis
Delbert Eveland
Goldie Eveland
Hazel Finley
Fred French
Floyd Hall
Forrest Hall
Tiny Hays
Roy Hauk
Brinton Henninger
LaVelle Hester
Ruby Isley
Mildred Kincade
Opal King
Seth King
Marie Kissinger
Frone Lowe
Lucille McClure
Gertrude McCullough
Eugene Massey
Glenn Matlock
Fredie Miller
Elizabeth Mitchell
Evelyn Mitchell
Helen Mitchell
Opie Moore
John Needham
Albert Wilson
Harry Parr
Clyde Payne
Lucille Phillips
Floyd Portlock
Elizabeth Ragsdale
Josephine Rauch
Nora Read
Dwight Reed
Grace Riegle
Medferd Riley
Arthur Romack
Carol Romack
Lucile Romack
Edgar Staley
Freida Staley
Helen Strole
Laverne Swick
Golda Swisher
Nellie Tate
Edna Vanatta
Maurice Walden
Edward Weber
Elsie Wolfe

President: Leo Bever
Vice President: Howard Reed
Secretary and Treasurer: Cuthbert Harris


Lila Blair
Victor Beals
Cleo Bever
Leo Bever
Hazel Beverlin
Ellard Bickers
Melvin Bollman
Inez Brummer
Florence Bruner
Clella Carr
Elizabeth Clark
Hubert Clark
Grace Cornwell
Joe Crouse
Doris Eberhardt
Florent Faller
Ralph Fehrenbacher
Herman Gardner
Harold Gorrell
Ruth Hall
Cuthbert Harris
Madge Harvey
Lorene Hays
Eugene Hester
George Hines
Alice Jacobs
Vera Jenkins
Nellie Kingery
Lewis Kinsel
Zola Klier
Maxine Leffler
Melvin Long
Elva McCormack
Wandalee McCormack
Faye McKinney
John Mahaney
Pauline Marshall
Lorenzo Medcalf
William Miller
William Owen
Ruth Parnell
Howard Reed
Kenneth Reed
Freddie Reisner
Bertram Richards
Lester Romack
Gladys Routt
Catherine Rutherman
Bernetta Schryock
Cleo Spelbring
Della Sutton
Edith Tedford
Vernie Thompson
Joseph Watts
Agnes Welker
Irene Wharton
Wayne Wolfe
Margaret Worland
Roy Worthey
John Wright
Naomi Wright

In Memory of Catherine Rutherman, Freshman
Died March 7th, 1924

Sophmore Class Picture
1924 sophmore class of  Newton High
Sophmore Class Picture,
Newton High School

Freshman Class
1924 freshman class of  Newton High
1924 Newton High School Freshman Class

Class Lists
Class List of Newton High School
1928 Class List . . .

Helen Acklin
Margaret Acklin
William Arndt
John Babbs
Mildred Barthelme
Guy Bayles
James Beckwith
Franklin Bever
Alice Buergler
Juanita Cantwell
Elizabeth Clark
Clora Colburn
Robert Collins
Charles Cowger
Bernadine Cummins
Cora Cummins
Jessie Derixson
Noel Elliott
Clella Eveland
Arca Field
Angela Fithian
Mabel Hazelton
Eugene Hester
Bertha Hetzer
Marjory Keavin
Gladys Kennedy
Loren Kibler
Henry Klueg
Dorothy Lee
Maxine Leffler
Delores Lewis
Cherryl McColley
Hazel McCrillis
Charles McDowell
Madonna Mitchell
Raymond Mulvey
Dorothy Printz
Gladys Ragsdale
Samuel Ragsdale
Dorothy Staley
Rachel Toland
Ruby Toland
Gordon Wagner

Teacher List of 1919

C.E. Girhard, Superintendent

A.T. Martin, High School Principal

Teachers at the High School:

Harry H. Love

J. Hal Connor

Helen Stephenson

Ethel Adams

Grade School Teachers:

Inez Davidson - 8th Grade

S.O. Beals - 7th Grade

Gladys Letsinger - 6th Grade

Daisy Payne - 5th Grade

Sibyl Kennett - 4th Grade

Zola Kennett - 3rd Grade

Elma Kibler - 2nd Grade

Allie Johnson - 1st Grade

1919 Board of Directors of Newton Community High School District

George Jasper, B.T. Adkins, C.T. Kennedy, J.M. Hicks, E.F. Johnson


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