Birthday Parties, Anniversaries & Family Reunions
©Transcribed from the Newton Press by Kim Torp, except where noted

Grandpa and Grandma Howell celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary last Sunday. Their children and many friends gathered at their home on West Jourdan street in honor of the occasion where a feast of good things was provided in the way of a big dinner.
This aged couple have nearly reached their four score and have lived in this county many years. They are highly esteemed by everybody. They are members of the First Baptist church of this city, and notwithstanding his advanced age Mr. Howell aided nobly in the erection of our new temple of worship from its commencement to completion. May they live to enjoy many more anniversaries is the wish of their many friends.-J. W. Reed, Pastor.
Joab S. Howell was born in Ohio in Sept. 7 1817; Mary White was born in Indiana Oct. 7, 1819. They were married Oct. 4, 1838; came to Richland county, Illinois in the fall of 1860 and to Jasper county in April, 1873. To them were born eleven children, five of whom are living, two daughters and three sons, viz: Mrs. N. E. McCoy, Beatrice, Neb.; B. F. Howell, Greenleaf, Kas.; Mrs. John (Sallie) Todd, Newton; John W. Howell, Newton; and Ellsworth Howell, Wheeler. They have 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. The Newton Press, October 7, 1896 - - Contributed by Karen Fink

Village clerk E.A. Spitzer was given a surprise Sunday evening in honor of his 40th birth anniversary. The affair was cleverly arranged by his better-half, Mrs. Spitzer, who prepared an elegant supper for the occasion. The guests present were: Anselm Spitzer, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Litzelman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Spitzer, jr., and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Houser, Mrs. M. Houser, Miss Mayme Houser, Miss Lena Litzelman, Paul Ochs. Ste. Marie Tribune, November 28, 1913

Birthday Surprise - Pleasant Gathering of Young and Old at Wm. Michl's
[The Sainte Marie Tribune, Friday, Jan. 16, 1914]

Mrs. Wm. Michl of the Bend was given a pretty surprise Sunday by her neighbors and friends the event being her 45th birthday. At noon a palatable dinner was spread to about 80 guests. The afternoon was spent in various amusements, rendering of music and social conversation.
Those present were:
Rev. Fr. Frori
Jacob Rennier and wife
Jacob Kidwell and family
Wm. Michl and fmaily
Alois. Lobmier and family
John D. yeager and family
Tom Gowns and family
John Michl and wife
Anth. Hann and family
John Miller and wife
Mrs. Katherine Kraus
Mrs. Mary Yeager and children
Mrs. Mary Kraus
Mr.a nd Mrs. Frank Kraus, Jr.
Henry Turner and wife
Gus Michl and fmaily
Mike Menscher
Ben Heifert
John Spencer
Alois and Geo. Rennier
Jos. Blank
John E. Michl
Francis Michl
Geo Michl
Wm. Michl
Peter and Frank Kidwell
Ben Bogard
Peter and Geo. Yeager
Albert Menie
Wm. Shelton
Charley Kraus
Lizzie and Emma Lobmier
?yme and Mary Michl
Mary Flori
?? Kraus

House Party....
Sunday evening, Miss Tillie and George Geiger of the Bend, entertained a small crowd of young folks at a house party given at the home of their parents, Mr.a nd Mrs. Wolfgang Geiger. The evening was spent in card playing and singing. Refreshments were served several times during the evening.. Those present were: Misses: Mayme Hoedebeck, Mary Flori, Lena Geltz, Bertha Geltz; Messrs.: Joe. Geltz, Frank Wellinghoff, Jos. Yost, Alva Wagner, Frank Beasler, Wolfgang Echel, John Alblinger, Rev. Chas. Flori, Edward Walters [The Sainte Marie Tribune, Friday, Jan. 23, 1914]

Birthday Surprise....
Frank Zuber was given a pretty surprise Wednesday evening at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Zuber, by a crowd of young folks who came in on him unexpectedly to celebrate his 18th birthday. The evening was spent in playing cards and other games. Refreshments of ice cream, cake and candy were served. Those present were: Lula Leinhart, Tillie Geiger, Clara Zuber, Agness Hann, Carrie Leinhart, Josephine Lamotte, Stella Zuber, Mary Zuber, Nettie Zuber; Mssrs: Andrew Sherdian, Marion Lamotte, Alex Leinhart, George Geiger, Louis Parisott, Wm. Stinbaugh, Jos. Yost, John Alblinger. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rein [The Sainte Marie Tribune, Friday, Jan. 23, 1914]

A 50th Birthday party was held for Mrs. Lewis. She is the daughter of Wm. M. Jones, pioneer of Jasper county. She was married 27 years ago to P.R. Lewis and has 4 sons and 5 daughters. Sept 16, 1891

A large number of friends and relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mitchell, Sunday, November 23, [1919], to remind him of his forty-fourth birthday. At the noon hour the tables were spread and a bountiful dinner was served. Present:

Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Mitchell, daughters, Zola, Marie, Madona, Evelyn, Mattie and sons Homer and Woodrow; Mr. & Mrs. Everett Mitchell and son Wayne; Gladys Gosnell; Mr. & Mrs. Orville Mitchell, daughters Helen and Genevieve; Mr. & Mrs. Ora Mitchell, daughter Sibyl and sons Lowell and Fred; Mr. & Mrs. Alva Sowers, daughters Mabel, Christine, Virginia and son Floyd; Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Woodard and sons Robert and Frank; Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Woodard and little son Ray; Mr. & Mrs. Truman Leturno and son Henry; Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Bear; Mr. & Mrs. E.G. Bear, daughter Hazel, son Arnold; Mr. & Mrs. Charles McElhaney, daughter Carrie and son Jamie; Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Bear; Mrs. Lizzie Story, sons Sheldon and Lowell; Mrs. Lizzie Hall, daughter Fern and son Dean; Mr. & Mrs. W.R. Cochran, and daughters Opal and Ruby; Mr. & Mrs. D.F. Kibler and little daughter Kathleen; Mr. & Mrs. Fred Resch and son Cleo; John Riley; Mrs. Leturno; Mrs. Alice Kibler; Mrs. Ellen Isley; Albert Isley; Carl Foust; Mr. & Mrs. Ira Mitchell and son Frank. Newton Press, Nov. 28, 1919

West Liberty, October 31, 1927 - A number of friends and relatives gathered at the home of Mrs. Victoria Pugh, Sunday, October 30, to pleasantly surprise and remind her of her eighty-seventh birthday. All brought well filled baskets, which were enjoyed by all. Present:

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pugh of Terre Haute

Miss Sarah Pugh

George Campbell, daughter Rena and son Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Umfleet and son Donald Eugene

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Reese of Newton

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bohrer, daughter Phyllis and son Theodore

Mrs Ella Gaddis

Mrs. Corda Carpenter and son Harley Miller

L.L. Williams of Olney

Wheeler, October 28, 1927 - Friends and relatives gathered at the home of C.P.Woodard, October 24, to spend the day with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tussing and family of Clare, Iowa. A bountiful dinner was served at the noon hour. Present:

C.P. Woodard, daughter Bethel and son James

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tussing, daughter Vera Cleone and son Dean Gerald

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Woodard and daughters Dorothy Ann and Rosemary

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Woodard, daughter Elizabeth and son Reuben

Grandma Woodard

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Wright

Mrs. William Graham

Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Smallwood, daughter Helen & sons Duane and Donald Lynn

John P. Riley

Chester McCann

Mattoon, October 31, 1927 - Ancil Alexander was guest of honor on Sunday, October 30, at a surprise birthday dinner given for him by his wife at their home 2904 Richmond avenue, Mattoon. A large dinner was served at the noon hour, including a beautiful decorated cake topped with 33 candles, which was the number of his birth anniversaries. The time was passed with music and chatting of past and present times. All left at a late hour saying they had a jolly good time. Present:

Mr. and Mrs. Ancil Alexander and children Ledora and Francis

Mrs. C.J. Schedlbower

Mr. and Mrs. G.R. Alexander of Willow Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Jackson and son of Decatur

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Foltz and children Catherine and Billie of Lerna

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Alexander and children Kenneth and Donald of Mattoon

Mr. and Mrs. Verne Arnold and children Bernice, Zella Fay and Clifford of Warensburg

Julius Shedlbower (sic)

Vernal Flynn

Bernard Alexander

Creel Alexander

Afternoon guests: Mr. and Mrs. Charles George with her niece and husband.

Silver Wedding

Grove Couple Celebrate Their 25th Marriage Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Martin (Effie Varvil) Yaw celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Sunday, July [date missing]. Relatives, neighbors and friends gathered early in the beautiful grove in front of their residence and just across the road from the Fairfield M.E. Church in Grove township. Promptly at 12 o'clock noon the guests were seated at strong tables well laden with good things to eat. They all had good appetites and did their best to prevent anything being left over to spoil, but were not equal to the task. The tables did not groan under the weight of the food served on them, but it is rumored that several of the diners were groaning during the night following.

After the tables had been cleared of the food remaining, a short impromtu program was rendered. Songs, recitations by several boys and girls, and short talks by the bride, Mrs. Effie Yaw, James P. Jack and the bridegroom, Martin Yaw, were given. Portia Lambird was organist.

Thirteen children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Yaw, of whom twelve are now living, and eleven of were present to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary of their parents.

The guests lingered until a late hour in the evening, only departing when the sun was sinking low in the west. It was well to have been there. One could not but feel the meeting had brought him in closer touch with human sympathy and human life. Present:

Martin, Effie, Robert, Goldie, Maria, Veva, Hazel, Zola, Corneal, Dale, Ora Belle, Imogene, Noah H., Charles E., Taylor, Lena George Yaw; John J. Reisner; Mr. and Mrs. Aden Reisner; Laura, Roy, Victor, Ruth, Jean, Opal, Hazel, Vernice, and Fred Reisner; Belle R., Ezra and Elsie Hamilton; Sarah, Clarence, Mamie and Opal Crane; Ida, P.W. and Hazel Hall; Alice Poe, and Clark Stewart; Pauline, Jessie, Della, Elza, Grace, Theodore, Albert, Helen, Marie, Josephine, and Walter Varvil; Nettie, Rufus, Dwight, Doyle Dean and Gerald French; Willie, Mrs. William, Sommers, Duane, William A., Helen and Marie Smallwood; Ross, Mildred, Ollie and Delbert Huffman; Freeman, Ellen, Allien, Clare, Delbert, Murray, Winifred and Eva Cunefare; Harry, Portia and Don Lambird; Leota and Madeline Sowers, Harry, Flora, Perry, Oleta and Luella Matheny; James P. and Dr. Winifred A. Jack; S.H. Easter; Lula Cox; Luther Arnold; Karl Eberhardt; Maxine Wisely; Bonnie Brown; Blanche Carey; Doris Dulser; Lawrence, Okal and Bobby Bower; William and Carrie Graham. James P. Jack. [Newton Press, Tuesday, July 13, 1926]

Myers Reunion

Dieterich, Ill., August 23 [1926] - The Myers reunion, which was held at Liberty Park, Dieterich, Sunday, August 22, was a great success, 115 people being present. A very bountiful table was spread at the noon hour, consisting of about fifteen cakes, twenty pies, several plates of fried chicken, salads, fruits, jellies, etc. About ten minutes of the time was spent in silent prayer, following a beautiful prayer by Roy Cook of Martinsville. Present:

Dieterich: Mr. & Mrs. Amos Myers; M/M Henry Foltz and family.

Mattoon: M/M Ephraim Myers; M/M Goudy and family; Mrs. Bessie Myers and daughter.

Martinsville: M/M Harman Ketcher; M/M Morgan; M/M Roy Cook; M/M Frank Bloodworth; M/M Emery Bloodworth and daughter.

Champaign: M/M Clinton Ketcher

Casey: M/M Lenox; John Myers

Chicago: M/M La Coste and family

Noble: M/M Ira Diel and family; M/M James Diel and family; M/M Paris Diel and family; M/M John Diel; M/M Walds and sons; M/M Mannie Myers and family; M/M Jimmie Diel.

Newton: Mrs. Mannie Myers; Mrs. Belle Hamilton; Thomas Myers; Dow Foltz

Gila: M/M Mannie Strole & family; Robert Yaw; Miss Rena Yaw; M/M Jack Strole; M/M Ross Clark and son; Dr. & Mrs. R. Marney Gunn; M/M Noah Myers and family; M/M Lawrence Myers; M/M Jacob Newton; M/M Jacob Newlin

Jewett: M/M Taylor Yaw; M/M Oren Yaw and family; M/M Aden Reisner and family

Montrose: Grover Isley; Miss Jennie Isley; M/M Thomas Trimble and family

Charleston: M/M David Myers; M/M Alva Sowers; Lafe Foltz

Lawrenceville: Frank Myers

M/M Amos Myers and nephew and niece of Ohio.

Married Fifty Years

Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Chamblin of Newton Observed the Day Quietly

Newton Press, Tuesday, January 4, 1927


Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Chamblin quietly observed the date of their golden wedding anniversary at their home in east Newton, Friday. Due to Mrs. Chamblin's ill health, no special celebration was held, beyond the usual New Year's dinner, Saturday. They were married at the home of the bride's father, Lewis McKinley, Sr. in the Vanderhoof neighborhood southeast of town on December 31, 1876, Rev. Jason Carson, pastor of Grace M.E. church, performing the ceremony. Mr. Chamblin was a cabinet maker and they have resided in this city continuously since their marriage. About 1890, Mr. Chamblin, who is better known as Mace, with the aid of the late Arthur Holt, installed the first telephone in Jasper County, and for thirty years remained with the company until ill health forced his retirement. The Chamblins have two children, Walter of Lawrenceville and Mrs. John Houchin of Muskogee, Okla, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. In the evening of life one of their greatest enjoyments is their radio, which brings them companionship from far away.

The Newton Press, Newton, IL Friday, August 18, 1933

Yale, August 16- Descendants of
John P. Bartley met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sheridan of near Willow Hill, Sunday, and enjoyed a pleasant picnic and reunion on the banks of the Embarras River. At noon a delicious dinner was spread, of which everyone ate heartily.
Everyone was made a welcome guest by the fine hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan, and all showed a hearty social spirit. At the close of the day, all were glad to have been present because of the pleasant renewal of friendships that they enjoyed. All departed hoping to be together at a similar reunion again.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sheridan, and children Gordon, Garvin and Gerald, Mr. and Mrs. John Bartley, Mr. and Mrs. Delmar McNair, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Bartley, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bartley, all of Willow Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Harry McCoy, and sons Maurice, James and Harold, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest McCoy, Mr. and Mrs. Clone O. Cummins and children Clarence and Pauline, and Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cummins, all of Yale; Mr. and Mrs. John Dougherty of Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Kasserman and sons Gerald, James, Creel, and Charles of Glen Ellyn; Rev. and Mrs. Ralph E. Cummins of Havana; John Carpenter of Charleston; and Eugene Harmon of Indianapolis.

Contributed by Keith McCoy, who adds:
"My family comes from around the Mound across the road from the Mound school. My grandfather was Walter and grandmother Flora (Wilson ) McCoy had a farm there. His father was James W. McCoy and mother Amelia Harmon. James was born in 1850 to William and Perlina ( Horsley ) McCoy in Jasper county . . William was born in Bedford, Va. in 1809. moved to Kentucky and married , Perlina . They had 9 children --Isaac, Mary, Harietta, Christopher, Ezra, Nancy, John T.,Roda A., Sarah A. born in Kentucky. and James W. who was born here in Illinois in 1850. That's when they moved here from Kentucky. The reunion picture is at Isaac McCoy home East of the Mound around 1880 (just a guess)"

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