Jasper County, Illinois
School Class Pictures

(Most, if not all of these pictures were published in the Newton Press-Mentor throughout the years.)

1900-1901 Class Picture of Pingtown School

Many thanks to Rhonda Swisher for contributing this picture.

This picture was submitted by Marvin Harrison of Willow Hill. He said patrons of the Pingtown area had gathered on the closing day of the school year, four months, 1900-1901. The three teachers were: Marvin Harrison, Giles Francis and Maud Sibbett.
A.D. Bartley and Della Anderson taught there 1901-1902 and Bartley and Maude Richardson were teachers of the school 1902-1903
Harrison said the buildings burned in the spring of 1903. The school was replaced by a two-story structure in the summer of 1903 in time for the 1903-04 school term

There were 142 persons and one horse shown in this picture.

[Transcribed by K. Torp]

1906 Class Picture of Pingtown School

Many thanks to Rhonda Swisher for contributing this picture.

1906 Class picture of Pingtown School
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The Newton Press writes:

"The two-story building above is the Pingtown school and the picture was taken in 1906. The building, located east of Willow Hill, later burned and a new one story school was built.

With the consolidation of schools in Jasper county, the building now on the site was sold for a home. Mrs. Verna Bowers of Willow Hill is owner of the picture.

Reading from left to right (seater): Launa Race, Dewey Sempsrote, Verna Stowers, Cecil Leggitt, Ruth Anspach, Victor Leggitt, Eva Blaco, Quincy Russell, Ruth McDaniel, Ira Hawkins

Standing: Vera Stoll, Blanche Leggitt, Otho Leggitt, Otho Hopper, Velma Hayden, Earl Sempsrote, Ruth Hawkins, Ivan Bottenfield, Lizzie Powers, Lucy Perkins, Virgil Race, Cleve Anspach, Clem Smith, Drusa Wellman, John Hurt, Harlan Sempsrote, Clara Hopper, Earl Hawkins, Ruth Yoder, Raymond Wellman, Owen Powers, Murl Hawkins, Marvin Harrison, Murl Leggitt, Delbert Smith, Loy Wellman, Verna Williams, Otto Sempsrote, Edith Ping, Gail Blaco, Ruth Powers, Ida Blaco, Nellie Manning.

Back row: Fannie (Cahill) Ping, teacher of lower room, Perry Ping, Clifford Ping, Mary Hurt, Vernie Hopper, Raymond Hopper, Elva Dillman, Claude Flynn, Lulu Flynn, Emily (Gustin) Flynn, teacher of upper room; Marley Harrison, Brooke Dillman."

Pingtown Grade School

Many thanks to Rhonda Swisher for contributing this picture.

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