1919 Postal Carriers, Jasper County

as printed in the Newton Press Nov. 25, 1919
©Transcribed by Kim Torp


Better Pay for Carriers


Uncle Sam's Boys Get Salary Raise


Rural mail carriers were notified a few days ago that their annual salaries had been increased, dating from July 1, 1919 amounting to about $200 for each of them. Those from Newton will receive the following amounts based on the miles of travel on their route:

Number One: Thomas McKnight, 26.5 miles, $1748

Number Two: Everett Russell, 30.75 miles, $1868

Number Three: J.G. Alcorn, 27 miles, $1772

Number Four: Charles Johnson, 25 miles, $1724

Number Five: Ira Maples, 28.35 miles, $1796

Number Six: Lee Kasserman, 24.875 miles, $1724

Number Seven: Leroy Freeman, 25.87 miles, $1748

Number Eight: Orville Isley, 29.3 miles, $1820

Rose Hill:

Route One: E.S. Cummins, 28.35 miles, $1769

Route Two: Eugene C. Baker, 29.15 miles, $1820


Route One: Ezra Hays, 24.25 miles, $1590


Route One: Ira W. Huddlestun, 27.25 miles, $1752


Route One: Willis A. Cooley, 24.5 miles, $1700

Route Two: Earl E. Foltz, 24 miles, $1700

Route Three: Charles A. Bear, 24.5 miles, $1700


Route One: T.F. George, 27.5 miles, $1772

Willow Hill:

Route One: W.A. Hamilton, 26.1 miles, $1748

Route Two: J.T. Hamilton, 24 miles $1700

Route Three: I.L. Biggs, 24 miles, $1724

West Liberty:

Route One: Roy Leffler, 24.75 miles $1748


Route One: John W. Hamilton, 26 miles, $1748

Route Two: George F. Brough, 29 miles, $1820

Route Three: Clone Cummins, 28 miles, $1796

There are thirteen post offices in Jasper county - an unlucky number for the fellows who didn't get them.

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