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Wilmer Clark

born in St Marie, Jasper County, Illinois on 17 June 1905 (parents unknown). He died in Los Angeles, Ca on 27 August 1964 and is buried in the US Navy Cemetery at Point Loma, San Diego. Information submitted by his daughter Sharon (Source #72)

TREXLER Family History

Contributed by Linda Kirkham Walton (Source#21)

Trexler 1901 Reunion

Jackson Trexler, Johnson Trexler, Polly Trexler Foster, Rachel Trexler Toland

children of Jonathan Trexler and Rachel Martin

Used with permission of Linda Kirkham Walton

Used with permission of Linda Kirkham Walton

Jonathan Trexler was born in what is now Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on 14 Nov 1791. He died 29 Jan 1880 in Wheeler, Illinois. The same grave stone shares information about his wife Rachel Martin who was born 16 Jun 1794, and died in Dec 1959 or Jan 1860 in North Muddy Township in Jasper County.

Jonathan Trexler moved with his parents Emanuel Trexler and Catherine Camerer (sometimes erroneously read as Cameron), leaving Pennsylvania to go to Ohio in 1796. In Ohio, Jonathan is listed in 1850 census for Franklin Twp., Jackson Co. Ohio as a farmer, with real estate valued at $3600. When he moved to Illinois his entire family came, except for his daughter Catherine who had married Dr. J.B. Johnson of Jackson, Ohio. The Trexlers left Ohio on Oct. 10th and arrived in Jasper County on Oct. 24th, 1853. Excerpt from a family history written in 1924 by Jonathan's daughter, Rachel Trexler Toland when she was 84 years old, wrote that at the time of her arrival in Illinois with her parents and siblings, there were only 2 houses between Thomas Foster's house (near Wheeler) and Newton. Thomas Foster had arrived in 1852. Foster's land is where Central Illinois Electric's Newton Substation power plant now sits. Thomas Foster was Jonathan Trexler's son-in-law, being married to his daughter Mary "Polly" Trexler.

Jonathan Trexler served in the War of 1812, in Cpt. John Lindsay's Company, 2nd Regiment, Ohio Militia. He enlisted at Jackson and was discharged at Chillicothe, Ohio (Pension cert. # 23665). He was allowed 40 acres of land (warrant #8316) and 120 acres (warrent #66324).

Rachel Trexler Toland described her father Jonathan as a small man, always smooth shaven, and in later years had beautiful snow-white hair. He was quick and light on his feet, and was known around Chillicothe, Jackson and Portsmouth as an expert in fancy dancing, "cutting the pigeon's wing", etc. After moving to Illinois he raised saddle horses. He always rode a fast horse. At 84 years of age, "He would put his foot in the stirrup and light in the saddle, lifting his horse into a gallop and be on his way home."

He is listed in DAR application #334664, F832.5, D238l, v.2; in "Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois."

Rachel Martin's birth place is listed in various records as:

... PENNSYLVANIA - Birth place listed as Pennsylvania on 1850 census of Franklin Twp., Jackson Co. OH. She
was 56 years old, and may not have been the one who answered the census questions.
... OHIO, DAR application #334664, F832.5, D238L, v. 2 states Rachel was born in Jackson Co. Ohio
... KENTUCKY - "History of Counties of Effingham, Jasper and Richland, Illinois" states she was born in Kentucky
Kentucky had become a state just 2 years before Rachel's birth. Before then, it was part of Virginia.
... WEST VIRGINIA - was formerly a part of Virginia. However, West Virginia wasn't formed until the time of the Civil
War, and Rachel was already in middle age before the beginning of the war.

It's possible for several of these places to be the same place, depending on the frame of reference of the researcher. However, it is extremely unlikely that she was born in Ohio. The Martins and Everly's (Rachel's mother's family) were iron-working families and are placed geographically in Hampshire County, Virginia (WV) before her birth where there were iron furnaces. It is likely that she was born near Morgantown -- a place that is now in West Virginia that is a stone's throw away from Maryland, Pennsylvania, old Virginia, and Ohio.

Rachel is mentioned as the wife of Jonathan Trexler, heir at law of his deceased father Emanuel Trexler in Mercer Co., Ohio in 1840 in a quit claim for Emanuel's Chillicothe land in Jackson Co. Ohio, conveyed to John Jacobs. She and her sisters-in-law Harriet Mercer Trexler, Hanna Trexler Mercer, and Catherine Trexler Johnson were questioned separately from their husbands by Daniel Perry, Justice of the Peace for acknowledgement that their personal decisions regarding the quit claim were made freely and voluntarily.

Family Bible shows Rachel's date of death as a January date and her gravestone has a December date. She is listed as 64 years, 7 months and 13 days. She is reputed to have been the first person buried in the new burying ground which was named the Trexler Cemetery. Across the front pedestrian entrance is a wrought-iron gate with the name Trexler hung above it. Rachel's and Jonathan's graves are not far from this gate. The 1860 Mortality Schedules for Jasper County, Illinois gives the cause of Rachel's death as "old age".

Per the US Bureau of Land Managment, Jonathan Trexler's Illinois land:

Date: 10 May 1853
Location: Jasper County, Illinois
Document #: 18836
Serial #: IL2760-.160
Acres: 40.0
Meridian or Watershed: 3rd PM
Parcel: Township 6N, Range 8E, Section 14

George Burton Family

George Burton - picture owned by Margret Lind
This picture was taken at studio of A. Constant, 21 Hospital St, New Orleans LA where he was hospitalized with small pox.

George Burton was born in Jasper County IL on Oct. 1, 1841.
In 1860, he married Elizabeth Ann Harris in Jasper.
Elizabeth was born in Jasper on April 11, 1843.

George served in the Civil War.
Service Record: Enlisted in the Illinois 97th Infantry Regiment on 20 Jan 1864.
Mustered out on 29 Jul 1865.
Transferred to Company D, Illinois 37th Infantry Regiment on 29 Jul 1865.
Mustered out on 15 May 1866 at Houston TX

Burton, George W., c.1842 born in Jasper County, Ill., farmer; pvt., 97th Ill. Infantry Rgt. and 37th Ill. Infantry Rgt.

George's father was Alfred Henry Burton who was born in North Carolina.
He moved to Jasper County sometime between 1831 and 1840 where he appears in the census.
He died in Jasper County in 1868.

Alfred was married to Hester 'Hettie' Burch or Birch, born in Kentucky in April 1812.
In the 1870 census she is living in Kansas.

Elizabeth's father was Daniel Harris, born in Kentucky.
He appears in Jasper in the 1840 census.

Elizabeth's mother was Eleanor 'Nellie' Vanatta, born in Ohio on Jan 12, 1808.
After Daniel Harris died in 1842, she married George Bain in Jasper on Sept 17, 1846.
In the 1880 census she was living in Kansas.

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