1887 Reunion of Old Soldiers

Jasper County, IL

As reported in the Newton Press - October 19, 1887



Grand Reunion of Old Soldiers


The Second Annual Gathering a Great Success

The second annual reunion of ex-soldiers, held under the auspices of the Jasper County Veteran Association in this city on the _____ and Friday, was a success in every particular. The attendance was large, the weather fine, the order ____, the speeches temperate and ____ and the enthusiasm at the ____ over point. The exercises were conducted at the fair grounds and ___ stand was improvised for the occasion. The stars and stripes floated gracefully, hanging to a rope across the track from the speakers stand and the amphitheater; while the inside of the grandstand was tastily decorate with flags, banners, evergreens, etc. An organ at which Miss Cora Vest presided, assisted by he Newton Glee Club furnished the music. Col. Jessie R. Johnson, of the Jasper County Veteran Association, acted as master of ceremonies. Speeches were delivered by Capt. Charles Yelton, Hon. Hale Johnson, Capt. Edwin Har_m, Major James A. Connolly, Hon. Benson Wood and others. To their credit be it said politics were omitted. In the afternoon of the second day the officers of the Association for the ensuing year were elected. They are: Hale Johnson, colonel; Alfred D. Leamon, Lieutenant colonel; John Totland, major and Wm. L. Bridges, quartermaster. At night Mr. Wood addressed a large audience at the opera house.


Adjutant Hale Johnson, who kept the official roster, has kindly loaned it to us for the purpose of copying the names thereon. The total number of ex-soldiers in attendance was 307. We herewith present their names, rank and the company and regiment to which they belonged. The roster is as near complete as possible and will be found of great value to those in attendance and their friends and relatives. It will pay you to file away this paper for future reference:

155th ILL

Company B:

  • Musician Daniel Grove
  • Corporal Lewis Bennett
  • Wm. Strong
  • Abe Weaver
  • Charles Mulvaney
  • Conrad Scott
  • B.T. Moulden
  • G.M. Romack
  • Lewis McKinley

Company C:

  • Wm. Ayers
  • S.C. Morris

21st ILL

Company I:

  • John W. Ward
  • A.W. Parson
  • H.R. King
  • S.M. Matheney

Company H:

  • Captain Edwin Harlan

Company K:

  • Corporal J.P. Gambril
  • Sergeant I.M. Shup
  • Geo. H. Payne
  • Corporal John Cowger
  • Sergeant W.L. Bridges
  • Jacob Weaver
  • T.C. Dodd

38th ILL

Company K:

  • L.W. Salter
  • Wm. Jordan
  • Job Fithian
  • Wm. Babbs
  • John G. Bliss
  • Corporal Wm. F. Lord
  • J.A. Black
  • Johnathan Trexler
  • A.J. Ervin
  • Corporal John Chestnut
  • E. Reisner
  • Captain B.W. Harris
  • David Bower
  • R.W. Ping
  • Elzie Dobbins
  • E. Burnsides
  • W.A. Dillman
  • William Worthey
  • Asst't Surg J.H. Maxwell

Company H:

  • John Catt
  • John McIlwain

Company A:

  • W.E. Patterson
  • J.W. Needham

Company B:

  • John B. Lipe

98th ILL

Company I

  • J.S. Jones
  • Corporal Robert E. Smith
  • C.E.Garwood
  • Sergeant W.H. Ward
  • Corporal S.F. Winterrowd
  • J.W. Wilson
  • G.W. Morey
  • Captin Lawrence Banta
  • Corporal Nate Vanderhoof
  • Corporal C.F.M. Morey
  • J.T. Burnsides

Company D

  • Geo V. Tracy
  • W.H. Muchmore
  • J.M. Pierson

97th ILL

Company E:

  • J.E. Kibler
  • Corporal Isaac Kibler
  • W.C.Green
  • W.T. Andrews
  • C.P. Ross
  • Sergeant John F. Cummins
  • Corporal W.D. Cummins
  • W.W. Cahpman
  • Henry Sowers
  • W.B. Ward
  • Corporal John R. Harding
  • J.W. Torbut

Company D:

  • 1st Lieut. John L. Elder
  • J.A. Wilson
  • Corporal Michael Lida

Company B:

  • David Cole
  • John A. Kilgore

  • Lewis Gibson - 59th Ind., Company D
  • Felix Langley - 18th Ind., Company H
  • W.M. Kenelpp - 91st ILL., Company F
  • J.D. Black - 75th Ind., Company E
  • J.E. Kincade - 43rd Ind, Company A
  • Corporal A.R. Ray - 1st Ind. Heavy Art., Company I
  • G.W. Varvil - 35th Ind., Company A
  • Wesley Cecil - 140th Ind., Company K
  • Orion Mann - 108th Ohio, Company G
  • ?. B. Stewart - 6th ILL Cav., Company E
  • T.J. Isley - 123rd Ind., Company A
  • Sergeant James Johnson - 123rd Ind., Company A
  • James Eveland - 135th Ill., Company G
  • Dennett Cowger - 79th Ind, Company I
  • John Luke - 148th Ind., Company B
  • N.H. Todd - 113 ILL, Company K
  • Stephen Hiett - 91st ILL, Company H
  • Sergeant J. Clark - 198 Ohio (or 196?), Company B:
  • Willis Thompson - 26th Ind., Company E
  • Steven Stark - 30th Ill, Company F
  • P. Ingram - 65th ILL, Company D
  • J.W. Bagwell - 35th MO, Company B
  • S.G. Cartright - 26 (or 28th?) ILL, Company H
  • James Lynch - 26th (or 28th?) ILL, Company F
  • Harrison Crews - 46 (48th?) Ind, Company A
  • J. Stough - 37th Penn., Company F
  • T.E. Piper - 70th ILL, Company K
  • John Andres - 11th Ind., Company E
  • Corporal J.E. Mitchell - 136 ILL, Company G
  • Corporal John Toland - 33rd Ohio, Company A
  • Moses Lewis - 6th Ind., Company A
  • Henry Fitch - 18th Ohio Battery
  • Joseph Swick - 5th ILL, Company L
  • Capt. W. C. Gilson - 7th ILL, Company K
  • Q.M. Sgt. James McFadden - 9th Ind. Cav, Company H
  • M.W. Burch - 7th Ind. Cav., Company E
  • H.O. Robinson - 1st ILL, Company I
  • Harrison Deck - 63rd ILL, Company A
  • Joseph Shoemaker - 1st O. Heav. Art, Company H
  • M.H. Carr - 111 ILL, Company A
  • W.B. Jones - 8th ILL, Company E
  • Capt. J.R. Johnson - 130th ILL, Company H
  • Hale Johnson - 135 Ind., Company D
  • J.P. Murray - 3rd KY, Company I
  • J. S. Clark - 198 (193?) Ohio, Company D
  • Wm. Roderick, 126th Ohio, Company K
  • Rollin Vest, 57th Ind., Company F
  • Sergeant R.H. Brown, 28? Ind. Bat.
  • Andrew Altz, 173 Ohio, Company B
  • H.L. Booker, 97 Ind., Company I
  • W.L. Phillips, 40th Ind., Company E
  • Jacob Cook, 63 ILL, Company K
  • Silas Malcom, 33rd Ind., Company B

123rd ILL

Company E:

  • Aaron Dillman
  • Corporal W. A. Gifford
  • Joseph Harrison
  • W.A. McCabe
  • L. Dow
  • Musician S.D. Odell
  • Corporal Forest Farley
  • Wm. Clark
  • G. Ingle

Company H:

  • Joseph Boles
  • W.T. Hunt

Company D:

  • M. Decker
  • Perry Musgrove

Company F:

  • B.F. Thomas

Company K:

  • Corporal Elston Wright
  • Wm. Broome, 12 Ind., Company I
  • Frank Hocking, 26th ILL, Company H
  • Corporal John Lenox, 63 IL, Comapny K
  • W.G. Armstrong, 99th Ind., Company I
  • John H. Howard, 6th ILL., Company E
  • Capt. J.B. Baker, 3rd ILL Cav, Company B
  • J.C. Vawter, 66th ILL, Company I
  • Sergeant L.S. Ryan, 66th ILL, Company K
  • Daniel Bogard, 13th ILL, Company E
  • Dep. Sur. J.B. Robinson, 1 Ore. Cav, Company D
  • Wm. St. Martz, 59th ILL, Company F
  • Samuel Matheney, 59th ILL, Company F
  • M.A. Hussey, G.B. Brilliant, No. 18
  • T.G.Gambell, 149th Ind., Company G

79th ILL

Company I:

  • Sergeant John Postlewait
  • Thomas Tuttle
  • Wm. Partlow
  • John Jenkins
  • Elijah Harris
  • James Meeks, 81st ILL, Company G

46th ILL

Company F

  • 2d Lieut. John L. Carter
  • T.S. Hendy
  • Corporal W.L. Wakefield
  • R.M. Carter
  • J.C. Stanley
  • Thomas Carter
  • Sergeant Milton Wakefield
  • Harrison Brown

143rd ILL

Company I

  • J.F. Hunt
  • R.H. Vanderhoof
  • H.K. Powell
  • Samuel Burnsides
  • Wm. H. Brooks

Company D:

  • John Rue
  • 2d Lieut. W.J. Chittenden
  • Joseph Brill

Company F:

  • Frederick Cook
  • 1st Lieut. H.D. Yelvington, 57th Ind., Company D

  • W.C. Hall, 12th Ind, Company G

  • D.S. Beall, 13th Ind., Company I

  • S.A. Malcom, 23rd Ill, Company H

  • Lewis Rinehart, 11th Mo., Company D

  • Jacob Staley, 32nd Ind, Company D

  • Corporal C.E. Ingram, 14th ILL Cav, Compny E

  • Corporal G.W. Lewis, 59th ILL Cav, Company K

  • T.B. Jones, 51st ILL Cav., Company E

  • Elias Richards, 62nd ILL Cav., Companies D & E

  • A.L. Reed, 57th Ohio, Company D

  • John Hays, 93rd Ind., Company G

  • Wash. Whightsil, 106th Ohio, Company I

  • Sergeant J.P. Warren, 37th ILL, Company E

  • B. Filer, 115th Ind, Company G

  • C.M. Chamblin, Dept. Corp Pittsburg

  • 2d Lieut. John H. Roberts, 8th ILL, Company D

  • Daniel Wood, 152nd ILL, Company A

  • H.S. Hinman, 136th ILL, Company C

  • Capt. William Leamon, 63rd ILL, Company K

  • Capt. O.P. Brown, 59th (39?) Ohio, Company K

  • Milt Allison, 43rd Ind., Company C

  • P.S. Beals, 71st Ind., Company B

  • Benjamin Boles, 66 (?) ILL, Company E

  • John W. Wilder, 37th Ind, Company E

  • Samuel Brown, 128th Ohio, Company G

  • S.W. Morrison, 1 Mo. Eng. Company F

  • David Liun, 1 Mo. Eng, Company D

  • T.D. Jones, 59th Ind., Company C

  • Sergeant William Johnson, 69 Ind., Company E

  • George H. Myers, 38th Ohio, Company D

  • John L. Marker, 1st Ohio heavy art

  • Sergeant E.S. Taylor, 11 Mo, Company E

  • Asst. Sur., John B. Johnson, 72 Ind.

  • Corporal John M. Frakes, 27 Ind., Company B

  • Wm. H. Ivy, 60th ILL, Company K

  • A. Junior, 11th ILL, Company I

  • Goerge Forseman, 1 Art. Mexican, Company I

  • John Barthelmy, 16th Ind., Company G

  • Corporal N. Shoemaker, 194 Ohio, Company H

  • Corporal Thomas Taylor, 13th Ind., Company D

  • W.S. Robinson, 33th ILL, Company I

  • Fred Crouse, 22 Ind., Company H

  • Milt Hensley, 6th ILL Cav., Company D

  • CharlesLl. Meek, 53 (33?) Ind., Company D

  • Corporal M.T. Bruster, 1 ILL Mexican, Company G

  • Corporal Daniel Osborn, 8 Ill, Company E

  • T. Kutz?, 144th Ohio, Company K

  • J.F. Fehrenbacker, Bat. F. Artilery

  • S.K. Peterson, 33 Ohio, Company F.

  • S.H. Shears, 11 Mich. Cav., Company F

  • T.H. Marshall, 22nd Ohio, Company E

  • Cornelius Murphy, 18 Ind. Bat

  • Robert Carrick, 43rd ILL, Company I

  • Wm. Metcalf, 152 ILL, Company H

  • C.L. Whitaker, 11 Mo. Cav., Company D

  • Wm. Chapman, 13th Ohio, Company A

  • J.L. Jamison, 21 Ind. Heavy Art., Company B

  • 1st Lieut. Fr'k D. Richardson, 13th O. Cav., Company M

  • D.C. Boggs, 8th ILL, Company D

  • Jerry Reese, 132nd Penn., Company E

  • J.W. Millsap, 93rd Ind., Company A

  • Thomas J. Pack, 1st Virginia, Company A

  • John Breneman, 66th Ohio, Company E

  • M.C. Elkins, 14 Ind. Band

  • W.C. McCoy, 194th Ohio, Company K

  • J.E. Vest, 11th Ind. Company D

  • J.W. Moody, 9th Ind. Cav., Company I

  • Sutler Henry Vanderhoof, 28th Ill

  • P.M. Jamison, 72nd ILL, Company B

  • J.A. McGaughey, 40th ILL Company B

  • J.A. McGaughey, 40th ILL, Company E

  • John Dodd, 11th Ind., Company G

  • E.K. Nelson, 79 Ind., Company G

  • J. P. Workman, 17 Ind. Bat

  • L. F. Livesay, 60 ILL, Company C

  • Corporal William Lewis, 133rd Ohio, Company F

  • Corporal Harper Kellam, 16th Ind., Company H

  • Corporal Esau Filer, 59th Ind., Company A

  • W.A. Stambaugh, 149 Ind., Company A

  • Capt. G.W. Johnson - U.S.A.

  • H.C. Peters, 24 Ind., Company H

  • Peter Gosliu, 29th ILL., Company K

48th ILL

Company B:

  • 2d Lieut D.F. Walters
  • Leonard Wolf
  • Abraham Smith

Company K:

  • Corporal Richard Umsted
  • Corporal John R. Blair
  • W.J. Swartz

5th ILL Cav

Company F:

  • 1st Lieut. Jacob Stifel
  • Sergeant Joseph Hale
  • James Snider
  • Henry Kirtz
  • Corproal Ichabod Spencer
  • Robert Sims
  • 1st Lieut. John D. Rawlings

Company H:

  • David Gambril
  • J.A. Gosnell

Company I:

  • Romine Dyson

54th ILL Cav

Company E:

  • Sergeant A.D. Leamon
  • Henry Small
  • Samuel Robinson
  • Sergeant Sylvester Gayer

Company G:

  • Silas Matheney
  • Dennis Foster

Company I:

  • John Williams
  • J.A. Girhard, 5th Penn, Company H

  • Capt. C.D. Kendall, 11 Mo, Company K

  • 1st Lieut. W.F.F. Evans, 38th Ind., Company G

  • A.J. Woods, 24th Ind., Company K

  • W.N. Nicholas, 1 MO, Company D

  • Corporal W.P. Bickers, 50 Ind., Company B

  • Sergeant W.B. Bowman

36th (?) ILL

Company K:

  • Lt. Col. John J. Rider
  • Xaver Picquet
  • Alvin J. Cramer
  • Taylor Randolph
  • Frank P. Hurt
  • Corporal J.G. Goodwin

Camp Fire Notes:

The weather was surperb.

The ubiquitous stand men were numerous.

Yale Post was headed by a good martial hand.

A little chuck-a-luck made things look like old times.

Nothing seems so good to eat to an old soldier as a mess of sow belly and hard tack washed down with army coffee.

With flags flying, tents erected, the fires burning brightly and the tread of martial men things looked like a miniature war camp.

Capt. J.W. Johnson of Willow Hill, spent seven years in the service of Uncle Sam, going through the Mexican and civil wars.

A number of little girls dressed in red, white and blue were one of the features of Rose HIll Post's delegation that was very interesting.

S.B. Bar___, proprietor of the Newton Foundry, presented to Jacob E. Reed post No. 550 of this city, a small cannon, and Capt. Lawrence Banta a large beautiful flag. Both gifts speaks in words of the highest praise for the generosity of the donors. May their lines always be cast in pleasant places is the wish of every old soldier.

James W. Gibson made one of the Friday night addresses. If Judge Gibson wasn't a member of the PRESS staff we might be tempted to say that when it comes to learned forensic addresses there are few in this neck of the woods who excel him, even when called out from the midst of the crowd of spectators as he was Friday evening.

A scrimmage between Geo. W. Chandler and Constable Henry Turner, while the latter was performing some official duty, slightly disconcerted Major Connolly and caused him for a moment to let loose of the thread of his discourse. He quickly, however, ordered the "boys" to lie flat on their bellies while the bullets (figuratively speaking) passed harmlessly over their heads.

To the average reader the roster we furnish may not seem to have cost any labor and yet the writer of this spent more than a full day of time in classifying and copying from the register, besides the work of type setting, which is no small job. It will be well worth preserving and no doubt many of the "boys" will be enabled to learn something of the whereabouts of their comrades through it.

The Post flag, donated by Capt. Banta, was made by Mrs. M.E. Martin, Mrs. J.H. Maxwell, Mrs. J.W. Breneman, Mrs. Geo. W. Fithian, Mrs. S.B. Brown and Misses Sallie Honey Mattie Cowger and Emma Shup. Mrs. Martin presented it in a few well chosen words and Capt. Kendall accepted the gift on behalf of the Post after which three hearty cheers were given for the ladies.

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