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Schools in Jasper County, Illinois

Advance School
- Location:

Known teachers: Orell Brooks (1928-29)

Bird School
- Located: east of Falmouth

Known teachers: C.D. Pickens (1905)

Blair School

- Located about 10 miles south of Newton.

Known teachers: Albert Kittle (c. 1893-1895), John Hamilton of Bogota (1894)

Bogota School
- Location:

Known teachers: Nola Keever (1910), Minnie Graves (1910)

Boos School
- Location:

Known teachers: Bert Mattingly (1932)

Buckeye School
- Location: two miles south of Kedron

Known teachers: Jasper Worthey (1898), Ira Burnside (1910), Floyd D.K. Price (1914-15)

Buck Grove School
- Location:

Known teachers:

Brockville School
- Location:

Known teachers: W.E. Isley

Brown School
- Location:

Known teachers: Nellie Redman (1910)

Calvin School
- Location: 2 miles south of Bogota

Known teachers: Luther Wooden (1899) O.P. Chesnut (1916)

Center School
- Location:

Known teachers: Shirley R. Hall (1930)

Cherry Grove School
- Location: Half a mile south of Lis

Known teachers: A.B. Johnson, (1891)

Coad School

- Location: Northwest of Rose Hill

Known teachers: Paul Harker (1920)

College Hill School
- Location: two miles west of Bogota

Known Teachers: Nelle Clark (1898); John Mahaney (1910)

Compromise School
- Location:
estab. 1848 on Isaac Gifford land.

Known Teachers: Henry Clark, Martha Rason, Minor Mitchell, I.B. Parr, Alfred Martin, E. Benefield, L.A. James

Cummins School
- Location: Crooked Creek Township

Known Teachers: Frank P. Hunt (1894)

Dallmier School
- Location: 7 miles southeast of Newton

Known Teachers: Mary Mattingly (1923)

Dark Bend School

Known Teachers: Harold Cummins (1940)

Fairview School
- Location: one mile north of Hunt.

Known Teachers: Floyd Madden (sometime bet. 1924-34. Source of info is his son Roger)

Foltz School
- Location: first located a half mile west of Ray Foltz Garage - later Reba's Store, then it got moved to just north of Reba's Store

Known Teachers: Dorothy Clark (1947)

Frazier School
- Location:

Known Teachers: Vivian James (1904) -- Belle Clark (1911)

Greenwood School

Known Teachers: Wilmer J. Maginn

Hickory School
- Location: The school was located 4½ miles north of Newton.

Known Teachers:
Lena Raef (1910)

Hidalgo School

- Location:

Known Teachers: Bill Houser (1893), Lillie Roberts (1923)

Holm School
- Location: 2 miles south and 1 mile west of Wheeler

Known Teachers: Tom Phillips (1891)

Hunt School
- Location: Hunt City

Known Teachers: Emery Gifford (1916)

Hutson School

- Location: two miles west of Hidalgo

Known Teachers: Mrs. Mollie McComas Reynolds (1894); Samuel Strader (1913)

Independence School
- Location: Grove Township, west of Island Grove Cemetery.
Submitted by Pamela Goebel Nicodemus who adds: "My father, Wayne Goebel, attended there. I am not sure when it was closed. My mother and father acquired it about 1947 and moved it about 1/2 mile west. I was raised in this house, along with my brothers and sisters. My brother, Randy Goebel, lives in it. I believe the foundation for the original school may still exist."]

Johnson School
- Location: South Muddy township

Known Teachers: Samuel Galloway (1903)

Jones School
- Located three miles northeast of Falmouth (northeast of Newton also)

Known Teachers: Minnie Bliss Mitchell (1900), Wiley Lewis (1903), Betty Williams (1910)

Kedron School
Location: 7 miles west of Newton

Known Teachers:

Kepley school
- Located in the southwest corner of Jasper county

Known Teachers: John Breedlove (1910); William Fuson (1912)

Kerns School
Location: Grove Twp, one mile south and two miles east of Gila

Known Teachers: Inez Feezel (1899), W.I. Ross (1912), Ocie Moomaw (1915)
From 1900-1947, teachers were:

Harry Keen, Nellie Clark, Myrna Moomaw, Mildred Summit, Raymond Hicks, Freeman Plunkett, Enda Parker, Walter Reid, W.I. Ross, Cyrus Miller, Sylvia Diel, Lucille Griffith, Ethel McKean 190/08, Daisy Faschnaght 1919/20; Virgil Shumard 1920/21; Echo B. Lawrence 1921/22; Rex Clark 1923/24; E.R. Leturno 1924/25; Noah A. Clodfelder 1925/26; Mary L. Richards 1927/28; Gladys Davis 1928/29; William J. Jones 1929/1931; Carl Mitchell 1931/32; Helen Huddleston 1932/33; Dale E. Spencer 1933/34; Ronald Carpenter 1934/35; Gerald Trimble 1935/36; Hal Trimble 1936/37; Eleanor Gable 1937/40; Delmas Hays 1940/43; Deborah Walk 1943/46 and Tressie Swisher 1946/47

[Information from Stella Strole and Mable Clark]

Kessler School

Known Teachers: Julia Kaufmann (1907)

Kibler School

Known Teachers: Jim Raper

Latona School


Known Teachers: Dan Kirkham (1896)

Little Range School
Location: Northwest of Willow Hill

Known Teachers: Vera Mae Madden (1926)

Long Branch School
Location: 5 miles southwest of Newton

Known Teachers: Lizzie Hamilton Black (1896)

Mound School
Location: Northeast of Willow Hill and west of Mound cemetery

Known Teachers: Naomi (Stretcher) Isley (1905)

Mt. Olive School
Location: northwest of Newton

Known Teachers: Rube Foot (1909)

Mt. Zion School
Location: northeast of Lis

Known Teachers: Charley Kennedy (1904)

Myers School
Location: One mile north of Gila

Known Teachers: Dewey Raper (1918)

Newton Grade School

Known Teachers: Emma Trainor (1906); Emma Shup Wright (1906) Principal: Charles Bevis (1906) Elma Kibler (1906)

Oak Grove School
Location: 4 miles west of Newton

Known Teachers: John D. Davis (1912)

Oakland School
Location: four miles southwest of Bogota

Known Teachers: R.G. Chesnut (1896)

Onion Prairie School

Known Teachers: Lela Hamilton (1914); Opal Payne Madden (bet. 1926-31?)

Palmersburg School

Known Teachers: L.C. McCain (1909)

Pingtown School
Location: located east of Willow Hill

Known Teachers:

Marvin Harrison (1900-1901), Giles Francis (1900-1901), Maud Sibbett (1900-1901)
A.D. Bartley (1901-1902), Della Anderson (1901-1902)
A.D. Bartley (1902-1903) Maude Richardson (1902-1903)
Nancy Koons (1904/05), Daisy Norton (1904/05)
Fannie (Cahill) Ping (1906), Emily (Gustin) Flynn (1906)

Point Pleasant School

Known teachers: John Yelton (1911)

Pond Grove School
Location: 3½ miles south of Sainte Marie.

Known teachers: Bert Carpenter (1898)

Prairie School


Known teachers: Charles Shumard (1893/4)

Premium School
Location: Crooked Creek

Known teachers: Mat Martin (1892)

Reisner School

Known teachers: (Charles Price 1910-11)

Richards (aka Ganderneck) School

Known Teachers: Mrs. Nannie Trainor Tate (1898); Earl Heady (1909-10)

Rose Hill School

Known Teachers: Lloyd Flocken, principal (1930) Jessie Baker, teacher (1930)

Round Prairie School
Jasper County Public School # 119
It existed from about 1900 until 1946 or so.
Location: it was two miles east of Hickory School, in the North East Corner of Grandville Township, and approximately one mile south of Clark County and one mile or so west of Crawford County.

Known Teachers:
1921-1922 Iva Perkins
1922-1926 Lena Calvert
1926-1927 Sylvia Williams
1927-1928 Clell Wiman
1928-1929 Mildred Cramer
1929-1930 Effie Hickox Bailey
1930-1931 Velma Burnett
1931-1933 Lawrence H. Cowger
1933-1936 Ernest F. Cramer
1936-1937 Lawrence H. Cowger
1937-1940 Eliza Cramer
1940-1941 Della Harris
1941-1943 Esther F. Hall
1943-1946 Eliza Cramer

Source of Data: Richard E. Myers, Jasper Co. resident/researcher

Sand Ridge School
- Located in Grandville Twp

Known Teachers: Noah Arthur Cramer (1909)

Sarvis Hill School
- Located 9 miles northwest of Newton

Known Teachers: Lizzie Shumard (1909)

Shiloh School District No. 1
- Located in Grove Twp

Known Teachers:

Springs School
- Located:

Known Teachers: Luther Wooden (1909); Tressa Laws Swisher (1930)

St. Peter School

- Location: Northwest corner of the St. Peter Cemetery Grounds

Known Teachers: Frank Long (1896); Ed Arnold (1898)

Swick School (Fairview)
- Location: North Crooked Creek township

Known Teachers: Sam Strader (1911); Ursel McKinley (1917)

Trexler School
- Location:

Known Teachers: Wayne French (1899/1900); Harry Jones (1912)

Union School (aka Cornbread)
- Located two miles south of Latona

Known Teachers: Semore Knepper (1899)

Vanderhoof School
- Location:

Known Teachers: May (Lafayette) Maxwell (1900-01)

Wakefield School
- Location: It was seven miles south of Newton on Buck Grove Road, or one mile east of Shamrock, and not in the village of Wakefield as one might suppose.

Known Teachers: Lillie Lambird Klier (1910)

Water Oak School
- Location:

Known Teachers:

West Liberty School
- Location: 2 miles east of Hidalgo

Known Teachers: Harve Gross (1901), Walter Laus (1910) Gladys Letsinger (1915), Shirley Hall (1921)

Willow Hill Schools
- Location:

Known Teachers: Flossie Cramer, Zenith Kibler, Clinton James

Willow Hill No. 6 School
- Location: 2 miles north and one mile east of Willow Hill

Known Teachers: Ira Madden

Winterrowd School
- Location:

Known Teachers: T.L. McCorkle (1916)

Yale School

- Location:

Known Teachers: Luella Carr Blankenbaker (1925)

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