Jasper County, Illinois
School Class Pictures

(Most, if not all of these pictures were published in the Newton Press-Mentor throughout the years.)

Palmersburg School

Shown above are students of the Palmersburg school in 1909. The picture is owned by Bruce Cramer of Yale.
First row, left to tright: Ella Martin, Eliza Parcel, Leona Immel, May Shook, Grace Cramer, Alvin Cramer, John Harris, Dewey Mercer, Albert Parcel, Allen Sandiford, Marie Martin and Roxie Shook.
Second row: Lydia Mercer, Rose Boyd, Luther Martin, Fred Boyd and Bruce Cramer.
Third row: Roy Short, Fern Boyd, Chester Shook, Id? Cramer, Ruth Sohok, Willie Cramer, Mary Cramer, Ray Immel, Buy Mercer and Agnes Shook.
Fourth row: Victor Martin, Scott Mercer, Blanch Sandiford, Dessie Martin, Sue Mercer, Lou Immel, Kate Shook, Hazel Parcel, Charlie Rude, Everett Harris and Olin Boyd.
Fifth row: L.C. McCain teacher, Leland Boyd, Harry? Short, Arthur Harris and Lawrence Martin.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

Rose Hill School

Rosehill School 1930
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher]

Buck Grove School

Buck Grove School 1939
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher]

Sarvis Hill


Sarvis Hill School pix

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher]

This picture of the old Cherry Grove school located about half a mile south of Lis was taken in about 1891 and is owned by Fred Gillson of Westfield.

Pupils in the photo are: Len List, Ivan Warfel, Logan Warfel, John Jackson, Ora Jackson, Tillie Dougherty, Luther Long, Lewis Jackson, Charles Jackson, Charles Feasel, Anna Gillson, Roy Shup, A.B. Johnson teacher, Myrtie Drake, Dollie Happany, Ammy Happany, Arnold List, Eli Long, Stella Warfel, Bertha List, John Feasel, Anna Warfel, Ralph Dougherty, Bertha Long, Clella Shup, Minnie List, Dick Feasel, Mary Gillson, Millie Drake, Ella Feasel, Fred gillson, Myrtie Warfel and Ethel Sjuip.

The names were written in this order at the top of the photo and Mr. Gillson was --------
(cutoff) individually.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

Mt. Olive School

Mt. Olive School 1909

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