This picture is from the Newton Press-Mentor, April 11, 1968 and contributed by Karen Fink. Her grandmother is Mabel Foote, born in this picture to have been taken around 1895. Karen also says that the school was probably in the area of the Fairview or Tin Top Church about seven miles north of Newton in Wade Township.

Many thanks to Karen for contributing it!

Newton Press-Mentor, April 11, 1968..........

"The picture is about 76 years old, but the name of the school is not known.

First row: Walter Tussing, Roy Foote, Owen Gosnell, Alva Allen, Earl Foltz, Alta Adkins, Terrance Varvil, Elmer Phillips, Alva Kibler and Barney Foote.

Second row: ---, Bert Phillips, Elmer Adkins, Art Phillips, Harry Allen, Merle Allen, Nellie Printz, Ed Foltz, Edith Kibler, Pearl Kibler, Mable Foote, Bessie Foltz, Etta Gosnell, Alma Foote, Dochia Adkins, Ronnie Varvil

Third row: Elza Varvil, Gilbert Postlewaite, Gracia Allen, Norcha Cunefare, Emmitt Phillips, Alex Riley, Bert Adkins, Carla Kibler, Carl Kibler, Myrtle Postlewaite, Julia Burgund, Nora Riley, Anna Tussing, Ethel Foltz.

Fourth row: Vera Gosnell, Effie Printz, Addie Printz, Dochia Foote, Daisy Kibler, Clarence Foltz, Lennie (?) Foltz, Myrtie Allen, Mary Tussing, Hattie Printz, Effie Varvil

Fifth row: Ora Allen, Home Foote, Andrew Foltz, Ed Kibler, Bill Postlewaite

Sixth row: Leslie Postlewaite, Harry Jenkins, Tom Phillips, teacher, Howard Kibler, Ruben Foote, Edna Tussing, Florence Cunefare, Addie Jenkins, Lulu Tussing.

The picture is owned by Mrs. Dochia Myers"

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