Jasper County, Illinois Schools
Class Pictures

Prairie School

Charles Shumard, Teacher

1893 Class Picture of Prairie School

[cut-off name on side is Charles Raper]

Kepley School


The picture of the Kepley school was taken Feb 11, 1910. The school was located in the southwest corner of Jasper county

First row: Jan Connerly, Neil Kellums, Sarah Connerly, Cleda Kepley Stanley.
Second row: Bryon Cook, Angie Kepley Brown, Elijah Kepley, Russel Lewis, Jake Hartacy and Cecil Birch
Third row: Mary Lewis Gould, Madge Kellums Kincaid, Cora Pugh Galloway and Cecil Cook and John Breedlove, teacher.
Fourth row: Kathryn Colborn Britton, Henry Rhinehart, Nora Pugh Anderson, Roy Kepley, Lester Lester, Lewis Gharst, Guy Smith and Lena Rhinehart Emry.
Fifth row: Charley Lewis, Sylvia Kepley Knowles, Lawrence Smith, Ruth Brooks Chenowerth, Raymond Pugh and Jessie Connerley.
The picture was brought to the P-M office by Cora Galloway of Route 1 Dieterich.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

Kepley School

1912 Kepley School Picture

Printed in the Newton Press-Mentor Newspaper:

This KEPLEY SCHOOL picture of 1912 was brought in by Zola Fulk Bateman of Louisville, Ill. William Fuson was the teacher.
First row: Dora Carter, Alva Carter, Floyd Birch, Beulah Bateman, Kneffler Fulk and Berlin Bateman, holding slate, Earl Nottingham, Helen Slack, Theron Kellems.
Second row: Cleda Kepley, Orlin Lewis, Velma Nottingham, Madelyn Bateman, Nell Kellums, Zola Fulk, Mabel Slack, Glenola Pugh, Bernice Nottingham.
Third row: Willie Jordan, Cecil Cook, Cora Pugh, Mary Lewis, Madge Kellums, Blanche Slack, Mary Nottingham, E.J. Kepley, Cecil Birch.
Fourth row: Roy Jourdan, Russell Lewis, Bryon Cook, Lasta Lewis, Raymond Pugh, Keith Brooks, Mary Jourdan, William Fuson teacher, Golda Nottingham, Sylvia Kepley, Angie Kepley, Norva Jordan.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

Sand Ridge School
(Grandville Township)


"The slate being held by students of the old Sand Ridge school in Grandville township dates the above photograph as taken in the year 1909, with Noah Arthur Cramer named as teacher.
From left to right, first row: Avery (Dyke) Weck, John Purcell, Rex Ping, Clarence Chapman, and (holding slate) Charles Purcell and Otho Immel, Grace (Fouty) Bowen, Rachel (Weck) Perkins, Mary (Purcell) Ulrey, Harry Ping, Russel Fouty.
Second row: Louie Weck, Don Ping, Roscoe Short, Charles Weck, Floyd Wiman, Roy Fouty, Elsie (Hopper) Reece, Flora Short.
Third Row: Guy Ping, Frank Fouty, Blanch (Ping) Boyd, Robert Baker, Fanny (Hopper) Mahaney, Harvey Snider, Jennie (Hopper) Fouty, Elsie (Immel) Clark.
The photo is the property of Mrs. Luther R. Clark of Yale.
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

Blair School
c. 1894

The passage of 72 years has slightly dimmed the original photograph in which the students of Blair school posed with their teacher, John Hamilton of Bogota, who later went on to study medicine and practiced his profession in Jasper county.

From left to right, first row: Harry Michael, Raymond Woods, Joe Raef, Jonah Carter, Kily Raef, Oscar Weaver, Frank, Elkis (?) Riley Woods, Harley West, Oscar West, Jim Kittle.
Second row: David Woods, Alva Breedlove, Luna Henry, -- Weaver, Pluma(?) Weaver, -- Woods, Maggie Black, Ina Wood, Tina Woods, Dessie Breedlove, Stella Breedlove, Zora Low, Ella Michael, Sol Woods.
Third row: John Kittle, Maymie Raef, Dora Carter, Nora Black, John Hamilton, -- Weaver, George Kittle, Charley Nickels, Kenneth Elkin.
Top row: Rolla Henry, Cliff Wilson, John Blair, Noah Carter, Adam Carter, Clint Weaver, Ben Breedlove, Fleet(?) Black, Ira Kittle
Kenneth Elkin of 1225 Stewart Street, Springfield is owner of the picture. He is 85 years old

(This picture appeared in the Newton Press in 1966, so was probably taken around 1894 from the hint of the first sentence)

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

Blair School
Unknown Year, but within a year or two of the picture above

Blair School
This picture of the Blair School, which was located about 10 miles south of Newton, was brought in by Miss Helen Thacker. The picture belonged to her mother, the late Mrs. Luna Thacker.
First row, left to right: Matthew Elkin, Grace Breedlove, Willie Raef, Harry Michl, Tressie Woods, Essie Woods, Zora Lough, Minnie Tipton, Ina Lough, Omar Lough, Appie Elston, Pluma Woods, Dave Woods.
Second row: Joe Raef, Raymond Woods, Jonie Carter, Alva Breedlove, Jim Blair, Ira Woods, Russell Blair, Dessa Breedlove, Luna Henry, Maggie Black, Nellie Stoltz, Ber? Woods.
Third row: Dora Carter, Phlitis Black, Cliff Wils(on)?, Albert Kittle, teacher, Noah Carter, John Blair.
Fourth Row: Charlie Raef, Kenneth Elkin, Frank Elkin, Rolla Henry, Dave Woods, Effie Michl, Charlie Michl, N--? Elston, Riley Woods and Saul Woods.

[Right edge of newspaper torn]
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

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