Jasper County, Illinois Schools
Class Pictures

(Most, if not all of these pictures were published in the Newton Press-Mentor throughout the years.)

Vanderhoof School


PICTURE of the Vanderhoof School, taken in 1900-01 when May (Lafayette) Maxwell was teacher. This picture is owned by Mrs. Essie Watts of Newton.

First row, left to right: Walter Musgrove, Carl Swisher, Earl Swisher, Bob Mineo, Frank Manning, Lee May, Raymond McKinley and George Jourdan.
Second row: Maggie (Jenkins) Billings, Zelma Mitchell, Daisy Creed, Pearl Watts, Edith (Mitchell) Beverlin, Bessie (Allen) Semple, Mabel (McKinley) Petty and Essie (Allen) Watts
Third row: Andrew Watts, Carl Kilburn, Clarence Musgrove, Ira May, Charlie Musgrove, Laura (Jenkins) Jourdan, Mabel Ross, Nellie (Kilburn) Niehaus, Maude Hubbard, Er?e May, Maggie (Musgrove) Osborne, Mary (Allen) Whaley, Minnie Jenkins and Earl Watts.
Fourth row: Myrt Swisher, Lulu Hubbard, Ethel (Manning) Jourdan, Charlene (Creed) McClure, Mattie (Musgrove) Jourdan, May (Lafayette) Maxwell, the teacher, Eva Salley, Lillie (Mineo) Swick, Louise Lafayette, George Musgrove, James Swisher, Jim Mineo and Webb Marshall.
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

Point Pleasant School

point pleasant school, 1911
From the Newton Press-Mentor

"This photo was made at Point Pleasant school in 1911.
First row: Gene Land, William Reisner, Clay Buckley, Gordon Hepner.
Second row: Elve Roan, Beulah Buckley, Irene Hunt, Fred Chapman, Cletus Curl, Zannie Reisner, Helen Kelly, Fred Reisner, Phone Chapman, Fred Morgan, Floyd Curl
Third row: Maude Monroney, teacher, John Yelton, Harry Buckley, Roy Chapman, Clay Buckley, Arfred Kelly.
This picture is owned by Roy Chapman of Rose Hill.
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

Point Pleasant School

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher

Mound School

Mound School
From the Newton Press-Mentor:

"The above picture of the Mound school taken in 1900 is owned by Ida Laws. The school was located northeast of Willow Hill and west of Mound Cemetery.
First row: Sadie (Merritt) McCoy, Clone Faught, Golda (Holt) Womer, Nick Hoffman, ---, Ida (Jones) Laws.
Second row: Audry (Merritt) Chapman, ------, Alice (Wilson) Haywood, ------, Gertie (Roberts) Hedrick, Evertt Jones, Nellie Wall.

Third row: Hattie Merrick, Vernie Jones, Nora Ward, Chelsey DeWitt, Bertha (Coleman) Elston, Clyde DeWitt.
Top row: Nick Whitaker, Nellie (Wilson) Holt, Nora (Faught) Biggs, Edna (Orndorf) Selby, Charles Hall."

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

Mound School

Mound School, 1905
From the Newton Press-Mentor:

"This picture of the Mound School was taken in 1905.

First row: Claud Reese, Claudia (Calvert) Harrison, Otto Jones, Vadis Calvert, Ray Cox, Earl Reese, Flossie (Merritt) Perrine, Velma (Wall) May.
Second row: Clone Faught, Grace (Sparks) Dennis, Chester Holt, Lena (Wall) Franks, John Whitehurst, Sadie (Merritt) McCoy, Ida (Jones) Laws, Everett Holt.
Third row: Evert Jones, Audrey (Merritt) Chapman, Gertie (Roberts) Hedrick, Vernie Jones, Nellie (Kidd) Leggitt, Ora (Wall) Perkins, Naomi (Stretcher) Isley, teacher.
The picture is owned by Orie Phillips.
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

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