Jasper County, Illinois
School Class Pictures

(Most, if not all of these pictures were published in the Newton Press-Mentor throughout the years.)

Springs School

Springs shool in 1909-10
Pictured above are students who attended the Springs shool in 1909-10.
First row, left to right: ---Seeley, Inman Myers, --- Seeley, Orie Phillips, Ed Mann, Maurice Myers, --- Seeley, Lennie Ellis and Dale Mann.
Second row: Dolla Ellis, Lena Fiala, Lizzie Mann, Lillie Fasnacht, Theresa (Fiala) Scott, Bessie Seeley, Luther Wooden teacher.
Third row: Roy Scott, Jennie (Fasnacht) Swisher, Gladys Fiala, Daisy (Fasnacht) Katro, Roscoe Fasnacht, Guy Scott, owner of the picture, Ray Seeley, Rose Myers.
Fourth row: Claud Mann, Ralph Ross, Earnest Scott, Wilbur Mann, Raymond Myers, Cecil Ellis, Herbert Seeley.
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

Springs School

Springs School 1930
This picture was made at the Springs School in 1930.
First row: Walter Babbs, Burl Katro, Orville Phillips, Dorris Scott, Earl Babbs, Ruf Reed, Bill Reed.
Second row: Elmer Jordan, Joe Derixson, Alva Jordan, George Phillips.
Third row: Freda Phillips, Cleda Phillips, Faye Clark, Maxine Scott, Mary Phillips, Helen Ervin, Charlene Babbs, Pearl Reed, Vivian Jordan, Geneva Hooker, Aline Jordan.
Fourth row: Tressa Laws Swisher, teacher
The photo is the property of Faye Clark.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

Water Oak School

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher]

Willow Hill No. 6 School
Unknown Date

The above photo was taken 71 years ago at the No. 6 School located two miles north and one mile east of Willow Hill.
Ira N. Vance donated the land for the school which was built in 1877.
First row, left to right: Fred Vance, who owns this photo, Nellie Vance, Leona (Roberts) King, Ed Monroe, Fred Pierce, Ky Mitchell, Frank Brough, Albert Vance and George Vance.
Second row: Bessie (Apple) Faught, Iva Roberts, Leo (Apple) Ballsinger, Lan Roberts, Allie (Brough) Dillman, Louie (Monroe) Wheeler, Rennie (Roberts) Apple, Daisy Stewart, Ocie Faught, Arch Monroe.
Third row: Alva Mitchell, Mike Monroe, Nettie (Phillips) Allen, Lizzie (Byrd) Gifford, Ira Madden teacher, Grace Schafer, Len Apple and Guy Phillips.
Top row: Wallace Roberts, Edgar Apple, Bertha (Vance) Gifford, Frank Roberts, Maud (Sipert) Jacobs, Charles MItchell, Rose Schafer

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

Old Oakland School

Old Oakland School

This photo of the Old Oakland school was made Feb. 18, 1896, when R.G. Chesnut was the teacher. His son Perry Chesnut was one of the students and is the owner of this picture.

First row, left to right: Chester Fehrenbacher, Lillie (Lancaster) Gillaspie, Ethel (Crouse) Woods, Viola (McNew) McKinney, Ada (Wakefield) Burnside, ----, Ada Mullens, Dessie (Fehrenbacher) Pulliam, Cora (Worthy) Alcoke.
Second row: ---- Lancaster, Perry Chesnut, Willie Chesnut, Noah Lancaster, Orlen Chesnut, ----, Clella Childers, Ross King.
Third row: ----, George Kistner, Harry King, Merrit Chesnut, Perry Childers, Harvey Fehrenbacher, ----, Edna (Wakefield) --, Lula (Vawters) ---.
Fourth row: Mary (McNew) Read, Lee Shuppert, Andy Schackmann, R.G. Chesnut teacher, Ralph King, Nora (Kincaid) Schu, Cora (Chesnut) Clapp, Jane (McNew) Foreman.
Fifth row: Arthur King, Jeff Wakefield, Lee Wakefield, Alva Chesnut, Henry Mullens, William Crouse, Joe King, Elza Chesnut, Alta Lancaster, Nora (McNew) Tate.
The school was located about four miles southwest of Bogota.

Excelsior School
November 1904

Excelsior School in Jasper County, IL
On the back of this photo was typed, assumedly by the owner of the photo:
"Excellsior School, Jasper County, Ill., Nov. 1904". Emma Jane Myers back row"
This appears to have been a reproduction of the original picture, and was copied in 1947.

Many thanks to Larry Sowers for providing these names which were printed in the Newton Press

Coverstone (Excelsior) School- 1903 or 1904

1st Row: Ernest Jester, Ruth (Marrs) Sowers, Nina (Myers) Moody, Ira Nichols, Earl Wisley, Iva Stainbrook, Frank Marrs,

Arnie Myers, Raymond Myers, Howard Newlin, ----, and Ura Isley.

2nd Row: Violet Stainbrook, Mernie (Newlin) Carpenter, ---, Lizzie (Nichols) Allenbaugh, Bertha (Jester) Wilson, Wilbert

Wilson, Emery Fuqua, Oscar Myers, Bert Wisley, Chloren Isley and John Marrs.

3rd Row: Glen Hesler, May (Brooks) Boggs, Eva (Myers) Marrs, Maud (Kennedy) Graham, Lucy Clodfelter, Mernie (Isley)

Moomaw, Clarence Wisley, Lee Fuqua, Merle Wilson, Charley Jester and Lawerance Miller.

4th Row: Alma (Beals) Nichols, Sarah (Myers) Myers, Grace (Newlin) Diel, Viola (Marrs) Nichols, Mina (Newlin) Wilson,

Bertie (Wilson) Frazier, Edyth Myers, and Harry Marrs.

5th Row: Emma (Myers) Phillips, Jessie (Beals) Hoser, Edd Wilson, Roy Hasler, Wila Hutson, Claude Myers and W.I. Ross teacher

This was submitted by Cheryl Ann Boren Counts who bought the photo in an antique store in MO. Cheryl is researching the BIGGS family
Other families possibly in Jasper County being related to BIGGS that she is researching are ALEXANDER, BAXTER, STEWART, WRIGHT, CALVERT, BURCHAM, and HERON (HERRON).

EXCELSIOR (Coverstone) School
Grove Township school photo
Thanks to Larry Sowers for helping us identify this picture.

1901 Excelsior School

Transcribed from the newspaper:

THIS PICTURE OF THE EXCELSIOR, or perhaps better known as the Coverstone school, was taken in 1901.
The school was two miles east and one mile north of Gila and the photo is owned by Lucy Clodfelder of Casey.
Front row; Leslie Nichols, Chloren Isley, Violet Stainbrook, Daisy Stainbrook, Lucy Clodfelder, Mernie Newlin Nichols Carpenter, Grace Newlin Diel, Eva Myers Marrs, Mernie Isley Moomaw, Bertha Jester Wilson, Lizzie Nichols Alumbaugh, Wilbert Wilson and Oscar Myers.
Second row: Clem Nichols, Roy Hesler, Bertie Wilson Frazier holding her sister Inez, Alma Beals Nichols, Edith Myers, Emma Myers Phillips, Ivy Hesler, Charles Jester and Merl Wilson.
Third row; Claud Myers, Olive Weaver Wilfong, Jessie Beals Houser, John Fuqua, Mina Newlin Wilson,  Mina Isley, Sarah Myers, Neoma Myers Brooks and Wila Hutson.
Fourth row: W. I. Ross, teacher, Lee Fuqua, Ocie Ball, Lewis Arnold, Ira Myers, Will Newlin, Ezra Myers, Charles Beals, Noah Clodfelder, Edward Wilson, Roy Newlin and Harry Myers.

This picture was donated by Dena Shull. Her great grandmother, Bertha Emeline Jester's name is written on the back of the photo.
She was born and raised in Grove Twp. Jasper county, IL
Reading left to right, Bertha Emeline Jester (1895-1973) is the 10th person seated in the first row, (i.e. the 2nd girl from the right end)

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