Jasper County, Illinois Schools
Class Pictures

Hidalgo school
in 1893

hidalgo school
Printed in the Newton Press-Mentor:

"This photo was made at the Hidalgo school in 1893 and is the property of Ethel Bowers Coburn.

First row: Verna Morris, Roderick Armstrong, Estella Connor, Johnny Morris, Bertha Combs, Clarence Combs, Goldie Briggs, Odessa Bowers, Guy Brooks, Ethel Bowers, Melvin Armstrong, Berdie Armstrong.
Second row: ---- Briggs, ---- , Earl Ward, Eva Rutherman, Mabel Combs, Atla Briggs, Beatrice Gipson, Elsa Briggs, Myrtie Connor, Melisa Gipson, Jessie Williams, Emmis Morris, Harrison Carr.
Third row: Todd Charles Williams, Ted Morris, Hal Lowe, Tom Carr, Bill Houser, teacher, Lou Ward, Arthur Cowger, Omer Byers, Clint Connor, Ed Carr."

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

Hidalgo school
in 1921

Hidalgo School 1921

This picture of Hidalgo school No. 2 was taken in 1921. Donald Hutson of Hidalgo is the owner.
First row, left to right: Paul Davidson, Cecile Seaton, Karl Keuchler, --, --, Herbert Carr, Tony Gipson, --.
Second row: Sarah Jones, --, Lois Keuchler, Ruby Shull
Third row: Beulah Carr Cummins, Helen Meeker, Thelma Matthews, Maudeline Matthews, Doyle Aten, Rossie Mullon, Paul Seaton, --, Freda Aten, Lela Vanatta --, Leon Coad German, Alta Shull Matson, Mabel Vanatta --, Opel Aten Eubank, Alberta Seaton, --, Dorsie Nullon, --, Roy Vanatta, Emil Mullon, Clyde Jackson

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

Hidalgo School

Hidalgo School 1923
Students of Hidalgo Grade School in 1923 were photographed with their teacher, Lillie Roberts. The photo is the property of Donald Hutson, Hidalgo.
First row: Russell Chapman, Howard Minor, Paul Jackson, Tony Gipson, Max Roberts, Paul Davidson, Herbert Carr, Roy Vanatta.
Second row, Edna Carr Thomas, Thelma Matthews __, Sarah Jones Abraham, Helen Meeker, Beulah Carr Cummins, Alberta Seaton __-, Maudeline Matthews __, Freda Aten __, Leona Coad German, Mable Vanatta __.
Third row: Teacher Lillie Roberts, John Roberts, Paul Seaton, Doyle Aten, ___ Graham, John Davidson, Doyle Jackson, Mell Combs, Clyde Jackson, Merle Minor.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda; transcribed by K. Torp]

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