Jasper County, Illinois
School Class Pictures

(Most, if not all of these pictures were published in the Newton Press-Mentor throughout the years.)

Hutson School

Hutson School 1894

This photo was made Dec. 21, 1894, almost 71 years ago, at the old Hutson school two miles west of Hidalgo. It was originally published in the Press-Mentor in 1959, and we thought it came out well for the printing processes of those rather recent times. All the names were furnished then by Thurman Hays.
Mrs. Merle Earnest and Mrs. L.E. Russell came in the other day with another of the original photos, owned by their mother, the late Mrs. Isadora Dunn of Newton, as well as a clipping of the 1959 reproduction. So we thought it would be interesting to print the same photo again today just so see how far printing has advanced in a very short time.
Mrs. Mollie McComas Reynolds, the teacher when the photo was made, was still living in 1959, but has since died. Still using the identifications provided by Mr. Hays, here are the names of all shown in the photo:
First row, left to right: Leo Gilbert, Sol Coburn, Frank Coburn, Roy Coburn, Lee Strader, Clell Hutson, Clyde Thompson, Bertha Hays, Bessie Dunn, Beryl Dunn, Alma Myers, Rosh Torbit, Frank Torbit, Honnie Aten, Bill Myers, Eliza Albert, Amy Hutson, Harry Boggs, Thurman Hays and Ed Boggs.
Second row, starting at the left with the little girl, Leona Hutson, Pearl Hays, Dollie Hays, Anna Coburn, Grace Myers, Bonnie Dunn, Mertie Myers, Maude Myers, Hattie Strader, Maybon Howard, Lizzie Carter, Blanche Boggs, Ferd Eaton and Daisy Carter.
Third row: Elmer Hays, Artie Hutson, Maude Howard, Dessie Hutson, Sophie Lemay, Ezra Hays, Nick Devall, Charlie Albert, Mannie Myers, Bill Albert, Clarence Coburn, Bill Torbit, Gail Weatherall, Fred Sowers, Lottie Piper and Ada Boggs.
Back row: Ed Torbit, Simpson Orr, Rile Brooks, Mertie Hutson, Addie Brooks (Spencer), Jay Weatherall, Laura Brooks, Mrs. Reynolds the teacher, Lola Gunning, Nell Torbit, Minnie Howard, Dode Myers, Dora Lemay, Nora Torbit, Charles Hays and Charles (Chunk) Houser.

[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

Hutson School
May 8, 1913

1913 Hutson School

This photo of the Hutson school, two miles west of Hidalgo, was made May 8, 1913. It was presented for publication by Earl Burwell of Hidalgo.
Seated in the front row, left to right: Berlie James, Lola Hays, Bernice Hays, Josephine Orr, Nola Orr, Lola Orr, Agnes Lemay, Ruth Cherry, Mildred Myers, Bessie Jackson, Flora Burwell, Olive Hays.
Second row: Clyde Hays, Bertha Reisner, Horace Reisner, Millard Brooks, Charles Houser, Linza Jackson, Otto Carter, Earl Mullen, Henry Carter, Karl Davee, Bertha Albert, Edith Houser, Christena Hutson, Pearl Brooks, Bertha Hutson, Olive Carter.
Third row: Samuel Strader teacher, Fred Mullen, Willie Hays, Luke Strader, Earl Burwell, Iva Burwell, Velva Torbit, Clara Hays, Charles Lemay, Clarence Lemay, Joe Worden, Charles Hays, Ila Carter, Iva Mullen.
Back row: Guy Burwell, Ruth Armer, Jennie Howard, Elsie Brooks, Faye Jackson, Bashie Strader, Lulu Aten, Audra Howard, Elsie Hays, Elmer Albert, Clifford Hays, Lewis House, Leon Hutson and Glen Hall.
[Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Rhonda Swisher; transcribed by K. Torp]

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