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Class Lists
Jasper County, Illinois

Boos School
Class of 1932

Marion Hemrich, Juanita Collins, Geraldine Raef, Mary Lee Harris, Florence Mitchell, Delbert Geltz, Jack Kistner, Lloyd Wilson, Charles Geltz, Bob Bigard.
Hazel Griffith, Elouise Brothers, Martha Collins, Gertrude Kistner, Floyd Wilson, Louis Hemrich, Henry Fehrenbacher, Gene Bigard. Florent Bigard, Leroy Wakefield, Maude Kistner, Mae Bigard, Viola Raef, Marjorie Geltz, Junior Collins, Severin Fehrenbacher.
Katherine Mitchell, Vernon Swager, ___ Milsap, Evelyn Smithenry, Bill Raef, Zola Kocher, Gerald Geltz, Ruth Fehrenbacher, Kenneth Kistner, Frank Maxwell, Floyd Fehrenbacher, Glen Smithenry, Bert Mattingly, Teacher.
[Note: There is a class picture in the Heritage of Jasper County book, but my copy was not clear enough to be helpful. The book is in the Newton Public Library]