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ABEL ARMSTRONG, farmer and stock dealer, was born in Virginia, in 1818, and is a son of Thomas and Jane (Burgess) Armstrong, natives of Virginia, and pioneers of Logan County, Ohio, whither they came in 1830, made a farm, and afterward removed to Springfield, III., where they both died. Abel lived in Ohio until 1840, when he went with his parents to Springfield. In 1852 he married Miss Lucy Sells, who died one year later. After farming on land previously owned by him, he purchased and located on sixty five acres in Shelby County, Ill., and in 1857, married his second wife, Miss Julia A. Robison, who also died after three years, and in 1869 he married his third wife, Mrs. Ann Harvey, which union gave issue to one child, Frances. Mr. Armstrong has 120 acres under cultivation and improved. His principal products are hay and corn; he also handles usually from twenty five to forty head of cattle each year.

N. BOLDREY, merchant and general store keeper, is a native of Johnson County, Ind., was born in 1840, and is a son of John Boldrey. The school advantages of our subject were of the poorest kind. When he was nine years old he came to this county, where in 1862, he married Miss Lovina, daughter of Garrison Grove, and a native of Indiana. Before commencing his present business, in 1877, he sold goods for five years and managed a mill for fifteen years, besides farming to some extent. He has now a good trade, which he has created by his tact for serving the public and his courteous manner. Besides this he has built several buildings in addition to his own, and owns a half interest with his brother in a saw-mill, established in 1878. Mr. Boldrey has served the township as Collector one term. Mr. and Mrs. Boldrey are members of the Christian Church, and are the parents of two children, James A. and Sarah M.

THOMAS BROWN, farmer and teacher, was born in Jefferson County, Ind., February 9, 1835, and is the third in the family of John and Elizabeth (Jackson) Brown, the former a native of Scotland, the latter of Tennessee. John Brown was a farmer and preacher of the Baptist Church; also, a pioneer of this county, where he located in 1851; he and his wife are yet living past their " three score and ten" years. Thomas Brown, at the age of sixteen, moved with his parents to this county, and after receiving a fair education became a teacher, which he followed about thirty years, being now one of the oldest teachers in the county. November 3, 1867 he married Miss Mary Bridges, a native of Virginia. In 1868, Mr. Brown located on forty acres purchased from his father, and which he has increased to 185 acres, with comfortable surroundings. Mrs. Brown died December 11, 1871, whereupon he married Miss Priscilla Bridges, sister of his deceased wife. They are members of the Missionary Baptist Church, of which Mr. Brown is an ordained minister. Ho served as Justice of the Peace one year by appointment, and was afterward elected Uv said office; he also served as Township Treasurer for two years, and as Clerk one year. Mr. Brown has three children, Mary (deceased), Minnie and Eddie.

J. J. CALVIN, physician and surgeon, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1826, and is the second of the seven children of Hiram and Mary (Jacobs) Calvin, natives, respectively, of Ohio and Kentucky, who moved to Wayne County, Ill., in 1856. The boyhood of our subject was passed in Edinburgh, Ind., where he attended school, began reading medicine, and passed seven years in study and practice. In June, 1856, he married Miss Catherine, a daughter of Jacob Wise, and niece of Governor Wise, of Virginia, to which union were born four children, William C., Annie M., James and Charles H. After this event Dr. Calvin lived some time in Wayne County, Ill., and Williamsburgh, Ind., and came to his present location in 1870, where he has since lived and practiced. For some years he traveled and practiced the treatment of chronic diseases, in which he was eminently successful, before settling on his farm. In 1861 he enlisted in the three months' service, and in 1862, in the Seventy Ninth Indiana Volunteer Infantry, soon after which he was injured by being run over by the cavalry; this caused his .discharge, in January, 1863, after which he acted as Commissary Sergeant. Mrs. Calvin is a member of the Baptist Church. Besides his home farm, Dr. Calvin is owner of 640 acres in Kansas, and 36 in Indiana.

A. FLEENER, farmer, is a native of Washington County, Ind., was born in 1827, and is a son of John and Mary (Crissmore) Fleener, the former a native of Maryland, the latter of North Carolina. John Fleener was a farmer and pioneer of Washington County, where he and wife ended their lives. His name was the first on the Land Office register, and he it was who placed a roof on the first log cabin in the State. Our subject passed his boyhood at homer and in 1849 married Miss Lydia A., daughter of Henry Greenwood, and a native of Virginia. After his marriage he rented land for one year, then purchased eighty acres of woodland, where he resided two years, made considerable improvements, then sold the same, purchased forty acres of unbroken prairie, and removed thereto in 1847. To this purchase he added by degrees until now he has 600 acres of as good and well cultivated soil as lies in the county. Mr. Fleener handles from ten to fifteen mules, and about 100 head of cattle every year; he also raises considerable wheat, corn and hay. Mr. and Mrs. Fleener are the parents of ten children, viz.: Margaret, Martha, Narcissus, Bruce, Isabel, Daniel, Jacob (deceased), Nora, George and Elsie. Mrs. Fleener is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

JOHN A. HEADY, farmer, was born in March, 1815, in Switzerland County, Ind., where he was also reared, and is the second of the nine children of Benjamin and Lydia (Stewart) Heady, both natives of Kentucky and pioneers  of this county, whither they removed in 1852 and located near Smallwood when the land was drier and waste, and where they passed away, the father in 1870, the mother in 1872. John A. Heady married, in 1843, Miss Phebe, daughter of Abijah Grimes, a large farmer and stock raiser, who died in Vicksburg about 1858.  This union produced four children, Lois, Lydia, Benjamin A. and T. C. (deceased). Mrs. Heady died in 1854, a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Heady after renting land for several years, purchased, in 1852, eighty acres of his present farm, then in a wild and barren state; but he has now reclaimed and improved 160 acres, making a home of convenience and of value. He is a practical man and a much respected farmer.

B. A. HEADY, farmer, was born in Switzerland County, Ind., in the year 1822, and is the fifth of the nine children of Benjamin and Lydia Heady. In the year 1848 our subject married, in Switzerland County, Miss Margaret, daughter of Joseph and Girtzell Dow, natives of Scotland/who located and died in Indiana. Mr. Heady, after his marriage, rented his father's farm for three years, after which he purchased 160 acres of land and moved thereon in 1852, where he has since that time resided, continued to improve the farm, and is now surrounded by all the necessaries and many comforts of a farmer's life. Mr. and Mrs. Heady have been favored with a family of twelve children, viz.: Girtzell (deceased), Thomas, Joseph (deceased), David, Albert, Ann, Gilbert, Marilla, Elmer, Mary, Flora and Sarah (deceased). Mr. Heady is a valuable and much respected citizen.

PETER JACKSON, farmer, is a native of the State of Ohio, was born March 1, 1841, and is the son of John and Nancy (Flick) Jackson. John Jackson was a farmer and blacksmith, as well as a pioneer of Ohio. Hs and wife afterward removed to this county, where they came to their lives' end, the former in August, 1856, and the latter August 19, 1870. The boyhood of Peter was passed in this county, where he has experienced the trials of a pioneer, and where he has lived since 1851. In 1869, he married Miss Nancy J. Honey, daughter of J. W. Honey, a pioneer of this county of 1849. This union was productive of six children, Iva, Alta B., Martha, Grace, Nellie P. and Rosa. Mr. Jackson lived upon his forty acre farm after his marriage, to which possession he added until he has now 187 acres of good, arable land. Mr. Jackson has served as Township Clerk, Assessor and Supervisor each one year, and is now Collector, which he has filled for more than three years; he was also Township Trustee eleven years. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are members of the Christian Church.

J. H. KELLAM is a native of Indiana, was born in 1839, and is a son of Jesse and Charity Kellam. Jesse Kellam was a farmer and a pioneer of Rush County, Ind., where he cleared a farm and lived until 1858, at which time he removed to this county, and died April 19, 1883; Mrs. Kellam is yet living, a cripple now from having fallen upon the ice during last winter. Our subject passed his boyhood in Indiana, and in August, 1862, enlisted in Company H, Sixteenth Indiana Volunteer Infantry. At Richmond he was wounded and also taken captive, held six weeks, then released, and again made captive in Louisiana and confined in Texas for nine months. He participated at Vicksburg and many other notable battles and skirmishes, and was mustered out at New Orleans. In 1861, he married Miss Hattie, daughter of John P. Havens, and a native of Indiana, which union produced five children, Hush C., Anna M.., Lizzie, Bertie and Royal. Mr. Kellam moved to his present place in 1866. His wife is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

A. KELLAM, farmer, is a native of Rush County, Ind., was born April 13, 1841, and is the sixth of the seven children of Jesse and Charity Kellam. Jesse Kellam was a farmer and one of the pioneers of Rush County, where he settled as early as 1830 and cleared and made a farm, on which our subject was reared and lived until seventeen years of age, at which time he removed with his parents to this county, where he has made his home, and where he married Miss Inda, daughter of C. J. R. Monroe, a pioneer of Jefferson County, Ind., which union has been productive of two children, John W. and Edward L. Mr. Kellam began housekeeping at his present home in 1863, which covers 103 acres of prairie, and 20 of timber land, and which contains good and valuable improvements. He has served his township six years as Commissioner. Mrs. Kellam is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

THOMAS J. KIRK, tanner, is a native of Licking County, Ohio, was born in 1844, and is a son of James and Keziah (Patterson) Kirk, both natives of Ohio. James Kirk was a farmer, and died in Crawford County, Ill., in 1877, where Mrs. Kirk is now living with her son, and where she has resided since 1852. Thomas J. Kirk passed his early manhood on his father's farm, after receiving an ordinary school education, and in 1868, married Miss Selina M. Holmes, a native of Crawford County, III., with an issue of three children, Lucy K., James A. and Lizzie E. O. After marriage, Mr. Kirk moved on the eighty acres of land previously owned by him. This he afterward sold, and purchased the 140 acres which comprise his present farm and home. He has also forty acres of timber, on which he located in 1880, the place being well improved, and having especially substantial buildings. Mr. Kirk was elected Township Supervisor, in the spring of 1883, and he and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which the former has been a steward for one year.

GEORGE M. MANNING, farmer, is a native of Indiana, was born January 10, 1854, and is a son of J. B. and Mary (Hughes) Manning. J. B. Manning was by occupation, a harness maker, and later in life became a farmer, but had followed his trade in Wayne County, Ind. George M. Manning passed his boyhood in Wayne County, and, with his parents, removed to Illinois, where, in 1879, he married Miss Minerva Horton, a native of this State. After his marriage, Mr. Manning engaged in farming his present land, comprising fifty acres of prairie and twenty acres of timber. Mr. Manning has around him the comforts of life, which he deserves long to enjoy. He and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and parents of two children, Nellie M. and Effa B.


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