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Jasper County Youth Held as German spy

Mattoon Journal Gazette
Wednesday 12 April 1916
Newton, Ill., April 13

The following telegram was received by James J. Kaufmann of this city:

Vancouver, B.C., April 4

James Kaufmann, Newton, Ill.

Joseph Hahn held here by military authorities as a German spy. Have clerk of court or other officials make immediate proof of birth from records, and if not on record wire that you have filed affidavit as to his birth. Important.

Joseph Hahn is a son of Theodore Hahn of near Sainte Marie. He is one of the several people who went from Jasper county to live in Canada, attracted there by cheap government land.
Quite a number of those who left here in recent years and homesteaded Canadian farms are now entitled to receive entry certificates for the same and as rapidly as such are granted and accepted, the grantee becomes a Canadian citizen, liable to conscription and taken to Europe to fight as a soldier in the armies of the allies.

Young Hahn was born and raised in Jasper county. He formerly went to school to Mr. Kaufmann, who has forwarded the records called for by the American consul.

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