Newspaper Clippings from the Ste. Marie Tribune
Jasper County, Illinois

County Spelling Contest
Our public schools are attracting much interest, and very naturally the people feel proud of the educational advantages that are offered to the boys and girls. Jasper county teachers and pupils are going their part in the great work of education, and that they find social enjoyments not inconsistent with their duties and studies is creditable tot he good judgment of present day opinion. The spelling contests, Saturday in Wade township in the forenoon and Jasper county in the afternoon - were well represented.

Blanche Leggitt of Willow Hill township won the honor of going to Springfield as the county's best speller, where she will get into the state contest, Dec. 29 [1913]. At that time gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded. Her success Saturday means a free trip and royal entertainment.

The townships, schools, pupils in competition and the grades received were:

Willow Hill, Pingtown, Blanche Leggitt - 100
Wade, Newton, John Love - 98
Grandville, Yale, Joyce Cummins - 98
Hunt City, Snider, Ressa Watt - 98
South Muddy, Buckeye, Katie ?burg - 97
North Muddy - Holm, Willie Greenwalt - 97
Fox, Richard, Edith Nicholas - 96
Crooked Creek, Precinct 2, Hays, Fay Jackson - 96
Grove, Kibler, Dewey Raper - 95
Ste. Marie, Ste. Marie, Leo Osthimer - 70
Smallwood, Bogota, Cleo Reed - 69
Crooked Creek, No. 1, Rose Hill, Eva Cummins, absent.

The contestants who received 98 per cent missed a single word each. John Love understood "route" to be "routine" and spelled the latter word correctly. Ste. Marie Tribune, December 19, 1913

Accidentally Kills Companion - Both Loads of Double Barrel Gun Strike Boy in Head Causing Instant Death.

Saturday afternoon, December 27th last, while enjoying the pleasures of a hunt, Samuel Armstrong, commonly known as "Jess", son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Armstrong, was accidentally shot and killed by Justine Litzelman, son of Mr. And Mrs. Alois Litzelman, at about 3:30 o'clock.
The two boys left shortly after dinner, going in the direction of the Ridge, about 2 or three miles northeast of town, where they spent a few hours in hunting. On their way home, when the accident happened, Justin was walking in front of "Jess". When near the concrete bridge, about a mile from town, Justin's gun, a 16 gauge double barrel, which he was carrying on his shoulder came open or breached. In closing it, is is supposed that the firing pins came in contact with the shells, discharging them, both barrels striking "Jess" who was bit 4 feet behind, in the forehead, just above the left eye, completely severing the top of this skull.
The Litzelman boy, realizing what had happened, went to the assistance of his companion. Finding that life was extinct, he drug the body to the side of the road and hastened to town where he informed his father of the accident. Mr. Litzelman immediately reported it to the officials, who with Drs. Brown and Kibler went to the scene of the mishap. They examined the dead boy, took a few ?tes of the surroundings, and had the body moved to his home to await the arrival of the county coroner.

Upon the coming of Deputy Coroner Matheny, an inquest was held, the following serving as jurors: Theodore Hann, foreman, William Shelly, Frank Leinhart, John Stifle, Andy Fehrenbacher and Conrad Smithenry.
After a thorough investigation the jury found that the cause of young Armstrong's death was "The accidental discharge of a double barrel shotgun in the hands of Justin Litzelman," and further "Exonerating the said Justin Litzelman from all blame of any cause of the death of the said Samuel J. Armstrong."

The parties in the tragedy were both young, the Armstrong boy being 16 years of age and the Litzelman boy 15.
The boy as well as his parents and the parents of the dead boy were prostrated at the happening of the sad affair. The community at large extended their sympathy to both families.

Funeral services were held by Rev. P.J. Virnich, Tuesday morning at 10:00 o'clock, at the Catholic church after which the remains were taken by Joseph Geltz, Alex Leinhart, Albert Huss, Severine Alblinger, William Fore, George Adams, John Smithenry and Andrew Sherdian, pall-bearers, to the Catholic cemetery where interment was made. [Ste. Marie Tribune - January 9, 1914]

We wish to thank all who so kindly assisted us during the sad death of our son, Samuel. MR. AND MRS. FRANK ARMSTRONG.

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