Jasperites Abroad


Ex-Residents of this County now living Elsewhere.


A Detailed History, confined to a few lines, of their Occupations.


"The Newton Press", December 21, 1887
©Transcribed by Kim Torp

We present to our readers a list of ex-residents of Jasper County. It is by no means complete, but will serve as basis for a better one next year. Where known we have given the occupations of those mentioned.


David Fultz is a mail carrier in southwestern Texas.

Capt. Hampton Wade, ex-police magistrate in Newton, is practicing law in California.

Elmer H. Youngman and wife -- nee Carla Johnson, reside at Ulyses, Kas., where the former edits the Tribune and deals in real estate.

John P. Harrah, ex-state's attorney, is a lawyer in Terre Haute, Ind.

Will C. Walker, a former devil and typo in this office, is now one of the proprietors of the Brookfield (Mo.) Chronicle.

W. L. Heath and family are keeping a hotel at East Jellico, Tenn. Mr. H. was treasurer of Jasper county five years.

Henry W. Louis is principal of the O'Fallen, Ill. schools.

Frank A. Wheeler is in a real estate office in Chicago.

Charles Carter is a merchant at Exeter, Mo.

C. B.Smith, a lawyer in Newton during the war, is circuit judge of Champaign district.

Man Schifferstein is the champion sprinter of the Pacific coast with headquarters at San Francisco, Cal.

Thos. L. Noble, ex-temperance evangelist, is doing real estate in Wichita,Kas.

Alex Batman is a prosperous farmer in Moultrie county.

John Bates and James Buchanan, with their families, formerly owners of the Hunt City farm, are living in Ford county. They are engaged in farming and stock raising.

George Walker and Alfred Bixler are well to do farmers in Kingman county, Kas.

Walker Mckean instructs the rising youth in far off California.

Dixon Woods lives comfortably on his farm near Bonham,Texas.

Lew Allen raises oranges near Tampa.

Will Rose is handling one of Uncle Sam's muskets in Idaho.

W.C. Scliofield raises grain near Kingman, Kas.

James Gilbert is a hardware merchant at Oswego, Kas.

Saunders Heap is a tinner at Parsons, Kas. Charles Heap owns a mill near there. Mrs. Anna Stevens resides in Parsons.

Thomas Grier, David Freeman, his son in law and John Van Brunt are located in Oregon, farming.

Lewis Botoff, his two sons, James and Newton, and son in law Col. Morris, live in Sumner county, Kas. They are farming, Newton being also a preacher.

Samuel L. Marshall sells the Singer sewing machine in Marshall.

Ben Smith, better known as "Little Ben," who stands six feet, six inches in his stockings and weighs something less than than 300 pounds, is in Texas.

Ben Roberts is in Indianapolis.

Dr. H.S. Hinman is traveling for a musical house, with headquarters at Mattoon.

Dr. N.D. Myers, late of Gila, is practicing medicine at Decatur.

Frank Von Reudgish is serving a life sentence for murder in the Jefferson City, MO, penitentiary.

E.B. Marchant practices law at St. John, Kas.

Rev. Geo. E. Sandersorn is the Presbyterian minister at Marshall, His daughter Miss Lizzie, with Miss Mamie Scovell do portrait painting,

Miss Addie Scovell is teaching in Clark county.

Leo Wallace, principal of Newton schools during the war, occupies a like position at Marshall.


Olney claims a large number of our ex-citizens.

David Scott, served two terms as mayor there; made an assignment for the benefit of his creditors about a year ago. He does not stand in any immediate danger of the poor house. Mr. Scott was a merchant in Newton antedating the war.

John G. Mattingly, a pioneer merchant of Newton, is in the livery business.

John C. Brockman, once county treasurer of Jasper county, is a wine merchant. He also assigned for the benefit of creditors, but is not now believed to be in need of charity.

Thomas Brassie is Richland county's present treasurer.

Frank P. Gillespie served two terms as county treasurer of Richland county, and is now Brassie's deputy.

Henry Arehart is keeping a livery stable.

John P. Heap is practicing law and thinks Blaine and Foraker the strongest team that the republicans can trot out. We doubt whether he even hopes to see them elected if nominated, against Grover C. and any good running mate.

Joseph Wimans is a thriving merchant.

Alex Burford, a graduate of this office, is one of the proprietors of that newsy democratic paper, the Olney Advocate.

Theodore Schifferstein is one of the police magistrates.

Gabriel Jones is a blacksmith and his son Frank has a wide reputation among turfmen as a horseshoer.

Jolin G. Bliss is a clerk in a leather store.

David Murray farms.

H. L. Ince is a miller.

John Griess is a wagonmaker.

Wm. Tooley is a machine agent.

James R. Jones is a laborer.

Addison Harris, who once owned several hundred acres of land in Crooked Creek and established the Rose Hill postoffice, and was for twenty years a leading citizen of Jasper county, in his old age finds himself almost penniless. He is a good old man and may his remaining days be cast in pleasant places.

Joseph Roberts is a sort of general utility man, who sells buggies, auctioneers goods etc.

Will Harris is a roustabout.

Amlrose Schneider is a well doing business man.

John P. Madden is a farmer and worth considerable money.

Robert Sims teams.


FRANK L. Shup: : Jas. Dawson came from Rushville, Ind.. to Smallwood in 1865. He had one child about a year old. Not liking the farm, he went back to Indiana in 1866 to follow his favorite pursuit, sawmilling. Here he had his house and two of his children burned. He had ten children, six are dead and four are still living. In 1886, he moved to Kokomo where he now lives with his sawmill and a half interest in a grist mill. "A subscriber"

"Hutchinson, Kas. Dec. 13, 1887"
FRIEND FRANK: Sitting in the store of our mutual friend Thos. R. Bishop, a few minutes since I picked up the PRESS and seeing your notice to the effect that you would publish a list of former residents next week, I seize my pen to say unto you that there resides in this, Reno county, Kas. Rush Kellam, formerly of Smallwood, farmer, lately married to a Miss Jones, in this city, 0. P. Taylor, real estate agent, from Fox, lately married to a Miss Noble, George Foltz of northwest Wade or Grove, miller in the water mill, lately married to Miss Winslow, T. R. Bishop, clothing merchant as you know, A.L. Calvin with Bishop, Elmer Brewer, foreman of the Daily News and your humble servant as at the head here show, "Rugg & Alexander, real estate, loan and insurance. Money to loan on chattel security, rooms 5 and 6 over Forsha's bank." Please send me a copy of the paper of 21 and 28 and if I have money enough left after Christmas, I will send for one year's subscription. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and the Press abundant success, with very kind regards I am truly your friend, W.C. Alexander.

P.S. Will H. Nunn, once with John G. Bliss, is now in the harness business in Pratt Center, Kas., and has grown rich. R.B. Stayton, is conductor on the A.T. & S.F. Ry headquarters at Newton, Kas. W.C. A.

Our Slate Point corespondent furnishes us the following names:

Emmanuel C. Kibler is at Gainesville, Texas, farming. He was for many years a justice of the peace in Grove township. His sons Luther and John M. and nephew James P. Kibler are at the same place. All are doing well.

Frank S. Carter is a railroad engineer at St. Louis, Mo.

Jerome and M. R. Miller are living at Whitestown. Ind.

Chas. M. Miller is assistant instructor in the Commercial College, Terre Haute, Ind.

L.H. Bridges is an agriculturalist in Champaign County, ILL.

Andrew Shoity, Kokomo, Ind. farming.

George M. Koontz, Horace, Ka_, farming

John P. and David _ Koontz, carpenters and farmers, Hutchinson Kas.

Rev. Wm. Rhoads and Mrs. Sarah J. Rhoads, Greenwood, Ind.

Samuel McWard, farmer, Decatur, ILL.

Samuel Beaman, Effingham county, farmer

Elkin and Thomas Reed, Ellis, Texas farmers.

Charles Rhoads, superintendent of a coal yard in Indianapolis.

December 28, 1887
Newton, IL

©Transcribed by Kim Torp

Jasperites Abroad

Ex-Residents of This County Now Living Elsewhere.

A Detailed History, Confined to a Few Lines, of Their Occupations.

We present to our readers a list of ex-residents of Jasper County, IL. It is by no means complete, but will serve as a basis for a better one next year. Where known we have given the occupations of those mentioned.


James J. Mitchell is a successful lawyer at Eskridge, Kas.

S. M. Johnson is the western manager of an insurance company at Huron, Dak. His brother Will F. Johnson holds an important position in the insurance business at the same place.

M. V. Zimmerman and his accomplished wife reside at Farmer City, Ill. The former edits the Farmer City Journal and Belleflower Bee, two sprightly newspapers.

Wallace Price farms in far away Ilwaco, Washington Territory.

John B. Price farms in Noe's Ferry, Marion County, Ark.

M. H. Chapman is a rancher in Harper County, Kas.

Geo. A. Shup is loaning money at Ness City, Kas. M.K. Busick, ditto, Noah Bever is pushing a plane and John A. Lewis, Jr. handling a paint brush at the same place.

Oliver Stout is a marble cutter at Vincennes, Ind.

Geo. W. Mitchell pleads law and sells real estate at Peabody, Kas.

J. O. Parse is a farmer at Cambridge, Neb.

L. Y. Sherman is county judge of McDonough County at $1,200 a year.

Miss Josie McDonnell is in St. Louis at school.

Miss Nelson Whitbeck resides at Stanwood, Mich.

Al Keller coal mines at Treton.

Dr. E. T. Printz enjoys a good medical practice at Moulton, Iowa.

George Monell is station agent telegraph operator and express agent at Little Rock, Iowa

George H. Strather cultivates oranges at Crystal River, Florida

James Genter, Mrs. Sarah Ostheimer, Mrs. Sarah Mahar and Charles Schoenlaub live in Evansville.

Brown Snider is at Poplar Bluffs, Mo.

Israel Whaley is rusticating at Sabula, Mo.

Mrs. C. B. Bostwick writes letters to the Mattoon Gazette from Denver, Col.

John T. Russell paints cars at Pullman.

Miss. Josie Theriac is a teacher at St. Scholastiea college, Shoal Creek, Ark. Misses Josie and Stella Faller are with her.

C. M. Davis, founder of the Newton Mentor, publishes the Hugton, (Kas.) Hermes. Wm. Baichley is with him.

Miss Ida James is at college in Danville, Ind.

I. E. Lewis is a telegraph operator at Ft. Scott, Kas.

C. M. Newlin sells jewelry in Linton, Ind., and John Stuteville runs a barber shop at the same place.

W. J. Raef has a position on the Missouri Pacific railway at Richland, Kas.

J. E. Kibler keeps a restaurant in Terre Haute, Ind.

J. M. Gass edits the Miller, (Dak) Gazette, where he is also an alderman.

Perry McCall runs a sawmill near Oblong.

Frank Grove, formerly foreman in this office, publishes the Mullinville (Kas.) Mallet.

R. A. Campbell, a lawyer in 1868 in Newton, served two terms as county attorney of Reno county, Kas. He lives at Hutchinson.

Rev. N. E. Harmon talks gospel on Sundays and real estate the rest of the week at Wichita, Kas., where he has made a fortune and built up a big congregation in the M.E. Church.

Mrs. Lizzie Todd, nee Johnson, gets the leading paper at Kansas City.

J. B. Rothchild runs a train on the O. & M. and lives at Flora.

Rev. J. L. Walker is at Centralia.

Hal Armstrong hangs out his sign as an attorney at Metropolis.

Mrs. Louis Smith served two terms as superintendent, of schools in Pulaski County.

Will Brooks resides at Liberal, Mo.

Thomas Hutton wagonmakes in Cincinnati.

Uncle Billy Adams shoemakes at Maroa.

George Forsman, Jr. holds a conductorship on the P. D. & E.

I. W. Kolb lives in Mt. Carmel.

John Bridges is a merchant in Carthage, Mo.

Mat Bridges lives at Holdren, Mo.

Walter Patrick and Charles Mayo are at Pleasant Hill, Mo., where they have stores.

Miss. St. Clair Litzelmann is taking a course in college at St. Louis.

T. W. Hunt is farming near Welden.

A. G. Caldwell furnishes the butchers of Ennis, Texas, their beef cattle. John Robinson farms near there, George W. Corbin runs a dairy at Ennis.

H. S. Winterrowd is going to school in Lincoln, Neb.

J. W. Sampson farms at Humbolt, Ill.

A. Oscar Browne is drum major of the U. S. Regimental Band at the military barracks, St. Augustine, Florida. He played for the president at Atlanta, Ga.

John T. Hacket sells drugs at Phelps City, Mo.

A. J. Downey is sawmillig at Carbondale.

Aaron Swick is living at ease at Charleston, Ill. James P. Warren is court house janitor there.

Ab Bridges farms at Fair Grange.

O. A. Wilson is a granger at Coring, Ark. Dr. John Franke is practicing medicine there.

S. A. Conner is attending school at Danville. Ind.

Paul Rider fires on the L. & St. L., railroad with headquarters in Matttoon, Ill.

Albert Monett owns a ranch near Kimball, Dak.

D. M. Prichard is doing carpentering at Dayton, Washington Ty., and at (unreadable) improves a claim. Mrs. Jolin (unreadable word) nee Honey is the wife of (unreadable words) Dayton.

Mrs. Mary A. Martin resides in Chicago. Will, Ed and Flora Shambeck each have a good position as clerks.

Sam McCallough is in a livery stable at Brazil. Ind.

J. D. Davidson and brother Harry are at Vilas, Col. speculating and merchandising.

Mrs. Mattie Hoggins attends the National Normal college at Lebanon, O. Dr. E. J. Tichenor, a physician of Newton during the war, resides at Lebanon.

F. E. Torbutt is a lawyer at Dayton, Col.

B. S. Kruzan farms at Urbana, Iowa. Ben Waddle likewise.

Wm. Trimble is a farm lad at Cool, Kas.

I. D. Shambart pleads law at Ladora, Neb.

John M. Bell ex-editor of the Jasper County Times, sticks type in the office of the Fairfield Press.

Henry J. Jones is a druggist at Jackson, Mo.

Charles Stuart is firing on a A. T. & S. engine at Newton, Kas. Grant is teaming. Will a tobacco worker, James Stuteville a brick mason, and James Rice a painter there.

John W. Selby is licking the postage stamps at Eldorado Springs, Mo.

John Creed and his sister Mrs. Ezekiel Moore reside at Martinsville, Hence Moulden also.

G. H. Presser's address is Fishersburg, Ind.

A. T. Griffith preaches at Trilla and Ab Griffith at Belmont.

Will Gregory works in a lumber yard at Ranger, Texas.

George W. Chronie gets his mail at Casey. Here also lives Al Griffin, George Myer and John Emerick.

Judge John H. Halley is post trader at Ponea Agency, Indian Ty.

R. S. Conner, founder of the Western Star, one of the early journals of Jasper County, is a printer at Chattanooga, Tenn.

James Jean has a position in a poultry house in the city of New York.

Luther Long is in college at New Haven, Conn. He is married and in his second year.

Ogden Monell is a railway and express agent in Arkansas.

Luke Tippit lives in Toronto, Canada

Frank P. Crews is a mining speculator at Leadville, Col.

Asbury Long at Franklin, Mich.

Plummer Long, farms in Custer County, Neb. near Arnold.

Effingham has:

R. C. Harrah, state's attorney.

Sidney and Frank Wade, railway agents.

Greenup we find;

W. O. Denman, merchant and postmaster.

Wm. Hammer, commercial traveler.

Ed S. Meeker, proprietor of a barber shop.

Robinson lays claim to several of our ex-residents:

Capt. S. B. Crowley, ex-sheriff, ??? stock buyer.

Joseph B. Crowley is a brilliant young lawyer, now county judge, and master in chancery of Crawford County

Mrs. Julia Parker - nee Crowley, is the wife of Hon. Geo. N. Parker.

Charles H. Grube is a druggist.

Rev. J. W. Field is the M. E. minister.

Clarence Brown is manager of a hardware store for Ruddle Bros.

Hunt City correspondent writes as follows:

B. F. Love was deputy under Surveyor Ball about the years 1853-4 and many of his old corners yet remain unmoved and stand today as a monument to his efficiency as a young surveyor. He is now a leading attorney at law in Shelbyville, Ind.

James P. Lewis left here about 38 years ago. He is a farmer in Shelby County, Ind.

Elvira Hume is a widow in easy circumstances in Rush County, Ind. on a farm.

??? Campbell lives in the ???????? able means and is one of Shelby County's best men.

Benjamin Hume lives on a farm in Rush County, Ind. His finances are easy though he is in very poor health.

A. P. Peebles, farmer and stock raiser in Greenwood County, Kansas; is chairman of the county Democrats central committee and a Democrat from away back.

William C. Jones is a farmer in Shelby County, Illinois.

Louis Fithian is a stock dealer in Shelbyville, Illinois.

F. W. Wade is assistant teacher in the O'Fallen schools.

Hasty Dixon owns and operates a hay press at Shelbyville.

George Harlan is running a steam engine in California.

Willow Hill correspondent sends the following names:

Joseph Allison, farmer, Burlington, Col.

Wm. Barrett, grain dealer, Atwood, Ill.

Dick Bogard, farmer, Arcola, Ill.

Charles Brownfield, teamster, Mattoon.

Marion Blake, section foreman and, T. J. Edwards, physician, Oblong.

Albert Blaco, artist, and Andrew Hamilton, teamster, Cincinnati.

A. D. Corbin, farmer, and T. P. Deames, merchant, Brocton, Ill.

Milton Cooper, farmer Dentson, Ill.

Isaac Dawson and Nicholas and Lot Lovings, Charleston, Ill., farmers.

Walter Davis farmer, Hugo, Ill.

Irvin Duncan, Hotel keeper, Forest, Ill.

Hiram Enlow, hunter and fisherman, Vandalia.

C. L. Foster, speculator, University, Cal.

J. A. Gailey, farmer, Clarksville, Ill.

Geo. W. Haynie, agency physician, Montana

G. W. Hoffman, laborer, Glendale, O.

W. J. Hesky, cabinetmaker, Russellville, Ill.

J. Lemay, farmer, Tuscola, Ill.

Embram Miller, farmer Filson, Ill.

J. W. Mason, railroading and D. B. Mason, carpenter, Olney.

H. Reeves, miner Pulaski, Tenn.

G. D. Sanders, teamster and Alex Simpson, laborer Palestine.


John Dyer, Sullivan, miner

James Dawson, farmer, Richmond:

James Groomer, farmer, Mitchell:

F. M. McNair, abstracter, Martinsville

John Burris, farmer, Switz City.

Lewis Madden, mercantile clerk, Greencastle

Jacob Neal, minister, Cincinnati

H. Roach, farmer, Collinsville

James Ryan, hotel keeper, and John Stogsdell, farmer, Terre Haute

Peter Sanders, Kokomo, farmer

Joseph Sparks, farmer Bloomfield

Enoch Yaunt, molder, Indianapolis

Joseph Randolph, teamster, and James Todd, farmer, Vincennes

Clem Holdren, Wm. Sims and Sam Moore, farmers, Franklin.


T. O. and Enoch Burcham, Denison, George Barlow, Houston, and I. B. Stewart, Putnam, all farmers.


Wm. Burch, farmer, Cave Springs

A. G. Carpenter, restaurant keeper, Eureka Springs

T. J. Cheech, farmer, Little Rock

L. D. Cottingham, barber, Hot Springs

Willis Huddleston, and John Peck, farmers, T. J. Neal, minister and T. J. Peck, speculator, Bentonville

E. Messenger, Dry Springs, farmer

John Smith laborer, Delaney.


Wm. Cottingham, Jr., barber, Parsons

James Newton, and Top Fear and B. Ferguson, Cave Springs

J. H. Finley, Peabody, S. Ferguson, Winfield, Frank Shafer, Garden City, Farmers

Wm. Wood, mechanic, and W. S. Lytle, plasterer, Eskridge

Ross Welch and J. W. Lee, farmers, T. B. McNair, miner and Wm. McNair, carpenter, Thayer

Henry Rowe, railroader, Lacrosse.


Phillip Brown, Phelps City,

R. Benefield, George and Jeff Chriss, Raymondsville; Bentley Stone, Point Pleasant; B. F. Watts, Watson and T. J. Lewis, Marble Hill, farmers

Sol Fleek, carpenter, Fairmount:

E. M. Flinn, farmer, Lebanon and Eli Stone, merchant's clerk, Portageville.

January 4, 1888
Newton, IL

Jasperites Abroad

Ex-Residents of This County Now Living Elsewhere.

A Detailed History, Confined to a Few Lines, of Their Occupations.

We present to our readers a list of ex-residents of Jasper County, IL. It is by no means omplete, but will serve as a basis for a better one next year. Where known we have given the occupations of those mentioned.


Samuel D. Cowman farms near Beloit, Kas.

A.P. Mann is a wholesale broom maker at Danville.

L. V. Chaffe is head book keeper at Danville, Ind. for Coddington & Co.

Capt. Zack Orem when last heard from was at Spencer, Ind. running a hotel.

Elihue Cowman cultivates the soil in Mitchell County, Kas.

S. D. Noe sells real estate and advocates Prohibition at Danville.

Thos. H. and Charles Utterback are at Osceola, Neb. The former practices law and the latter teaches school.

Albert Utterback is setting type in a newspaper office at Oswego, Kas.

James W. Taylor is braking on P.D.& E.

Ed Harris is a mason at Los Angeles, Cal.

Albert Hammer is on the road selling goods in Wisconsin.

Harry Winans is an Olney grocer.

E. A. Park is a lawyer at Maryville, Kas.

Burnett Gibson is county treasurer in Luddington, Mich.

Daniel Kibler, who used to run the old steam mill, is living at ease in Terre Haute.

Frank and Marion Kibler run a mill at Roseville, Ind.

Crews Barbee is in an iron foundry in Chicago.

Geo. P. Davis is a constable in Olney, a position he has filled for several years.

M. I. Hanley is agent of the Lake Erie railroad at Muncie, Ind.

J. W. Luther is the P. D. & E. agent in Olney.

Marion and Ace Johnson own ranches near Beatrice, Neb. The latter is married.

Penn Spray clerks in a store at Garden City, Kas.

Rev. Frank Downs is a minister in Arizona.

Miss Ada Wilson teaches school in western Kansas.

John N. and Chas. K. Teets, here the past week on a visit, are commercial travelers through the south and live in Kentucky.

Frank Hobson is at Harrisburg, Linn County, Oregon, railroading.

B. W. Ooton is a rancher in Kansas.

T. B. Waddle grangers in Gage County, Neb.

B. F. Potter is farming in Kansas. David Bevers likewise.

Elwood Kellum is a Michigan farmer.

Ike Green is in Marion County, Ind. following the plow.

John Myers is a farmer near Richmond, Ind. and Lew Myers is a butcher at Casey.

John Kellum works in a sash and door factory at Wichita, Kas

Milton Monroe farms in Iowa.

Martin Blackford is farming in Texas. Wm Manaugh likewise

Ferd Manough, formerly a Smallwood township constable is in Reno County, Kas.

John Bohrer is in Cumberland County in the lumber business.

Geo. W. Daggy farms in Coles County.

Silas Dickerson is in the Lone Star State, farming.

John Wakefield farms in Neoga

Our Yale correspondent contributes the following names in addition to a full page more that we mislaid and could not find.

Fremont and Jackson Winters farm in Champaign County.

Z. H. McCubbins, ex-merchant, sells goods in Bentonville, Ark.

R. S. Byers practices medicine at Indianapolis.

George Richard druggist, Danville, Ind.

David B. Benson farms in Piatt County, John Roberts in Edgar County, George Cahoon in Clay County, Ark.

Latona correspondent sends us the following list.

Asbury Johnson farms at Peabody, Kas.

Joshua Spurling is a minister at Flat Rock, Ind.

John, Jasper, Vinton and Jep Calhoun farm near Elliottstown.

Al Marks is a Dieterich merchant.

Wm. Powell farms near Watson.

John Worthey works at the brick mason's trade at Olney.

Jesse, John and Jacob Clagg are farmers near Corning, Ark.

Esil and Lewis Corbin, Ennis, Tex., farming.

Wm. Boster and Ennis Martin till the soil near Kingman, Kas.

W. S. Mercer is in the lumber business at Muncie, Ind.

John Murphy teams at Kansas City, Mo.

Sherman Potts clerks in a store in Newport, Ark. Chanucy Clark and E. L. Richards have recently moved there.

E. L. McKinney, timber dealer, Goodwin, Ark.

Thomas, Frank and Samuel Foster, laborers, Oretown, Oregon.

M????? M????? farming near Rogers, Ark.

Ike Shane is a tinsmith at Winfield, Kas.

Andrew Clagg, George Hauk and James Armour farm at Brownwood, Tex.

Many thanks to Joanne Roth for transcribing this material!

Jasper's California Colonists

Jourdan, wife and grandson, Master Dewey Mineo, live in Lamanda Park. Mr. Jourdan has an orange grove of 71/2 acres, and this year sold his crop for $1,500. He raises principally navels and valencia late, with some St. Michels. He also raises some corn, has out 10 acres of potatoes and 5 acres of watermellons. Mr. and Mrs. Jourdan expect to return next year for an extended visit with their Jasper county relatives and friends.

Jourdan, and wife and two daughters live near El Monte?, where Mr. Jourdan has land leased. He owns 10 acres at Lamanta Park, partly set out in grapes.

Jourdan is foreman of the Grovilla Orange Ranch, consisting of 18 acres of oranges. He also ownes a young orange grove of ten acres.

Jourdan is truck farming.

Hinman, wife and two boys live near El Monte, where Will owns 20 acres of damp land valued at $300 an acre. He raises alfalfa and does truck farming. He also owns ten acres on Sunny Slope, near Joseph Jourdan's place, which he expects to set out in oranges this fall.

Bridges, and wife and son live near Lamanta Park, and Mr. Bridges is foreman of Mrs. Brigdon's extensive oarnge and lemon farm.

Bridges and family live at Lamanta Park, where John is employed in driving a water tank at remunerative ways?.

Newell, and wife live three miles north of Lamanta Park, where Mr. Newell is foreman on the Hasting ranch vinyard and grain. The Newell's own property in Pasadena and Lamanta Park, and also a ranch near El Monte.

Hayman and family live north of Lamanda Park, and his mother and two sisters live at the Park, where they own a home. Sherman is foreman on a terrace ranch.

Hayman is carpentering

Mitchell, and children live Lamanda Park, where Will has a position in a grocery store.

Mrs. Ed
Bevis and children live at Pasadena, where they have a comfortable home and pleasant surroundings.

Creed, is blacksmithing at Lamanda Park, and is well pleased with his location. His family, accompanied by Mrs. Runnels Creed, will leave here next week to join him.

Strole and family are also at Pasadena, where Charley is running a grocery store.

Contributed by June Swick Kessinger

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