The Wilder Brigade

from the Newton Press October 12, 1887
©Transcribed by Kim Torp

"The Marshall Herald published a complete roster of the Wilder Brigade, so far as known, taken from those who were in attendance at the Greencastle, Ind., reunion Sept. 6, 7, 8 last."

The officers chosen for the ensuing year are:

Gen. J.T. Wilder, commander, Roane, Tenn.

Col. A. O. Miller, 72nd Ind. Vol, senior vice commander, Lebanon, Ind.

Capt. Wm. Wood, 98th Ill. Vol., junior vice commander, Oblong, Ill.

Committee on Arrangements:

Dr. S.C. Mumford, 17th Ind. Vol, Princeton, Ind.

Maj. L.S. Kilborn, 72d Ind. Vol., Marshall, Ill.

Adjt. Aden Knoph, 98th Ill. Vol., Olney, Ill.

Capt. Thos. E. Wood, 123d Ill. Vol., Mattoon, Ill.

W.E. Starr, 18th Ind. Bat., Greencastle, Ind.

The list of those residing in Jasper county are as follows:

98th Ill. Vol., Co. D.

J.M. Pierson, Yale, Ill.

W.H. McCahnon, Willow Hill, Ill.

Peter T. Kibley, Willow Hill., Ill.

Company G

J.H. Riggs, West Liberty

Company I

Capt. Lawrence Banta, Newton, Ill.

Corp. Nate Vanderhoof, Newton, Ill.

C.E. Garwood, Newton, Ill.

W.L. Maxwell, Newton, Ill.

Corp. C.F.M. Morey, Hunt City, Ill.

G.W. Morey, Hunt City, Ill.

J.T. Burnside, Latona, Ill.

123d Ill Vol., Co. E.

Sergt. J.D. McCoy, Yale, Ill.

Corp. W.A. Gifford, Yale, Ill.

Musician S.D. Odell, Yale, Ill.

T.S. Odell, Yale, Ill.

Geo. Ingle, Yale, Ill.

Corp. Septer Grove, Advance, Ill.

Aaron Dillman, Hunt City, Ill.

Company F

B.F. Thomas, Rose Hill, Ill.

Company H

Corp. W.T. Hunt, Hidalgo, Ill.

18th Ind. Bat

Corneluis Murphy, Hidalgo, Ill.

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