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A Little Cemetery History & A List of Cemeteries

Oak Grove Cemetery
In January 1856, the City of Jerseyville purchased twenty acres of land for cemetery purposes and gave it the name of Oak Grove Cemetery. It is located in the eastern part of Jerseyville. The first sexton was Thomas Ford, who acted as such until the latter part of 1860. The second one was Joshua Walpole, who acted until May 1867, and he was then succeeded by Casper Sabo, who held the position until his death. The present sexton is Strother Kennedy. The cemetery is very well kept and is a beautiful resting place for the dead.

First Persons Buried
The first person buried in Oak Grove Cemetery was Clavera Stelle, a daughter of L. and R. Stelle, the date of her iinterment being August 6, 1856. The second burial was that of Elizabeth Ford, who was interred in September 1856.

Addition to Oak Grove
An additional twenty acres was purchased of Eugene Eberhard on January 19, 1898 and platted by A. W. Newton, county surveyor. There are 792 lots in the original cemetery, including fifty lots laid off for the potter's field, and 690 in the new part, making a total of 1,482 lots, as a whole, makes one of the most beautiful cemeteries in this part of the state.

Old Cemetery
There are a number of graves in the old cemetery in Jerseyville, that should have long since been removed, either to Oak Grove Cemetery or elsewhere. This burial ground is an unsightly and unsanitary nuisance, and should not be allowed to so remain in the center of a city with the claims to enlightenment, civilization and prosperity constantly advanced in favor of our beautiful municipality. It is to be hoped that this matter will have early and prompt attention from the authorities and others interested, which its importance demands and taht the stigma of this inexcusable nuisance will ere long be abated.

Catholic Cemetery
The Catholics have a cemetery a half mile north of Oak Grove Cemetery. It has been surveyed, laid out with walks and monuments, and is a very beautiful burial place.

Other Cemeteries
There are a number of other cemeteries in Jersey County, and it may be said that there has been more care taken in the platting arrangement and adornment of these cemeteries in later years that there was when the county was new. Among the cemeteries of the county may be named the following: the Noble Cemetery at Otterville, Newbern Cemetery at Newbern, Salem Cemetery, Odd Fellows' Cemetery north of Grafton, Elsah Cemetery, Rosedale Cemetery, Fieldon Cemetery, Hartford Cemetery, Meadow Branch Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery, Fidelity Cemetery, Delhi Cemetery, Kemper Cemetery, Lacko Cemetery in Elsah Township, and several other in various neighborhoods. In addition to the one at Jerseyville, the Catholics have cemeteries at St. Mary's west of Jerseyville and at Belltrees in Elsah Township.

Record on Old Tombstone
The writer on July 31, 1918, visited Newbern Cemetery, where he found a tombstone, upon which was the simple inscription:
"John McDow, Born Dec. 29, 1770, Died Oct. 20, 1834"
This John McDow was married to Margaret Gillham, a daughter of William Gillham, a Revoluntionary soldier, and a sister of Mrs. John G. Lofton, and John D. and Ezekiel Gillham. John McDow and his wife were the parents of Charles, Thomas, Robert, William and John McDow, and Margaret (McDow) Lurton, wife of Jacob Lurton. John McDow, Jr., died in California. On the day of the writer's visit to this cemetery, John J. Hardin McDow, aged seventy years, ten months, and twenty-two days, was buried there, the funeral being attended by a large concourse of relatives and friends. He was a grandson of John and Margaret McDow, and died in the same room of the same house in which he was born, and upon the same land upon which his grandparents originally settled a century ago.
[History of Jersey County, Illinois, 1919, by Oscar B. Hamilton, President Jersey County Historical Society. Transcribed by KP]

Cemeteries of Jersey County

[Data Source: GNIS, County Histories and Data submitted by Billie Trail]
*Transcribers note: Some of these cemeteries may no longer exist - *May Not be a Complete List*

Armstrong CemeteryEnglish Township
Askew Hollow Farm Cemetery 
Belt Salem CemeteryEnglish Township
Black Mound CemeteryOtter Creek Township
Beltrees CemeteryElsah Township
Bethany CemeteryEnglish Township
Boner FamilyRuyle Township
Botts CemeteryPiasa Township
Brown CemeteryEnglish Township
Chance Ezekiel Cemetery 
Chapman CemeteryFidelity Township
Chappel CemeteryPiasa Township
County Farm CemeteryEnglish Township(no markers)
Crull Thompson CemeteryRosedale Township
Czaia CemeteryVirgil Czaia Farm - Rosedale Twp
Dabbs CemeteryOtter Creek Township
Darlington Family CemeteryMississippi Township
Davenport CemeteryOtter Creek Township
Dehli CemeteryMississippi Township
Dougherty CemeteryOtter Creek Township
Dunham CemeteryReddish-Dunham, Ford - Richwood Twp
East Newbern (Bethal, McClusky)Mississippi Township
Edsall CemeteryOtter Creek Township
Edwards CemeteryPiasa Township
Eldridge CemeteryPiasa Township
Elliott CemeteryRuyle Township
Elsah CemeteryElsah Township
Ezekiel Chance CemeteryEnglish Township
Falkner CemeteryEnglish Township
Fidelity Cemetery(Oakland)Ruyle Township
Field Cemetery 
Fieldon Cemetery(Pubic, Vinnagge, Pruitt)Richwood Township
Fredenburg CemteryOtter Creek Township
Funk Cemetery(Schlansker)Rosedale Township
Geisler Family CemeteryFidelity Township
Graham CemeteryQuarry Township
Greene CemeteryRichwood Township
Grimes CemeteryEnglish Township
Groppel CemeteryRosedale Township
Gunterman CemeteryRichwood Township
Hamilton Cemetery(Parsonage)Otter Creek Township
Hanold CemeteryPiasa Township
Hartford CemeteryQuarry Township
Hathaway CemeteryJersey Township
Hawkins Cemetery(Prairie, Pruitt)Ruyle Township
Heitzig CemeteryEnglish Township
Hetzel CemeteryEnglish Township
Hickory Grove Cemetery(Old City, Sauer,=)Jersey Township
Hinson Cemetery(Black Mound)Otter Creek Township
Hopewell CemeteryFidelity Township
Houseman CemeteryEnglish Township
Jersey Cemetery 
Keller CemeteryJersey Township
Kemper Cemetery(Delaware Cem.)Ruyle Township
Kirchner CemeteryEnglish Township
Lamb Memorial CemeteryMississippi Township
Lax CemeteryEnglish Township
Lebanon CemeteryEngllish Township
Lewis CemeteryOtter Creek Township
Lock Haven CemeteryElsah Township
Lofton Cemetery 
Longwill CemeteryFidelity Township
Luckey-Weber CemeteryFidelity Township
Lurton Cemetery 
Marston CemeteryPiasa Township
McDow Cemetery(Gowin, Pickett)Otter Creek Township
McDowell Cemetery 
Meadow Branch CemeteryRosedale Township
Medora CemeteryRuyle Township
Methodist Evangelical Old Cemetery 
Metzger CemeteryPiasa Township
Moore CemeteryFidelity Township
Newbern CemeteryMississippi Township
Noble Family CemeteryOtter Creek Township
Oak Grove CemeteryJersey Township
Oakland Cemetery 
Phipps CemeteryRosedale Township
Pistol CemeteryRichwood Township
Pruitt Cemetery 
Quitt Family CemeteryQuarry Township
Reddish-Cooper CemeteryRichwood Township
Reddish-Dunham Ford Cemetery 
Rhoads CemeteryRuyle Township
Richey Family CemeteryFidelity Township
Rosedale CemeteryRosedale Township
Rowden CemeteryEnglish Township
Rusk CemeteryEnglish Township
St. Alphonsus CemeteryPiasa Township
St. Francis Xaviers CemeteryJersey Township
St. Marys Catholic CemeteryEnglish Township
St. Michaels CemeteryElsah Township
Salem Cemetery(Belt)English or Mississippi Township
Scenic Hill Cemetery(IOOF, Grafton, American Legion)Quarry Township
Schaaf CemeteryOtter Creek Township
Schlansker Cemetery 
Shiloh CemeteryMississippi Township
Shults GraveRichwood Township
Spry CemeteryRosedale Township
Teneriffe CemeteryRosedale Township
Thompson CemeteryRosedale Township
Trible CemeteryFidelity Township
Union Salem CemeteryOtter Creek Township
Van Horne CemeteryMississippi Township
Van Pelt CemeteryJersey Township
Watson CemeteryRichwood Township
Wendle CemeteryElsah Township
Wharton CemeteryJersey Township
White CemeteryOtter Creek Township
Wollenweber Family CemeteryEnglish Township