Jo Daviess County, Illinois

1860 Mortality Schedule

Contributed by Mary O'Brien

JoDavis Co
Name Age Sex Color Free/Slave Married/Widowed Place of Birth Month Died Occupation Cause of Death # Days Ill
Thomas Peachock 5 M England April Scarlet Fever 3 Mos.
Hester E. Peachoch 2 F Illinois April Scarlet Fever
Henry Determan 73 M Illinois June Farmer Old Age
John Fanakin 70 M Married Ireland Pauper Consumption
Edward Folay 26 M Ireland May Minor 11 Mos.
Jacob Graham 2 Mos. Illinois May Lung Fever 4 Days
Peter Pfiffner 2 Mos. M Illinois March Scarlet Fever 7 Days
James Burks 1 M Illinois Sept. Convulsions 2 Days
James Daily 21 M Ireland Farm Hand Consumption 11 Mos.
Joseph Williams 7 Mos. Illinois March 2 Days
William Thomas 40 M Married England Oct. Miner 5 Mos.
Wm. Tracey 7 Mos. M Illinois May 2 Days
Council Hill Township July 25th, 1860
Emily Byers 13 M Illinois April Scarlet Fever Days
Catharine Byers 11 F Illinois April 20 Days
Caspar Abel 4 M Illinois April 10 Days
Thomas Semock 5 M Illinois March Croup 5 Days
Hannah Semack 5 Mo January Scarlet Fever 10 Days
Paul Malden 6 Mos. Illinois August 1 Day
Margaret Litter 25 F Married England Consumption 2 Mos.
Warren Village July 30, 1860
Ella Dobbler 2 Mos. F Illinois May Scalding 17 Hours
Cara McFarland 4 Mos. F Illinois June Convulsions 8 Hours
Stephen H. Clark 32 M Married April Merchant Consumption 1 Month
John F. Platt 9 Mos. M Illinois March 30 Days
Wm. Hoskin 1 M April 5 Days