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Galena Aerial View 
Bird's Eye view of Galena
Contributed by Deb Bowers


Apple River Depot
Apple River Depot

Baldwin Street 1913
Baldwin Street, Apple River, 1913
Contributed by Leueen Gilley

Railroad Street
Railroad Street in 1914
Contributed by Leueen Gilley

Apple River Opera House
Apple River Opera House

main street
Main Street East Dubuque IL

Wagon Bridge
Railroad Wagon Bridge - between Dubuque IA and East Dubuque IL

Main Street
South on Main St. Elizabeth Ill.
Contributed by D. Read -

Base Ball Team, Elizabeth IL
Baseball Team, Elizabeth, IL

"Dear Ada" I think this is R. Davis family & Ethel. We remember you prayerfully dear "Celisa"

Postcard addressed to Mrs. Frank Read Rochester MN 504 Dubuque St.
Contributed by D. Read 

Read Family
The Rocks near Elizabeth

Dear Everett - I wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you may have and enjoy many of them.
I want to see you all Christmas - Grandma.
Postcard addressed to Everett R. Read Galena Ill RR No 5. Contributed by D. Read

Catlin Street - Elizabeth IL

Eby's Mill & Dam
Elizabeth, ILL.

Post Card = Dear Everett - How are you and pa batching - wish you were both here for dinner we have threshers today so will have a good dinner.
Well soon Ma home after dinner.. Grandpa-
Contributed by D. Read

Elizabeth, IL
Elizabeth, IL

Elizabeth, IL
C.G.W. Depot Elizabeth, IL

 Looking West From Green Street Bridge Galena IL

flood scene
Galena Flood Scene

Galena farm
Galena Farm

Galena Flood - Feb. 14, 1911
Contributed by D. Read

Galena Fire House
Galena Fire House #1 - Washington Street
Steps lead to High Street

Baseball team
1890 - 1903 Galena Independents Baseball Team

James, Hollander, Clauer, Moser, Ryan, Sears, Stevens, Wilman, Wolfman, Day Johnson, mascot and Bowley

Galena Library

Franklin Street
Franklin Street Looking North - Galena IL

Historic Galena
Contributed by Phyllis Heller

 Galena Aerial.
Aerial View of Galena
Contributed by Deb Bowers

Shay HIll
Shay Hill, Galena
Contributed by Deb Bowers

Hanover Railroad Car
Railroad Car, Hanover
Postcard stamped January 26, 1911

Jefferson Street 
Jefferson Street, Hanover, IL
Contributed by Mike Skoworn

Main Street
Main Street, Hanover
Contributed by Don Lancaster

A.B. White Residence
 A.B. Whites Residence - Hanover, IL
Contributed by Don Lancaster

Hanover and Apple River
Contributed by Don Lancaster

Apple River Bridge
Apple River, South of Hanover
Contributed by Don Lancaster

Scales Mound
Scales Mound, IL

Great Western Stockton
Great Western Hotel
Stockton, IL


Stockton Creamery
Stockton Creamery

MainSt Looking South 1906
Main Street Looking South 1906, Stockton, IL

Water Works
Warren Waterworks

Water Street
Water Street in Warren, IL

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