Jo Daviess County, IL
World War I

Jo Daviess Boys - Going to War
Glalena, Hanover, Scales Mound, Stockton, Savanna

Jo Daviess Boys - Going to War
From Galena May 25, 1918 Leaving for Camp Grant in Rockford (Photo from Alice Horner)

Contributed by Lori Gilbert

 	WW2 Army Enlistments of Jo Daviess County Residents 1939 -1946				
	Name  	Birth Year  	Nativity State or Country  	Enlistment Date  	Enlistment State
	James F Kenyon	1849	Wisconsin 	23-Jun-39	unknown
	Albert C Fiedler 	1859	Illinois 	3-Oct-39	unknown
	Delmar E Haring 	1855	Illinois 	23-Oct-39	unknown
	Frank L Wilhelmi 	1889	Illinois 	23-Oct-39	unknown
	Morris G Green	1868	Illinois 	23-Oct-39	unknown
	William J Vincent 	1900	Illinois 	23-Oct-39	unknown
	Merril A Kuhse	1855	Illinois 	7-Nov-39	unknown
	Clifford A Toepfer 	1855	Illinois 	20-Dec-39	unknown
	James D Spencer 	1848	Illinois 	21-Dec-39	unknown
	James L Doubler 	1922	Illinois 	16-Jul-40	Illinois
	Norman E Bussan 	1920	Illinois 	18-Jul-40	Illinois
	Arnold G Heller 	1916	Illinois 	27-Jul-40	Illinois
	Harold E Fiedler 	1919	Illinois 	27-Jul-40	Illinois
	Olon B Breed	 	1917	Illinois 	23-Aug-40	Illinois
	Jimmy L Bowers	1915	Illinois 	17-Sep-40	Wisconsin
	Orville M Kant	1921	Illinois 	19-Sep-40	Illinois
	Eugene E Cole	1918	Illinois 	20-Sep-40	Illinois
	George A Menegas 	1918	Iowa 		20-Sep-40	Illinois
	Melvin J James     1920	Illinois 	20-Sep-40	Illinois
	Lire Donald A De 	1921	Illinois 	23-Sep-40	Illinois
	Othmar Steinman 	1916	Mississippi 	23-Sep-40	Illinois
	Charles E Ohms	1921	Wisconsin 	26-Sep-40	Illinois
	Harold J Martin 	1919	Wisconsin 	26-Sep-40	Illinois
	Orville A.Rosenstiel1910	Illinois 	8-Oct-40	Illinois
	John E Gilbertson 	1917	Wisconsin 	10-Oct-40	Illinois
	Albert J Fox 		1911	Illinois 	15-Oct-40	Illinois
	Hulett L Pickett 	1916	Wisconsin 	15-Oct-40	Wisconsin
	Leland M Aurand 	1911	Illinois 	15-Oct-40	Illinois
	Ncomb Dale M Fr 	1916	Illinois 	15-Oct-40	Illinois
	Melvin L Savage 	1916	Illinois 	18-Oct-40	Illinois
	William O Schnerre 	1921	Illinois 	18-Oct-40	Illinois
	Arnold C Wullweber 	1918	Illinois 	29-Oct-40	Illinois
	Meredith E Gothard 	1917	South Dakota 	29-Oct-40	Illinois
	Robert M Henkel 	1921	Illinois 	29-Oct-40	Illinois
	Albert J Spillane 	1921	Wisconsin 	6-Nov-40	Iowa
	Harvey L Hoppe	 	1915	Illinois 	26-Nov-40	Missouri
	Leroy P Houy	 	1917	Illinois 	30-Nov-40	Illinois
	Raymond T Jansen 	1914	Iowa 		6-Dec-40	Kansas
	Harry N Simmons Jr 	1921	Illinois 	21-Jan-41	Illinois
	William J Schleicher 	1922	Illinois 	21-Jan-41	Illinois
	Arnold J Accola 	1918	Illinois 	5-Feb-41	Illinois
	Harold E Runde	 	1918	Illinois 	5-Feb-41	Illinois
	William S Watson 	1919	Illinois 	5-Feb-41	 
	Albert Minor	 	1919	Mississippi 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Clyde F Finn 		1914	Illinois 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Earl W Wieters	 	1916	Illinois 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Edward J Westemeier 	1920	Illinois 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Elwyn N Clark	 	1919	Minnesota 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Ernest Martin	 	1919	Illinois 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	John R Ryan 		1915	Illinois 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Laverne G Christen 	1912	Illinois 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Leon E Thomas	 	1918	Texas 		17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Leroy Jerrels	 	1918	Alabama 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Philip Peters 		1919	Illinois 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Raymond W Donegan 	1918	Illinois 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Robert W Offenheiser 	1911	Illinois 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Thomas P McCormick 	1911	Illinois 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	William F Henneberry 	1914	Illinois 	17-Feb-41	Illinois
	Donald E Accola	 	1917	Iowa 		24-Feb-41	Iowa
	James E Ryan 		1917	Illinois 	5-Mar-41	Illinois
	Vernon W Hughes 	1911	Wisconsin 	14-Mar-41	Wisconsin
	Kenneth R Russell 	1918	Wisconsin 	15-Apr-41	Wisconsin
	Bennie E Wangnoss 	1915	North Dakota 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Clarence H Fox 		1910	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Clarence R Keller 	1918	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Clifford J Finn 	1914	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Clyde N Harle 		1915	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Delmer J Reed 		1917	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Donald L Brauhn 	1917	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Donald P Long 		1917	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Earl C Bausman 		1910	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Edmund F Weydert 	1914	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	George B Courtade 	1916	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	George L Ames 		1918	Iowa 		16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Gordon G Busser 	1919	Wisconsin 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Harold H Doersam 	1912	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Irenaeus J Timmerman 	1918	Wisconsin 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	John J Mitchell 	1917	Iowa 		16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Kenneth F Bashaw 	1913	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Kermit J Read 		1917	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Laverile K Wenger 	1919	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Lyman L Hayes 		1911	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Marion H Coates 	1919	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Mathais J Altfillisch 	1918	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Merle J Ditsworth 	1907	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Norbert F Rosemeyer 	1918	Wisconsin 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Norman W Bohnsack 	1919	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Robert R James	 	1917	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Russel R Dotzel 	1917	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Thomas W Harney 	1919	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Victor I Atz 		1911	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	William H Burke 	1917	Illinois 	16-Apr-41	Illinois
	Walter C Sinn	 	1907	Illinois 	17-Apr-41	Illinois
	Joseph B Quinlivan 	1914	Iowa 		8-May-41	California
	Marvin L Murray 	1923	Wisconsin 	13-May-41	Illinois
	Curtis L Martin 	1919	Wisconsin 	5-Jun-41	Wisconsin
	Lewis A Peacock 	1918	Wisconsin 	10-Jun-41	Wisconsin
	Albert F Besler 	1919	Iowa 		28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Alfred A Artman 	1908	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Charles F Dillon 	1917	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Charles H Holland 	1917	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Dallas L Schiesl 	1915	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Gerald S Doubler 	1915	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Guss L Grimm	 	1914	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Harold C Berryman 	1915	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Harry A Tipton	 	1918	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Kendrick G Williams 	1919	Iowa 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Lawrence W Gabel 	1918	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Raymond M Aureden 	1913	Wisconsin 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Robert J Brown 		1913	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Roland N Weis	 	1914	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Warren L Parker 	1918	Illinois 	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Wilfred K Smith  	1917	Illinois  	28-Jun-41	Illinois
	Marlan R Lee 		1920	Illinois 	12-Aug-41	Illinois
	Blanchard B Menzemer 	1915	Illinois 	19-Aug-41	Illinois
	Njour Wilfred C B 	1915	Illinois 	19-Aug-41	Illinois
	Albert W Lehrman 	1916	Illinois 	27-Aug-41	Illinois
	Clifford R Trevethan 	1913	Wisconsin 	27-Aug-41	Illinois
	Delbert G Steffens 	1918	Illinois 	27-Aug-41	Illinois
	Carl J Trumm 		1918	Iowa 		3-Sep-41	Illinois
	Donald L Bunnell 	1918	Wisconsin 	9-Sep-41	Wisconsin
	Clarence R Schmid 	1918	Illinois 	25-Sep-41	Illinois
	Orville D Leuth 	1916	Wisconsin 	25-Sep-41	Illinois
	Earl F Wasson 		1920	Wisconsin 	1-Oct-41	Illinois
	Thomas J Turner 	1920	Illinois 	10-Oct-41	Illinois
	Ardell E Schreck 	1919	Illinois 	15-Oct-41	Illinois
	Earl Dales 		1915	Illinois 			15-Oct-41	Illinois
	George J Speaker 	1919	Illinois 	15-Oct-41	Illinois
	John E Shuey 		1923	Illinois 	17-Oct-41	Illinois
	Harley L Zeal	 	1920	Illinois 	22-Oct-41	Illinois
	Eugene H Hess 		1919	Illinois 	23-Oct-41	Illinois
	Fabian F Grassel 	1920	Illinois 	23-Oct-41	Illinois
	Karl E Heim 		1918	Illinois 	23-Oct-41	Illinois
	William T Schmidt 	1920	Illinois 	23-Oct-41	Illinois
	Harvey M Pierce 	1919	Illinois 	28-Oct-41	California
	Leo M Schilling 	1919	Wisconsin 	28-Oct-41	Illinois
	Clyde E McGinnis 	1920	Illinois 	4-Nov-41	Illinois
	Alfred A Knuckey 	1918	Illinois 	26-Nov-41	Illinois
	Elmer E Bruun 		1920	Wisconsin 	26-Nov-41	Illinois
	Fred Haas 			1919	Illinois 	26-Nov-41	Illinois
	Marvin H Bonnet 	1919	Iowa 		26-Nov-41	Illinois
	Simon D Cropper 	1916	Illinois 	26-Nov-41	Illinois
	Leslie R Haas 		1915	Illinois 	27-Nov-41	Illinois
	Leslie R Haas 		1915	Illinois 	27-Nov-41	Illinois
	Raymond L Halsted 	1922	Illinois 	18-Dec-41	Michigan
	Louis C Kemler Jr 	1921	Iowa 		20-Dec-41	Illinois
	William H Westemeier Jr 	1918	Illinois 	23-Dec-41	Wisconsin
	Marshall L Graves 	1920	Illinois 	26-Dec-41	Illinois
	Wesley J Endress 	1919	Illinois 	30-Dec-41	Wisconsin
	Donald G Bartels 	1921	Illinois 	31-Dec-41	Iowa
	Elmer G Gallagher 	1922	Illinois 	5-Jan-42	Illinois
	Robert E Burns	 	1914	Illinois 	6-Jan-42	Missouri
	Donald W Harris 	1921	Illinois 	7-Jan-42	Illinois
	Harry A Menegas 	1920	Iowa 		7-Jan-42	Illinois
	Clinton P Anker 	1920	Wisconsin 	8-Jan-42	Illinois
	Charles E Sproule 	1915	Illinois 	13-Jan-42	Illinois
	Francis M Berry 	1919	Minnesota 	13-Jan-42	Illinois
	Hugh P Hudson 		1918	Illinois 	13-Jan-42	Illinois
	Charles C Berry 	1917	Illinois 	21-Jan-42	Illinois
	Charles J Eastman 	1918	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Clement A Cosgrove 	1915	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Delmar L Burke	 	1919	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Donald A Gates	 	1914	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Donald R Moorehead 	1920	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Earl E Callahan 	1918	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Edwin J Durrstein 	1917	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	James R Backus 		1920	unknown		27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Joseph D Cole 		1920	Iowa 		27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Melvin G Leifker 	1919	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Melvin J Hoftender 	1920	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Raymond C Allen 	1919	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Robert L Wieters 	1916	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Stanley S Stoner 	1919	Iowa 		27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Walter J Bonnet 	1916	Illinois 	27-Jan-42	Illinois
	Yorke J Gunn 		1921	Illinois 	28-Jan-42	Illinois
	Vincent J Rosemeyer 	1920	Wisconsin 	2-Feb-42	Illinois
	Carson D Schultz 	1917	Illinois 	13-Feb-42	Illinois
	Edward H Schultz 	1919	Illinois 	13-Feb-42	Illinois
	Elmer P Masters 	1920	Illinois 	13-Feb-42	Illinois
	Florian L Korte 	1918	Illinois 	13-Feb-42	Illinois
	Forrest L Harwick 	1916	Illinois 	13-Feb-42	Illinois
	Frank L Baker	 	1920	Illinois 	13-Feb-42	Illinois
	James A Sampson 	1919	Illinois 	13-Feb-42	Illinois
	O Irwin Bishop 		1917	Illinois 	13-Feb-42	Illinois
	Vernon H Becke	 	1919	Illinois 	13-Feb-42	Illinois
	Donald A Kunz 		1917	Illinois 	20-Feb-42	Illinois
	Orland T Roth 		1919	Illinois 	20-Feb-42	Illinois
	Joseph A Sutton 	1917	Illinois 	7-Mar-42	Wisconsin
	William B Placke 	1911	Wisconsin 	9-Mar-42	Illinois
	Robert N Andrews 	1923	Illinois 	10-Mar-42	Illinois
	Harold J Rieselman 	1917	Iowa 		11-Mar-42	Wisconsin
	John T Jackoniski 	1917	Wisconsin 	11-Mar-42	Wisconsin
	Norman J Smith 		1919	Illinois 	11-Mar-42	Wisconsin
	Ernest G Stauss 	1915	Illinois 	12-Mar-42	Illinois
	Donald W Monnier 	1909	Illinois 	14-Mar-42	Illinois
	Harlan H Cook 		1917	Illinois 	14-Mar-42	Illinois
	Peter E Courtade 	1914	Illinois 	14-Mar-42	Illinois
	Wesley P Krippendorf 	1909	Illinois 	14-Mar-42	Illinois
	Wilfrid L Welter 	1918	Wisconsin 	14-Mar-42	Illinois
	Harold H Fleege 	1913	Iowa 		26-Mar-42	Illinois
	Sidney C Smith 		1917	Iowa 		26-Mar-42	Illinois
	Ralph J Fleming 	1921	Illinois 	27-Mar-42	Illinois
	Edward J Oster	 	1917	Iowa 		31-Mar-42	Illinois
	Edward L Bottom 	1923	Illinois 	9-Apr-42	Illinois
	Eugene J Oconnor 	1918	  		14-Apr-42	Illinois
	Anthony D Crimmins 	1917	Illinois 	15-Apr-42	Illinois
	George C Zink	 	1912	Illinois 	15-Apr-42	Illinois
	Harry E Linenfelser 	1910	Illinois 	15-Apr-42	Illinois
	Harry L Long 		1911	Illinois 	15-Apr-42	Illinois
	John G Williams 	1912	Illinois 	15-Apr-42	Illinois
	John P Curboy 		1910	Illinois 	15-Apr-42	Illinois
	Lawrence N Bausman 	1913	Illinois 	15-Apr-42	Illinois
	Mortimer A Bunyer 	1905	Wisconsin 	15-Apr-42	Illinois
	William E Wilkey 	1912	Ohio 		15-Apr-42	Illinois
	Willis J Trautwein 	1917	Illinois 	15-Apr-42	Illinois
	George P Kluck	 	1906	Wisconsin 	16-Apr-42	Illinois
	Leo L Ashbee 		1912	Wisconsin 	16-Apr-42	Illinois
	Roscoe T Inman 		1907	Illinois 	17-Apr-42	Illinois
	Albert H Vanderah 	1909	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Alton W Sigafus 	1908	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Anton M Atz 		1907	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Axel L Johnson	 	1911	Minnesota 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Carl J Ganshert 	1916	Wisconsin 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Clifford J Pogeman 	1919	Iowa 		6-May-42	Illinois
	Clifford R Thomasson 	1915	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Douglas G Brodrecht 	1909	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Ervin J Aureden 	1913	Wisconsin 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Evan K Evans 		1905	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Floyd R Mahoney 	1908	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Frederic J Heim 	1911	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Henry J Wand 		1918	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Henry W Roberts 	1904	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Howard H Townsend 	1909	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	J Houytfrancis 		1909	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	John M Johnson 		1909	Minnesota 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Joseph E Mulgrew 	1913	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Leslie J Kupfer 	1910	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Lloyd C McLean 		1907	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Lowery O Ross 		1908	Missouri 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Ralph J Fleege 		1918	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Vernon D Buske 		1920	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Wesley J Steinberger 	1905	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	William A Steimle 	1912	Iowa 		6-May-42	Illinois
	William E Smeck 	1918	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	William H Fransen 	1909	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	William J Banwarth 	1913	Illinois 	6-May-42	Illinois
	William J Coyle 	1918	Iowa 	6-May-42	Illinois
	Charles W True	 	1911	Wisconsin 	7-May-42	Illinois
	Homer H Miller 		1905	Iowa 	7-May-42	Illinois
	Alfred L Gaffner 	1909	Illinois 	8-May-42	Illinois
	Marvin R Harris 	1907	Illinois 	8-May-42	Illinois
	Donald D Roth 		1919	Illinois 	11-May-42	Wisconsin
	Edmund A Thole 		1910	Wisconsin 	11-May-42	Wisconsin
	Edmund J Meyers 	1923	Illinois 	28-May-42	Illinois
	Delmar C Schreier 	1919	Illinois 	1-Jun-42	Illinois
	Harry A Hartwig 	1919	Illinois 	1-Jun-42	Illinois
	Joseph M Foecking 	1919	Illinois 	1-Jun-42	Illinois
	Leland L Sanderson 	1920	Illinois 	1-Jun-42	Illinois
	Oscar H Bonnet	 	1917	Illinois 	1-Jun-42	Illinois
	Richard A Robinson 	1911	Illinois 	1-Jun-42	Illinois
	Robert J Wand 		1906	Illinois 	1-Jun-42	Illinois
	Vernon J Kuhle	 	1918	Illinois 	1-Jun-42	Illinois
	Wayne W Sender 		1919	Illinois 	1-Jun-42	Illinois
	William F Wenger 	1917	South Dakota 	1-Jun-42	Illinois
	Willis L Gray 		1905	Illinois 	1-Jun-42	Illinois
	Walter A Colin 		1909	Illinois 	5-Jun-42	Illinois
	Randall F Kilian 	1905	Illinois 	8-Jun-42	Washington
	Homer S Dobson 		1917	Wisconsin 	10-Jun-42	Wisconsin
	Ralph W Dawson 		1910	Illinois 	13-Jun-42	Wisconsin
	Alan R Broaddus 	1914	Illinois 	23-Jun-42	Illinois
	Alfred B Holland 	1913	Illinois 	23-Jun-42	Illinois
	Arthur G Dellabella 	1918	Illinois 	23-Jun-42	Illinois
	Gerald H Reynolds 	1905	Oklahoma 	23-Jun-42	Illinois
	John P Vincent	 	1920	Illinois 	23-Jun-42	Illinois
	Leo D Charlton	 	1910	Illinois 	23-Jun-42	Illinois
	Vern I Morris 		1910	Illinois 	23-Jun-42	Illinois
	Robert F Holcombe Jr 	1922	Missouri 	26-Jun-42	Kansas
	Adam T Kirchner 	1910	Illinois 		6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Alfred H Hasken 	1918	Illinois 		6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Bertrand F Sullivan 	1915	Illinois 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Charles M Cole 		1914	Iowa 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Delos E Ortscheid 	1917	Wisconsin 		6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Earl H Werner 		1907	Illinois 		6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Edward M Dwyer 		1904	Illinois 		6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Floyd G Rundle 		1917	Wisconsin 		6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Frank H Williams 	1908	Illinois 		6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Frank J Lieb 		1909	Iowa 		6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Frederick Page 		1899	Pennsylvania 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	George C Morhardt 	1918	Illinois 		6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Glen H Krippendorf 	1914	  		6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Harold J Larey	 	1917	Illinois 		6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Howard E Pulfrey 	1920	South Dakota 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	James M Hartsough 	1914	Illinois 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Jonas K Koemple 	1906	Illinois 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Julian C Lee 		1914	Illinois 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Leroy R Richmond 	1918	Illinois 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Leslie O Frederick 	1904	Illinois 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Lloyd E McCall	 	1916	Illinois 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Lloyd F Smith 		1920	Illinois 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Marlowe Martin	 	1919	Wisconsin 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Mason D Vanderheyden 	1918	Illinois 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Nicholas J Portzen 	1908	Wisconsin 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Norman A Harring 	1918	  	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Richard C Miller 	1919	Illinois 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Robert H Winstead 	1909	Tennessee 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	William H Nash 		1899	Illinois 	6-Jul-42	Illinois
	Bernard C Stoddard 	1915	Wisconsin 	7-Jul-42	Illinois
	Elmer V Unila 		1908	Michigan 	9-Jul-42	Michigan
	An Herbert J Dono 	1916	Iowa 	20-Jul-42	Illinois
	Charles L Kitto 	1915	Illinois 	20-Jul-42	Illinois
	Eldon E Hesselbacher 	1918	Illinois 	20-Jul-42	Illinois
	Herman C Feltmeyer 	1918	Illinois 	20-Jul-42	Illinois
	James F Mullen 		1918	Wisconsin 	20-Jul-42	Illinois
	Laverne M Ryder 	1920	Illinois 	20-Jul-42	Illinois
	Robert L Loso 		1919	Iowa 	20-Jul-42	Illinois
	Kenneth E Erickson 	1913	Iowa 	21-Jul-42	Illinois
	Leo J Hoftender 	1909	Illinois 	21-Jul-42	Illinois
	Myrnice E Raab 		1919	Illinois 	21-Jul-42	Illinois
	An Delbert W Bus 	1918	Illinois 	28-Jul-42	Illinois
	Coy A Bartell 		1918	Wisconsin 	28-Jul-42	Illinois
	Jack C Goard 		1920	Illinois 	28-Jul-42	Illinois
	Joseph E Garrow Jr 	1917	Illinois 	28-Jul-42	Illinois
	Leo L Kant		 	1918	Illinois 	28-Jul-42	Illinois
	Orville D Campbell 	1916	Illinois 	28-Jul-42	Illinois
	Paul A Doersam	 	1920	Illinois 	28-Jul-42	Illinois
	Philip N Townsend 	1916	Wisconsin 	28-Jul-42	Illinois
	Weldon C Larey 		1913	Illinois 	28-Jul-42	Illinois
	Alick J Gibson 		1914	Illinois 	11-Aug-42	Illinois
	Anthony L Novlan 	1911	Minnesota 	11-Aug-42	Illinois
	Christopher M Goldhagen 	1914	Illinois 	11-Aug-42	Illinois
	Clarence H Wearmouth 	1917	Illinois 	11-Aug-42	Illinois
	Delbert E Schoenhard 	1919	Illinois 	11-Aug-42	Illinois
	Edgar F Hasken 		1919	Illinois 	11-Aug-42	Illinois
	Eugene F Hesseling 	1909	Wisconsin 	11-Aug-42	Illinois
	Lawrence C Hawk 	1904	Iowa 	11-Aug-42	Illinois
	Robert E Slattery 	1919	Illinois 	11-Aug-42	Illinois
	Wilbur R Smith 		1920	Wisconsin 	11-Aug-42	Illinois
	William H Endress 	1916	Illinois 	11-Aug-42	Illinois
	Walter C Edlmann 	1924	Illinois 	14-Aug-42	Illinois
	Carroll B Chapman 	1917	South Dakota 	18-Aug-42	Illinois
	Frederick H Kirk Jr 	1909	Iowa 	24-Aug-42	Illinois
	Albert L Shriner 	1921	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Ambrose L Roth	 	1918	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Arthur H Albrecht 	1914	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Arthurlh K N Sanderson 	1921	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Clarencejd N Haye 	1918	Iowa 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	David R Reifsteck 	1918	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Edwin Wj L Young 	1909	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Everett J Peters 	1918	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	George A Plosch 	1912	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	M Finkenbinderjraymondkd 	1918	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Melvin F Kunz 		1921	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Raymond Jk N Du Bord 	1918	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Richard R L K N Lau 	1914	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Richmond J Shurte 	1901	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Robert C Stephenson 	1918	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Robert S Heindel 	1920	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Robert T Barker 	1920	Wisconsin 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Walter E Miller 	1911	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Warren T Swing 		1919	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Wayne Jjj Mk Kk N Webb 	1907	Wisconsin 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	William J Murphy 	1921	Illinois 	25-Aug-42	Illinois
	Jay L Skaife	 	1921	Wisconsin 	28-Aug-42	Wisconsin
	Paul W Kaufman	 	1920	Wisconsin 	28-Aug-42	Wisconsin
	James W Arrington Sr 	1911	Georgia 	31-Aug-42	Georgia
	Truman P Starr 		1923	Illinois 	1-Sep-42	Illinois
	Leo C Placke 		1904	Wisconsin 	4-Sep-42	Wisconsin
	Norman Kaplan 		1915	Illinois 	10-Sep-42	Illinois
	Lloyd L Bright	 	1920	Wisconsin 	15-Sep-42	Wisconsin
	William R Farnum 	1920	Illinois 	15-Sep-42	Illinois
	Albert F Nelson 	1897	Minnesota 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Cletus L Eadie 		1920	  	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Donald W Sanderson 	1920	Illinois 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Frank L Ihde 		1907	Illinois 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Harold J Koester 	1905	Illinois 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Joh J Potter 		1917	Illinois 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Lawrence J Kemler 	1921	Iowa 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Marcellus E Timmerman 	1920	Wisconsin 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Marvin E Anderson 	1913	South Dakota 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Norman K Stewart 	1915	Iowa 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Oscar B Klaas 		1917	Illinois 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Peter M Nassif	 	1917	Minnesota 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Ralph B Guy 		1921	Illinois 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Ralph H Korth 		1919	Illinois 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Robert M Brendel 	1909	Illinois 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Robert R Grovatt 	1921	Minnesota 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Warren E Hopkins 	1922	Illinois 	24-Sep-42	Illinois
	Vernon R Green 		1906	Nebraska 	25-Sep-42	New Mexico
	Emmett T Kirk 		1902	Illinois 	26-Sep-42	Illinois
	Leland L Lockhart 	1908	Illinois 	26-Sep-42	Illinois
	Lester C Pierrott 	1900	Iowa 	29-Sep-42	Iowa
	Edmund A Oneill 	1919	Illinois 	30-Sep-42	Iowa
	Doyle E Simmers 	1902	Indiana 	1-Oct-42	Mississippi
	Nye E Kilby 		1913	Wisconsin 	6-Oct-42	Wisconsin
	Howard H Tranel 	1922	Illinois 	8-Oct-42	Illinois
	Dale Griffiths 		1909	Wisconsin 	10-Oct-42	Wisconsin
	Vincent F Murphy 	1918	Wisconsin 	10-Oct-42	Wisconsin
	Lenora N Callahan 	1921	Illinois 	15-Oct-42	Illinois
	Clarence E Graf 	1898	Wisconsin 	21-Oct-42	Michigan
	Elmer P Hoftender 	1922	Illinois 	23-Oct-42	Iowa
	Allen C Shultz 		1924	Wisconsin 	26-Oct-42	Iowa
	Donald E Rosenthal 	1922	Illinois 	26-Oct-42	Iowa
	John E Schultz	 	1900	  	26-Oct-42	Tennessee
	Carson R Herring 	1922	Illinois 	27-Oct-42	Iowa
	Wayne E Breed 		1922	Illinois 	27-Oct-42	Iowa
	John E Gollobith 	1922	Illinois 	29-Oct-42	Illinois
	Donald H Upmann 	1921	Illinois 	30-Oct-42	Iowa
	James S M Steele 	1922	Illinois 	30-Oct-42	Illinois
	John N Dennison 	1923	Guatemala 	30-Oct-42	Illinois
	Keith D Wilcox 		1924	Illinois 	30-Oct-42	Illinois
	Lawrence C Van Treeck 	1922	Wyoming 	30-Oct-42	Illinois
	Leverne G Rodden 	1923	Illinois 	30-Oct-42	Illinois
	Grover L Gilbertson Jr 	1923	Wisconsin 	31-Oct-42	Iowa
	John A Wenziker 	1919	Illinois 	31-Oct-42	Iowa
	Chester J King 		1901	Illinois 	2-Nov-42	Illinois
	Norman A Gaber 		1924	Illinois 	2-Nov-42	Iowa
	James D Sheehan 	1922	Wisconsin 	4-Nov-42	Iowa
	Brian E Bourrette 	1908	Wisconsin 	6-Nov-42	Wisconsin
	Philip E Peterson 	1922	Illinois 	9-Nov-42	Illinois
	Arthur J McGinnis 	1922	Wisconsin 	10-Nov-42	Illinois
	Robert E Bragg	 	1922	Wisconsin 	10-Nov-42	Illinois
	Clinton E Mellen 	1922	Michigan 	11-Nov-42	Ohio
	Lawrence W Thraen 	1904	Illinois 	14-Nov-42	Illinois
	Emmett R Breed 		1921	Illinois 	17-Nov-42	California
	Clarence H Luy 		1924	Wisconsin 	30-Nov-42	Illinois
	Clyde E Groom 		1923	Illinois 	30-Nov-42	Illinois
	William E Sowers 	1921	Illinois 	2-Dec-42	Illinois
	Robert F Kk M Walske 	1922	Wisconsin 	4-Dec-42	Wisconsin
	Carl J Le Count 	1922	Indiana 	5-Dec-42	Ohio
	Dale G Haffele 		1920	Wisconsin 	7-Dec-42	Wisconsin
	Robert J Bourquin 	1923	Illinois 	8-Dec-42	Illinois
	Leo T Magiera 		1923	Illinois 	10-Dec-42	Illinois
	Donald E Hunt 		1924	Illinois 	15-Dec-42	Wisconsin
	Kenneth L Smith 	1922	Illinois 	18-Dec-42	Ohio
	Harold J Ehrler 	1920	Illinois 	7-Jan-43	Illinois
	Herbert B Heim 		1919	Illinois 	7-Jan-43	Illinois
	Robert L Appell 	1923	Wisconsin 	7-Jan-43	Wisconsin
	Winifred Jones 		1918	Illinois 	8-Jan-43	Illinois
	Helen M Specht	 	1902	Illinois 	15-Jan-43	Illinois
	Edna B Ames 		1922	Illinois 	2-Feb-43	Iowa
	John R Moran 		1923	South Dakota 	25-Feb-43	Iowa
	Edward J Ganshirt 	1923	Illinois 	3-Mar-43	Illinois
	Dan Hogan 			1921	Louisiana 	11-Mar-43	Louisiana
	Maurice E Flaherty 	1924	Illinois 	12-Mar-43	Illinois
	Walter H Budden 	1922	  	15-Mar-43	Illinois
	Andrew Smith 		1922	Louisiana 	6-Apr-43	Louisiana
	Will Washington 	1925	Mississippi 	12-Aug-43	Mississippi
	Damian J Duffy	 	1908	Iowa 	1-Nov-43	Iowa
	Glenn L Lyons 		1925	Illinois 	13-Dec-43	Illinois
	George L Johnson 	1908	Wisconsin 	19-Jan-44	Illinois
	Le Vern B Young 	1926	Illinois 	13-Mar-44	Illinois
	Charles E Wieters 	1910	Illinois 	16-Mar-44	Illinois
	Embert G Hedeman 	1913	Iowa 	8-Apr-44	Iowa
	Milton F Bowman 	1910	Iowa 	8-Apr-44	Iowa
	John W Wood 		1925	Missouri 	15-Apr-44	Illinois
	Zwbert A Ponsar 	1913	Minnesota 	25-Apr-44	 
	Lloyd G Harding 	1917	Iowa 	18-May-44	Iowa
	William E Wenger 	1926	Illinois 	3-Jun-44	Illinois
	Joseph F Flies 		1919	Minnesota 	14-Jun-44	Minnesota
	Robert J Budden 	1926	Iowa 	20-Nov-44	Illinois
	Donald D Root 		1926	North Dakota 	2-Jan-45	Illinois
	Gilbert B Tranel 	1922	Illinois 	8-Jan-45	Minnesota
	Merlin D Kleinkopf 	1926	Illinois 	10-Feb-45	Illinois
	John G Tucker 		1926	Illinois 	1-Mar-45	Illinois
	Lawrence E Whiting 	1927	Iowa 	13-Apr-45	Minnesota
	Nzcholas H Slatts Jr 	1910	Illinois 	1-May-45	Missouri
	Robert W Gilbertson 	1925	Wisconsin 	26-Oct-45	North Carolina
	Frank S Jagielski 	1904	Pennsylvania 	7-Nov-45	Illinois
	Henry Van Schaik 	1910	Illinois 	7-Nov-45	California
	Clifford A Cullen 	1915	Wisconsin 	10-Nov-45	Illinois
	James T McPhillips 	1927	Illinois 	14-Nov-45	Kentucky
	Ned K Krause 		1916	Nebraska 	30-Nov-45	California
	Stewart H Breed 	1917	Illinois 	10-Dec-45	Illinois
	Leo J Kraft 		1926	Iowa 	12-Jan-46	Illinois
	Edwin J Carroll 	1916	Illinois 	17-Jan-46	Illinois
	Charles L Looney 	1924	  	31-Jan-46	Pennsylvania
	Lynn R Chumbler 	1927	Illinois	 	4-Feb-46	Illinois
	Jefferson V Sample 	1922	Kentucky 		6-Feb-46	Minnesota
	Albert E Turpin Jr 	1919	Wisconsin 		8-Feb-46	Washington
	John T Huisinga 	1924	Colorado 		12-Feb-46	Illinois
	Willoby William W Long 	1928	Mississippi 	13-Feb-46	Illinois
	Lee A Willis 		1921	Illinois 	27-Feb-46	Illinois
	Cn J Mes N Rv 		1927	Michigan 	25-Mar-46	Minnesota
	Charles G Kuchemann 	1928	Illinois 	26-Mar-46	Illinois
	Paul C Billings 	1915	Iowa 	??	Illinois