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Submitted by Helen McCracken Butler

Sanders Family

Arthur M. Sanders, his wife, Sarah C. Williams Sanders, daughter Mandy Sanders and son Marion A. Sanders in the back row, son Jesse Sanders sitting in between parents
 and baby Rosa C. sitting in her mother's lap.
Arthur and Sarah were married 16 Jul 1877 in Johnson Co. This picture was taken in Dunklin Co., MO before 1904.

Submitted by John Smith

Ebbie Anderson Barnwell (?)

On the back of the photo is written in faint pencil, "Laura Wise" who was the daughter of Oma Jane and Ben.
She married Eby/Ebbie Barnwell in Johnson County on March 4, 1906.
If you know whether this photo is of Ebbie, please contact John at

Submitted by Kathleen Waters

Phoebe VandeWaters Kinslow, her son John Adam Kinslow,
and his wife Tennessee Shadowen Kinslow

Submitted by Linda Strauch

Hannah Pickens Hollingshead and son Franklin
Hannah was the daughter of John Patterson Pickens, who moved to Johnson Co. from Alabama; she was
aunt to Lillie Belle Pickens and Norman Roscoe Pickens.  She married James Leander Hollingshead,
and died in 1915.

Submitted by Kathleen Waters

Anna Belle Taylor Waters, ca. 1905

Clarence Arthur Waters, ca. 1905

John Adolphus Waters, ca. 1897

Submitted by Linda Greene

Anderson Family
Evelyn, Herman, Pat, Peggy,  Rosie, and Danny

Submitted by Kathleen Waters

George Washington Cooper and wife Sarah Weston
(submitters note:  This photo often has been misidentified as Icem Jacob Shoemaker and Francis Elizabeth Waters)


Jonathan VandeWaters family; part of the family moved to Oklahoma in the 1890's,
and some stayed in Johnson County.

Children of Jonathan VandeWaters

Jonathan VandeWaters, wife Winny Cooper, and four daughters

John Spinager Waters and wife Martha Hood


Franklin Bud Taylor, wife Stella Waters, and family

Giles Taylor, wife Lulu Cummins, and family

John Robert Taylor, wife Mary An Weston, and family

William H. Taylor & wife Eunice Caldwell


Children of James Marion Weston and Patience Malisa Cooper, ca. 1900

Submitted by Margaret Reynolds Oliver

Unidentified Family
possibly Reynolds, Kerley, or Murphy

Submitted by Gloria Gore:

Johnson County Courthouse, Early 1900's

Mt. Pisgah School,  Class of 1934-35

Submitted by Linda Greene:

Jane Porter Pippins

James Arthur Pippins, #1

James Arthur Pippins, #2

Pippins Family

Submitted by; Mara Harris

If you would like to contact Mara about any of these pictures, she would love to hear from you. 

Photo 1; Bertha Veach

Photo 2:  Carter Family

Photo 3; Charlie Cunningham

Photo 4: Frank Gillespie School Photo

Photo 5; George Burris

Photo 6; Hugh Wallace

Photo 7; Mary Snyder

Photo 8: Maud Slack

Photo 9; Ned Huffman

Photo 10; Pickens Store Charles & Fan Pickens

Photo 11; Unknown Couple

Photo 12; Unknown Lady 1

Photo 13; Unknown Lady 2

Photo 14; Unknown Lady 3

Photo 15: Unknown Lady 4

Photo 16; Unknown Vienna Women

Photo 17; Wallace Perkins

Submitted by; Terrie Welch

Photo 1; Lillie Belle (Pickens) & Norman Roscoe Pickens

Photo 2; Norman Roscoe Pickens

Submitted by; Anna Newell

Photo 1; The Blu - Lite, Vienna IL

Submitted by; Karen Gittel

Photo 1; Lear (BRIDGES) Rhea & Mary Elizabeth (CARTER) Bridges

Photo 2; Mary Elizabeth (CARTER) Bridges

Photo 3: Harry T. & Willie Frances Bridges

Photo 4; James H. Bridges

Photo 5: Harry T. Bridges, Owner of the Vienna Times 1920

Photo 6. Royce Bridges

Photo 7. Henry T. Bridges Family

Submitted by; Harlene Brown

Photo 1. Wes Browning's Store

Photo 2. Katie Belle (NEWMAN) Soper

Photo 3. The Soper Family

Photo 4. Harlen Browning Soper

Photo 5. Soper Children

Submitted by; Bob Burris

Photo 1; Walter Warder Burris, Maria Elizabeth Burris Biddle, and Stephen Biddle Burris

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