"Special Thanks"

Paula Maze; for submitting the listing for the Perry Cemetery, Craig  Cemetery, Howard Cemetery, & Mosley/Lannom Cemetery. For also submitting her query for the Wiley Thomas Family.

Joyce Stryker; for submitting additions and family ties for the Cana/Terry Cemetery.

Richard Cozier; For submitting histories on the Hood, Hooker, & Gore Families.

Bob Burris; for submitting a photo of his Great Grandfather, Stephen Biddle Burris and his Brother Walter and Sister Maria.

Harlene Brown; for submitting 4 early 1900 Soper family photos.


Some information has been submitted by Brenda (TAPLEY) Stewart. on her the families that she has been researching. If you would like to contact her, she would love to hear from you.

James R. Sheffer, submitted the Concord Cemetery. He has additional information on the family ties of those buried there. He would be more then happy to answer any questions.

Many of the obituaries were submitted by Arlene (WILLIAMS) Underwood, (my sister).

Yvonne Craig, for submitting information on the Craig family in Busby, Cana, Cypress Masonic & Mt. Zion Cemeteries. Looking forward to hearing more from her with information on the Chapman & Graves Cemetery. She also submitted partial death records on years; 1878, 1879, 1881, 1887, 1902, 1904, 1910, 1911, & 1931.

Lisa Hudgens, for submitting information on the Ramey Family, & also for submitting several obituaries. Looking forward to hearing more from her again soon.

Linda (FRANCIS) Carney, for submitting information on the Francis and Graves families in the Busby Cemetery. She also helped to locate a Francis infant buried there. In the Mt. Zion Cemetery, she submitted family information on the Lovelace Family.

Adam Sadowski, for submitting information on the Pleasant Grove Cemetery. He also helped to located the burial site for Zach White, who at the time didn't have a head stone. We are happy to report, that now he does.

Richard Kelley, for submitting lost information on Amanda (KELLEY) Mighell, buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery, and Elgin D. Hall buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Frank Thacker, for submitting Thacker Family information on burials in the Vienna Fraternal Cemetery, & the Casey Springs Cemetery.

Alexander Robert Fischer, for submitting Green & Hudson Family information on burials in the Friendship Cemetery.

Cindy Ford, for submitting Annable, Jones & Johnson family information on burials in the Cypress Masonic Cemetery, & on the Canup, Canupp, Porter & West families in the West Eden Cemetery. She also submitted obituaries for Donald D. Ford, & Mary Frances (LINDSAY) Annable.

Tammy Phillips, for submitting information on the surnames, Caldwell, Grubbs, Holmes, Howerton, McGowan, Phillips, Rushing, Trammel, Tramell, Wise, & Wright, buried in the Robinson/Wise Cemetery. She also has photos of the graves she submitted, & is happy to share them with anyone interested. You can contact her at tammygen@adelphia.net 

Anna Newell, for submitting the obituary for her Great - Grandmother, Frances Elizabeth Johnson. She also submitted the photo of The Blu - Lite, in Vienna, IL.

Mara Harris, for submitting several old pictures. Be sure to check them out in the "Photo Gallery". If you would like to contact Mara, she'd love to hear from you.

Terrie Welch, for submitting some of her Pickens Family photos. Be sure to check them out in the "Photo Gallery".

Paul Annable, for submitting his Annable family ties in the Cypress Masonic Cemetery. Paul is the son of Doyle & Mary Ellen (BEDFORD) Annable. The grandson of Alvin Lindsay & Lillie Edith (STEELE) Annable.

Karen Gittel, for submitting the photos of her Grandmother; Lear (BRIDGES) Rhea, & her Great Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth (CARTER) Bridges, brothers, Harry T. & Willie Frances Bridges, & James H. Bridges and his family.

Diane Lewis; for submitting obituaries from her Grandmother, Juanita Stout Royster Black, collection. They range from 1916 to 1977.

Creations by Dawn, for creating and sharing her graphics with us.

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