1850 Social Statistics Census
"Products of Industry"

©Transcribed by Kim Torp

The following Individuals/Companies are listed as doing business in Kane County in the 1850 Social Statistics Census.


"Name of Corporation/Company/Individual, producing articles to the annual value of $500."

St. Charles
Damien Millington, flouring mill
A. Harvy & C, harness manfy
Butler & Hunt, paper mill
Butler & Hunt, tin & copper
I.S (or L.). Roberts, cabinet maker
Ira Minard, flouring mill
I.A. Rigby, chair factory
Pride & Fulton, waggon shop
Bowman & Lloyd, tin & copper manufg
P. Lloyd & C, foundry
I.S. (or L.) Randall, shoemaking
E.M. Paques, h?? machine

Samuel Wilson, reapers
Isaac Wilson, cooper
Timothy Wesley, ash-y
Philips & Brother, foundry
McKee & Masse (or Moss/Mape), flouring mill
L. P. Barkin, cooper
Benjn Smith, reapers
Oliver Bristol?, fanning mill

I.G. Stolp, wollen factory
Wrights & C, sash & door factory
Hoyt & Sons, flouring mill
Hoyt & Sons, coopering
D.B. Waterman & Co, tin & copper smiths
I.C. Richardson, shoemaker
H.W. Goodrich, fanning mills
Waterman & Hackney, tin & coppersmiths
Luke Gutes (Gates?), shoemaker
E & A. Wadworth, carriage & wagon manfy
George McCatlim, waggons & plows
Alfred Delorice, saddler
P.K. Rockwell, hat & cap factory
Thomas Thayer, flouirng mill
E.W. Allen, horn, saddle & trunk mfg
D.S. Gray & Son, machine shop
D.S. P. buck, bakery

J.A. Carpenter, milling
Daniel Greene, milling
A. & R. Pinkerton, coopers

T.P. Pier (Pies?), smithy
E. Danford & Brother, reapers
A. B. Moore, flouirng mill
Elijah Lee, fanning mills

Hunling & Hadlock, Thresing machines harvestors & plows
William Sanders, shoemaker
Todd & Clark, shoemaker
Smith & Co, tin & copper smiths
P. Hammonce, shoemaker
B. Healy, saddle, harness, trunk & balers
George Huckins, shoemaker
S. N. Dexter, woollen factory
Anson Roate, flour mill
George Renweck, threshing machines, waggons & plow factory
Wright & Force, threshing machines
Nathan Williams, dystillery
Wm. C. Kimball, flour mill & cooper
Webster & Joslyne, threshing machines
James Miller, cooper
Adams & Raymond, foundry & machine shop

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