Kane County, IL
for 1859-60
©2002 Transcribed by Kimberly Torp



This large village is beautifully situated on both sides of the Fox River, and on the line of the Chicago and Burlington Railroad. It is two and a half miles below Geneva, and possesses great advantages of water power for the several mills erected at this point, adjoining the main stream. The first settler here was Christopher Payne, in the year 1833. Immigration commenced in the following year, and this point became attractive to many, among whom may be mentioned Mr. Latham, Col. Lyon, Messrs. Vandeventer, Howe, McKee, and Risk, E.S. Town, William Van Nortwick, John Van Nortwick, and J.W. Churchill, Esqrs.

Improvements on an extensive scale have been made here, in many large and substantial buildings erected for business and for residences, which will compare with any other location in the West, of its size. The surrounding district is not only beautiful, but well adapted for the successful operation of any manufacturing purposes, requiring water power for propelling machinery. In addition to the Mechanics Workshops, Foundry, &c, (a line of good stone buildings,) there has been recently put into operation a Steam Crushing and Evaporating machine for making molasses from Sorghum, or Chinese Sugar Cane, in a large stone building, which bids fair to become a profitable and successful branch of industry.

There are also in exhaustive quarries of the best limestone, and abundant supplies of valuable timber from the Big Woods, which must tend to render this location permanent and flourishing. There is also, in addition to the public schools, a large and beautiful building called the Batavia Institute, and several churches, among which may be more particular mentioned the very handsome and substantial Congregational Church on the West side.

There are indications of progress in the improvements still progressing, in the grading the principal street on the east side, the new buildings for business, the substantial bridges, and the permanent dam across the Fox River and also in the substantial workshops, which is hoped will again resume active and extensive operations, which they are well adapted, so soon as returning prosperity shall again pervade the great Northwest.


I.S. Canfield, President
E.H. Gammon (?hard to read), H.L. Ford
J.G. Goudy, N.S. Young
Jason Chapel, Clerk

Adin Mann.....................Assessor
Jacob Grimes.....................Collector
Jason Chapel, East Division............Street Commissioner
Lewis Updike, West..............Street Commissioner
L.P. Barker & E. McLain...............Police Constables


Joseph Orr McKee....................Supervisor
Edwin S. Smith....................Town Clerk


C.H. Brown & John Gregg


O.V. Brown & Jacob Grimes


H.L. Ford, Jeremiah Hedges, N.S. Young

Office hours from 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. Office closed on Sunday.
Amos M. Moore, Postmaster


Hours of Service 10½ A.M. and 7½ P.M. Rev. J.M. Cochran, Pastor

(Meet over Kemp's Store)
Service 10 ½ A.M. and 2 P.M. Rev. Mr. Smith, Pastor

(Front Street)
Hours of Service 10 ½ A.M. and 7 ½ P.M. Sunday School meets at 3 P.M. Rev. Mr. Reed, Pastor. James Rockwell, Supt of S.School

(Batavia Avenue - West Side)
Hours of Service 10 ½ A.M. and 1 ½ P.M. Sunday School meets from 12 to 1. Rev. Wm. M. Merriman, Pastor. George A. Rockwood, Supt. of Sunday School


BATAVIA LODGE, NO. 73, meets at Masonic Lodge, in Van Nortwick's Blk., on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in each month.

Charles Wheaton, W.M.
William Coffin, S.W.
E.G. Dixon, J.W.
C.B. Conde, Sec'y


George B. Pierce, George B. Moss, Alexander Grimes
School on Washington street. Mr. Morris Briggs, Teacher

Rev. E.H. Gammon, S.L. Mallory, N. Wolcott
School on Washington street. Mrs. Ware and Mrs. Fuller, Teachers



Anderson Nelson, lab, h River st.
Arnold A.H., (of Wilson & A.)
Arnold John H., variety store, Batavia av cor First st, h Washington st.
Arnold R.C., bds Main n Water
Arnold Samuel H., painter, h Batavia av N. of McKee st.
Arnold Sidney, clerk with John H. Arnold
Anderson Swein, lab, h Van Buren


Babcock J.Y., h Prairie cor South
Bailey W.P., carpenter, h Batavia av n First street
Ball Silas, blacksmith, h Main st
Barker L.P., farmer
Barrett Joseph, h Main n Jefferson
Bartly James W., h Washington n First st.
Bassett George, h Main st cor Jefferson
Bell Mrs. Jane, col'd, bakery, Jefferson bet Wilson and Webster
Bennett William, shoemkr, Van Buren cor Franklin
Beers Cyrus, farmer, h Washington
Bicknell C.C., teacher, h Columbia
Blair L.E., lime dealer, h Washington st.
Blakeslee E., drayman, h napiervill road
Blaksley (sic) James, clerk, h Van Buren n Columbia
Blakesley James H., h Van Buren n Columbia
Blanchard Edward, clerk with S.STebbins
Boothe Sackett, stone quarry, Washington cor Main
Boyle Theodore, lab, h Van Buren n Adams
Bradley Henry, cooper, h cor Main and Jefferson
Bradley John, cooper, h Washington street
Branford Richard, farmer, h N.E. part of Village
Briggs John H., moulder, h Elm st
Briggs M.C., brickmkr, h Jefferson S. of Adams
Briggs Morris, teacher, bds Van Buren cor Webster
Brindle James, student, bds Batavia av cor Union
Bristol James, h Main st.
Bristol Mrs., wid, h Main st.
Broughton William, lab, h N.E. part of village
Broughton William H., carpenter h N.E. part of villiage
Brown A.S., farmer, h Park st.
Brown C.H., Justice of the Peace, office over N. Walcott's store
Brown L.D., h Park st
Brown Orson, constable, h Batavia av cor Elm st.
Brown S.D., farmer, h Park st.
Bucher C.A., tailor, Batavia av n Frist st.
BUCK FRANCIS H., DRY GOODS, &c., Batavia av cor First st See adv
Buck Norman, h Batavia av cor First street
Bull A.W., blacksmith, h Van Buren cor Spring
Bunyan Robert, h Prairie n South
Burke Michael, mason, h Van Buren
Burlingame Heman, carpenter, h North street
Burns Dennis, mason, h Washington street
Burns Michael, mason, h Washington street
Burton George, with Joseph Burton
Burton Joseph, butcher, Wilson st a River
Burr Bradley, carriagemkr, h McKee st
Burr N. & co., pump manufrs, Water st
Burr Nelson (of N. Burr & Co) h Water st n Union av


Caberry H.R., h Batavia av cor First street
Callahan Daniel, lab, h S. part of village
Callahan Michael, lab, h Van Buren n Adams
Callahan Owen, lab, h Jefferson n R. Road
Callahan Patrick, lab, h Van Buren st.
Canfield Samuel, mechanic, h Van Buren
Canfield I.S., h Water st bet Main adn First
Capen Ephriam, watchmk, h Washington n Houston
Casey Michael, lab, h Van Buren n Adams
Cavanaugh Owen, lab, h Jackson st cor Adams
Chambers W.H., lab, h Van Buren st
Chapel Jason, street commissioner, h Wilson cor River st
Cheeny James, lab, h Prairie st
Cheeny Robert, lab, h Van Buren st
Clapp George, wagonmkr, h Batavia ave
Clark R.M., farmer, N.E. part of village
Clark William, lab, h Jefferson at S. of Adams
Clure James, tailor with J.S. Dickerson
Cochlan Anthony, lab, h S. part of village
Cochlan Thomas, lab, h Prairie n Spring
Cochran Rev. J.M., pastor Baptist Church, h Washington cor Columbia st
Coffin William, banker, First st n Batavia av., h Batavia av.
Coolidge E.C., carpenter, h cor Jefferson and First st
Collins Lucien, h Van Buren
Condy C.B., blacksmith, W. Wilson st cor Water, h Washington cor Spring st
Conly Ransom, lab, h Jefferson n Adams
Cooley O.E., clerk with G.W. Fowler
Corwin George E., h Main n Washington
Coulson John, lab, h River st
Crawford -- (sic), h Elm st n Batavia av
Cross Rev. John, Congregational minister, h cor Elm and Harrison st
Cross J.N., with Wm., Coffin
Crossly John, lab, h Jefferson S., of Adams


Danforth Benjamin, nailmkr, N.E., part of village
Dart George, physician, WIlson st n River
Dawson Jesse, lab, h Van Buren st
Dawson R.W., artist, cor Batavia av and Main st, bds Revere House
Dean --, (sic) cooper, h S. part of village
Denny Isaac, carpenter, h South st n R.R.
Denny L., lab
Derby J.C., R.R. conductor, bds Batavia av n Houston
Desrosier L., mechanic, h Jefferson E. of McKee st
Dickerson J.S., tailor, Wilson bt River and Washington, h Spring st
Dixon E.G., station agent, bds Van Buren cor Webster
Dodge Orlando, lab, h Franklin st
Donovan Thomas, blacksmith, River st
Downer G.D., h Main n Washington
Drake David, lab, h N.E. part of village
Drury Frederick, farmer, h Union av.
Dusold J.G., shoemkr, River n Wilson, h Jefferson st
Dyer D.W., h Elm st n Jackson


Earneshaw Nathaniel, miller, h River st
Edgar E.G., tailor, h Van Buren n Columbia
Eddy James W., attorney, office Batavia Bank, h Main st n Washington
Elkins W.S. (of N. Burr & Co.) h Fayette st
Everson A., lab, h S. part of village


Farrar Edward, lab, h N.E., part of village
Fealy Andrew, lab, h Prairie st
Fenne Charles, wagonmkr, h E. of depot
Ferguson R.T., boot and shoe manufr First st n Batavia av, h First st n Washington
Finch Daniel, h Napierville road
Finly Patrick, lab, h Prairie n South
Fisk C.S., h Van Buren cor Franklin
Fisk R., shoemkr, h River n Wilson
Fitzsimons Harvey, miller, h River st
Fletcher -- (sic), lab for L.P. Barker
Ford Henry L., h McKee n washington
Forrest Peter, h mcKee st
Foster S.E. & Co., dry goods, etc., Wilson st n River
Foster S.E. (of S.E.F. & Co) h Van Buren st
Fowler G.W., dry goods, etc., Wilson cor Jefferson, h River cor Spring
Fowler Lorenzo, carpenter, h Columbia st
Free William, blacksmith, h Prairie st
Fritz Christian, teamster, h Main st
Furness E.L. stone dealer, h S part of village


Gallagher John, lab, h Van Buren n Adams
Gallagher Patrick, mason, h Van Buren n Adams
Gammon Rev. E.H., methodist minister, h Batavia av cor Union
Gammon Samuel, h union av
Garraty Thomas, lab, h Van Buren st
Gibson Elisha P., mechanic, h Washington cor Franklin
Gibson John S., tinsmith, h Washington cor Franklin
Gillett Amos, shoemkr, h Jefferson a Main
Gillet David, tailor, h Main st
Gladding H.T.W., h McKee cor Jefferson
Glines Timothy, lab, h Fayette
Gogarty Barney, lab, h S part of village
Golding John, h cor Elm and Jackson
Goslyn Abram, plasterer, h Jefferson S of Adams
Goslyn Cyprian, mason, h Jefferson S of Adams
Gowdy John F., h Van Buren st
Gowdy W.E., millright, h Washington st
Gregg John, h River cor Franklin
Gregg W.M, & Co., grocers, WIlson st cor Vier
Green George F., lab, h prairie n South
Griffin D.U., stone dealer, h Main st cor Washington
Grimes Alexander, dentist, h Van Buren cor Webster
Grimes Jacob, constable, h Wilson st n Washington
Grimes J.W., h opp R.R. depot
Grover --, (sic) lab, h NE part of village


Hadenk Jacob, wagonmkr, River st cor Mill
Haley Timothy, lab h S end Prairie st
Hall Alonzo, carpenter, h Batavia av cor First st
Hall Anson, carpenter, h Houston cor Jefferson
Hamlin David, lab, h Spring st
Hamlin George C., farmer, h Spring st
Hansel Charles, lab, h Napierville rd
Hanson -- (sic), lab, h McKee st
Haynes H.P., (of F.E. Isham & Co.) h Wilson cor Van Buren st
Hemmann August, shoemkr, Wilson bet River and Washington
Henry Roman, carpenter, h Van Buren st
Highwood Thomas, lab, h Batavia av
Houck Charles, bds Revere House
Houck M.P., propr Revere House
Howe G.C., h E. or RR depot
Humphrey A., cooper h Van Buren
Huntley Moses H., stone quarry, h E. of depot
Hurd Charles T., lab, h Franklin st
Hurlburt Hiram, h Webster cor Jackson
Huse O., (of Newton & Co.) resides Evanston


Isham F.E. & co., druggists, Wilson st, h Wilson cor Van Buren st
Illsley Edward, carpenter, h Walnut st


Jacobson U., lab, h S part of village
Johnson Christopher, lab, h S part of village
Johnson John, carpenter,h Jefferson st
Johnson Lewis, carpenter, h Washington cor Columbia
Johnson Martin, mechanic, h McKee st
Johnson Paul, lab, h S part of village
Johnson William, mason, h Washington
Jones James, lab, h Washington st
Jones Luther B., mechanic, h River st n South


Kemp M.M., hardware, Wilson st n bridge, h Wilson cor Van Buren st
Kennedy William, lab, h batavia av
Kenyon Albert, carpenter, h Elm st n Batavia av
Kenyon A.H., carpenter, h Jefferson n Main
Kenyon George,, moulder, h River st n Spring
Kimball Robert, lab, h Water n Main
King Frederick, shoemkr, h S of village
King James M., lab h Main st
Knight Franklin, bds Van Buren n South


Lally --, (sic) lab, h N E part of village
La Pete Peter, lab, h Wilson n Van Buren
Latham Adolphus, h Wilson n Prairie
Latham James, farmer, h Washington st
Lee John, lab, h Batavia av
Lee J.D., carpenter, h Van Buren cor Spring
Lindsay George W., cooper, h Elm st n Washington
Lindsay William, lab, h Jefferson st n First
Lindsly Robert, mason, h Harrison st
Lindsly William, mason, h Harrison st
Lockwood S.D., h Batavia av S of Walnut
Lord J.W., student, with J.S.P. Lord [From researcher Necia@Liles.net: This should be "I. W.", which is Isaac W. Lord, Israel's son, who subsequently moved to California and started a town called Lordsburg, which was changed later and "J.S.P Lord" is really Israel Shipman Pelton Lord.
Transcriber's Note: I double-checked the original source and it was transcribed correctly. If there is indeed an error, it was made in 1859 by the original transcriber/typesetter]

Lord J.S.P., physician, h Wilson cor Jackson st
Lum John, miller, h River n spring
Lum P.E., millinery, cor Wilson and Jefferson
Lyon Henry (of J. Lyon & Co.)
Lyon Joseph, h Batavia ave
Lyon John, & Co., livery, West Wilson cor Water st, h Water st


Mack J.A., h Water n Main
Mair James, shoemkr
Mallory Smith, h Washington n First
Mandeville Stephen, h Washington
Mann Adin, surveyor, offic n Depot, h E. side S. part of village
Marks J.T., h McKee cor Washington
Maranville Geo, farmer, h Batavia av n Walnut st
Martin James, lab, h Jefferson n Adams
McAllister Dennis, lab, h Prairie
McCasey John, carpenter, h Houston cor Jefferson
McDaniel Andrew, blksmith, h Jefferson n Adams
McGuire David, mason, h Elm n Harrison
McHenry James, lab for James Risk
McKee Joel, (of McKee & Moss) h Geneva road
McKee & Moss, prop. Batavia Mills River st
McLean C., (of W.M. gregg & Co.)
McLean E.S., h Van Buren n South
McMann Daniel, lab
Mead Addison, farmer, h Wilson n River
Mead Thompson, physician, h Wilson cor Van Buren
Merredith Thomas, clerk with M.M. Kemp
Merridith Thomas, clerk, h Adams
Merrill A.N., h Batavia av n Walnut
Merriman Rev W.E., past. Congregational Church, h Batavia av
Miett Francis, Wilson n Van Buren
Miller Mrs., wid, h Main n Jackson
Miller Nelson, lab, h N.E. part of village
Millett Marcus, lab, h Jefferson cor Webster
Minor F., lab, h Water n Wilson
Minot Geo., soapmkr, h Webster n Jefferson
Mills W.F., teamster, h Elm n Washington
Miser Jacob, blksmith, h Wilson n Van Buren
Montgomery William, lab, h Washington
Morgan Robert, drayman, Prairie n Spring
Moore A.M., post master, h Batavia av n First
Moore C.N., wagonmkr, h Washington cor First
Moore Rufus E., draftsman, bds Wilson cor Van Buren
Moore T.C., attorney, h Main n Washington
Morris C.A., carpenter, h main n Jefferson
Morris C.H., carriagemkr, h Water
Morris Keeler, farmer, h South
Morse George, miller
Moss John (of McKee & M)
Murry Dennis, lab, h E. of Depot
Murry Patrick, lab, h E. of Depot
Murray John, lab, h Van Buren n Adams


Newton D.C., (of Newton & Co) h Batavia av
Newton E.C., h Batavia av
Newton E., h Washington
Newton & Co., carriage mnfrs Wilson bet the Bridges
Newton Levi, (of N. & Co.) h Batavia av
Newton O.W., h Batavia av
Nixon Alfred, painter, h cor Van Buren and Spring
Northam G.C., carpenter, h Batavia av n McKee


O'Boyle James, lab, h Adams n R Road
O'Boyle John, lab, h S. end Prairie
O'Boyle Patrick, lab, h Prairie n Franklin
Olson Andrew, lab, h Van Buren
Otis Charles, lab, h Napierville rd
Otis John, lab, h Napierville rd
Ott Charles, lab, h Water


Palmer Hiram, bds Elm n Washington
Parker Edward J. (of Wright & P) bds Batavia av cor Main
Partlo David, farmer, h Washington
Payne O.L., (of Pierce, Paine & Co.) h River
Payne William, h Franklin n Van Buren
Pearl James, h Batavia av cor Union
Percival Stephen, lab, h Jefferson S of Adams
Perry Hugh, h Jefferson n Adams
Pierce G.B., dry goods, etc., River n Wilson
Pierce, Payne & Co., prop Island Mills
Plantz Parker, painter, h Spring
Polzin Augustus, lab, h E. of Depot
Pratt W.H., painter, h Houston
Prescott Philo, blksmith, h Main

Quimby Michael, watchmkr, river n Wilson


Rand John H., carpenter, h First W. of Jefferson
Rapelj(o?) H.L., harness mnfr, cor Batavia av and Main, h Main
Read Rev F.A., pastor M.E. Church, h Washington st bet Main and First
Remington Seneca, lab, h Van Buren
Revere House, M. P. Houck prop, Batavia av n Main
Reynolds C.F., bds Revere House
Risk James, farmer, h Geneva rd
Robinson R.F., carpenter, h Elm n batavia av
Rockwell James, h Batavia av n First
Rockwell T.B., Methodist clergyman, h First cor Jefferson
Rodgers Cornelius, lab, h Van Buren n Adams
Rodgers John, painter, h cor Jackson and Webster
Rollins James, boot and shoe mkr, Wilson bet Jefferson and Jackson
Rommel George, h River cor Franklin st.
Roscoe George, farmer, h McKee
Rowly A., h Van Buren
Russell Jonah, h Washington


Schmidt John, cabinetmkr, River n spring
Schmidt John, lab, h Wilson st n Van Buren
Schwartz George, lab, h S part of village
Sharp Levi, lab; h Washington st
Shumway C.W., hardware, Batavia av n First st, bds Batavia av cor Main st
Sikes Edwin, harnessmkr, h Wilson st n River
Smith A. A., lime burner, h Jefferson cor Webster
Smith Rev., A.G., pastor Disciples Church, h Jefferson cor Webster
Smith Benjamin, mechanic
Smith E.S., clerk, bds Wilson cor Van Buren
Smith Ira W., farmer, h Napierville road
Smith Mrs. L.D., h Batavia av n Houston
Smith R.D., h Batavia av
Smith Stephen, col'd, blacksmith, h River st
Stanton Patrick, lab, h Jefferson n R. Road
Starkey Warren, farmer, h Geneva road
Stebbins Silas, dry goods, etc., Wilson st n River, h River cor South
Steer James, mason, h Jefferson S of Adams
Steer John M., with Thomas Steer
Steer Thomas, farmer, h Batavia av n Union
Steward William, barber, Wilson st n River
Storer Thomas, lab, h Jefferson S of Adams
Suprenau J., lab, h Jefferson S of Adams
Swain E.D., dentist, Batavia av cor Main st, bds Batavia av n Houston st.


Tanner Mrs. L.C., variety store, P O room
Taylor Charles, miller, h River st
Taylor George, lab, h N E part of village
Terento William, lab, h S part of village
Terry -- (sic), carpenter, h Prairie st
Terry Hanford, wagonmkr, Prairie st n Franklin
Terry J., propr Eagle Hotel
Thorp Mrs., wid, h Batavia av
Tolifson Louis, h S part of village
Tomle O.M., cabinetmkr, h Jefferson bet Wilson and Webster
Toohey M., carpenter h Park st
Tooick Edward, lab, h S. part o village
Tourk Patrick, lab, h S part of village
Town A.S., (of Pierce, Payne & Co.) h Water st cor Elm
Town D.K., physician, h Water cor Elm
Towner John M., h Elm st n Batavia ave
Tubbs Benjamin, h Van Buren n Columbia
Tubbs B., baggage master, depot


Updike Lewis, carpenter,h Main cor Jefferson
Updike Randolph, h Washington


Vail E.W., h South n R.R.
Van Even John, bds Batavia av n Houston
Van Lieu -- (sic), mechanic, h First
Van Nortwick John, mnfr of harvesting machines, Water, h Batavia ave.


Walkley S.T., h Washington n First
Ward Ransom, reaper mnfr, h Elm n Washington
Ware Samuel, h Jackson bet Wilson and Webster
Warner F.R., carpenter, h Batavia av n Houston
Watts James (col'd) lab, h River
Way Silas, provision store, Main n Batavia av
Welch Patrick, lab, h S. part of village
Wentworth Benjamin, carpenter, bds McKee
Whitehead Alfred, clerk with S.E. Foster & Co.
Whipple J.H., stone quarryman, h Main n Water
Wightman C., carpenter, h Wilson
Wilkinson Henry, h South n Washington
Williams H.W., physician, h Batavia av bet Main and First
Williams Henry, lab
Wilson & Arnold, dry goods, etc., Batavia av bet Main and First
Wilson I.C., (of W. & Arnold), h Main n Water
Wilson Scott, h Wilson n Jackson
Wink Charles, wagonmkr, h E. of Depot
Winne Jacob, mason, h Van Buren n Spring
Wolcott N., dry goods etc., Batavia av bet First and Main, h Union ave
Wood Mrs., wid, h Jefferson S. of Adams
Worthly T.D., carpenter, h McKee
Wright C.A., (of W. & Parker)
Wright & Parker, druggists and grocers, Batavia av n Main
Wright Silas, marble cutter, h Elm
Wygant John, Mason, h cor River and Spring
Wygton E., machinist, h Washington


Young Nathan S., lumber and produce dealer, Prairie cor Wilson, h Van Buren
Young Nathan, Sen., h Van Buren

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