Illinois Genealogy Trails

Kane County, IL

for 1859-60
©2002 Transcribed by Kimberly Torp



This is a large and pleasant village, situated on both sides of the Galena Railroad and the Fox River; but chiefly on the west side, where it rises gradually, and upon reaching the upper part, it extends on a level to a considerable distance, and is laid out for residences at right angles. To the right, looking down into the valley, there is a charming view over the valley and river, which here winds a little, and renders the place delightful for those whose residences are on the bluff. There is a pleasant walk on the west side, gradually descending down to North Dundee, where is situated George Marshall's Reaping and Mowing Machine Factory, and Sugar mills, etc. etc., and also adjoining Carpenterville, where M. Bradley's patent spring tooth Revolving Horse Rakes are made, which are fast coming into general favor, owing to their effective use, of which there are abundant testimonials, from many places in Illinois and Wisconsin.
In this place there is great water power, and well adapted for additional manufactories' while the whole district is highly cultivated, and looks most healthy and thriving.
There is a singular looking building here, situated in the woods on the bluff, with a tall round dome covered with zinc and shining in the sun-light, built as a church for the spiritualists (so called) of which there are many in the neighborhood; but it seems lately to be but seldom occupied.

Near the Public Square
Hours of Service 10½ A.M. and 1 P.M.; number of members, 100. The minister has recently deceased; the pulpit is occupied by occasional supplies. Sunday School from 12 M. to 1 P.M.; Jesse Oakman, Superintendent

Near the Public Square
Hours of Service, each alternate Sabbath, 10½ A.M. and 1 P.M. and the alternate Sabbath, in the evening, at 7 ½ o'clock.; number of members, 50; the Sunday School from 12 M. to 1 P.M.; Rev. John Cross, Pastor, Squire Simpson, Superintendent of Sabbath School.

Services in School House
Hours of Service, each alternate Sabbath, 10½ A.M. and 7 ½ P.M.; number of members, 25; Rev. Mr. Wheeler, Pastor, Edw. Bumsted, superintendent of Sunday School, which assembles from 9 to 10 A.M.

Near the Public Square
Hour of Service, 10½ A.M. ; no pastor at present

Services in School House
Hour of Service, 2 P.M.; Rev. J. Dumeser, Pastor


DUNDEE LODGE, No. 190 meets in Odd Fellows Hall, first and third Friday in each month, at 7 o'clock P.M.
E.W. Vining, W.M., Thos. Saunders, S.W., E.W. Austin, Treasurer, J.W. Hathway, Secretary

Meet in the Odd Fellows Hall, over the Post Office, every Thursday evening at 7 o'clock.
E.W. Vining, N.G., J.C. Wiltsie, V.G., P.A. Walker, Secretary, A.S. Hollister, Treasurer



Acker Harvey, mason. E side of river.
Andrew John, shoemkr, Main st.
Austin E.W., h Main st.

Backster Charles A., farmer
Baker William, farmer, h Main st.
Bancroft Cyrus, tinsmith
Barrows H.A., clerk, with T. Barrows
Barrows Theron, hardware, Main st.
Becher Burr, laborer
Blinn Patrick, lab, h n depot
Bliss William H., farmer
Blow Charles, shoemaker
Boch P., brickmkr, h E side river
Bomelman A., shoemkr, E side river Borden Thomas F., carpenter, E side river
Borden Thomas F., carpenter, E side river
Bosworth I.C., & F.S., dry goods, etc Main st
Brewer Benjamin, lab, h E side river
Brinkerhoff A.B., station agt
Brown Daniel, painter, E side river
Browning George S., h W side river
Buck Anson, laborer
Burt Randolph, lab, E side river
Butler David H., teacher

Cady Benijah (of T & C)
Cahoon Mark, blacksmith, Main st.
Campbell Charles, laborer
Carl Thomas, lab, h Main st
Carr P.H., shoemkr, Main st
Carson William H.
Cheney Alvan, lab, h Main st
Cockerton John C., tailor, Main st
Crabtree H.N., lumber dealer
Crabtree Levi, physician
Cremer Charles, cabinet maker

Daley John, h Main st
Davis Henry, clerk, h Main st
Davis Hope, h Main st
Davis Jerome, teachere, h Main st
Davenport John W., carpenter, h E. side river
Davenport W.H., carpenter, h E side river
Davenport William, farmer, h E side river
Dodson B.E., physician, h Main st
Duncan Albert, clerk, with H.E. Hunt
Dunsing Henry, miller, h E side river
Dunton William

Edwards Alford & H.C., dry goods, etc., n depot
Evans Daniel, farmer, h E side river
Evans Jefferson, with D. Evans


Farnham Orlando, h Main st.
Feourk John, lab, h E side river
Forhan Martin, lab
Fowler John, harnessmkr, E sid eriver
Furlong James, lab, h E side river

Gillett Mrs., wid.
Goodwin Russell F., artist, over Posworth's store
Goodwin R.T., physician

Haase Lewis, prop'r spring Mill
Hanburry Holland, harnessmkr with P.A. Walker
Haslop Henry, brickmkr, h E side river
Hasse Henry, miller, h E side river
Haven Cyrus, farmer, E side of river
Haven Joel, lab, E side of river
Hawthorn David, propr Dundee HOtel
Hawthorn Ephraim, clerk with W. Sherman
Heath A.L., farmer, h E side river
Henry Hugh, lab
Hibbard John, carpenter
Hibbard John L., broom maker
Hill William, gardener
Hodges William
Holden H.S., wagonmaker
Hollister A.S., postmaster
Hopper John, h E side river
Houck J.S., tinsmith with W. Sherman
Hull Whiting, brickmkr, E side river
Hunt Henry E., dry goods, etc., Main street
Hunt Mrs. Mary, wid
Hylan William, lab h E side river

Jenks De?iston, clerk

Kampf Frederick, carpenter, E side river
Kampf Harverk, cabinetmkr, E sid eriver
Kee James, carpenter, h Main st
Kelly Thomas, farmer, h E side river
Kendall L.D., justice of the peace
Kibby Abram, carpenter
Kreoger John, brickmkr
Krieger John, brickmkr, h E side river

Layton Andrew J., carpenter
Lippence John, brickmkr, h E side river

Maris Jared, (of M. & Oat)
Maris & Oatman, druggist, Main st
McClure William, dry goods, etc., Main st
McGregor George, blacksmith
McKnight James, blacksmith, with M. Cahoon (?)
M?agher Patrick, lab
Mellan John, lab
Merrill C.W., sash and b??d manuft, n depot, h W side river
Mitchell Joseph, mason, h E side river
Mowrey Plinny, carpenter
Mumford Peleg, lab, h E side river
Murry Coleman, lab

Nichols Joshua, lab, E side river

Oatman Jesse, (of Maris & O)
O'Connor Michael, grocer, Main st
O?nell Edward, broom manufr

Pabst Martin, saloon, Main st
Palmer Robert, blacksmith, E side river
Parker William, carpenter, h E side river
Pauling Joseph, shoemkr, Main st
Peck George J., h Main st
Peck J.A., lab
Perry E., lab, E side river
Perry F.A., butcher
Pulsear John, brickmkr, h E side river
Putcier John, lab, h E side river
Putman J.E., broommkr

Reeves Dayton, shoemkr
Rochfort Patrick, lab
Rover Charles, saloon, W side river
Ruhl Frederick, brickmkr, h E side river
Ryan Michael, lab, E sid eriver

Saunders Thomas, grocer, Main st
Scheider Jackson, lab, E side river
Schroeder Frederick, lab, h E side river
Schroeder Frederick, mason, h E side river
Schroeder John, lab, h E side river
Scott William, farmer
Sherman William, hardware, Main st
Sherwyn A., shoemkr
Shoknecht Henry, lab, h E side river
Shoknecht John, lab, h E side river
Simonds Benjamin, h Main st
Smiley James, lab, h E side river
Smith William P., watchmkr and jeweler, Main st
Steere N.W., farmer, E side river
Steinwert Christian, tailor, Main st

Taylor George F., wagonmkr, Main st
Thompson C.L.F., grain dealer
Thompson Henry C., farmer, h E side river
Torrence & Cady, dry goods, etc, n depot
Torrence Edwin H., clerk, with T& C
Torrence Hiram G., (of T & C)
Tremmel Adam, cooper, E side river
Trow John F., dentist, Main st
Turtellot Miss J.L. & M.F., millinery, Main st
Tyler George

Van Driesen Henry, painter, h Main st
Verishi Charles, lab, E side river
Vining E.W., attorney

Wadsworth Rev. Samuel, pastor Baptist Church
Walker Eaton, grocer, Main st
Wardle James, cooper
Warren S.K., artist, Main st
Welch Thomas, produce dealer, h E side river
Welsean Carl, brickmkr, h E side river
Wilder Samuel, mason, h Main st
Wiltsie John C., farmer
Winkler James, farmer
Woolover Clark, farmer, h E side river
Woolover Fordham, carpenter
Woolover Harmon, mason
Woolover Hart, carpenter, E side river
Woolover Joseph, lab, h E side river

Young James, surveyor, h Washington st n 7th

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