.Illinois Genealogy Trails

Kane County, IL

for 1859-60
©2002 Transcribed by Kimberly Torp


City of Elgin

This city is beautifully situated on both banks of the Fox River, chiefly, however, on the East side; the Galena Railroad passes through it from Chicago, from which it is distant about forty-two miles. It is next in importance to Aurora in importance of size and business, and has a population of about 5,000 persons.

Elgin was settled in or about the year 1835, first by I.T. Gifford and his brother Hezekiah Gifford and their families, and also S.J. Kimball and others. They had to endure no little hardships from the unimproved state of the country, and had to provide in primitive fashion for all their wants. They manfully, however, grappled with their difficulties, first erecting log houses, then a substitute for a mill, when the then distant mills were too far to be reached in the winter, until in 1836 Mr. Gifford erected a Grist mill on the East side, and Mr. Kimball a Saw mill on the West side, having previously completed a dam across the river to give them the requisite water power.

The country around Elgin is very beautiful, highly cultivated, and also many Dairies are established from whence a large supply of milk is daily exported to Chicago, also Mr. Merrill gathers up all the choice butter of the district and forwards it to his agents in Chicago. This city is well located and possesses a large number of business stores, and several manufactories. There is a large woolen mill, two flour mills, several carriage and plow manufactories, and others, also, for furniture. The local business is considerable, while there is a large business done at the Grain warehouses, which are constantly sending large quantities to Chicago. This city must increase as the whole country is further cultivated and its resources fully developed.

There is also, in addition to the Public Schools, a large and well built brick Seminary, situated on high ground and presenting the appearance of a good substantial edifice, well fitted for a Collegiate Institution.



1st Ward: William Owen & William Saunders
2d Ward: V. McClure & A. Root
3d Ward: Walter Pease & Charles Tazewell
4th Ward: A.B. Fish & C. Smith

The Council meets the first Tuesday evening of each month, in the Council Room, Commercial Block, Chicago Street. The annual election takes place the first Monday in March.

L.W. Westover.....................City Marshall
E.S. Joslyn.....................City Attorney
Fulton Gifford............City Treasurer
R.W. Padelford..............City Clerk

Benjamin Burritt, Police Magistrate


R.H. Adams
E.S. Chapel
George W. Creppin
Robert Hunter
James M. Kimball
Jonathan Kimball
E. Ryan
Joseph B. Walters


On Dupage Street, corner of Geneva
Society organized July 14, 1838, with 13 members; present number, 216;
Hours of Service 10½ A.M. and 7½ P.M. - Rev. Levi Parmely, Pastor;
James Silla, Superintendent of Sabbath School

West Side, on Centre Street, between Dupage and Fulton
Society organized May 12, 1836, with 11 members; present number, 270; house built 1844
Hours of Service 10 ½ A.M. and 7 P.M.
Rev. J.T. Cook, Pastor. O. Davidson, Supt. of Sabboth School

On Division St., corner of N. Centre
Society organized June 1839, with 16 members; present number, 250; house built 1841;
Hours of Service 10 ½ A.M. and 7 ½ P.M.
Rev. G.L. Stuff, Pastor. R. Kimball, Supt of Sabbath School

On Division Street near Spring
Hour of Service 10 ½ A.M.

East side on Centre bet. Dupage and Fulton
Society organized July 1854, with 18 members; present number, 57; House built 1857;
Hours of Service 10½ A.M. and 1½ P.M. - Rev. John McCorkell, Pastor;
James Christie, Sup't of S.S.

Clifford Street corner of Fulton
Hours of Service mass at 8 and 10 A.M., vespers, 4P.M.; number of members, 200; Rev.Michael Carroll, Pastor;


ELGIN LODGE, NO. 117, meets every second and fourth Thursday in each month in Masonic Hall, over Yarwood & Co's Store, River St.

C.L. Smith, W.M.
Perry S. Tefft, S.W.
John Long, J.W.
W.J. Hunter, Sec'y

Kane Lodge No. 47 meets every Monday evening, in Odd Fellows Hall, over Healy's store, on Chicago street.
Geo. W. Renwick, N.G.
J.S. Taylor, V.G.
M.M. Marsh, Treasurer
W.A. Carpenter, Secretary

E.S. Joslyn, Captain
W.A. Carpenter, 1st Lieut.
J.S. Wilcox, 2d Lieut
S.G. Ward, Orderly Sergent

Published every Thursday, on Chicago Street; J.H. Rowe & Co., Proprietors; Robert Blenkiron, Editor


G.H. Merrill, A. Turner, Luther C. Stiles.
Robert Blenkiron, Superintendent

Kimball Street, near N. Centre
F.S. Heywood, Principal - Mrs. F.S. Heywood, Assistant

Number of Scholars, 45 - Miss Sophia Wheeler, Teacher

Number of Scholars, 60 - Miss Sarah Webster, Teacher

Corner of Chapel - First Ward
Number of Scholars, 39 - Miss Helen M. Adams, Teacher

Number of Scholars, 60 - Miss Z.A. Lovering, Teacher

Near Summit - Third Ward
Number of Scholars, 40 - Mrs. A.C. Sanders, Teacher

Number of Scholars, 35 - Mrs. Kennady, Teacher

Near Summit - Third Ward
Number of Scholars, 35 - Miss J. Pierce, Teacher

Number of Scholars, 35 - Miss Ruth Gould, Teacher

CITY HOTEL, Chicago street corner Spring - W.S. Shaw, Proprietor
Chicago House, corner of Mill and Milwaukee - Joseph Pabst, Proprietor
Elgin House, Mill street North of Chicago - Adolph Sess (?), Proprietor
Fox River House, North Centre street - Martin Strausel, Proprietor
Kimball House, Mill street, corner of North - J.G. Hutchisson, Proprietor
Waverly House, Main street corner of Galena - W.C. Kimball, Proprietor

At King's Law Office; 800 volumes. J. King, proprietor


Abbott, Mrs. Sarah, h N Center st n Fulton
Adams, D.O.B., clerk, with G.B. Adams, h Mill cor Spring st.
Adams, Edward, shoemkr, h N Center st n Dupage
Adams, George B., watchmkr and jeweler and druggist, Chicago st bet Mill and Spring, h cor Chapel and Division st
Adams, H.C., engineer, R.R, h Mill st n Ann
Adams, Manly, mason,h N Center st n Fulton
Adams, R.H., station agt, G & C R R, east side depot, h Division
Adams, S., h Chapel n Division st
Adams, William, butcher, h N Center n Fulton
Adlard, Edward, carpenter, h Division cor Mill st
Adler & Bro, clothing, Union Hall Block, cor Mill and Chicago st
Adler, Joseph (of A. & Bro)
Adler, Leopold, (of A. & Bro) bds Waverly House
Ahrens, William, carpenter, h Dexter st n Brook
Allen, Richard, saloon, Chicago st n Fox River
Allen, William, h Chicago st n Fox River
Anderson, Andrew, miller, h Brook st n Ann
Anderson, Cyrus K., h Dupage st bet Gifford and Chapel
Anderson, John, lab, h Brook st n Kimball
Andrews, Charles, student, with McClure and Merrifield
Andrew, George, bds Waverly House
Apted, F.R., clerk, with J.J. White

Ball, A.D., carpenter, h Villa st n Gifford
Bangs, Oliver, with William Barker
Barclay, D.F., tinsmith, with E.A. Kimball
Baker, Julius E., Watchmkr, with G.B. Adams
Barker, William watchmkr, Mill st bet Chicago and Milwaukee
Barker, Mrs., wid, h Dundee cor Park st
Barnes, Joseph, saloon keeper, City Hotel
Barney, Albert, h Gifford st W of Villa
Barr, George, carriage trimmer, h Dexter n Brook
Barrick, Frederick, machinist, h W. Villa st W of Summit
Barry, Mrs., wid, groceries, Bridge st n Fox River
Bartlett, Mrs, wid, h Gifford st cor Villa
Bauman, Frederick, painter, bds Music Hall
Bekert, Frederick, brewer, N of city
Bellows, Andrew, h Millst n Elm
Bellows, William, h Mill st n Elm
Benham, Horrace, carpenter, h Galena n Summit
Bennett, C.W., express agt, h Mill st
Bernhard, Philip, miller, h Kimball st n Spring
Bielenberg, Albert, barber, River st n Chicago
Bierman, Henry, miller, Waverly Mills
Bigsby, Charles, h Ann st n N Center
Bimminghan (?), Edward, shoemkr, Chicago st n City Hotel
Black, Lyman, h Chicago st n Geneva
Blackburn, Samuel, lab, h Dundee road
Blenkiron, Robert, principal Elgin academy, h College Bldg
Bowers, George A., tinsmith, h cor Fulton and Gifford
Bowlin, John, farmer, h Villa st E of Gifford
Bradford, Charles, h W. Villa st n Summit
Bradley, James, lab, h Dupage st n N Centre
Brayman, L.H., farmer, h Chicago st E of Gifford
Brayman, Lafayette, with L.H. Brayman
Brewster, J.W., mail agent, h N st cor Gifford
Brooks, Perry, livery, h Ball cor Crystal
Brown, J.T., student, bds cor Geneva st and Dupage
Brown, M.P., grocer, Chicago st n Fox River,h Bridge st
Brown, Samuel N., clerk with J.P. Morgan
Brown, William, lab, h Dundee rd.
Buck --- (sic), h Crystal cor Bridge st
Buck, I.N., h Crystal st N of Mill
Buck, Jonas M., mason, h Crystal cor Bridge st
Buck, M.P., h Pinnacle n Dundee
Buckston, Oliver, lab for C.R. Starkweather
Bulce, Robert, clerk with James Knott
Burritt, Benjamin, Police Magistrate, Mill st n Chicago, h Dupage st
Butler, Charles, h cor Gifford st and Fulton
Butler, Mrs., wid, h cor Gifford and Fulton

Callahan, Cornelius, lab, h River st.
Campbell, Martin, h W. Villa st.
Campbell, Samuel N., (of Lyon & C.) h Villa st
Calvert, John, h Prairie st n River
Capman, Peter, h Galena st W. of Summit
Carl, Edward, lab, h Chicago st n Chapel
Carpenter, W.A. (of Force & C) h Division st n Geneva
Carroll, Rev. Michael, pastor R.C. church, h cor Gifford and Fulton
Cart, Charles A., drayman, h Gifford st W. of Villa
Cassady, James, tailor, h N Centre st n Dexter
Champion, Mrs. E., milinery, Millst n Millwaukee
Champion, George, clerk, with L.S. Stowe
Chandler, Alva, h Dexter st n Brook
Chappel, R.C., assis't postmaster, bds with G. Renwick
CHAPPEL, EDWARD S., CARRIAGE MANUF'R, River st n P P, bds with G.W. REnwick, cor Spring and Dupage
Chapman, David W., drayman, h Cherry cor Brooks
Christie, James, h cor Mill and Ann
Clark, Charles A., h Galena st W. of Summit
Clark, Charles S., hardware, Chicago st bet Mill and Spring, bds Waverly House
Clark, David D., shoemkr, h Washington n Galena
Clark, Demarcus, constable, h Gifford st bet Prairie and Villa
Clark, Rev. N.C., Congregational minister, h Chicago n Gifford
Clark, Thomas, planing mill, Main st n Washington,h Main st
Clarkson, Richard, harnessmkr, with G. Clarkson
Clifford, Mrs. Margaret, groceries, Main st opp Waverly House
Colby, Ebin, carpenter, h Gifford st cor Pinnacle
Coffe, Patrick H., cooper, h Crystal n Mountain
Coleman, Patrick, gardener, h Chicago st E of Gifford
Coilie, Moses, shoemkr, for R L & J R. Yarwood
Coney, Martin, millwright, h Kimball st n Spring
Conner, John, blacksmith, Bridge st n River Bridge, h Crystal st
Conner, John, lab, h Main st n South
Conner Michael, blacksmith
Conner, Terence (? hard to read), blacksmith
Cook, J.T., pastor, Congregational Church, h cor Spring and Denver
Coolidge, Henry, lab, h W. Villa st W of Summit
Corby, Joseph, shoemkr, h Dundee st n Ann
Corey, John, lab, h Fulton st n Fox River R R
Cornell, E.K.W., h Villa st n Lake
Copes, John, shoemkr, h Cherry st n Brooks
Couch, W.W., clerk, with J.J. White
Crapo, Ambrose, carpenter, h Clinton Road
Crosby, Thomas, machinist, h Mill st n Kimball
Culbertson, C.A., carpenter, h cor Dexter and Spring
Cummings, Edward A., confectioner, union Hall Blk, Mill st
Cummings, Edward P., baggage master, Galena Union R R
Curtis, Stephen C., jeweler, h CN. Center st n Fulton

Daggett, Nathan E., farmer, h Division st n Fox River R R
Daggett, William D., carpenter, h Milwaukee n Geneva st
Danner, John, cabinetmkr, with C. Muntz
Davidson, James, teller, with O. Davidson
Davidson, O., banker, Chicago st cor Mill, h Chapel st bet Prairie and Villa
Day and Frost, painters, cor Milwaukee and River st
Day, John (of D & Frost) h Geneva st cor Fulton
Dearborn, Jonathan, h Main st n Galena
Dennison, Daniel A., h Spring st n Seneca
Depew, R., lab, h Chicago st n. Chapel
Deremer (? hard to read), John T., wagonmkr, h cor South and Crystal st
Dexter, William, of Henrickson & D, bds with Hendrickson
Dickerson, Russell, h Prairie st n Fox River RR
Dike, Jonathan, h Chicago st n N Center
Dolph, S.S. Mason, h Division st n Gifford
Donnovan, Patrick, blacksmith, Chicago st n Fox River
Donnavan, William, blacksmith, h Pinnacle st n Spring
Dooly, Mrs., wid, h Mill n Dexter st
Dougherty, Edmund, drayman, h Mill st n Dexter
Downey, Henry, butcher, Mill st n Division, h Galena st
Duhy (?), John, lab, h Summit st
Dunce, James, blacksmith, h Kimball st n Mill

Eakin, John M., mason, h cor N. Center st and Kimball
Eaton, L.S., grain delaer, Mill st bet Dexter and Division, h Summit st cor Bridge
Ellis, James S., carpenter,h Gifford st n R.R.

Farnam, E.J., printer, h W. Villa st W of Summit
Feely, Rev. William, catholic minister, h Chicago st n N Center
Femen John, blacksmith, with W. & J. Kirkpatrick
Fenwick, --- (sic), tailor, h Chicago st opp City Hotel
Fenwick, Thomas, blacksmith, Chicago nr Fox River, h Chicago op City Hotel
Fifer, H., lab, h Main op Waverly House
Fish, A.B. (of Raymond & F.) h River n North
Fish, Miss A.B. & Co., millinery, Chicago bet Mill and Spring
Fish, Edmond S., saloon Mill n Milwaukee
Fisher, Peter, barber, Chicago st n Mill
Fitzgerald, James, boarding h, Main cor South
Flemming, John, wagon mkr, h N Centre n Division
Florrence, Robert, shoemkr, h Spring n Dexter
Flynn, Daniel, lab, h Main N of Mill
Fogg, William, lab, h Ball n Elm
Follansbee, Clifton, lab, h Washington n Galena
Force & Carpenter, threshing machine mnfrs, River cor Fulton
Force, John, (of F. & Carpenter) h Chicago n Gifford
Ford, Benjamin, farmer, h Ann n N Centre
Fordrescher, John, propr Music Hall, Mill cor Milwaukee
Fordresher, Joseph, carpenter, h N Centre n Pinnacle
Fordresher, Simeon, cabinet mnfr, North n Spring
Foster, John K., lab, h Villa st n Gifford
Fowler, Mrs., millinery, Commercial blk Chicago st
France, L.B. (of Morgan & F.) attorneys, bds Kimball House
Fredericks, Anthony, clerk with C.S. Clark
Frost, Hiram H., painter, h Geneva st cor Fulton
Frank, Joseph, engineer R.R., h Main n South

Gage, S., baggage master Fox River R.R., h Division n Mill
Gailey, Rev. A.R., h Mill cor Ann
Gates, Silas, carpenter, h Fulton st n Prairie
Gaylord, Mrs., bds Waverly House
Geary, Patrick, lab, h Crystal
Geehan, Thomas, lab, h Ball st n Summit
Geffnty, Patrick, lab, h Bell n Elm
Gehan, Daniel, tanner, h Dexter st n Mill
Gibson, Joseph, lab, h Mill cor Division
Gifford, E., attorney, Chicago st, h Division bet N. Centre and College
Gifford, F., cashier Bank of Elgin, h Chicago bet Chapel and Gifford
Gifford, Mrs. Harriet, wid, h cor Gifford and Villa
Gifford, James H., (of G. & Merrill), h Chicago n Gifford

Gleason, John, clerk with J.J. White
Gleeson, Dennis, saloon, Main st, op Waverly House
Glemer, William, stone mason,h Pinnacle n Spring
Glenschmidt, Frederick, lab, Main N of Mill
Gould, Joseph, lab, h N Center st n Kimball
Governs, James, lab, h Galena n Summit
Graff, Peter, sash and blind mnfr, cor Mill and Dexter, h College
Gregory, S.E., carriage mkr, h Villa n Lake
Grippin & Barkeer, billiard saloon, Mill n Milwaukee
Grippin, Geo W., (of G. & Barker) h Dexter n Center
Grosvenors, T.W., attorney, office over Parker's Store, bds Wavely House
Grow, James M., lab, h Main N of Mill
Gusteaan (?), Charles, tailor, h Brook n Dexter

Hadlock, Alfred, manufr of threshing machines, River st n Chicago, h Mill cor Milwaukee
Hadlock, Charles, carpenter, h Geneva st n Fulton
Hadlock, Charles, furniture,h Fulton st opp public square
Hadlock, Henry, h Mill st cor Seneca
Hadlock, John, bds with Charles Hadlock
Hagel, William, teamster, h Crystal n Mill
Hall, Daniel, eating house, n Galena R R Depot, h South st
Hall, J.G., shoemkr, bds City Hotel
Hall, Lyman, physician, h Dupage st n Gifford
Hall, William N., lab, h Pinnacle st n Mill
Hallen, John, clerk, with Adler & Bro
Hammer, Samuel S., farmer,h N Center st n Dexter
Hanson, Azra, farmer, h Main st cor Bridge
Hanson, Joseph H., h Main cor Bridge
Hanson, Mrs., wid, h Brooks n Seneca
Harch, John, lab, h Cherry st
Harford Smith, h Milwaukee n Spring
Harpending, A.S., produce delaer, h Kimball st
Hartner, George, shoemkr, h Chapel st n Dupage
Harvey, David, h Division st n Chapel
Harvey, George P., assessor, h Galena st W of Summit
Harwood, Aaron, h cor Crosby and North st.
Hassan, George, city express, office Chicago st n River, h Dexter cor Spring
Hawkins, C.J., bds Waverly House
Hays, Timothy, watchmkr, with Wm. Barker
Healy, Bernard, Harness manufr, Chicago n Spring st, h Dupage st
Heath, Horace, carpenter, h N Center st n Fulton
Heelan, Philip, saloon, Bridge st n Fox River
Heelan, Philip, shoemkr, h Main n Bridge st.
Heelan, William, shoemkr, h Main n Bridge st
Heideman, August, miller, h River st
Heideman, William, miller, h River st
Hemmens & Jones, clothing, Chicago st n City Hotel
Hemmens, Joseph (of H. & Jones) h Chapel st
Hendrickson & Dexter, marble manufacturers, Chicago n Spring
Hendrickson, W.D., (of H & Dexter) h Milwaukee st n Geneva
Hepfen, Fleming, h N Center st n North
Hewitt, Benjamin, h Gifford st n Dupage
Hewitt, Henry, tinsmith, h Chicago n Gifford st
Hewitt, Mrs., wid, h Dupage st n public square
Heywood, F.S., teacher, h cor North and Mill st
Hill, John, h Crystal cor South
Himming, Philip, cooper, h Main st n Ball
Hinsdell, A.D., farmer, h Chicago st E of Gifford
Hoagland, A., h Mill cor Kimball
Hoagland, John W., lumber dealer, Mill st bet Division and Dexter, h Spring st
Hoagland, A., teamster, h Pinnacle n Dundee st
Hoar, William, wagonmkr, Chicago st n N Center
Holdman, Jacob, shoemkr, cor Geneva st and Dupage
Holgate, Ozem, shoemkr, River st n Chicago, h Summit
Holmes, James, h Mountain cor Summit
Holmes, J.S., clerk with E.A. Kimball
Hoffner, Henry, shoemkr, h Milwaukee cor Division
Horn, William, h Mill n Milwaukee
Howie, H.M., student, bds cor Geneva and Dupage
Hoxie, D.B., clerk with M.P. Brown
Hubbard, B.P., physician, h N Center n Chicago
Hubbard, W.G., dry goods etc., Mill n Chicago, h Spring cor Division
Hull, George, h Chapel cor Prairie
Hunter, B.E., clerk with R.S. Wail
Hunter, Charles, Brakeman R.R. h Chicago n Chapel
Hunter, David, h Chicago n N. Center
Hunter, Hugh, tanner, h Brook st n Cherry
Hunter, James, h Dupage n N Center
Hunter, John, bds Elgin House
Hunter, Robert, carpenter, h Chicago n Chapel
Hunter, Robert, h Dupage n Geneva
Hunter, Robert J., carpenter, h N Center n Dupage
Hunter, Wilson J., conductor G. & C. U.R.R., h Dupage n N Center
Hunter, William, lab, h Dundee N of Pinnacle
Hutchinson, Francis, currier, h Dexter n Mill
Hutchingson, Joseph, engineer, h Crystal n Mill

Jacobs, Christopher, harnessmkr, with B. Healy
Jacob, --- (sic), lab, h Prairie n Fox River R.R.
Jackson, Joseph, wagon mkr, h Division n Brook
Jaeger, C.A., physician, Commercial blk, h N Center n Chicago
Joedim, Joseph, grocer, Chicago st op City Hotel
Johnson, --- (sic), brakeman R.R., h Chicago n Chapel
Johnson, I.H., mason, h Crystal st n Washington
Johnson, I.W., carpenter,h Spring n North
Johnson, John, lab, h Kimball st cor Spring
Johnson, Richard M., mason, h Crystal n Washington
Jones, Charles, tinsmith, with E.A. Kimball
Jones, Elisha, hardware, Chicago bet Mill and Spring, h Kimball cor N Center
Jones, Jeremiah, lab, h Crystal st cor Ball
Jules, Mrs., wid, h Prairie n Fox River R.R.
Jones P., tailor, h Chapel n Chicago
Jones, Thomas, shoemkr, h Crystal
Josly, Edward S. (of J. & Riddle) h Brook cor Ann
Joslyn & Riddle, attorneys, Mill st n Chicago

Kahn, Charles, butcher,h Division cor Mill
Kane, Andrew, saloon, B ridge n Fox River
Kannady, J.J., clerk Waverly House
Kapus, Joseph, h Dexter n Spring
Kelly, L., clerk with R.L. & J.R. Yarwood
Kelly, O., shoemkr, h Milwaukee st n Fox River R.R.
KELSEY, ELIAS A., PRO FOX RIVER MILLS, River cor Division, h Mill
Kelsey, Elias, h Mill n North
Kendrick, Levi, butcher, Chicago n N Center
Kennady, Mrs., teacher, h Main N of Mill
Kenney, Brian, lab, h Crystal st
Kenny, Mrs. C., wid, h Mill st
Kenny, John, lab, h Chicago st n Chapel
Keogh, Edward, saloon, Chicago st n Spring
Kerr, Mrs. Mary, wid, h Mill n Dexter
Keyes, Eber, farmer, h College st
Keyes, Addison A., student at law with John King
Kimball, Edson A., hardware, Bridge st cor Main, h Mountain st cor Summit
Kimball, George W., furniture dealer, Mills t n Chicago, h Galena st
Kimball, James M., constable, h Seneca cor Spring st
Kimball, Jonathan, deputy sheriff, h cor Washington and Summit
Kimball, Joseph, with S.J. Kimball
Kimball, P.J., jr., with P.J. Kimball, sen
Kimball, Samuel J., farmer South st W of Summit
Kimball, William C., propr Waverly House
Kimball, Walter H., with S.J. Kimball
King, E.W. Printer, H Geneva st n Chicago
King, John, attorney, Union Hall blk, Millst h Chicago st cor N. Centre
Kirkpatrick, George, blacksmith, h Ann at E of N Centre
Kirkpatrick, John, blacksmith, h Kimball at n Mill
Kirkpatrick, William, blacksmith, h Ann st E of N Centre
Kirkpatrick, W. & J., blacksmiths, cor River and Division st.
Kipp, Joseph H., carpenter, h N Center n Pinnacle
Kizer, John, miller, h Washington st n Summit
Klung, John, bds Chicago House
Knott, George H., clerk with James Knott
Knott, James, grocer, cor Chicago and River st
Knott, J.P., h Dundee rd
Knowles, M., lab, h Ball st n Elm
Kohn, John, machinist, bds Chicago House
Kothe, Frederick, tobacconist, Mill st bet Chicago and Milwaukee
Kottonberger, John, tailor, h main st n Bridge
Kribs, David, farmer, h Clinton rd
Kribs, Paul, farmer, h Clinton rd
Krose, Henry, lab, h Chicago st n Center
Kroman, Marcus, h North n Spring
Kuntz, Joseph, lab, bds Chicago House
Kuntz, Paul, brewer, H Main st n South

Lamming, William, mason, h Pinnacle st n Dundee
Lanehart, S.B., h cor Division and N Center
Lawrence, Benjamin F., (of L. Malony & Co.,) h Mountain st cor Summit
Lawrence, Malony & Co., distillers, Main st cor Mill
Lawrence, M.A., h Mountain st cor Summit
Leik, Jerome B., drayman, h W Villa n Summit
Lee, Elisha, engineer, h Park n Dundee
Lee, Groves, teamster, h Pinnacle cor N Center st
Lee, William, clerk with R.L. & J.R. Yarwood
Lehamn, Gustave, painter, bds Music Hall
Lemon, Paul, carpenter, h Brook st n Kimball
Lester, Edward, H Chicago st n Gifford
Lester, John, lab, h Dundee N of Pinnacle st.
Lightfoot, Goodrich, h Main n Ball
Lightfoot, John, h Main n Ball
Lightfoot, Joseph, carpenter, h Crystal st
Lightfoot, William, lab, h Crystal st
Lindsay, James, butcher, h Chicago st n Mill
Lindsay, Miss G., millinery, Chicago st n Mill, up stairs
Little, Edward, carpenter, h Galena W of Summit
Little, Louis, carpenter, h W Villa st W of Summit
Little, Peter, carpenter, h Clinton rd
Littell, Robert, lab, h cor Summit and South st
Littlewood, Henry, h Main st N of Mill
Lloyd, John, farmer, h Ann st n N Center
Logan, John, lab, h Crystal st N of Mill
Logan, Thomas, lab, h Crystal st
Long, Abram, currier, h Mill st cor Ann
Long, C. & P., wagonmkrs, cor North and N Center
Long, John S., carpenter, h N College n Kimball
long, John, wagonmkr, h N Center st n North
long, Peter, blacksmith, h cor N Center and North st
Long, Philip, wagonmkr, h North st n N Center
Lord, Amass, h Chicago st cor N Center st
Lord, Ralph, Agt. Am. Bible Society, h Chicago st cor N Center
Loss, John, lab, bds Elgin House
Loughlin, Patrick, harnessmkr, with B. Healy
Lovell, Mrs. V., wid, h Fulton st n Gifford
Lovell, V., printer
Low, V.J., carpenter, h Gifford st n RR
Loyd, William, carpenter, h Park st n Dundee
Ludke, Henry, h Main st n Bridge st
Luntz, George, butcher, Mill st cor Milwaukee
Lyman, Daniel, h Prairie st n Gifford
Lynch, David, clerk, with T. Lynch
Lynch, Eugene, with T. Lynch
Lynch, T., dry goods, etc., bridge st n Fox River
Lynd, Alexander, h with James Lynd
Lund, James, carpenter, h Dundee N of Pinnacle st
Lynn, Bernard, tailor, with McOsker
Lynn, Miss, h Division st n Gifford
Lyon, Charles D., (of L & Campbell) h Lake st n Michigan
Lyon & Campbell, boots and shoes, Chicago st n Mill

Mackey, William, lab, h Dundee rd
Mahoney, John, table waiter, Waverly House
Maggison, John, tailor, River n Chicago, h River
Magness, C., teamster, h Chicago E of Gifford
Mallett Walter, painter, Chicago cor Spring
Mallery, Marcus, h Crystal cor Bridge
Mann, Edward, farmer, h Chicago E. of Gifford
Mann, Joseph, carpenter, h Wilcox's Division
Mann, Michael, clerk with P. Mann
Mann, Patrick, grocer, Chicago opp City Hotel
Mann, Thomas, mason, h Kimball n River
Marsh, Mason M., h Geneva n Prairie
Martin, Joseph, h Gifford W of Villa
Martin, Thomas S., stone cutter, h Chapel n Dupage
Mason, Thomas J., lab, h Kimball cor Spring
Mauer, John, tailor, Mill n Chicago
Maule, Geo H., mason, h Washington n Summit
McBraraty, Anthony, h N Center cor Fulton
McCarty, Michael, stone cutter, h Prairie n Fox River R.R.
McCloud, ---- (sic), physician, h Chicago E of Gifford
McClure & Merrifield, physicians, Union Hall blk cor Chicago and Mill
McClure, F.L., ice dealer, h cor N Center and division
McClure, Vincent (of McC. & M.,) h Chicago bet Chapel and Gifford
McComb, William, moulder, h Prairie cor River
McCorkell, Rev John, pastor Reformed Presb. Church
McElroy, James, physician, h cor South and Crystal
McNeil, Malcomb (of Todd & McN.,) h Chicago n Geneva
McOsker, Stafford, merchant tailor, Chicago n Spring, h Division
Meehan, John J., tin ware, etc., Chicago n City Hotel
Meehan, John Jr., with J.J. Meehan
Merrill, Asa (of Gifford & M.) h Brook cor Ann
MERRILL, WILLIAM W., PACKER AND DEALER IN PORT, BEEF HAMS, LARD &c, Chicago cor River, h cor Mill and Cherry
Merrifield, Emery A., (of McClure & M.) h cor Dupage and Spring
Merriman, Mrs., wid, h Kimball st cor Mill
Messenger, Allen, wagon mnfr, Milwaukee n River, h Ann
Messenger, Henry, machinist,h Clinton rd
Metcalf, Charles, lab G. & C.U.R.R. Depot
Mill, Ezra, jeweler, h N Center st n Dupage
Miller, F.J., bookkeeper, with O. Davidson, h Villa n Gifford
Miller, James, jr., h Division cor Geneva
Miller, James, cooper, h Division cor Geneva
Miller, John, cooper, River cor Milwaukee
Miller, Joseph, wagon mkr, h Spring n North
Miller, Peter, painter, h N Center n Pinnacle
Miller, Wesley (of T. & M.) h Fulton cor Spring
Mink, Wm. L., farmer, h North st n Dundee
Minor, Patrick, saloon, Mill st. cor Dexter
Mitchell, James, lab, h Pinnacle st n Spring
Molony, M.S., (of Lawrence, M. & Co)
Moore, James H., with O. Davidson
Moore, James, teamster, h Chicago st n Chapel
Morgan, Charles H., (of M. & France) h Fulton st opp public square
Morgan, Joshua P., grocer, Chicago st bet Mill and Spring, h Main st cor W. Villa
Morgan, Lansing, h cor Division and College
Morgan, Nathan, h cor Division st and College
Morgan, Thomas L., h Dupage n Gifford
Morris, Patrick, lab, h Chicago st E of Gifford
Morris, Samuel, carpenter, h N Center st cor Fulton
Morrison, Robert, blacksmith, h Spring st cor Cherry
Morse, John, lumber, h Dupage st E of Gifford
Murdough, John S., dry goods, etc., Mill st cor North, h Dexter n Brook
Murphy, John, lab, h Milwaukee st n Geneva
Murphy, Patrick, mason, h River st
Murphy, William, porter, Waverly House
Murry, Fleming, lab, h Kimball st n N Center
Murry, James, shoemkr, h Kimball n N Center st
Muntz, Charles, furniture manufr, Mill st n Chicago, h River st cor Dexter

Nash, Sylvanus, boot and shoe dealer, Chicago st n Mill, h Dupage st
Needham, Martin, lab, h River st
Newcomb, J.B., teacher, h Park st n Dundee
Newton, L.H., machinist, h Washington st
Nicholson, Mrs. E., wid, h cor Gifford and Pinnacle
Nimmo, Charles, shoemkr, h Brook st n Seneca

O'Flarraty, Patrick, shoemkr, River st
Old, T.C., book keeper, h Dundee rd
Olson, John, lab, h Cherry st n Brook
O'Neil, Dennis, lab, h Main st cor South
O'Neil, Mathew, mason, h Dupage n R. Road
Orr, S.C., clerk with W.G. Hubbard
Orton, Frederick, blacksmith, h Crystal st n Washington
Orton, Thomas, painter with W. Mallet
Ostrander, George, carpenter, h Galena st n Summit
Owen, Charles, h Dexter st n Brook
Owen, William, jeweler, h Kimball st n Mill

Pabst, Joseph, propr Chicago House, cor Mill a Milwaukee
Padelford, J.M., mechanic, h cor Chapel and Dupage
Padelford, R.W., artist, Chicago st bet Mill and Spring, h cor Chapel and Fulton
Paeper, Adolph, harness manufr, Mill st bet Chicago and Milwaukee, bds Fox River House
Page, A.C., Congregational minister, h Ann cor Spring st
Paley, Patrick, lab, h Geneva st cor Dupage
Parker, James, dry goods, etc., Chicago st n Mill
Parkin, Thomas, shoemkr, h Pinnacle n Spring st
Parmely, Rev. Levi, pastor Baptist Church, h Gifford st cor Prairie
Patterson, Samuel, painter, h Dexter st n N Center
Pease, Walter L., (of Lawrence, Malony & Co), h Crystal st n Mountain
Peck, George, clerk with J. Parker
Pember, Leonard T., h Summit cor Ball
Perkins, Mrs., wid, h Prairie n Chapel
Pfisterer, George, gunsmith, Mill st n Milwaukee
Porter, A.R., h Villa n Gifford
Potter, John M., clerk with L.B. Vastine
powers, George, student at law, h Chicago n Gifford
Powers, J., lab for F.L. McClure
Powers, Thomas, lab for J. Tefft
Powers, --- (sic), lab for E.F. Reeves
Provost, Joseph, lab, h Clinton rd
Provost, Thomas, h Geneva n Chicago
Pyle, Josiah, carpenter, h Spring cor North

Queenheim, Philip, shoemkr, h Spring n North
Quinlin, James, lab, h cor Gifford and Fulton

Rafferty, John, lab, h Main N of Mill
Ramskinn, William, tailor, h Spring
Ranstead, Marcus, bds with W.J. Ward
Raymond, Augustus, h Chicago n N Center
Raymond, B.W. (of R. & Fish), res Chicago city
Raymond, Frank, clerk with G.B. Raymond
Raymond, George B., crockery, etc, Chicago bet Mill and Spring, h cor Prairie and Center
Raymond & Fisk, tanners, River st n North
Raymond, Sherwood, clerk with G.B. Raymond
Reegan, Patrick, lab, h River
Reeves, Edwin F., mason, h Chicago E of Gifford
Reeves, William, h Chicago E of Gifford
Reily, Lawrence, lab, h Kimball st n River
Renwick, G.W., woolen factory, River n Chicago, h Dupage cor Spring
Renwick, George L., with G.W. Renwick
Renwick & Works, foundry and machine shop, River
Renwick, Theodore, (of R. & Works) h Dundee n North
Reser, Philip, h Ann n Dundee
Rian, Jeremiah, mason, h Summit
Rian, Michael, lab, h Crystal st N of Mill
Rice, Henry, painter, bds Music Hall
RICH, G.H., MILLRIGHT, h Park n Dundee
Richards, Mrs., wid, h Fulton n Gifford
Richerson, Seth, h South st W of Summit
Riddle, John S. (of Joslyn & R)
Robert, George, butcher, h Chicago n Geneva
Robertson, Alexander, plasterer, h Dexter n Mill
Robinson, David, lab, h Mill cor Division
Robinson, James, lab, h Mill cor Division
Robinson, Jefferson, student, bds cor Geneva and Dupage
Rodgers, H.C., h Dexter n Spring
Rodgers, Thomas, h Washington st n Summit
Rohlwing, Henry, grocer, Mill n Milwaukee
Rosenkrans, Garrett, carpenter, h Summit cor W. Villa
Rossman, John, clerk with J. Joedim
Root, Anson, h N Center n Chicago
Rowe, J.H., printer, h Dupage n N. Center
Rudd, Edward, miller, bds City Hotel
Rue, George, ostler, Waverly House
Ruggles, L.D., bar tender, Waverly House
Russell, Dennis, lab, h Summit
Russell, John, carpenter, h Bridge
Ryan, Edmond, dry goods, etc., Main opp Waverly House
Ryan, Joseph, grocer, Bridge n Fox River

Salisbury, John, agent, h Geneva st n Division
Salsbury, Leonard D., carpenter, h Pinnacle n Mill
Salisbury, Leroy, h with J. Salisbury
Salisbuy, L., h Division n Geneva
Saunders, Charles, shoemkr, h Seneca n Brook
Saunders, John, h Milwaukee N R.R.
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM, MANFR AND DEALER IN BOOTS AND SHOES, Chicago bet River and Mill, h Spring n Dexter
Sass, Adolph, pro Elgin House, Mill n Chicago
Schaller, A., h Division bet College and N Center
Schlager, Henry, cooper, Main st. op Waverly House
Schmedzle, Louis, h N Center n North
Schmidt, Cristopher, butcher, h North n Spring
Schmidt, Theobold, stone mason, h Milwaukee n R.R.
Schoonoven, Thomas, farmer, h Cherry n N Center
Schram, Conrad, harness mkr, with B. Healy
Schram, George, harness mkr, with B. Healy
Schreider, Charles, h Dexter n River
Schroeder, John, harness mkr, with A. Paeper
Schultz, Mathew, mnfr of earthen ware, Dundee n Pinnacle
Schuneman, Frank, blacksmith with P. Sylla
Seidel, Charles, baker, Mill n Milwaukee
Seigler, Michael, lab, h Main
Seitz, Frederick, h Division n Center
Sewell, Delos, miller, Waverly Mills
Sexsour, Christian, harness mkr, with G. Clarkson
Shafer, A., physician, h Brook n Ann
Shafer, William, turner, h Clinton
Shannon, Hugh, carpenter, h Dexter n Mill
Sheedy, John, lab, h River
Sheehan, James L., tanner, h River
Sherman, E.N. (of H. Sherman & Co) h Sprint cor Milwaukee
Sherman, George D. (of H. Sherman & Co) h Spring cor Milwaukee
Sherman, Henry & Co., druggists, Chicago n Mill
Sherman, Henry ( of H.S. & Co) h Spring cor Milwaukee
Shields, --- (sic), lab, h River
Shipf, John, saloon, Mill n Milwaukee
Shram, Conrad, harness mkr, h Dexter n River
Shreffler, Henry, tinsmith, bds Chicago House
Short, John, cabinet mkr, h Union Hall blk
Siddous, James A., grocer, Chicago st bet Spring and Center
Silver, Edward, blacksmith, bds Chicago House
Siman, Fred, cabinetmkr, Dupage n N center
Slawson, Seth H., morocco dresser, h N Center st n Dexter
Smith, Andrew J., blacksmith, Chicago st n Center, h cor N Center and Fulton
Smith, Charles, shoemkr, h Dundee n Kimball st
Smith, C.L., millwright, h Dundee n North st
Smith, George, blacksmith, bds Chicago House
Smith, H., agent, h Milwaukee st n Geneva
Smith, John B., h South st W of Summit
Smith, Richard E., h Dexter st n River
Smith Roswell, h Crystal st n Washington
Soper, James, carpenter, h W Villa st n Summit
Souder, Andrew, carpenter, bds Chicago House
Soverin, Louis, clerk with G.B. Adams
Spalding, Mathew, lab, h Galena st n Summit
Spillard, Daniel, with John Spillard
Spillard, John, morocco manufr, Main st n Mill, h Main n Ball
Sprague, C.D., station agent G & CU R R bds Waverly House
Spyre, John, h Dupage st bet Geneva and Chapel
Squier, Wm., lab, h South st cor Crystal
Staniforth, B., butcher, River st n Chicago, h Chicago bet Spring and N Center
Starkweather, Charles R., office custom house building, LaSalle st Chicago, h Division st n N Center
Sterricker, Edward, wagonmkr, with J. Sterricker
Sterricker, James, wagonmkr, Main st cor South, h Main st
Stevens, Charles, farmer, h Summit n Galena st
Stevenson, David, h Kimball st n Spring
Stiles, Cornelius C., carpenter, h Crosby st n North
Stiles, Luther C., corn sheller manufr, River st cor Dupage, h Dupage opp public square
Stringer, George, h Summit cor South
Stoddard, Isaac, carriage manufr, River st opp P O
Stonehouse, ---, shoemkr, bds Elgin House
Stowe, Levi S., grocer, Chicago st n River, h Division n Brook
Street, Alfred, engineer, h Plum st cor Spring
Strausel, Martin, propr Fox River House
Strong, Francis, h Chicago st n Spring
Stuff, Rev. G.L., S., pastor, M.E. Church, h cor Division st and College
Sweet, E.D.L., supt telegraph, h Summit st
Sylla, D.H., painter, with P. Sylla
Syla, James, A.B., Elgin Academy, h College bldg
Sylla, Philo, reaper manufr, Main st bet Mountain and Washington

Tanneer, Charles, carpenter, h Brook st n Kimball
Taylor, James S., justice of the peace, over Sherman store, Chicago st, h Dundee N of Ann st
Taylor, James, shoemkr, for R.L. & J.R. Yarwood
Taylor, John, shoemkr, for R.L. & J.R. Yarwood
Tazewell, Charles, brewer, Main st N of Mill
Tefft, Eli A., (of T. & E.) h Fulton st n Gifford
Tefft, Joseph, Physician, h Milwaukee n N Center st
Tefft, Thomas (of T. & E.)
Tefft, Thomas & Eli, livery stable keepers, River st n Dupage
Thielman, John, shoemkr, River st n Milwaukee
Thielman, John, wagonmkr, h Main st n South
Thielman, Theodore, wagonmkr, bds Elgin House
Theirs, Chauncey C., h Crystal cor Bridge st
Thomas, William, carpenter, h Dexter n River st
Thompson, John, carpenter, h Crosby st n North
Thompson, Robert, drayman, h cor Dexter and N Center st
Thompson, Thomas, clerk, with J. Parker
Thompson, Thomas, lab, with Westover
Thompson, William, cabinetmkr, h Seneca n N Center
Thompson, William, Sen., h Seneca st n N Center
Thornhouser, --- (sic) h Chapel bet Prairie and Villa
Tickner & Miller, lumber dealers, Division st bet Mill and Brook
Tickner, R.S. (of T. & M), h Dundee cor Pinnacle
Tillotson, W.J., h Division st bet N Center and College
Tilton, A.E. (of Lawrence Molony & Co), resides N.Y.
Todd, James, farmer, h Crystal at N of Mill
Todd, Thomas (of T. & McNeil) h over store (last name is obviously misspelled as Eodd)
Todd, William, mason, Kimball st E of Dundee
Todd & McNeil, grocers, Chicago st co River
Tourtelot, A.G., h Kimball st cor Mill
Towner, J.C., blacksmith, h Pinnacle n Dundee
Treadwell, William M., h Geneva st n Fulton
Treniar, --- (sic), lab, for A.J. Waldron
Truesdell, Burgess, h Center st bet Fulton and Prairie
Truesdell, Charles, h Pinnacle n Mill st
Truesdell, Eugene, h with B. Truesdell
TRUESDELL, JAMES N., DENTIST, Chicago st bet Mill and Spring
Truesdell, William H., h Pinnacle n Mill st
Tuerney, James, lab, h Geneva st n Dupage
Turner, A., physician, h Crystal cor Mountain
Tuttel, Horrace, teamster, h Bridge st
Tweddale, James, student, with McClue & Merrifield
Tyler, L.W., h Chicago st bet Chapel and Gifford

Underhill, George W., carpenter, h Ball st n Elm
Underhill, Monroe, lab, h Main N of Mill
Underwood, --- (sic), cooper,h Center n North

Vail, Robert S., manufr and dealer in boots & shoes, cor Chicago and Mill st, h Dupage n N Center
Van Nostrand, Peter, furniture dealer, River st n Chicago, h Chicago st
Vastine, Louis B., dry goods, etc, Chicago st bet Mill and Spring h Chapel st n Chicago
Vaumbush, William, h River cor Dexter st

Wadsack, William, druggist, Chicago st n City Hotel
Waite, Arthur, blacksmith, h Clinton road
Waite, John, carpenter,h Cherry st cor N Center
Waite Thomas H, h River st n Fulton
WALDRON, A.J., ATTORNEY, INSURANCE AGT, Union Hall Blk, h Gifford st n Villa
Walker, Abel, undertaker, Dupage st n Geneva
Walker, Charles, butcher, h Chicago st n Geneva
Walker, Rev. Warcham, Baptist minister, h Gifford st bet Prairie and Villa
Walker, William, clerk, with S.D. Wilder
Wallace, Mathew, books and stationery, Chicago st n Fox River
Walter, Christian, cooper, River st n Dupage
Walters, Joseph, bookkeeper, h River st n North
Ward, Henry, stonecutter, h W Villa W of Summit
Warden, William, carpenter, h Gifford st n Dupage
Ward, William J., painter, h W Villa st W of Summit
WARD, S.G., MARBLE MANUFACTURER, LIME, CEMENT, &C., Chicago cor Spring, bds City Hotel
Weatherill, Lawrence, physician, h cor Milwaukee and Spring st
Webster, Benjamin, painter, Union Hall Blk, Mill st
Webster, Frederick F., clerk, with J.P. Morgan
Welch, Elbert, h Pinnacle N of Dundee st
Welch, Mrs. Phoebe, wid, h Dundee N of Pinnacle st
Wester, Frederick, clerk, h Gifford cor Pinnacle
Westover, L.H., h Dundee cor Pinnacle st
Wheaton, Hosea, carpenter, h Chicago st n Chapel
Whedon, Edmond, carpenter, h Ann n Mill st
Wheeler, Benjamin D., lab h Dundee N of Pinnacle st
Wheeler, Rev. C., Methodist minister, h Spring st n City Hotel
Whidden, J.M., h Division st n Chapel
White, John J., dry goods, etc, Chicago st bet Mill and Spring, h Prairie n River
Whitcomb, E.R., h Chicago st n Gifford
Whitford, Henry K., physician, h Dundee cor Ann st
Whittemore, Mrs. H., h Crystal n Washington
Wilber, Joshua, carpenter, Division st bet College and N Center st
Wilcox, John, h Mill st cor Seneca
WILCOX, JOHN S., ATTORNEY, Office over J. Parker's store, h Mill st cor Seneca
Wilcox, Sylvanus, attorney, cor Crystal and Bridge st, h Galena st
Wilder, S.D., dry goods, etc., Commercial Blk, Chicago st, h Villa n Lake
Wilkins, Benjamin, artist, with R.W. Padelford
Winchester, Edgar, physician, h Dupage st bet Geneva & Chapel
Wishart, Robert, carpenter, h cor Mill st and Division
Works, George (of Renwick & W.) h Center cor Dupage
Wright, D., carpenter, h Crystal st N of Mill
Wright, F.W., Chicago st n Gifford
Wright, Joseph, turner, h Clinton rd
Wright, Samuel N., farmer, Clinton road

Yarwood, Henry (of L.H. & Co) h Park st n College
Yarwood, James R., ( of R.L. & J.R.) h Milwaukee st n Mill
Yarwood, L.H. & Co, druggists, Chicago st bet Mill and Spring
Yarwood, Louis H., (of L.H. & Co) h Park st n College
Yarwood, Reuben L., (of R.L. & J.R.) h Division n Mill st
Yarwood, R.L. & J.R., dry goods, etc, River st n Chicago

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