Illinois Genealogy Trails

Kane County, IL

for 1859-60
©2005 Transcribed by Kimberly Torp



Clintonville - Henry W. Eastman, Postmaster
Elgin - Geo. W. Renwick, Postmaster

CLINTONVILLE VILLAGE, in this township, is a large and flourishing place, well located on both sides the Fox River. There are about six hundred and fifty inhabitants, and the water power here is as considerable as at any point on the stream. There are also two distilleries, two flour mills, one paper mill, and a sash, blind and door factory, besides several good stores. This place is three and one-half miles south of Elgin, and 39 from Chicago. The Galena U.R.R. passes through it. It is a handsome location, and the district, highly cultivated, possessing all the advantages of a well settled place in Religious and Educational Institutions.


Abbott, Jesse, stone quarry, W side
Abbott, Jesse, jr., stone quarry, W side
Alden, Rufus, mason, h W side
Anderson, H., shoemkr, W side
Arent, Charles, grocer, E side
Arent, Frederiek, shoemkr, E side
Arents, Joseph, cooper, h E side

Ballentine, D., (of H.A. & Co) res Waukegan
Ballentine, H.A. & Co., distillers E side
Ballentine, J.M., clerk with H.A. & Co.
Barrett, Washington, bds with Mrs. Bartlett Thomas, h W side
Bartlett, Thomas, h W side
Barton, A., blacksmith, with P. Bogue
Becker, Jeremiah, lab, h W side
Berry, Joseph, lab, h W side
Blackmer, George W., teamster, h W side
Bogue, Philetus, blacksmith, E side, h W side
Brady, Merritt, lab, h W side
Brown, B.F., clerk
Brown, Hiram J., dry goods, etc. W side
Brown, James W., clerk
Brown, Joseph, carpenter, h E side
Brown, R.P., farmer, h W side
Brust, Peter, engineer, h E side
Bryson, George, lab, h W side
Buck, B., lab, h W side
Buck, ---, lab, h W side

Cambridge, Alfred, lab, h W side
Campbell, Thomas, lab, h E side
Casner, N., lab, h W side
Chancellor, M., carpenter, h E side
Chancellor, Marion., farmer, h E side
Clary, Cornelius, lab, h W side
Clark, S.W., lab, h W side
Collins, Nathan, lab, h W side
Cox, John, fanning mill mkr, E side

Daley, John F., lab, h E side
Dea, Nicholas, h E side
Dea, Peter, cooper, h E side
Deddrick, N.J., h W side
Dewell, James, lab, h E side
Dewell, William, lab, h E side
Dietrech, John, shoemkr, E side
Donnahoe, Owen, lab, h W side
Dranan, Jeremiah, lab, h E side
DUGAN PATRICK, Dealer in Grocers and Provisions, wood and willow ware, W side

Eastman, H.W., station agt and post master
Eastman, Milo, h E side
Edwards, William, wagonmkr, E side
Elson, T.J., cooper, h E side

(F's and G's are listed together in the original)
Fay, Peter, lab, h E side
Ferrell, M.O., grocer, W side
Franklin, C.O., lab, h W side
Foley, Christopher, constable, bds E side
Foley, Patrick, lab, h E side
Gilbert, Trueman, farmer, E side
Goff, Mrs., wid, h W side
Griffin, A.D., prop Prairie State Mills
Griffin, Augustus, h E side
Griffin, Anson, h E side
Gulick, Abram, farmer, W side
Guptil, William, farmer, h E side

Hale, George, lab, h W side
Hale, H.F., distiller, h W side
Hammon, Robert, lab, h E side
Hammon, Washington, grain thresher, h E side
Hanly, Patrick, mason, h E side
Hartey, A., lab, h W side
Hawkins, Chancy, carpenter, h E side
Hawkins, Isaac B., mechanic, h W side
Hawkins, Isaac T., carpenter, h W side
Hawley, Abram, cooper, h W side
Hines, Patrick, lab, h W side
Hines, Peter, lab, h W side
Hochenslager, Philip, cooper, h E side

Kelly, Edward, section boss, h E side
Kelly, Mrs. Mary, h E side
Kelly, Owen, lab, h E side
Kenney, Owen, lab, h E side
Kerber, C., butcher
Kline, Peter, lab, h E side

Lentz, Peter, lab, h E side
Long, John, lab, h W side
Long, Richard, lab, h E side
Long, Thomas, lab, h W side

Maddock, P., distiller, h E side
Magness, John, cooper, bds E side
Maloney, William, lab, h W side
Markee, William, carpenter, h W side
Masterson, Andrew, lab, h E side
Morgan, M., lab, h W side
Murdock, John, lab, h E side

O'Brien, James, lab, h W side
O'Brien, Patrick, lab, h E side
O'Connell, M.C., blacksmith
Orcott, Daniel, h W side
Orcott, Thomas J., teamster, h E side
Oswald, Anthony, farmer, h W side

Panton, William, prop Clintonville Mills
Parson, William, lab, h E side
Peaslee, Benjamin, mechanic, h E side
Peaslee, James, mason, h E side
Perry, John H., h W side
Perry, Thomas, farmer, h W side
Peterson, Hiram, carpenter, h W side
Pickney, Jacob, miller, h W side
Potts, John, lab, bds E side
Prindle, Charles, farmer, h W side
Putney, John, carpenter, h W side
Putney, John, Jr., h W side

Rice, William, lab, h E side
Roach, Michael, lab, h E side
Ross, Alexander, carpenter, h E side
Russell, Jacob, lab, h W side
Russell, Jacob, Jr., lab, h W side
Ryan, Pierce, lab, h E side
Ryder, Francis, blacksmith

Shann, Mathias, lab, h W side
Shehan, Michael, lab, h E side
Shehan, Thomas, lab, h E side
St. John, John, lab, h E side
Stolt, Frederick, butcher, with Kerber

Theirson, John, cooper, h W side
Treest, Henry, lab, h E side
Treest, Peter, mason, h E side

Ulsaver, Stephen, stone quarry W side

Van Wye, H.C., blacksmith, W side, h E side
Van Wye, Robert, painter, h W side
Vaughan, Michael, lab, h W side

White, William, carpenter, h W side
Wietzel, Joseph, cooper, h E side
Wietzel, Valentine, cooper, h E side


Abbott, J., Jr.
Abbott, J., Sen.
Adgade, A.
Alder, R.C.
Anderson, Henry
Andrews, Joseph
Arrant, Charles
Aswell, A.

Barthormew, D.B.
Bartley, David
Bateman, Jacob
Beach, S.
Becker, Ford
Beilenburg, Albert
Bishop, Henry
Bishop, Thomas
Brison, George
Boulster, Peter
Books, A.
Brown, H.J.
Brown, J.W.
Brown, Joseph
Brown, William
Buck, P.G.
Burry, Joseph
Burton, F.
Buzzell, B.R.

Calice, Moses
Campbell, Thomas
Cannon, J.B.
Carlisle, J.A.
Carpenter, C.
Casler, N.
Cass, Martin
Chapman, David
Church, George
Clark, George P.
Clarry, C.
Cline, Peter
Cole, D.M.
Cookman, George
Corron, J.V.
Corron, W.T.
Cox, B.
Cristy, James
Crowther, Robert
Culberton, A.J.

Davis, Lyman
Davis, J.H.
Dedrich, John
Dedrich, N.J.
Dewel, James
Dewel, William
Dewey, John
Douglas, E.G.
Downey, H.
Dranan, J.
Dugan, Patrick
Dyer, Edward

Eastman, Henry
Elson, T.J.
Erwin, Mrs. E.

Fay, E.
Fitzsimmons, P.
Fletcher, Henry
Foley, Patrick
Fraser, William
Freeborn, William
Freelan, John

Gilbert, P.C.
Gilbert, Trueman
Gilmartin, Daniel
Goakin, Joseph
Grant, Michael
Greenbank, William
Gulick, G.
Gutchess, Morris

Hall, A.
Hale, H.F.
Hamilton, S.H.
Hammond, Washington
Hawkins, Isaac
Hawkins, J.T.
Hawley, C.B.
Heath, R.A.
Heim, Jacob
Hill, William
Hinds, Peter
Hunter, P.

Jacobs, Andrew
Johnson, William
Jocum, Joseph

Keber, Charles
Kelley, Edward
Kendric, Levi
Kenian, John C.
Keough, Richard
Kiss, C.
Knox, Theodore
Knox, Colton

Larkin, S.K.
Lathrop, E., Sen.
Lathrop, E., Jr
Lathrop, L.
Lawrence, O.F.
Lingenfelter, M.
Littlefield, Lewis
Littlewood, E.W.
Littlewood, Henry
Littlewood, James
Livingston, Samuel
Long, Thomas
Long, Richard
Lovel, John

Mahan, John Jr
Mallory, M.
Marsh, Peter
Mann, W.R.
Mannehan, John
Mannehan, Thomas
Marshall, George
Marstrom, Andrew
Mathewson, C.
McClure, T.L.
McDonald, John
McLain, J.R.
Mitchel, Thomas
Morgan, M.S.

Nelson, Henry
Newcomb, Charles

O'Brian, Patrick
O'Neal, Philip
Orcott, Thomas
Owen, J.D.

Panton, William
Peasley, Benjamin
Peasley, James
Perry, J.H.
Perry, T.S.
Peterson, Hiram
Philbrick, James
Phillips, N.G.
Plummer, William
Pratt, Charles
Pratt, Calvin
Pratt, P.B.
Pruden, John
Putney, John
Perkins, H.E.

Reaker, C.
Retan, E.
Reynolds, John
Rice, William
Robertson, C.
Ross, Alex.

Sass, Adolph
Schoeff, John
Silver, Monroe
Silver, S.
Smith, Lonts
Stinger, Robert
Stone, C.C.
Stone, Isaac
Stone, R.W.
Stowel, Seth
Switzer, J.W.
Switzer, M.J.T.

Tefft, Erastus
Treadwell, B.
Treadwell, J.N.
Treadwell, William
Treast, Henry
Truesdell, Henry

Wait, J.H.
Walters, J.B.
Webster, Hazen
Weld, N.A
Weld, O.B.
Weldon, Shuman
Wilcox, E.
Wilcox, W.H.
Wing, W.H.
Wisner, Mathias
Wison, Hiram
Witzell, Balentine
Wood, L.A.
Wood, R.J.
Wordon, William


POST OFFICE - GENEVA, Thomas A. Scott, Postmaster

Abbott, J.L.
Allen, E.P.

Baker, John R.
Baker, Levi L.
Bamford, Robert
Barrett, George
Bennet, William
Bill, N.H.
Bochmine, J.
Bradley, Charles
Bradley, E.C.
Bradley, N.S.
Briesman, O.P.
Bristol, Oliver
Brooks, Thomas
Boyd, John
Buck, Stephen
Bullard, John

Calder, Lewis
Carey, Elias
Carey, James L.
Carsin, Peter
Carter, Nelson
Chamberlin, L.
Clark, F.
Conant, N.
Cook, Alonzo
Copeland, Sarah
Curtis, Emma M.

Derby, James C.
Dervey, J.H.

Ellis, John
Ellis, Samuel
Everts, Samuel C.

Frittes, Samuel C.

Gesman, Lyman
Gibbs, Jeremiah

Halden, William
Hammond, Joseph
Hardin, John
Hawkins, Henry C.
Hollister, George L.
Holmes, James
Hough, A.C.
Hubbard, A.P.
Humphrey, E.R.W.
Humphrey, J.M.
Humphrey, Russell

Johnson, Charles
Jones, John

Kellogg, M.D.
Kendblate, B.
Knapp, A.B.
Kurby, Thomas

Lapher, Charles
Lewis, Asa
Lillie, A.
Lillie, D.A.
Lindgrene, John
Low, John
Lynn, Nelson H.

Martin, C.T.
Marsh, J.L.
McDaniels, P.G.
Milard, M.

Naphan, Michael

Osborn, Mayor

Pasmore, H.C.
Pasmore, Humphrey
Patridge, Lewis
Peck, C.T.
Peck, Eli
Perkins, L.
Pinder, John C.
Poor, Thomas N.
Post, Jacob
Potter, Charles

Rebbie, John
Remington, Philetus
Root, Thomas

Sears, Wilcox
Smart, George
Smith, D.A.
Soloman, Lewis
Spines, John
Stearns, H.E.
Sterling, Samuel
Stryker, C.H.

Thatcher, John
Tinsley, Edwin
Todd, S.H.
Town, J.S. & Bro.
Towner, B.T.
Trumble, S.C.
Tullock, George
Tyler, R.B.

Waiford, John
Waiford, William
Walsh, Richard
Westgarth, George
White, Amasa
Wilcox, Warner
Worsley, Joseph



HAMPSHIRE VILLAGE is small, and the only one in this township; it has but one store, and a few resident mechanics; also a physician and a hotel; there is also a School House, which is likewise occupied, frequently, for public worship by various denominations, for the benefit of the farmers, and residents in the village


Briggs, William, hotel keeper and clothing merchant

Cool, John, blacksmith

Fowler, Thomas E., physician

Kern, George F., shoemkr

Rowell, Samuel C., merchant

Seymour, William H., shoemkr

Tripp, Charles C., butcher

Waidman, John, cigarmkr
Williams, H.P., wagonmkr
Wright, Henry, postmaster


Adams, Jacob
Allen, A.G.
Allen, Edson
Allen, John A.
Allen, H.H.
Atkins, Isaac

Babcock, W.H.
Bailey, Robert C.
Baldwin, Benjamin
Baldwin, Lucien
Baldwin, Silas
Ball, Silas
Baker, Peter
Bartlett, Barlow
Barnard, Levins
Barsett, A.T.
Bates, Charles
Bates, Stephen G.
Bean, J.W.
Beetlle, George
Bell, Henry G.
Blazier, John
Boettiner, John
Boots, William
Boyce, Ethan W.
Boyce, John
Brier, Michael
Brown, James C.
Brown, W.L.
Burns, John
Buzzell, Aaron

Campbell, John
Carlysle, Denison
Church, Friend
Clarson, Charles
Cook, Burnham
Cool, Benjamin
Coon, Elizabeth
Coon, John B.
Cummings, W.H.

Dalby, Joseph
Dickson, James
Doty, Andrew
Doty, J.V.
Doty, Henry
Doty, Philip

Eakin, David
Eaton, B.G.
Ebert, Conrad

Fields, Henry
Fifield, Moses
Frederick, Martin

Gage, C.
Gage, John
Garlick, G.C.
Gardner, A.P.
Gardner, N.G.
Garner, Elen
Getselman, Michael
Gilkerson, Thomas
Goeslee, William

Haines, David
Hammer, George
Havirland, Isaac
Havirland, Philander
Havirland, Stephen
Hawkins, Amos
Hayden, Noah
Hayes, Edward
Hemrick, Michael
Hilley, John
Hislein, J.M.
Hislein, Philip
Hofer, Charles
Hofer, Jacob
Howe, Phineas
Hunt, J.S.

Ingals, George M.
Isbell, James

Jepsom, Betsey
Jobe, John

Kahler, John
Keller, John
Kelly, John
Kelly, Timothy
Keyes, S.A.
Kimball, Julia
Klick, William
Klick, John
Kirk, Henry
Kirk, Thomas

Lanfer, Carlos
Larkins, Bradford
Lawler, John
Levey, Jacob
Litner, Paul
Luce, Z.C.
Lyon, David
Lyon, Horace

Mann, P.A.
Marshall, William
Mathener, George
Maynard, A.
Maynard, Hannah
McLellin, T.C.
Minor, George W.
Minor, Martin
Morgan, Lyman, Jr
Mumbiter, Sophia
Munch, Philip
Murray, Michael

Parker, A.A.
Patchin, Charles
Parson, G.
Printice, Erastus

Rapelhorn, John
Reams, Ephriam
Reams, John
Reams, Levi
Reams, Moses
Reams, Samuel
Reeves, Abner
Reid, David
Rinch, John
Rowe, Benjamin
Rumsey, J.M.

Scnift, Henry
Schumacher, Henry
Schwarger, Bernard
Schwarzendorfer, --
Shafer, Emanuel
Shallenbargher, Isaac
Shapley, N.
Shetter, William
Sink, John
Skinner, J.W.
Skinner, Josiah
Starkey, Simon
Stephens, P.
Stewart, A.
Sower, George

Taylor, John
Terwilliger, Jacob
Terwilliger, William
Thayer, G.O.
Trenan, A.R.
Truaur, Caleb
Trumbull, William
Tyler, Joseph C.
Tyler, Orin
Tyler, William
Tyson, Peter
Tyson, William

Vanschayck, John
Vanvleet, Alfred
Vanvleet, Fowler
Vanvleet, James
Vate, John

Warner, William
Watson, Benjamin
Watson, E.M.
Weed, Elisha
Weed, John
Weightman, Henry
Wesbaugh, Andrew
Westwine, Eberhard
Wetherbee, William
Whelpley, J.M.
Whitcomb, Israel
Williams, S.K.
Williams, V.C.
Willard, George
Willard, Levi
Willard, W.T.



is situated near the centre of this township, and has quite a considerable business in proportion to the population. It is beautifully situated, and is said to be "one of the most healthy localities; and for thrift and liveliness it equals any of the villages in the Eastern States." There are, in this place, two Churches, one Methodist episcopal, with a society of 100 members, and purpose shortly erecting a still more commodious church; the other is a Close Communion Baptist, a very fine church, which will seat 500 persons, and have 75 communicants. There is also a commodious Public School and besides these buildings there are two blacksmith shops, one wagon shop, grain warehouse and a hotel.


Adams, John, blacksmith
Ames, Charles, farmer

Bell, James, farmer
Berry, Lewis, farmer
Blanchard, C.S., shoemkr.

Caldwell, J.A., farmer
Clark, J.S., farmer
Cornwall, Thomas, farmer
Coy, B.A., grain dealer

Eglin, Thomas, farmer

Gammet, D., prop Kaneville Hotel

Hunt, Edwin, farmer
Hunt, Squire, farmer

Jenkins, Benjamin F., mason
Jenkins, Benjamin, farmer
Jenkins, Daniel, farmer

Lansing, Rev. L.L. pastor Baptist Ch.
Lathrop, Rev. John F.
Lightfoot, James, farmer

McNair, Samuel, physician
Miner, N.S., wagonmkr
Minor, Amos, justice of the peace
Minium, J.J., shoemkr
Moore, William B., carpenter
Morron, E.S., farmer

Owens, Q., farmer
Owens, William, jr., farmer

Peacock, John, town clerk
Potter, M.F., physician

Ravlin, N.N., supervisor
Raymond, G.C., farmer
Ross & Bro, blacksmiths

Scott, John, farmer
Scott, Ross & Co., grain dealers
Smiley, Abraham, farmer
Stone, Rev. E., pastor M.E. Ch.

Tupper, J.A., farmer

Watson, J.F., farmer
Wheeler, Thomas, farmer

Young, F.L., assessor and farmer


Adams, John
Anderson, John
Bartlett, Asa
Bartmess, John
Bateman, Marcus
Benton, Gilbert
Benton, Russell
Benton, Simeon, farmer
Bunker, C.S.
Bunker, John
Bly, L

Clery, John
Cleveland, Alba
Chambers, John, farmer
Coy, O.P.
Crane, James

Dauberman, George
Dodd, Susan
Donovan, W.O.
Dooley, James

Fink, J.A.
Fink, Reuben
Fink, William A.
Flanders, H.R.
Flanders, Parker
Frace, J.M.
Frederick, William
Fuller, Isaac

Gates, W.F.
Gaunt, Henry
Gorham, H.C.
Gorham, Ira
Gusler, Anthony
Gusler, L.
Gurin, James
Gurnsey, L.

Hanchett, David
Harter, Jacob
Harter, Samuel
Hartwell, C.W.
Hayes, Silas B.
Henrie, Joseph
Hinds, Susan
Holland, Robert
Howard, Hiram
Hoyt, Bates
Hoyt, Thadeus
Hunt, Daniel

Jones, George

Kannon, Patrick
Keenan, Francis
Keenan, Michael
Kendall, H.W.
Kennedy, Thomas
Knight, Charles
Knight, George

Lapham, Isaac
Lapham, Stephen
Lasher, Hiram
Lee, R.W., farmer
Leonard, Daniel
Lesher, Joseph
Lewis, Henry, farmer
Lewis, James Jr
Lovell, Egbert
Lovell, Ogden
Lynch, James

Malone, Patrick
McCormick, Patrick
McNair, Harvey
McNair, William
Meeks, Gilman
Merrill, T.W., farmer
Miller, George P.
Miller, James
Miller, J.R.
Milnamore, Thomas
Minium, J.J.
Minium, John
Morse, James
Munson, A.

Norton, W.S.

Osborn, George L.
Owens, William

Palmer, S.W.
Perry, H.L.
Pitney, L.
Price, Edward H.
Price, Edward

Ravlin, John W., farmer
Raymond, Celinda
Reeves, George
Remington, H.
Roberts, J.S.
Robinson, O.B.
Row, Daniel
Rowley, R.P.
Rudd, H.D.
Rudd, Harvey R.
Runkel, B.

Seavey, L.B.
Sheldon, S.R.
Shoop, John
Simons, James
Simons, Michael
Snyder, David
Snyder, Joseph
Soule, James
Spalding, M.C.
Stanley, W.B.
Sterling, D.W.
Stone, E.
Steinbeck, S.A.

Taylor, William
Tillinghast, Thomas A.

Underwood, O.

Walker, Benjamin
Walker, O.
Ward, Alfred
Ward, Elijah
Watson, Charles
Watkins, Horace
Wheaton, Josiah
White, George
Wilson, William
Wolf, Daniel
Woodward, P.B.
Woodward, R.R.
Woodward, William

Young, Mary A.



Adams, Beman
Adams, John
Allen, George
Allen, William
Andrews, A.B.
Archer, W.A.
Armstrong, Daniel
Arnold, E.B.

Baker, L.M.
Banker, A.
Baldwin, Thomas
Bart, A.
Bennett, Elias
Blanchard, Keys
Boode, R.
Brisben, F.F.
Brookman, Charles
Brown, Daniel
Brown, Gilbert
Brundige, Thomas
Butterfield, William
Burton, R.
Burton, William

Campbell, Amos
Campbell, Alonzo
Campbell, Cary W., postmaster, North Plato
Campbell, Daniel
Campbell, Hiram
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Roger
Carr, C.H.
Carter, William
Chapman, Samuel
Clark, E.M.
Clark, Jonas J.
Clark, Thomas
Collins, H.
Collins, Leander C., postmaster New Plato
Collins, Thomas
Connor, Samuel
Cornell, Catharine
Crane, Joseph
Cummings, Jason
Curry, William

Daggett, N.E.
DeWire, Thomas
Diarmid, Daniel W.
Dickerson, Asa
Dooley, Catharine
Dougherty, Jonas
Dougherty, M.

Eaton, Edmund
Eaton, James
Eastman, Jonas
Edminston, William
Ellis, Solomon
Ellis, Solomon, Jr.
Elpix, John

Fehiman, F.
Fletcher, J.C.
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, Lewis
Fraser, A.

Gage, Harvey
Gardner, Thomas
Gibbins, Samuel
Gleason, A.
Greggs, John
Greggs, John, Jr.

Harger, Milton
Harger, Merritt
Harren, James
Hasbrook, James
Haskins, Asa
Hayes, Charles
Henry, George
Holdrich, A.
Holmes, C.F.

Jennison, Smith
Johnson, Hamilton

Keller, J.W.
Kelly, A.W.
Kurtz, Michael

Ladd, Nathaniel
Lane, J.
Lee, J.S.
Lee, O.
Lee, Parley
Lewis, G.W.

Mason, Jonathan
McArthur, D.E.
McArthur, Janet
McConnell, Luther
McKellar, Daniel
McKellar, Nelson
McQueen, George
Miller, E.
Mock, James
Morey, Nelson
Murhead, George
Nichols, D.M.
Nichols, Henry
Nichols, Jacob
Norton, Betsey

O'Brine (?), L.

Palmer, B.B.
Pease, David
Pease, Polly
Pease, W.H.
Peck, A.
Peck, W.S.
Penny, John
Pingree, Daniel
Potter, H.E.
Pugsley, George
Pugsley, John

Ransted, J.
Reaser, Anthony
Reynolds, L.
Rinehimer, E.
Rinehimer, Hannah
Ritsher, John
Robinson, Stephen
Robinson, William
Rogers, John
Rogers, Nelson
Ross, Thomas
Rowe, W.H.
Rue, Schuyler

Sackett, E.C.
Sargant, Isaac
Scott, J.R.
Seapy, James
Seapy, John
Seward, C.L.
Seward, Levi
Shaver, Sarah
Shedden, James
Shedden, Robert
Shedden, Robert, jr.
Shefner, F.
Shefner, J.M.
Sherry, William
Sherwood, Seth
Shram, George
Skinner, J.J.
Smith, Theobold
Sovereign, G.P.
Sovereign, J.
Sovereign, R.S.
Stont, G.
Strader, David

Tabor, Pardon
Tapley, W.B.
Tapley, Mark
Temple, Sabron
Thrall, George
Tookey, Henry
Tracy, H.M.
Tuck, Reuben
Tulion, Richard
Turner, C.S.

Vanaken, Francis
Vanocker, Henry
Velie, J.W.
Vermilie, B.

Wallace, William
Warner, Athens
Warner, C.H.
Wattenpaugh, Isaac
Welch, Josiah
Wilcox, J.W.
Wilcox, V.O.
Wilson, N.B.
(sic) E.B.
Wright, Soloman
Wright, William
Woolover, A.

Youngs, Charles
Youngs, John
Youngs, Mary
Youngs, W.W.


Post Office - Rutland - Michael Murphy, Postmaster

Aiken, Samuel
Aiken, William
Aiken, W.S.
Ashbaurgh, Samuel
Atchinson, Samuel

Blanchard, A.
Brown, A.B.
Brown, J.J. & J.S.
Burke, Owen

Cady, William
Campbell, Edward
Cannon, Bernard
Card, J.H.
Climen, John
Clinton, James
Combs, George
Connony, Thomas
Cooper, John
Costelle, Patrick
Coyle, John
Cristie, Stewart
Cruikshank, George

Devine, James
Devine, Patrick
Doherty, Charles
Donahue, Daniel
Donovan, Dennis
Doty, Mr.
Duff, Daniel
Duff, John
Duff, Robert

Falls, Moses
Farrell, John
Fizgerald, James
Frazer, Thomas
Freeman, James
Freeman, Michael
Frisby, Patrick

Gage, Solomon
Galligan, James
Galligan, John

Haight, Sanford
Halliges, John
Hannah, James
Hayden, Timothy
Hayes, Edward
Heelan, John
Hennessey, James
Hill, Arnold
Hill, Samuel
Hollister, Mrs.
Hood, William
Hudson, William
Hunter, John

Irish, William

Kelley, John
Kelley, Thomas
Kennedy, James
Kenney, William
Kibley, A.M.
Kurtz, Mrs.
Kurtz, J.B.

Lynch, William

Maher, Edward
Mansfield, John
Marks, James
Martin, Thomas
Martin, William
McCartney, A.
McCormick, Alex
McCormick, Andrew
McCormick, William
McFarland, William
McLanglin, James
Moore, James
Moore, Thomas
Moore, William
Murphy, Michael

Northway, Asa

O'Brien, Bernard
O'Brien, Patrick
O'Brien, Thomas

Pecor, William
Pingree, Andrew
Pingree, S.
Plummer, Oliver C.
Powers, Martin

Quinlin, Daniel

Randell, Joseph
Rich, Thomas
Rich & Sanford
Riley, Edward
Roath, James R.
Roath, Nathaniel
Roath, Oliver
Robinson, John
Rowe, John L.

Scanlan, James
Semis, Isaac
Shaw, H.F.
Shurburn, Mrs.
Smithing, Joseph
Sprague, J.E.
Starks, E.R.
Stevenson, Franklin
Suthven, James
Switzer, Joseph

Tazwell, James
Thorn, George
Tobin, John
Tyrrel, David
Tyrrel, Perry

Van Nocker, Henry

Wallace, John
Walsh, Michael
Webster, David
Welch, James
Widner, Adam
Wiley, William
Will, John



Albert, Joseph
Alcott, D.C.
Alcott, Joseph B.
Aldrich, G.W.
Alexandria, Thomas
Allard, John H.
Atherton, S.
Austin, John

Baird, J.C.
Baird, O.C.
Baker, Edward
Balch, C.J.
Banford, R.
Barker, John R.
Baxter, Richard
Beach, Philip
Beith, James
Bennett, Nathaniel
Bisby, Jared
Blackman, Z.
Boardman, O.S.
Balster, David
Bowman, S.M.
Brooks, C.A.
Brooks, N.W.
Brown, Charles
Brown, Hiram
Burr, Dick
Burr, Jonas
Burr, M.B.

Campbell, John T.
Castner, Amos M.
Clark, Corone
Clark, Emanuel
Clink, Lewis
Cole, O.R.
Connor, James
Cox, Elias

Dillin, Michael
Disbrow, Joseph
De Lacy, J.H.
Dunham, Solomon
Dunn, Patrick
Durant, Bryant

Easter, J.D.
Eaton, Etheil
Eddy, Spalding
Elliott, C.T.
Elmore, W.C.
English, Joseph
Erickson, John
Esping, A.

Farr, Hugh
Fay, Winslow E.
Fersen (?), Dean
Fersen (?), George
Finley, J.P.
Fletcher, M.W.
Fowler, A.G.

Garey, James
Gates, Stephen
Gillard, James
Gorton, Edward
Gray, C.B.

Hale, Charles
Hall, Orrin
Halpin, Edward
Halpin, James
Hannegan, Joseph
Haveland, R.S.
High, Augustus
Hilto, Harvey
Hoag, James
Hooker, Harlow
Hubbell, Aaron
Hulls, James
Hulls, S.B.
Hulls, H.V.T.
Hurst, Joseph

Johnston, Andrew
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Samuel
Jones, S.S.
Joy, N.C.

Keating, Patrick
Kelley, Richard
King, Edward
King, R.S.
King, Tuttle
Kirk, Frederick
Kirn, J.M.

Languist, Peter
Langstrom, W.D.
Larkins, Aldrich
Lonk, V.A.N.
Long, David

Marshall, William
Matteson, H.C.
Matteson, H.W.(?)
Matteson, William
McWilliams, William
Merrit, Isaac
Michael, John M.
Miller, James
Mongersell, Charles
Munn, P.H.

Nesbett, Robert
Night, Job

O'Brien, Michael
O'Dwyre, Patrick
Olson, John

Parks, C.K.
Payne, B.B.
Perkins, O.W.
Perry, Horace
Peterson, F.J.
Peterson, John
Peterson, Nelson
Plummer, Robert
Ponsonby, Michael
Powers, W.R.
Pratt, F.C.
Pratt, O.
Proctor, William
Putnam, R.

Randall, Job S.
Robertson, Benjamin
Rogers, Richard
Rogers, William
Ryan, Terrence

Scott, L.B.
Sill, George N.
Smith, Gustavus
Spencer, Daniel
Sperry, J.D.
Stull, David
Switzer, Martin

Temple, E.F.
Tiemar (?), Swanson
Tomlinson, Henry
Trumble, George H.
Tucker, Charles
Tucker, W.R.

Van Antwert, A.

Ward, J.L.
Webster, O.C.
Weed, E.
Wheeler, Peter
Whiteside, Thomas
Wilson, J.C.

Zabreakie, David



GROUSE is a very small village in this township, of only about six families with one school house and a few workshops

JERICHO is not claimed as a village, but there is a Post Office, a Church, occupied jointly by the Methodists and Congregationalists, there is also a district school, a mechanic's shop and a public house. It is a good farming country, beautiful and healthy

WINTHROP is a Post Office, no village, but there are two school houses and a considerable farming population.


Bolster, Alva, wagonmkr

Carlisle, Jonathan, lab
Cook, Horace A., blacksmith
Corlby, Patrick, lab.

French, L.A., gardner

Hine, Job, carpenter

Thompson, William, farmer


Calkins, Eldad M., postmaster and farmer
Calkins, Cyrus, dep. postmaster and farmer
Crane, Elisha, justice of the peace

Darling, Philo S., carpenter
Dole, Salmon W., mason

Fountain, Henry, blacksmith
Foster, Seymour, blacksmith


Goodhall, John, carpenter

Hughes, William H.H., blacksmith

Mighell, Rual H., lab


Abbott, C.
Airs, John
Austin, A.P.
Averill, J.F.

Barker, John
Barnes, Ira
Barnes, J.C.
Benjamin, Leonard
Benton, Orin
Bliss, P.Y.
Bolster, Artemus
Breed, Abel
Bronson, John A.
Brooks, Chauncey
Brown, Melvin

Carpenter, Henry
Case, Ephriam
Castleman, Aaron
Chapman, Henry
Chidister(?), D.
Clark, Levi S.
Clark, N.
Cleavland, A.
Cole, Felix
Cole, J.E.
Colson, Daniel
Cooley, James
Cooley, S.W.
Cooper, R.
Cops, Joseph
Coryell, Theodore
Curry, Thomas
Curtis, O.

Dale, R.M.
Danley, John
Davenport, Theron
Dean, John
Denny, J.J.
Densmore, H.B.
Dorr, Sullivan
Dow, James
Drake, Abijah
Durkee, Nathan

Everton, T.J.

Fikes, George
Fikes, George W.
Freshet, Peter
Fountain, W.E.
Foster, William

George, Benjamin
Gillett, L.H.
Green, M.T.
Greenfield, M.

Hanks, George
Harkinson, John
Hatch, Elam
Hatch, J.B.
Hatch, Jethra
Hayes, A.E.
Heath, Cyrus
Higgins, J.H.C.
Hinds, A.H.
Hull, Aaron

Ingham, S.S., postmaster

Jackson, Andrew
Jay, William M.
Johnson, R.B.
Jones, W.G.
Judd, Asahel
Judd, D.C.
Judd, Thomas

Keck, Adam
Keck, John
Keck, Jacob
Kennedy, James
Kimball, E.

Larabee, Jared

Martin, John R.
Mason, J.
McDole, A.S.
McDole, Rodney
Mcwhirter, William
Mighill, A.W.
Mighill, Ezekiel
Miller, I.D.
Murphy, Patrick

Nesler (?), Christopher
Newman, W.W.
Nichols, C.C.
Nichols, Paul H.
Nichloy, Peter
Niles, William

Outlaw, John

Paul, C.F.
Paul, S.G.
Paul, W.H.
Patterson, George
Perkins, Pardon J.
Phillips, Jerome
Price, William

Reynolds, Ezekiel
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, Peter
Reynolds, Samuel
Reynolds, Silas
Rich, Augustus
Roberts, James
Rose, William
Rowley, E.P.
Russell, Joseph B.

Scott, A.
Scott, Morey
Seavey, Mark
Seavey, Philo
Sellar, George
Seymour, E.B.
Shaub, Frederick
Shirwin, O.
Skiff, Josiah
Slater, George W.
Slater, I.B.
Slater, Thomas
Sloan, Andrew
Sloan, William
Smith, Ephriam
Smith, Howell,
Smith, R.J.
Snow, C.H.
Snow, P.B.
Spencer, James
Spencer, Selden
Staley, J.N.
Steele, Robert
Steel, William
Sturtevant, John

Thompson, Edward
Thompson, John
Thompson, William
Thomas, R.
Todd, Levi

Wells, J.G.
Whilding, R.
White, F.W.
Whitmarsh, H.P.
Williams, D.
Williams, George
Willey, S.
Wilson, John W.
Windett, Edward
Winslow, C.H.
Winslow, L.A.
Winslow, R.H.

Young, Casper



LODI Village is beautifully situated, and laid out at right angles, on the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad, 50 miles from Chicago. It is in the southwest corner of Kane County, and extends to the county line road between Kane and DeKalb, one mercantile house being in the said county of DeKalb. It was commenced in 1853, and contains an elegant school house, which is kept open, for pupils of all grades, at least 10 months in the year. This village affords great advantages to the inhabitants of the surrounding country, and has a market for their grain, which is raised in great quantities, and also other produce. It is seven miles from any other village in the county.
There is no Church in the village, but there is a Free Will Baptist and a Methodist Church in the township, also 8 District Public Schools, all having good school houses.


Bair, Hiram H., tailor
Bignall, John W., cabinetmkr
Boardman, John L., blacksmith
Bolster, Anson, wagonmkr
Bridge, ---, butcher
Brown, William J., att'y at law

Ford, Hezekiah, dry goods, etc

Gay, Rev. William, Congregational minister

Hamlin, Samuel, shoemkr
Hardy, William P., harnessmkr
Hawley, Samuel C., dry goods, etc
Huss, Frank, cabinetmkr

Kennedy, Harrison, attorney
Kennedy, William, physician

Lyon, William B., merchant and postmaster

Robertson, Edward P., justice of the peace

Solon, Anthony, grocer
Strong, John B., physician

Taylor, Charles, hardware

Watson, James, merchant
Watson, Larry, lumber dealer


Acox, Cleveland
Aldrich, Leonard
Allen, Sencer
Anderson, A.
Anderson, G.
Annis, Lucien

Barrett, Patrick
Beacham, Thomas
Benedict, Ariel
Benedict, Chancy
Beverly, Albert
Blackman, S.B.
Brooks, Lincoln
Brown, David
Bulger, Thomas
Bundy, P.E.
Burdick, A.R.

Cadwell, Edgar
Chase, A.L.
Chene, N.R.
Chrystal, George
Chrystal, John
Crabtree, Arnold
Crabtree, Richard
Crabtree, William
Culver, D.O.
Cunier, E.T.
Currigan, Peter

Derwin, Peter
Dobson, Abram
Dooley, John

Ellis, Gilbert

Fay, Patrick
Ferris, John
Fillmore, B.J.
Fillmore, John
Fillmore, William
Flood, Martin
Foot, Levi
Fowler, A.W.
Frederick, Aaron

Gardner, H.S.
Getty, A.B.
Gooder, George
Gray, John

Hanes, James
Hathorn, Zachariah
Hall, J.B.
Halwick, Abby
Hatch, J.N.
Hathorn, John
Heath, Goren
Hains, H.P.
Holton, Abel
Howard, Charles
Howard, Joseph
Hundley, S.L.

Jennings, George
Johnson, Andrew
Jones, J.C.
Joy, F.

Keefe, John
Keefe, Patrick
Keefe, William
Keeler, Charles
Kelley, Patrick
Kendall, Orson
Kendall, W.
Kenyon, Crandall
Kerrigan, S.P.
Klinepeter, H.
Krows, Henry

Lakin, Calvin
Lakin, Noah
Lewis, Seth
Lowry, Robert

Matteson, Guy
McCormick, Thomas
McEwan, Alexander
McMaster, Byron
McMillan, Alexander
Miller, Michael
Moore, J.O.
Morehouse, George A.
Munn, John
Munson, Andrew

Nichols, Jason
Nichols, Jason, Jr
Northway, C.C.
Northway, Hermon
Nash, J.N.

O'Malley, Dominick

Parker, Philip
Palmer, Hiram
Palmer, Sheldon
Perry, Ambrose
Pickett, John
Plumb, Ira
Powers, James
Puff, J.H.
Puff, J.W.

Ragan, Michael
Read, B.A.
Read, Charles
Read, E.A.
Read, G.H.
Read, H.S.
Read, Jonas
Read, Otho
Read, Richmond
Richardson, Asa
Richardson, James A.
Richardson, T.A.
Rogers, H.S.
Ryon, Michael
Ryon, Patrick
Ryon, Thomas

Scott, John
Shirtleff, Calvin
Simmonds, Nehemiah
Smith, Daniel
Stevens, Lawrence

Tewkesbury, F.
Thatcher, E.N.
Thomas, Milton
Thompson, George
Thornton, Milton
Tuller, Seymour
Turner, William

Van Vlack, R.
Vescelius, Abram
Vescelius, David

Wadley, John
Wadley, S.B.
Walker, John N.
Walker, Nelson
Wallace, Edmond
Walleser, Jacob
Walrad, James
Ward, Graves
Ward, U.F.
Watkins, W.C.
Watson, Pike
Welch, James
Wilcox, John
Wilcox, Nathan
Wilkins, John
Wilkinson, Samuel
Wilkinson, John
White, Solomon
Whitley, J.
Whitmarsh, Henry
Woodward, T.D.
Woodman, George E.
Woodman, Joseph

Yeoman, Mark

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