Illinois Genealogy Trails
Kane County, IL

for 1859-60
©2003 Transcribed by Kimberly Torp



This corporation town is the county seat of Kane County, and like the other chief towns, is situated on both sides the Fox River; chiefly, however, on the West side. The Galena Railroad also passes on the South side, from Chicago. It is distant about two and one-half miles from St. Charles, and about the same from Batavia. The first location was made here by Daniel S.H. Haight, in the year 1834, which he sold to Mr. James Herrington, in 1835, who also opened the first store in the same year.

The name Geneva is attributed to Dr. Dyer, of Chicago; it was made the county seat in 1836, and was laid out in the spring of 1837; it being the most central town of the county, and is 35 ½ miles west of Chicago. The first Court House was erected in 1837, the second in 1844; being however, found insufficient, the present magnificent structure was erected, in 1857, at a cost of $60,000, and is an ornament to the town and an honor to the county.

In 1837 many more located in this place, among whom may be mentioned Scotto
Clark, Abram Clark,, C.A. Buckingham and Charles Patten, with their families; and the place continued to grow and improve. IN 1846 the Geneva Grist Mill was erected, now occupied by Mr. J. Tuthill, who is a thorough man of business, and much respected. Here is also erected Danford's Reaper and Mower Manufactory, together with a number of good stores for all kinds of merchandize; and in the upper parts of the town, some pleasant and substantial residences. The present population is about 2,000, and there is little doubt but that this place must, eventually, greatly increase in numbers and importance, on account of the natural advantages it enjoys.


Eben Danford, Charles Patten, Robert Lester, W.B. Plato
Henry B. Peirce, City Clerk
Charles B. Wells, City Attorney

Daniel Eastman, Sylvester Todd


On Hamilton street corner of Fourth
Society organized in 1849; house erected 1855; number of members, 107; hours of service 10 ½
A.M. and 2 P.M.; Rev. Louis Gino, Pastor; Samuel C. Everts, Sup't of S. School


On Campbell street between Fifth and Sixth streets.
Society organized in 1851; house built, 1854; number of members, 33; hours of service, 10 ½ A.M. and 2 P.M., Benjamin Wilson and Henry B. Peirce, Elders.


Hours of service, 10 ½ A.M. and 7 P.M.; number of members, 72; Rev. D. Higgins, Pastor


Corner of James and Second streets
Society organized, 1839; house built, 1843; number of members, 40; hour of service, 11 A.M.; Rev. George W. Woodward, Pastor




Geneva Lodge, No. 139, meets first and third Wednesdays of each month, at Hall over Patten's Store
H.B. Peirce, W.M.; J. Tuthill, J.W.; Wm. Conant, S.W.; C.C. Stevens, Treas.; W.A. Smith, Sec'y



Kane County Advertiser, published every Thursday, State street; John Cockroft and John Wilson, proprietors and publishers.
Gospel Banner (monthly), Benjamin Wilson, publisher; first of each month



On First Street
Office hours, 8 to 12 A.M. and 1 to 8 P.M.; Thomas A. Scott, Postmaster



Charles B. Wells, Wm. LeBarron, D.A. Lille

On Third street
N.F. Nichols, Prin; Miss C. Curtiss, Ass't

Mrs. C. Clark and Miss A. Schmaldt, Teachers; average number of pupils, 250

Geneva House, corner of State and First streets, - John Watkins, Proprietor
WEBSTER HOUSE, State ST., bet. First and River - W.G. Webster, Proprietor


Abbott Allison, carpenter, h Hamilton cor Third
Abramson John, lab, h E side
Acers R.W., h Ford cor Second
Alberry E., lab, h E side
Alben Ethan J., sheriff, h Court House
Alspaugh John, boarding house, Campbell st n Second
Anderson Swan, mer tailor, State st bet First and Second, h State st
Antciff [?] Thomas, butcher, h cor State and River

Bagley Charles, harnessmkr, h Stevens st n Fourth
Bain Scribner, h River st n James
Barrett Sylvester, quarryman, h E side
Beebe Riley, lab, h River st n State
Bell William, marble manufr, n R.R. depot, h Stevens st n Second
Benedict Rev Lewis, h Ford st bet Third and Fourth
Brassan John, lab, h S of R.R.
Bressman --- (sic), lab, h E side
Britt William, cabinetmkr, h E side
Buck Daniel, student at law
Buck Stephen, mechanic, h cor Ford and Third
Bunker Edward, carpenter, h First cor Ford
Bunker George, carpenter, h James st bet River and First
Burr George S., carpenter, h Ford cor Fifth
Burr H.B., carpenter, h Ford cor Fifth
Burman William, carpenter, First st n n State
Butler & Hunt, paper manufrs, E side n Bridge
Byrn James, lab, h E side

Carter Henry (of J. Carter & Bro) h E side
Carter John & Bro, shoemkrs, First st n PO
Carlson Rev Erl
Castner William, lab, h Seventh st cor Fulton
Chambers John, carpenter, h Second cor Ford
Chase Daniel A., tinsmith, h cor Hamilton and Third
Cheney C.F., h E side
Clancy Thomas, lab, h S of RR
Clark Mrs. A., h James st bet Fourth and Fifth
Clark James, miller, h River st n Ford
Clark Marshal, h cor Third st and Franklin
Clasby Michael, lab, h E side
Clark Samuel, h First n Peyton
Clark Thomas J., carpenter, h Second n Campbell
Cockroft Joseph (of WIlson & C.,) h Fifth st n Campbell
Coleman John W., carpenter, h James cor Fifth
Coleman Oliver, carpenter, h State n Fifth
Conant Ebinezer, h First n Campbell
Conant William, druggist, h Hamilton cor Second
Connan James, lab, h Hamilton n Fifth
Connor John, h cor Second and Franklin
Crary Elias, h Hamilton bet Fourth and Fifth
Crow Peter, lab, h S of RR
Cunningham Philander, farmer, h Third cor Peyton

Danford Ebenezer (of Danford & Co) h E side
Danford E. & C., reaper manufrs E side n Bridge
Davison Lyman, h E side
Dillon Barney, lab, h E side
Dodson, C.B. h James st n Second
Dunham Abram, turner, h E side
Dusenbury A.F., physician, h James bet Fourth and Fifth
Dusenbury, Benjamin, h cor James and Fifth

Eastman Daniel, county judge, h cor Second and Campbell sts
Esping Julius, blacksmith, h E side
Ethell Richard, tailor, h First st n Hamilton

Fletcher Patrick, lab, h E side
Fletcher Samuel, watchmkr, h cor Fourth and Franklin
Freeman Mrs, wid, h James cor Third
Frink Asa, farmer, h James st bet River and First

Glasier K., h E side
Glass A.W., dry goods, etc, State st n Second, h Second n Franklin
Glass Albert, h Fourth st cor Ford
Glass James, h Fourth st cor Ford
Goldy -- (sic), lab, h River n State
Green Crandall, tobacconist, First st n State
Green Daniel, h Fifth st n Ford
Green John, county clerk, h Fifth st n Ford
Green & Jones, saloon, First n State
Green Julius (of G. & Jones) resides st St. Charles
Groesbeck Edwin, h State st bet First and Second
Gulliver Mrs., wid, h Third st n Franklin

Haley George S., Machinist, h E side
Harrison James, lab, h E side
Harvey Joel D (of Plato & H) h cor Second st and Franklin
Hawkins D.W., artist, over Ormshee's store, State st, bds Hamilton st n River
Herrington Augustus M., att'y at law, First st cor James, h Second st n RR
Herrington Alfred, h Second st n RR
Herrington James, h Second st cor Peyton
Herrington T.W., bds WEbster House
Hepworth James, lab, h First n North
Hester -- (sic), lab, h E side
Hight C.R., mechanic River st n State
Hight D.S., teamster, h First cor Ford
Hight John, wagonmkr, River st E end James, h Campbell st n Second
Higgins Rev. David, paster M.E. Ch, h Hamilton bet Second and Third
Holden John J., clerk, Geneva House
Hotchkiss S., bds with S. Bain
House Mrs. J., wid, h Ford cor Third
Hudson George, bds Hamilton st n River
Humphrey Wesley, physician, h First n Ford
Huntington Henry, mechanic, h James bet River and First

Johnson W.H., lab, h Seventh cor Frankli
Jones Charles (of Green & J), h over saloon
Jones Michael, lab, h Campbeel st n Fourth
Judson Edwin, dentist, h S. of RR Depot
June Frank, station agt, h cor Third and Campbell

Kane County Bank, West and More, State bet First and Second
Kane John, lab, h E side
Kelly John J, grocer cor State and First
Kelsey A.M., dentist, h cor State and First
Kenyon Thomas, machinist, h E side
Keyser A.M., teacher, h River cor Campbell
Kimball C, carpenter, h E side
King Mrs., wid, h Peyton bet Second and Third
Krum & Poor, hardware, State st bet First and Second
Krum Simeon, (of K. & Poor)

Lagestrom Block, E side
Lance J.C., grocer, State n River
Landers John, harnessmkr, h E side
Landers Wm., harnessmkr, h E side
Larrabee W.M., sec Galena U.R.R., h Fourth cor Fulton
Lawlor Mrs., wid, h E side
Le Baron William, M.D., h cor First and Hamilton
Lester Robert, st commissioner, h E side
Lewis Alfred, dep sheriff, h Court H. bldg
Lindgreen, Augustus, carpenter, h E side
Linstrum John, carpenter, h E side
Lucy Dennis, lab, h E side
Lundan John, lab, h E side
Long Robert, clerk Treasury Dep't Washington, D.C., h cor Second and Hamilton
Long Robert, jr., h cor Second and Hamilton

Martin David, fanning mill mkr, h Third cor Ford
Massas Patrick, lab, h Campbell st n First
Mayborne J.H., attorney, cor State and First
McBreene Philip, teamster, h E side
McElwain Mrs, wid, h cor State and Sixth
McKever John, tailor, with Thomas Middleton
Meyer John, lab, h E side
Middleton Thomas, merchant tailor, Second bet State and James
Milan Michael, lab, h S. or R.R.
Miller Peter G., lab, h E side
Mongson John P., lab, h E side
Moore A.B., cashier Kane Co. Bank, h First cor Peyton
Morrill S.J.W., h State bet Second and Third
Morris John, tailor, h Third st n Stephens
Murphy James, saloon, Third n R.R.
Murphy Thomas, lab, h S. of R.R.

Naven Michael, lab, h Hamilton bet Fourth and Fifth
Nelson --- (sic), carpenter, h E side
Nelson Samuel, h Third n South
Niles Mrs., wid, h State n Fifth

O'Brien John, lab, h River n Franklin
O'Brien Mrs, wid, h Hamilton st bet Fourth and Fifth
Ormsbee W.W., druggist and dentist, State bet First and Second

Patten Charles, dry goods, etc., State cor First, h Second n Fal?on
Patten George D., lumber dealer, n RR Depot, h Second cor Campbell
Peirce Henry B., teller, Kane Co Bank, h Hamilton n Fourth
Perkins L., grocer, state bet First and Second, h cor Third and Peyton
Perry B., carpenter, h Ford bet Fourth and Fifth
Peterson Charles, lab, h E side
Peterson Jacob P., carpenter, h E side
Peterson John, sho mkr, h E side
Pierce Josias, h cor Fifth and Campbell
Plato & Harvey, attorneys, Fourth n Fulton
Plato William B., (of P. & Harvey) h Fourth n Fulton
Platt --- (sic), lab, h First n North
Poor T.W. of Krum & P.,) h cor? Third and Peyton
Porter William, butcher, h E side

Quinn James, teamster, h First cor Stevens

Ramsey Jeremiah, lab, h cor Seventh and Franklin
Rathbone James, clerk, with W. Rathbone
Rathbone Ward, grocer, State st bet River and First
Redfearn John, miller, h Hamilton n River
Reed John, shoemkr, h State n Fifth
Replee George, lab, h E side
Restrum John, blacksmith, h E side
Richard Eugene, h cor Second and Franklin
Robinson W.S., carpenter, h James cor Sixth
Rooney Patrick, lab, h S of RR
Ross Peter, baker, First n State
Ruston George, clerk, with T. Wor?ley

Saccrider Mrs., wid, h First st n Stevens
Samuelson Charles, boot and shoemkr, Third cor Hamilton
Samuelson Loss, lab, h E side
Sexton Chas, barber, Geneva House
Scales (or Seales?) John, gardner, h Hamilton n Sixth
Scott George, mason, h Franklin n River
Scott Hollis A., clerk, Depot, bds with T.A. Scott
Scott O.P., blacksmith, cor River and Hamilton, h Stevens st at Fourth
Scott Thomas A., postmaster, h Fourth cor Second
Scott W.M, moulder, h First st n Stevens
Shannon James, lab, h E side
Shaw Whitely, blacksmith, h cor Fourth and Campbell
Smalt Mrs., wid, h Third cor Peyton
Smith Augustus, bds Hamilton st bet Fourth and Fifth
Smith Mrs., wid, h James n Second
Smyth Patrick, dep't Co. Clerk, h Sixth n State
Spalding G.W., tinsmith, h First st n Peyton
Spalding N.B., h First N Peyton
Stelzer Charles, h Peyton bet Third and Fourth
Stephens Charles C., clerk in Circuit Court office, Fourth st cor State
Stephenson James K., land agent, h First cor Franklin
Stewart Charles, lab, bds with H. Stewart
Stewart Henry, carpenter, h River st n James
Stewart Dennis, painter, bds with H. Stewart
Stewart William, carpenter, bds with H. Stewart
Stone Charles, carpenter, h State st River
Sutcliffe James, shoemkr, cor First and James st
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church, State cor Fourth

Terode James, clerk with T. Worsley
Tickner J.H., dep. sheriff, h E side
Tilton Cyreno, painter, h Peyton n Fourth
Tinsley Edwin, grocer, cor State and First
Thompson George, gardener, h E side
Towner Frank, grain delaer, h Fifth bet Franklin and Campbell
Tremps Frederick, machinist, h E side
TUTHILL, JOSHUA, Prop'r Geneva Mimms, River st opp Hamilton, h cor James and Second

Updike Charles, farmer, h First n North
Updike Levi, farmer, h First n North
Updike Montgomery, farmer h First n North

Van Vlark Miss Amelia, millinery, Hamilton n River st
Van Vlark Jacob, h Hamilton st n River

Ward Pindar F., dep. clerk Circuit Court, h First n Fulton
Watkins John, propr Geneva House, cor State and First st
Waters Otis, mute, bds cor Peyton and First
Webb George, saloon, E side
Webster J. D. [of E. Danford & Co.], res Chicago
Webster W.G., Prop'r Webester House, State st n First.
Weils Charles B., attorney, cor State and First, h cor Fifth and Campbell
Welsh Richard, lab, h Sixth n State
Welstrom W., lab, h Peyton n Sixth
West Albert, student at law, h First n hamilton
West & Moore, bankers, State st bet First and Second
West William B., Pres. Kane County Bank,h First st n Hamilton
Wheeler Michael, lab, h S of RR
Whitaker William, Furniture, Charis &c, State st bet First and Second, h Hamilton n the mill.
White William, h James bet River and First
Wilder William C., undertaker, State n Second, h cor Peyton and First
Williams Joseph, blacksmith, River n State, h State cor Second
Williams Joseph, clerk with C. Patten
Wilson Benjamin, book and job printer, State st n Second, h cor Fifth and Franklin
Wilson I.C., Judge Co. Court, h First st cor Campbell
Wilson John, printer, h Fourth cor Franklin
Wilson Joseph, h cor Third and Campbell
Wilson Thomas, dep. clerk Circuit Court, h Ford st bet Fourth and Fifth
Woodward A.W., h First cor Campbell
Woodward Rev. George W., pastor Unitarian Church, h First st cor Campbell
Woodworth J., physician, h cor Fifth and State
Worsley Timothy, dry goods, etc., State st cor Third
Wright Paul R., clerk of Co. Court, h Third n Franklin

Yates B.C., h State bet First and Second
Yates John, H State bet First and Second
Yates Lucius, h State bet First and Second

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©2003, transcribed by Kimberly Torp