"The Batavia Home and School Bulletin"

[Webmaster's Note: We present here only excerpts of potential genealogical material from the bulletin, which may be of help to Kane County researchers. Other material can be found within the bulletin - the original copies of which can be found at the Batavia Public Library]
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Distributed gratuitously to every home in Batavia

H.A. Bone, Editor
Assistant Editors:
K.C. Merrick............. Principal of High School
Tressa M. Coquilette... Principal of East School
Grace M. McWayne ....Principal of Church School
Anna I. Barrett... Principal of Blaine School

Reader Hubbell - Editor "Bee Aitch Ess"
Halvor Leek - Asst. Editor "Bee Aitch Ess"
Horace Bone - Business Mgr. "Bee Aitch Ess"
Dwight Emigh - Asst. Business Mgr. "Bee Aitch Ess"

Board of Education, District 101
President - Dr. F.H. Daniels
Secretary - C.F. Hohenstein
Harry D. Conley, August Johnson, F.L. Hobart, Dr. O.W. Hubbard, Andrew Barr

[as of March 29, 1913]

"The regular issue will consist of 16 pages of matter on Star English Finish paper, with a handsome cover in Advertiser's paper. This will make an attractive-looking publication for the library table, and to send to out of town friends.
As has been the custom before, the BULLETIN is delivered to every house in town by the reliable carrier, Mr. Harrold, no charge being made to its readers. This is made possible through the cooperation of the business men who have taken advertising space.

Since it takes over a thousand copies to cover the town, and some are sent to the country and other places, the edition will be about twelve to thirteen hundred.

In this connection we wish to call attention to the advertisements appearing in this issue. We think it might well serve as a business directory of Batavia, since practically every business man in our little city who advertises at all is represented, as we think, few cities of 5,000 population can show a larger per cent of advertisers."

Christmas, Vol. 3, No. 1, December 19, 1912

Miss Bessie Stimple, of '08, is spending this year in Colorado with her sister, Mrs. Bradley.

For the past month Miss Anna Wagner has been in the hospital in Aurora, suffering from a severe attack of pleurisy.

Miss Amelia Baker, now principal of the Plano high school, visited classes here recently.

Miss Mary Fitzgerald and Mr. John Moran, of Chicago, were married.

Miss Norma Leek is clerking during the holiday season in Thompson & Shaw's store.

Gifford John and Parks Bailey are employed in the Batavia Engineering Works.

Miss Ruth Felver is studying psychology.

Two members of recent classes began teaching this year in Du Page County -- Hilma Johnson, of 1911, is at Big Woods, and Beatrice Mann, of 1912, has a school at Weisbrook Road.

Nellie and Alice Gustafson and Louise Johnson are teaching schools in Kane County; Nellie and Alice near Big Rock.

Miss Mable Lundin is a clerk at Wade, Lietz & Grometer's, in Aurora.

Clarence Hansen is a draftsman in the office of the U.S. Wind Engine and Pump Company.

Margaret Beardsley, Lillian Hoben and Mae McGary are attending business college in Aurora.

Batavia high school alumni is well represented this year at various colleges at normal schools. Victor Thelander and Sam Winquist, of 1910, Elmer Johnson and Arnold Benson, of 1911, Carl Redborg of '08, and Walter Trantow, of 1912, are attending the University of Illinois. Lillian Davis, of '06, and Florence Sevetson, of '12, are at the normal school in De Kalb. Lita Keller is at Downer, in Milwaukee. At Harvard, Meredith Mallory, '07, is in the medical school, and Carl More, also '07, is studying architecture. Two other members of the class of 1907 will complete their college courses this year -- Frank Tolf, at the University of California, and Nellie Felver, at the University of Michigan. Oliver Wolcott, of '11, is a student at Madison. Edith Abernethy, '12, is attending the University of Lower Cali [end of info]

Miss Florence Bollinger, formerly a teacher in the Batavia schools, now of the Evanston schools, spent a weekend at Batavia recently.

F.E. Ballard, for two years of East Batavia high school, is superintendent at Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Mr. Ballard was married this summer to one of his former Beloit College mates.

Misses Louise Johnson and Nellie Gustafson, class of '12, are teaching in Kane County this year. Miss Beatrice Mann, of the same class, is teaching in Du Page County. The same class is represented at Illinois by Walter Trantow, and at Northwestern College by Herbert Giese.

Clarence Hanson and Ansgar Carlson, class of '12, are taking stenography and typewriting in the he Batavia night school. Will Sandell, john Gustafson and Fred Pearson, also alumni, are taking the same course.

Miss Louise Tincknell, class of '12, is taking sewing in the high school.

Miss Bessie Rogers, formerly a teacher in the East school, completes a course in domestic science next June at Lansing, Michigan.

Miss Long's room has recently purchased an organ. Miss Thelander's room has possession of the piano formerly in the high school assembly room.

Miss Inga Amtzen, formerly of the Batavia schools, who was compelled to give up teaching over a year ago, is now assistant to the county superintendent of De Kalb County.

Marshall Council, Horace Bone, Arthur Healey and Maurice Bone, who were the Kane County representatives to the Boys' state Fair School at Springfield, gave reports of their work before the Kane County Farmers' Institute at Geneva last week.
Edith Wolverton and Natalie Marcusson have taken the teachers' exams, and are waiting for returns.

De Ette Abernethy, one of our last year's orchestra members, is now playing the first cornet in the Los Angeles, Cal., high school band.

The high school orchestra is suffering somewhat since the leading violinist, Philip Carlson, has left school.

Arland Purington, a member of the Sophomore class, who has been with us since his first year in school, has moved to California.

The Sophomore class is glad to welcome their old classmate, Floyd Morger, back to school.

Elmer Johnson and Walter Trantow visited school the day before Thanksgiving.

The following are the names of pupils attending the East school who were neither absent nor tardy:

8th Grade: Gladys Drake Constance Johnson, Stella Sevetson, William Downs, Elmer Sackrison.

7th Grade: Gladys Barr, Evan Engstrom, Spencer Johnson, Hattie Prehn, Vera Sink, Roberta Stephens.

6th Grade: George Cleland, Charles Cleland, Alvan Collins, Rosalie Connolly, Cordelia Crandell, Le Roy Curran, Walter Evert, Leo Fahey, Alice Marie Hambell, John McCullough, Raymond Pollock, Ruth Shaw.

5th Grade: Ralph Curran, Florence Fahey, Joe Lloyd McCann, Joe Painsipp, Florence Sink, Walter Wood, Vance Laurence, Rufus Ottinger, Alta Rogers, Ogden Engstrom.

4th Grade: Ella Barr, Theresa Connolley, Emmet Duffy, Elnora Deidlitz, Helen Gedwell, Walter Haringe, Lillian Miller, Maurice Morter, Katherine Stark, Clara Tremain, Marian Tremain, Charlie Wright.

3rd Grade: Ruth Chamberlain, Edith Cleland, Otho Hambel, Katerine Hermes, hazel Klingberg, Earl Mann, Ella Muller, Hazel O'Boyle, Geraldine Peruse, Edna Stark, Frances Tremain, Loraine Wood, Dollie Ottinger

2nd Grade: Lauretta Barber, Lucia Barber, Francis Hambel, Albert Hermes, Clarence Jahriess, Willis Krause, Norman Seidlita, Howard Wright, Harry Cleland, Florence Feldman, Louise Kluwe, Hazel Miller

The following are the names of pupils who have been perfect in attendance up to date:
6th Grade: Doris Downs, Roy Swanson, Raymond Johnson, Ethel Anderson, Arnold Gustafson, Arnold E. Anderson, Minnie Sundberg

4th Grade: Lucille Farver, Lucille Gustafson, Dorothy Johnson, Jennie Johnson, Astrid Carlson, Emma Barlson, Raymond Anderson, Levi Baker, Teddy Beckman, Earl Frisbie, Raymond Fresell, Francis Lundin, Harold Nelson

2nd Grade: Doris Standen, Laura La Salle, Minnie Gould, Clayton Cottrell, Ture Johnson, Ragnar Larson.

1st Grade: Genette Ecklund, Lillian Sullivan, Svea Anderson, Raymond Lindfors, Alva Potter, Mary Eager.

Edwin Weiland had been perfect in attendance until the morning of Dec. 13th when he was taken ill.

Wolcott Derby returned Wednesday morning, after an absence of two weeks. Chicken pox caused the enforced vacation.

Virginia Cigrand is now on the sick list. Her teacher and schoolmates hope for a speedy recovery.

George Brown is detained at home because of the serious illness of his mother.

Because of chicken-pox in the home, Anna Christenson has been obliged to lose six weeks of school work.

The following pupils in Miss Thelander's room have been neither absent nor tardy this school year:

Viola Anderson, Richard Borg, Arthur Carlson, Marion Cottrell, Walter Johnson, Raymond Markuson, Ethel Strum, Richard Swan and Katherine Wolcott. Two new pupils have been enrolled this month - Ralph Anderson, from Schaller, Iowa, and David Moore, from Elburn.

The following pupils in Miss Long's room have been neither absent nor tardy since the beginning of school: Arthur Anderson, Charles Beckman, Paul Bergeson, Philip Carlson, Solomon Carlson, Ellida Larson, Frances Nelson, Ruth M. Peterson, Norma Redborg and Esther Swanson.

George Copia, in an endeavor to discover something different, caused a very loud explosion in the laboratory by mixing acid with an unknown white nameless powder. Damaged his sweater. George, test tube. George, try again.

De Ette Abernethy writes to friends telling them that she is going to a school at Glendale, Cal. This school is about as large as the West Aurora. They have "gym" classes, "appreciate of music" classes and "painting," as well as the regular studies, and full credit is given. Rugby football seems to prevail in all the West this season. The first school that she went to before moving was the Manual arts. It had 149 rooms besides the gym. It is reported that Edith does nothing but study at the University of Southern California.

Published January 17, 1913

Batavia is unusually free from epidemics. Knock wood! Scarlet fever is all around us.

School opened very pleasantly on the morning of Jan. 6th, with a total attendance of 120 pupils.

Two new pupils - Dorothy Peters of the fourth grade, and George Peters, of the first grade - were added to our membership.

The following are the name of pupils not yet able to enter this term on account of sickness: Ethel Johnson, Mabel Carlson, Helen Johnson, Ivan Thryselius, Raymond Johnson.

In the Administration building the following pupils have been neither absent nor tardy since the 1st of September: Philip Ekman, Victor Sackrison, Ralph Wenberg, Wilbur Wood, Martha Duerr, Sylvia Houlette, Hildur Johnson, Helen Nystrom, Lenore Swanson and Margaret Riley, of the 5th grade; Eugenia Anderson, Gunnar Bergmann, Leslie Chelstrom, Ragnar Carlson, Elsie Carlson, Marie Freedlund, Ruth Hanson, Fay Houlette, Allen Larson, Esther Liedberg, Rose Nystrom, Leonard Peterson, Norman Pearson, Philip Pomp and Louise Wenberg, of the third grade.

January 31, 1913

"Chuck" Barr has had a little achy tooth this week. He looked like a funny-paper man. It is reported he turned handsprings at his home to relive the pain.

Miss Lyda Fleming was absent from her room one day and a half last week on account of illness. Mrs Reeder and Miss Alma Pippin supplied.

The following pupils who were not enrolled last year have entered school since the beginning of the school year:
Leonore Conde, Clark Moore, Helen Burrows, Grace Dillon, Harry Beebe, Kenneth Ottinger, Edwin Shumaker, Walter Shumaker, Muriel Lucas, Helen Nolan, Minnie Jaschob, Frederic Kluber, Henry Bechkler, Victor Johnson, Esther Jordon, Annie Morrison, Mary Hovaniec, Albert Hoffman, William Johnson, Elmer Morrison, Willie Morrison, Cecil Sova, Walter Kohls.

An unusual amount of sickness has prevailed among the pupils here during the past week. On this account, Stella Rhodes, Rudolph Stenman, gordon Pearsalle, Margaret Council, Sophie Lund, Ivar Thrysilius and Levi Baker have been absent.

Ethel Johnson has returned after a two weeks illness.

Sickness in the family caused Doris Downs to be absent last Friday morning for the first time this school year.

Helen Nolan, formerly of the fourth grade is now attending school in East Batavia.

Published February 14, 1913

Katie AYERS (1914) has left school

Last week some members of the ancient history class presented Miss Prindle with a half-dozen "pincher" clothespins. These now decorate the wall below the senior picture, and are used as a warning to all those who indulge in the occupation of

Ten fifth-graders furnished the "curtain raiser" last Saturday night for the Freeport game. One team, called the "ponies," was composed of Raymond Linden, captain; James Davis, Barton Nystrom, Theodore Anderson and Victor Sacrison. Their opponents, the "midgets," were Philip Ekman, captain; Merrill Roscoe, Claude Peterson, Harold Anderson and Chester Hagstrom.

Ethel Pierson has been quite ill with a severe cold this last week.

Last Friday Ralph Wenberg was out of school for the first time this year.

The following pupils have received no monthly grade below "B" during semester: Maurine Bone, Elenora Larson, Mildred Mohr and Laura Van Arsdale.

Published March 14, 1913


Canon Moore was a caller at the South school last week.

Mrs. Rhodes visited the second grade last week, and Miss Elsie Hunt visited the first grade the week before.

Mr. Bone occasioned many smiles of appreciation last Thursday, when he appeared with pictures for our respective rooms.

Of the two sixth-grade pupils sent tot he local spelling contest, Edith Carlson was the winner; and of the two pupils sent from the fourth grade, Viola Stenman was the winner. The successful contestants were both surprised and delighted to receive "Independence bell" medals from Mr. Bone

As Mrs. Sperry was unable to take the sewing last Friday morning, Mrs. Mann very kindly responded to a call for assistance.

Versions of Vaccination orders:
Ruth Warne, to her mother: Miss Gothard said that we couldn't come back to school until we have been baptised.
Don Lawrence: Miss Gothard said that we couldn't go to school until we are evaporated.

Miss Hattie Hugett, who teaches one of the West Aurora fifth grades, visited here for a part of an afternoon two weeks ago.

The fifth grade pupils have been writing letters to the fourth grade of Spokane, Wash. Miss Lillie Johnson, one of our former teachers, is now teaching this grade.

Eddie Wright is still unable to attend school.

Geraldine Paulson was absent from school a week on account of the death of her aunt.

Mrs. E.H. Hettinger, of Chicago, was recently a visitor in our schools. Mrs. Hettinger was formerly Miss Elliot, one of the East Side primary teachers.

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