City Officers of Batavia
as of July 13, 1893
as reported in the Newton Press newspaper (Jasper County, IL)

©2002 Transcribed by Kimberly Torp

Following are the City Officers of Batavia:

Mayor: H.B. Bartholomew
Clerk: G.H. Burnett
City Treasurer: Wm. M. Van Nortwick
City Attorney: H.N. Jones

1st Ward Aldermen: Jas. D. Kelleher & P.M. Fitzgearld
2nd Ward Aldermen: F.H. Doty & T.M. Hunter
3rd Ward Aldermen: W.H. Pratt & J.A. Anderson
4th Ward Aldermen: C.A. Bucher & W.H. Stewart

City Marshal: Edward Kavannaugh

Following are the Township Officers:

Supervisor: Frank E. George
Assistant Supervisor: C.H. Brown
Town Clerk: Charles Micholson, Jr.
Collector: C.S. Conde
Assessor: E.F. Stafford
Justices of the Peace: O.E. Coolley, Chas. F. Fowler, F.H. Buck
Constables: Ed McDaniels, John Hanson, Whitely Shaw

Highway Commissioners: H.B. Bartholomew, Hicks Frydendall, Chris Miller

Library Directors: N.S. Young, A.H. Arnold, W.A. Wolcott, Wm. M. Van Nortwick, J.O. McClellan, D.B. Hazen

Following are the members of the East Side Board of Education:

Thomas Snow, President
Mrs. C.A. Lewis, Scretary
Mrs. M. Branford, H.B. Bartholomew, P. Fitzgerald, W.P. Barker, L.C. Crane

Following is the corps of teachers in the East Batavia High School:

D.B. Hazen, Superintendent
No. 1, Bina Rouse; 2. Emma Patch; 3. Bertha Fearon; 4. Ordelia Alverson; 5. Beulah Cavanaugh; 6. Eva White; 7. Aurora Goodale; Drawing teacher, Miss E.E. Rowland; C. Turner, Janitor

Following are the members of the West Side Board of Education:

J.O. McClellan, Pres
F.H. Doty, Sec
Rev. A. Challman, S.A. Wolcott, C.H. Brown, Peter Hobler, Oscar Anderson

Following is the corps of teachers in the West Batavia High School:

C.H. Crandell, Superintendent
TF. Garfield, Assistant in High School, No. 7, E. McWayne; 6, G.T. Morgan; 4 A.L. McLean; 4. A.J. Lawrence; 4. A.F. Brown; 2, A.L. Niles; 1, G.McWayne; Drawing Teacher, Miss E.E. Rowland; D. Bristol, Janitor

Following are the County Officers:

Circuit Judges.... Hon. C. Upton, Hon Charles Kellum, Hon. H.B. Willis
Circuit Clerk - Charles A. Miler, Deputy miss Lois coburn
Mastery in Chancery - James O. McClellan
State's Attorney - Frank W. Joslyn
Sheriff - W.H. Reed
Deputies - C.A. German, Jas Doherty, Wm. Derrick, Geneva; Tim Beaver, Aurora; Tim Larking, Gilberts; J. S. Mann, Burling; Henry Gerdu, Dundee
County Judge - Hon. D.B. Sherwood
County Clerk - A.M. Beaupre
Deputies - Mrs. H. Meredith, E.F. Beaupre
Treasurer - James Innis
Superintendent of Schools - Marvin Quackenbush.
Assistant - J.W. Burgess
Coroner - Editor Putnam, Aurora
County Surveyor - Wm. H. Pease
County Recorder - Joseph Ingham

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