1871 Business Directory for the Cities and Villages of Kane County, IL
©Transcribed by Kim Torp

City of Elgin:

Banking Institutions

  • O. Davidson, President Home Bank, cor. Chicago St. & Douglass Avenue
  • M.C. Town, Cashier 1st National Bank of Elgin, east side market Square

Attorneys at Law

  • John S. Wilcox, Office over First National Bank
  • Botsford, Barry & Healy, Home Bank Block
  • R.N. Botsford (Attorney) Firm of B.B. & H.
  • E.W.Vining, City Magistrate - Master in Chancery

Court of Common Pleas

  • Joslyn & Wing, Office in Town's Block
  • John W. Ranstead, over Weld's Drug Store. Also Real Estate Agent.

Wholesale & Retail Dealers

  • I.C. Bosworth, West Side Market Square
  • Dubois, Swan & Richards, Du Bois block
  • John Newman, Cor. Chicago St. & Douglas Ave.
  • J. McNeil, No. 28, Chicago St.

Mills, Factories & Manufacturers

  • W.C. Kimball, Waverly Mills
  • J.C. & W.H. Kimball, Excelsior Mills, River St.
  • Burdick, Chapman & Co, Elgin City Mills, River St.
  • L. Fletcher, Planing Mill, Sash, Doors, Blinds and Window Frames on hand and to order
  • Gahan & Hutchinson, Main St. West Elgin, manuf. or Leather and Shoe Finds. Cash for Hides and pelts.
  • Wm. F. Sylla, Phenix Foundry - light castings and School Desks a specialty.
  • Chomas Clark, Main St. W. Elgin, manufacturer of Sash, Doors and Blinds, Mouldings, etc.

Drugs, Medicines, Paints & Oils

  • M.B. Baldwin, Du Bois Block. Also Fancy Goods
  • A.R. Warren
  • J.C. Lewis, No. 32 Chicago St.
  • R. & S.E. Weld, No. 29, Chicago St.

Dry Goods, Fancy Notions

  • Schults & Todson, "Sign of the Lion" near Market Sq.
  • R.M. Martin, 31 Chicago St.
  • H. Geister, 19 Douglass Ave. Also deals in Groceries, boots & shoes, hats & caps
  • Timothy Lynch, No. 1 Bridge St. Also dealer in boots, shoes, hats, caps, crockery & salt

Grocers & Provision Dealers

  • Penison & Bartlett, Fancy Grocers & Proprietors of Continental Restaurant
  • Eakin & Co., 40 River St. Also dealers in Chicago-made boots & shoes
  • Eugene Lynch, No. 11 Bridge St.
  • N. Brown. Also Wood & Willow-ware, Tobacco & Segars
  • W.P. McAllister, No 17 Douglass Ave. Also crockery & glassware

Hardware Dealers

  • J.A. Carlisle, Manufactures Cheese Vats & heaters
  • Nelson Rogers, cor. Chicago & Broadway Sts. Also dairymen's articles
  • D.F. Barclay - Barclay & Sherman, Bridge St. w. side.

Physicians, Surgeons & Dentistry

  • C.A. Jaeger, Physician, 36 Chicago ST. Rooms 1 & 2
  • P.B. Pratt & Son, Dentists, 36 Chicago St.
  • Winchester & Burlingame, Centre St.
  • A.L. Clark, Office at Weld's Drug Store
  • H.K. Whitford, Office at Weld's Drug Store

Books & Stationers

  • Denison & Burdick, Bank Black
  • W.H. Brydges, Sign of the "Big Book"

Gents' Furnishing Goods & Custom Work

  • S.A. French, No. 30 Chicago ST. Dealer in dry goods
  • P.J. Kimball, No. 34 Chicago St.
  • Hemmens & Jones, No. 36 Chicago St.
  • Lynn & Cassidy, 41 Chicago St.
  • L. Adler, 27 Chicago St. Also deals in trunks & valises
  • C.Bachrach & Co. Also boots, shoes, hats, caps and a general assortment of auction goods.


  • E.C.Kincaid, Ed Gazette
  • S.L. Taylor, Ed. Elgin Advocate

Government Officials

  • Frank T. Gilbert, P.M. Bruckman's Bl'k, Chicago St.

Elgin Watch Factory

  • Chas. S. Mosely, Mechanical Superintendent
  • John Webb, Watch Dial Manufacturer

Judge of the Circuit Court

  • Silvanus Wilcox


  • G.H. Sherman, No. 32 Chicago St. Mezzotints a specialty
  • J.M. Adams, first door east of bridge.


  • S.M. Slade, Riverside Nursery
  • Father Terrence Fitzsimmons, Catholic Priest
  • Yarwood & Lyon, 46 Chicago St., dealers in Musical Instruments and Sheet Music
  • Gill & Bartlett, Dray and Express
  • E.F. Reeves, Contractor and Builder
  • F.W. Wright, Farmer
  • A. Paeper, No. 6 Douglas Avenue. Harness, Saddles, Trunks and Valises

Furniture Dealers

  • S.D. Wilder & Co., West side market Square
  • Thos. H. Thompson, sign of the "Banner," adjoining Post Office
  • G.W. Kimball, No. 35 Chicago Street

Insurance Business

  • D.W. Hewitt, Chicago Street, General Fire Insurance, over Well's Drug Store
  • R.W. Padelford, Insurance, City Clerk's Office

Boots and Shoes

  • Kimball & O'Connell, Market Square, Auction and Commission Merchants
  • Geo. W. Sears, No. 43 Chicago Street

Livery and Sale Stables

  • B.C. Payne, River Street, south of Market


  • G.B. Adams, 38 Chicago St., also special agent for Elgin Watches and dealer in Fine Jewelry.

Bakers and Confectioners

  • T. & A.M. Stewart, No. 53 Chicago street
  • McLaren & Lynn, No. 10 Douglass Avenue
  • C. Goebig, No. 16 Douglas Avenue

Agricult'l implements, &c.

  • R. Tuck & Son, Douglass Av. near East Depot, also Coal, Lime, Cement, etc.
  • A.W. Root, River Street

Meat Markets

  • John H. Gieske, No. 18 Douglas Avenue


  • S. Lasher & Son, Waverly House, cor. Broadway and Galena St.
  • Joseph Pabst, Chicago House, N.W. cor. Douglass Ave and Milwaukee St.
  • W. Damisch, Washington House, cor. Brooks and Division Streets

Lumber Dealers

  • James H. Gifford, near East Elgin Depot, also Coal and Grain
  • Ticknor & Son, Division St., between River St. and Douglass Ave.

Carriage & Wagon Manufactory

  • J.C. Towner, corner Brook & Division Sts.
  • Plummer & Messenger, River St - also trimming done to order.


  • C.J. Eaton, 6 Chicago St.
  • Martin Stohr, River St.

Billiard Hall

  • C.Van Valkenburg, River St.


  • Paul Danz, Elgin Brewery
  • Casper Althern, Eagle Brewery Main St. next to distillery
  • August Heideman, Beckert's Brewery, Main St.

Produce Dealers

  • David J. Lynch, cor. Broadway & Galena Sts.

Attorneys at Law

  • A.M. Herrington, Office Old Court House Block
  • W.B. Plato, Office over Eddow's Drug Store
  • J.H. Mayborne, Office over Patten's Store
  • W.J. Brown, Office over Patten's Store
  • C.B. Wells, Office, Chicago


  • A.A.West, Main Street, next to post office.
  • Moss & Graff, Third Street, next to Long's Store

Dry Goods and Groceries

  • R. Long & Son, corner Main and Third Sts.
  • B.Boyes, corner Main and Second Sts.
  • Chas. Patten, corner Main and First Sts.


  • J. Lance


  • Samuel Krum, north side Maine Street


  • Geo. Williamson, office at his residence, corner Main & 6th Sts.
  • Francis H. Blackman, office at his residence, corner 3d and Hamilton Streets.
  • William Le Baron, Physician and State Entomologist, - office, cor. First and Hamilton Sts.


  • W.W. Ormsbee, Worsely's Block, Main St.
  • J.K. Eddows, north side Main St.


  • David Martin, Main Street

Merchant & Custom Mills

  • Bennett Brothers & Coe, east side river
  • J.T. Hards, west side river
  • Stewart Brothers, east side river

Meat Markets

  • E. Tinsley, First Street
  • Wm. Porter, Main Street


  • W.H. Howell, River Street Foundry
  • Humphrey Parish & Co. River St. Flax Mills


  • F.M. Hickox, corner Main and First Sts.


  • A. McWayne, First Street
  • W.H. Webster, First Street

Dealer in Lumber and Coal

  • S.W. Curtis, Office at the Depot


  • Frederick Ott, Main Street


  • C.B. Dodson
  • M.T. Cole
  • Chas. W. Cook
  • John Burton
  • John B. Atwater
  • C.F. Gates
Village of St. Charles
  Hon. John F. Farnsworth, M.C.

Attorney at Law

  • A.S. Babcock, Butler's Buildings, west Main St.

Insurance of Real Estate

  • Henry T. Rockwell, Minard's Bank Building
  • A.S. Babcock, Butler's Building, west Main St.

Mills and Manufactories

  • John Lloyd & Co. Foundry and Machine Shops
  • Robert J. Haines, Excelsior Mills, St. Charles Batting Factory
  • W.F. Osgood, Firm of J.H. Eaton & Co. Planing Mill, Lumber, Sash, etc, west 1st Street.

Carriage Manufactories

  • Louis Klink, cor. west Main and 3rd Streets
  • Thomas Doyle, east 1st St., rear Minard & Osgood's

Staple & Fancy Dry Goods

  • Minard & Osgood east Main St., cor. 1st.
  • Ferson & Strader, west Main St., cor. 1st.
  • N.T. Roche, Main St., east St. Charles Hotel, Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes

General Dealers

  • Weed & Chovin, west Main St., Groceries, Books, Stationery, Crockery, Woodenware, wall paper, etc.
  • S.B. Huls & Co., west Main St., Dry Goods, Groceries, Stoneware, etc.
  • Henry Parker & Co., east Main St. opposite St. Charles Hotel, Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Boots, Shoes and Furniture


  • C.B. Chamberlain, east Main Street, opposite St. Charles Hotel


  • Bowman & Zabriskie, cor. west Main and 1st Sts.
  • B.T. Hunt, east Main St.

Druggists, Grocers, Fancy Goods, &c.

  • J.S. Van Patten, west Main St., Drugs, Medicines, Groceries, Paints, Oils, Fancy Articles, etc.
  • Freeman Brothers, west Main St., Drugs, Medicines, Groceries, Paints, Oils, Perfumery and Toilet Articles.

Merchant Tailoring, and General Furnishing Goods

  • J.P. Furnald, west Main Street

Boots & Shoes, Custom Shoe Shops

  • John Sheahan, west Main Street
  • Richard Metcalfe, east Main St. near the bridge


  • Clark Brothers, west Main St., north side


  • Wm. H. Allen, Proprietor Howard House, cor. Illinois and 3rd Sts., West St. Charles
  • P.J. Burchell, Proprietor St. Charles Hotel and Livery Stables, east Main St.
  • Seth Marvin, Proprietor Mansion House, cor. west Main and 3rd Sts.

Harness Shops

  • Ira O. Austin, west main St., Sheahans, Building
  • Wm. H. Stewart, Carriage Trimmer, etc.

Marble Works

  • C.E. Purce, east Main St. opposite Bank


  • John Goodman, Variety Store, east Main St.
  • William Foster, St. Charles Bakery, east Main St. confectionery Store, west Main St.
  • John H. Andrus, Painter and Paper Hanger. Residence west Second St.
  • C.O. Thompson, Livery and Sales Stables, cor. west Main and 2d St.
  • Moore & Trumbull, Blacksmith, west Main St.
  • Geo. W. Garren, Blacksmith, west 2d St.
  • W.C. Irwin, Undertaker - Felt Roofing and Coopering, cor. west Main and 2d Sts.
  • O.S. Boardman & Co., Meat Market, west Main St.
  • Ira Minard, Capitalist, east Main St. Bank Building
  • C.D. Wing, Capitalist and Farmer, cor. E. State & 2d St.
  • S.W. Durant, Accountant, cor. Prairie and 1st Sts.
  • Robert Ferson, Farmer, east Main St.
  • Jared Bisby, Retired Farmer, west 2d St.
  • S. McLanathan, Stock Dealer, Walnut St.
  • G.A. Phelps

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