Kane County, IL in the Civil War

Here's a list of the men from Kane County who served in the Civil War and held commissioned rank. This list shows the highest rank these men attained without mentioning the successive promotions they may have had.

©Transcribed by Kim Torp

13th Regiment Infantry:
Lieutenant-Colonel: Benamin F. Parks
Captains: George H. Gardner, Ethan A. Pritchard, Edwin Went
Lieutenant: Jesse D. Pierce
23rd Infantry:
Lieutenant: Anthony McBriarty
36th Infantry:
Colonels: Nicholas Greusel, Silas Miller, Benjamin F. Campbell
Lieutenant Colonels: Edward S. Joslyn, Albert Jencks, Porter C. Olson
Majors: Alonzo H. Barry, George D. Sherman, George G. Buddolph
Surgeons: Delos W. Young, Jethro A. Hatch, Sidney B. Hawley
Adjutant: George A. Willis
Quarter-master: Isaac N. Buck
Captains: Melvin B. Baldwin, Leverett M. Kelley, William Dugan, Aaron C. Holden
Lieutenants: Edward S. Chappel, Leroy Salisbury, Joseph M. Walker, George P. Douglas, Owen Hughes, William S. Smith, Samuel Hitchcock, Lewis C. Belden, Aaron C. Holden
42nd Infantry:
Colonel: Edgar D. Swain
Major: Henry K. Wolcott
Captains: Ogden Lovell, John S. Hedges, Joseph Hudson
Lieutenants: Wesley P. Andrews, Charles E. Smiley, Joseph Voller, Charles A. Livingston
46th Infantry
Lieutenant: William H. Howell
52nd Infantry
Colonels: Isaac G. Wilson, John S. Wilcox
Lieutenant-Colonel: Jerome D. Davis
Surgeons: Leland H. Angel, Edgar Winchester
Chaplain Benjamin Thomas
Adjustants: Ethan J. Allen, Edward S. Wilcox, Charles H. Hill
Quartermasters: Charles B. Wells, Fulton Gifford
Captains: Smith G. Ward, George E. Young, Charles Barnett, Jacob Grimes, D. Carlos Newton, Francis H. Bowman, William H. Wilcox, Jay Hamilton, Alvah P. Moffatt, Luther C. Lee, Maurice J. McGrath, Henry C. WIlliamson, Joseph T. Brown, Thomas H. Thompson, Amos W. Welburn, Alphonso Barto, Henry Newton Patchin
Lieutenants: Charles R. White, Thomas W. Mack, George L. Kinnear, Harvey O. Perry, Lewis H. Evarts, Joseph J. Kessler, Lawrence W. Wolcott, George Rice, Arthur P. Vaughn, James Davidson, William Shattuck, Cornelius Snyder, Charles T. Orr, Alfred Billings, Elijah Perrigo, John W. Acker, G. Lucius Beckley, LeRoy Powers, Henry S. Doty, John M. Vote, Charles Isbell
55th Infantry:
Captain: Charles Tazewell
Lieutenants: William R. Halligan
58th Infantry:
Colonel: William F. Lynch
Lieutenant-Colonel: Jonathan Kimball, John Murphy
Major: Thomas Newlan
Quartermaster Nicholas T. Roche
Surgeons Henry M. Crawford, Emery A. Merrifield, George F. Heideman
Captains: David J. Lynch, Gustav C. Kothe, Philip R. Heelan
Lieutenants: Robert H. Winslow
72nd Infantry:
Lieutenants: Benjamin F. Leonard
89th Infantry
Major: Bruce B. Kidder
Surgeon: Samuel F. Hance
Captain: John W. Warren
Lieutenants: John B. Watkins, Robert Miller, Jacob N. Hopper, George M. White, Oscar C. Pease
105th Infantry:
Captain: John M. Smith
Lieutenants: James S. Hasburgh
124th Infantry:
Lieutenant-Colonel Adin Mann
Major: Rufus Pattison
Surgeon: Leland H. Angel
Captains: Edwin F. Stafford, William B. Sigley, Reese L. Merriman, John W. Kendall
Lieutenants: Fernando C. Van Vlack, James H. Blackman, William H. Anderson, Justin D. Andrews, Theodore Potter, Greenville A. Spear, Freeman L. Campbell, Christopher H. Kellar, Henry J. Brockway, Osborn Wilson, Joy J. Tarbel, George M. Cronk
127th Infantry:
Major: Frank C. Gillitt
Surgeon: Anson L. Clark
Adjutant Addison A. Keyes
Quartermaster Samuel W. Durand
Captains John S. Riddle, William Warner, James F. Richmond, Charles Schryver, Frederick A. Raymond, Nelson H. Merrill, John H. Lowe, Alexander C. Little
Lieutenants: Thomas Clark, Lucian B. Patchin, Frederick Knight, Ira F. Hall, Jeremiah Evarts, Alfred Darnell, Horace Perry, Benjamin C. Wilkins, Edgar Percival, Amasa Stuart, James S. Soper
132nd Infantry:
Captain Charles Barker
Lieutenants: H.A. Hinckley
141st Infantry:
Lieutenant-Colonel: Thomas Clark
Adjutant: Edward C. Lovell
Quartermaster: Alonzo H. Barry
First Assistant Surgeon: Francis C. Hageman
Chaplain: Samuel S. Kimball
Captains: Philip H. Carr, Alexander Grimes, Samuel H. Hunter, Bryant D. Beach, Charles Herrington, Robert H. Winslow, John Gillman
Lieutenant: Thomas W. Tefft, Charles D.F. Smith, Michael J. Dunne, Hiram Sargent, Edward W. King, Charles S. Gregg, James B. Robinson, Henry A. Ferson, George E. Gillman, Daniel W. Coan, Chester Stuart, Henry C. Dodge, Charles Ferson
147th Infantry:
Lieutenant: George Gillman
153rd Infantry:
Adjutant: John Gillamn
Quarter-Master: N.J. Wheeler
Captains: Edward C. Lovell
Lieutenants: Michael J. Dunne, Oliver P. Chisholm
156th Infantry:
Captains: Thomas L. Johnson, Washington I. Kerry
Lieutenants: John W. Blake, Richard F. McCabe
8th Cavalry
Colonel: John F. Farnsworth
Major: William G. Conklin
Adjutants: Robert W. Sill, Edmund Gifford, John Fifield
Quartermaster: George G. Stevens, James S. Van Patten, Bradley L. Chamberlain
Surgeons: Abner Hard, Samuel K. Crawford, Eugene Nelson
Captains: Patrick G. Jennings, Rufus M. Hooker, John M. Southworth, Hiram L. Rapelye, A. Levi Wells, Elon J. Farnsworth, Francis M. Gregory
Lieutenants: Bryant Beach, Leonard Y. Smith, S. Spencer Carr, Charles Harrison, Azer W. Howard, Aaron W. Chase, Nelson L. Blanchard, Benton Van Dyke, John Weed, John Cool, Judson A. Stevens , Ralph B. Swarthout
10th Cavalry
Major: George A. Willis
Captains: William Duncan, Albert Collins, Daniel Dynan
Lieutenants: Charles M. Harvey, John H. McQueen, Jerome B. Marlett, George Gunter
12th Cavalry:
Lieutenant- Colonel: Thomas W. Grosvenor
Captain: Franklin T. Gilbert
Lieutenants: Charles O'Connell, Theodore G. Knox
13th Cavalry:
Captains: Robert H. Fleming
15th Cavalry:
Lieutenant-Colonel: Franklin T. Gilbert
Majors: Samuel B. Sherer, George I. WIllis
Captains Albert Collins, Christian B. Dodson, William C. Wilder, Thomas J. Beebe, Albert Jencks, George I. Willis, Francis E. Reynolds, William Duncan, Daniel Dynan
Lieutenants: Ebenezer C. Litherland, Azariah C. Ferris, Samuel Chapman, Nelcon (alternate spelling: NELSON given by Marlene Johnson, his gg-gd) Dedrick, John C. Bundy, John S. Durand, Henry C. Padelford, Edward M. Barnard
16th Cavalry:
Major: Charles H. Beers
Chaplain: Cornelius R. Ford
Captains: William P. Gibbs, John Q. Hattery
17th Cavalry:
Surgeon: Samuel K. Crawford
Lieutenants: Charles D. Larribee, James B. Reed
2nd Artillery:
Lieutenants: Jabez H. Moore
Renwick's Elgin Battery:
Captains: George W. Renwick, Andrew M. Wood
Lieutenants: Caleb Rich, John Short, Lorin G. Jeffers, Joel H. Wickers, Henry E. Tower, Waldo W. Paine, James N. Boutwell, William C. Clift
29th United States Regiment Colored Troops:
Lieutenant: John J. Gosper
Thomas Clark of Geneva was Captain and Frank Clark Lieutenant in a colored regiment, and James H. Mayborne, Esq. was a Paymaster in the army with rank of Major.

The General Field Officers, whose homes were in Kane County, were:

Brigadier-General John F. Farnsworth

Brigadier-General Elon J. Farnsworth

Lieutenant-Colonel Twelfth Cavalry and brevetted Brigadier-General Thomas W. Grosvenor

Colonel 52 Infantry and brevetted Brigadier-General John S. Wilcox

Colonel 8th Illinois and brevetted Brigadier-General WIlliam F. Lynch.

By this list, we find that Kane County furnished two Brigadier-Generals, three Brevet Brigadier- Generals, five Colonels, eleven Lieutenant-Colonels, fourteen Majors, fifteen Surgeons, ten Adjutants, eleven quartermasters, two Chaplians, eight-five Captains and 129 Lieutenants - in all, 287 commissioned officers.

Source: Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois (Edited by Newton Bateman, LL.D. and Paul Selby, A.M.) and History of Kane County Edited by Gen. John S. Wilcox. Chicago; Munsell Publishing Company, 1904, pp. 691-692

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