Batavia, IL High School
Class of 1921
50th Anniversary Reunion
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"Members of the Class of '21 celebrated their fifieth anniversary at the John Williston Cook luncheon held at "All Alumni Weekend in the University Center."

The Batavia High School
Class of 1930

The Batavia High School Class of 1930
Newspaper photo June 17, 1970

Front Row, Left to Right
Mrs. Ralph (Gladys Swanson) Larson, Mrs. Glenn (Ruth Smith) Anderson, Miss Lucille Gustafson, Mrs. Gladys Benson, Mrs. Wendell (Lillian Fry) Konen, Miss Bernice Olson, Mrs. Judith (Lundberg) Johnson, Mrs. Louis (Anderson) Robertson, Mrs. Caroline (Nicholson) Fowler, and Miss Helen Brauns, guest teacher.

Second Row:
Mrs. William (Doris Anderson) Rachielles, Ralph Larson, Mrs. Alice Thompson Schneider, Mrs. Roy (Helen Pierce) Hallberg, Mrs. Thomas (Annette Pontius) Hendry, John Harleen, Wilber Miner, Phillip Urich, J.B. Simon, guest teacher; Mrs. Arthur (Martha Carlson) Jahnke, J.B. Nelson, guest teacher; Mrs. Nathan (Hazel Anderson) Anderson, Earl Nelson and Mrs. Ruth (Schmogi) Thomle.

Back Row:
Roger Bartelt, Clarence D. Groener, Kieth Lietzow, Robert Stuttle, Herbert Carlson, Richard D. Burks and Hans Gutekunst, guest teacher.

Members of the class that are deceased:
Jarvis Anderson, Harold Bloom, Josephine Buckner, Raymond Carlstedt, Clifford Flagg, Nels C. Holm, Bertha Johnson, James Killingsworth, Ralph J. Sheafe, L. Lavier Shipman and John X. Warne.

Class Of 1933 Reunion
CLASS OF '33 HOLDS 40TH REUNION - The class of 1933 of Batavia High School held its 40th anniversary reunion August 25, at the Hilton Inn, North Aurora, with the theme "Life begins at 40".

A "Happy Hour" was held from 6:30 to 7:30, followed by a roast beef dinner.

Norman Freedlund presided as master of ceremonies. J. B. Nelson, former superintendent of schools, gave the invocation. "Happy Birthday" was sung for Arnold Johnson, one of the classmates who celebrated his birthday that day.

Following the dinner, roll call was taken with each member giving a short resume of the past years. Agnes Hainish Clever read letters from absent members. Lois Woodard Hauman gave an "in Memoriam" for the nine deceased members. Adelaide Urich Nelson presented awards: greatest distance to Leona Meeks McRee from San Francisco, Calif.; most grandchildren to "Brandy" Preston Hazelwood (he stopped counting at 13); first to return his reservation to Arnold Johnson; last reservation sent in to Norbert Pitz; for having changed the least to Harold Erickson. Ruth Hassler Foland acted as "greeter" and circulated the guest book. The bulletin board was of special interest with clippings and pictures of the "past"

Out of town guests were:
Marvin Davis, Farmington, Minn.;
Mr. and Mrs. George Donley (Gladys Flagg), Genoa, Ohio;
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jacobs, Kalamazoo, Mich.;
Mr. and Mrs. Alphonze Kershules, Flushing, N.Y.;
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. McRee, San Francisco, Calif.;
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Miner, Beloit, Wisc.;
Mr. and Mrs. John Sanders, Clearwater, Fla.;
Mr. and Mrs. J. Oliver Olson, Cass Lake, Minn.;
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Hazelwood, Chicago;
Mr. and Mrs. William Hines, Arlington Heights.

Many Classmates live in the Tri~Cities.

The committee reports that funds remaining will be used for the purchase of books at the library in memory of departed classmates. Lois Hauman was appointed chairman for the 78 Reunion.

The following served on the committee: Norman and Virginia Anderson Freedlund, Agnes Hainish Clever, Ruth Hassler Foland, Adelaide Urich Nelson and Virginia Peterson Wicklund, chairman.

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