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36th Regiment Illinois Volunteers

Veterans of the Civil war—members of the Thirty-sixth Regiment, Illinois Volunteers—celebrated the forty-sixth anniversary of the battle of Chickamauga Creek and held their annual reunion in Elgin today. Men from every part of the country, some of them coming nearly a thousand miles, attended the session, which was one of the most interesting ever held.

The following officers elected at the annual meeting:
President—Fred Sly, Sandwich.
Vice President—John C. Taylor.
Secretary and Treasurer—William F. Sylla, Elgin.

Following members of the regiment registered at City Clerk Sylla's office prior to the meeting in the city hall council chamber:

Company A—Major George D. Sherman, Milton S. Townsend, William F. Sylla, John Hewitt, F. B. Perkins, Charles B. Stiles, all of Elgin, and Albert C. Wagher, Linton, S. D.; C. C. Truax, Crystal Lake; Homer Wilcox, Marengo; J. C. Denison, Chicago; John F. Scott, Pittsfield, 111.; Brayman Loveless, Wheaton, and John Carl, Aurora; Alexander Manahan, Elgin; John Cooper, Yorkville; E. H. Young, Fulton; J. C. Hall and Ed Harpending.

Company A (Cavalry)—A. R. Gillette, Chicago; W. D. Hawkins, Chicago, and Nicholas Hettinger, Aurora; Thomas Robinson, Aurora; J. T. McCroskey, Joliet; Eugene Mann, Batavia; J. S. Barber, Sandwich.

Company B (Cavalry)—James Shedden. Dundee; W. F. Wattenpugh, Sumner, Iowa; Lloyd Lathrop, Elgin; V. O. Wilcox, Elgin; A. A. Lee, Elgin; John McQueen, Elgin; Frank U. Brown, Chicago; James S. Hutch, Plano; E. E. Balch, Elgin; Willis Richardson, LaFox; Willet Richardson. Kaneville; John P. Fyfe, Ravenswood Park.

Company B—W. F. Donavan, Yorkville; J. E. Way, Aurora.

Company C—Joseph A. Young, New Galilee, Pennsylvania; Abraham Stewart and W. H. Rogers. Monmouth. Illinois; Major John M. Turnbull. Monmouth.

Company D—Olie H Johnson, Newark; John Larkin, Joliet; J. C. Taylor, Sandwich; W. W. Gifford, Joliet: John Heier, Morris; Frank T. Hennig. Chicago.

Company E—J. F. Harral, Aurora; William Wollenweher, Yorkville; Henry Hennis, Sandwich; Charles Foster, Plano, and Joel Wagner, Big Rock.

Company F—T. L. Munn, Parker, Kansas; G. A. Cummings, Edina, Missouri; C. M. Rolph, Seneca, Illinois; G. Gunnerson, Herscher, Illinois; Terrence Johnson, Newark; Bergo Thompson, Sheridan; Fred L. Sly, Sandwich; Martin Wilson, Aurora; F. A. Whitney, Sandwich; Charles F. Sweet- land, Sandwich; E. H. Strait, Ottawa; William Browning, Sandwich.

Company G—Wallace Ellis, Seneca; W. W. Kerns, Morris; Joseph Scofield, Morris; Charles Pratt, Rochelle.

Company H—Henry B. Ford, Elgin; C. H. Benson, Maywood; S. Carver, Omro, Wisconsin; B. E. Allen, Laurens, Iowa; Charles Dygert, Algonquin; C. H. Thomas, Chicago.

Company I—Joseph M. Comp, Winterset, Iowa; Hobart Doctor, St. Johns, Indiana.

Company K—Harrison Blank, Winthrop. Iowa; C. H. Tucker, Belvi- clere; Hiram Watkins, St. Charles; John F. Elliott, St. Charles.

Northern Illinois' Thirty-sixth Infantry is named by authorities as one of the eighty regiments participating in the greatest number of engagements and losing the most men in battle in the Civil war. The regiment was composed of ten infantry companies and two troops of cavalry, all told twelve hundred men. The regiment returned from the struggle with less than half their number. The others died on the battlefields of Pea Ridge. Perryville, Stone River, Chickamauga Creek, Mission Ridge, Kenesaw Mountain. Franklin, Nashville, Vicksburg and Atlanta, the principal contests in which the regiment participated.

Regrets were received from the following comrades:

John B. Burr, Company A, Davenport, Iowa.
Wm. Varnes, Company I, Oswego, Illinois.
W. A. Mitchell, captain Company A, Wilmington, Illinois.
G. W. Mossman, Company F, Las Cinces, New Mexico.
John Bush, Company E, Table Rock, Nebraska.
John Pfanstiel, captain Company E, East Oakland. California.
James Warrensford, Company A, Dahinda, Illinois.
William W. Trimble, Company H, Glencoe, Oklahoma.
William Smailes, Company A, South Haven. Michigan.
Henry Russell, Company A, Avoca, Iowa.
Robert H. Gilmore. Company D, Hastings, Nebraska.
Robert Jordan, Company G, Elk City, Oklahoma.
Henry C. Scott, Company B. Folsom, California.
George F. Roots. Company F, Manhattan. Kansas.
C. H. Bissell. Company D, Mena. Arkansas.
Albert H. Wulff, Company F, Fredericksburg, Missouri.
Duportal G. Sampson, Company A, Ashland, Wisconsin.
Alfred J. West, Company B, Port Huron, Michigan.
William C. Hall, Company K, Madeira, California.
G. S. Hollenbeck, Company F, Cbebanse, Illinois.
C. F. Dike, Company H, Nunda, Illinois.
W. E. Partridge, Company F, Alta, Iowa.
N. H. Clark, Company I, Knoxville, Illinois.
J. C. Wright, Company C, Aleclo, Illinois.
M. G. Yarnell, Company G, Minneapolis.
Irwin Benton, A Cavalry, Redding, Iowa.
J. Henry Hogue, Company K, Monmouth, Illinois.
Alex M. Friland, Company F, Fedora, South Dakota.
John D. Pingel, Company B, Sedgwick, Kansas.
A. G. Switzer, A Cavalry, Wales, Massachusetts.
E. B. Baldwin, captain Company C, Edna, Kansas.
Eben Gates, Company D, Brook, Indiana.
John W. Evarts, A Cavalry, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
E. Nute, Company A, Alta, Iowa.
E. H. Stinson, Company C, Hampton, Iowa.
J. H. Moore, Company A, Chicago.
H. E. Dewey, Company E, Lead, South Dakota.
W. H. Mossman, Company F, Ellensburg, Washington.
John P. Lloyd, Necedah, Wisconsin.
N. G. Curly, Company G, Osage City, Kansas.
Hamlet Levens, Company E, Hancock, Minnesota.
Trios. C. Pennington, Company B, cavalry, Chicago.
F. N. Brown, Company B, cavalry, Chicago.
Geo. W. Hulse, Company G, Gladbrook, Iowa.
Edward Leahy, Company B, Ashland, Illinois.
Schuyler Rue, Company B, cavalry, Oregon City, Oregon.
Daniel C. Clark, Company H, Magnolia, Iowa.
Christ Wentz, Company I, Belle Plaine, Iowa.
Wm. Freese, Company I, Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin.
John Larking, Company D, Joliet, Illinois.
E. H. Strait, Ottawa, Illinois.
Chas. Pratt, Rochelle, Illinois.
J. F. McCroskey, Joliet, Illinois.
Joel Wagner, Big Rock, Illinois.
Gustavus Dorsterwitz, Coloma, Michigan.
C. A. Tucker, Belvidere, Illinois.
J. F. Young, New Galilee, Pennsylvania.
Emery Pratt, Waukon, Iowa.

From early morning until noon the white-haired veterans came to the city. Many who joined the Thirty-sixth in Kane county when the call to arms was sounded now live many miles away. Among the visitors from great distance were A. C. Wagher, of Linton, North Dakota; J. F. Young, of New Galilee, Pennsylvania, and T. L. Munn, of Parker, Kansas. Mr. Young was a drummer boy in Company C and shook hands with his old comrades today for the first time since the regiment was mustered out of the service

Charles B. Stiles, of this city, the drummer of Company A, composed chiefly of Elgin men, played his drum at an upper window in the city hall and at 11 o'clock the veterans assembled for their meeting. Major George D. Sherman, of Elgin, president of the society, called the meeting to order and for several minutes letters of regret from comrades living at too great a distance to attend were read.

The thanks of the Thirty-sixth was voted Captain L. M. Kelley, chief deputy in the department of pensions, for his assistance in collecting the names of the living members. There are now but a few hundred left of more than a thousand who enlisted from this vicinity.

[Source: Kane County History, 1908 - Submitted by K. Torp]

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