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This information comes from the death certificates of the individual, contributed by descendants.

Amanda Holze

Spouse: Fred Holze

Burial on Dec. 21, 1949 at Lake Street Memorial Park, Hanover Twp, Cook Co., IL

Birthdate: May 12, 1878

Date of Death: Dec. 18, 1949

Age of deceased: 71 | 7 | 6

Birthplace: Schaumburg, IL

Cause of death: Uremia
Father: William Sporleder, b. in Germany

Mother: Charlotte Vetta, b. in Germany

Informant: Martin F. Holze

August Holze

Spouse: Martha Holze

Burial on April 21, 1956 at Hampshire Center Cemetery, Hampshire, IL

Birthdate: Nov. 25, 1878

Date of Death: April 18, 1956

Age of deceased: 78

Birthplace: Germany

Cause of death: Pneumonia
Father: Fred Holze

Mother: Not Known

Informant: Martha Holze, widow

Margaret H. (Holze) Gould

Spouse: Donald W. Gould

Burial on March 16, 1987 in Hampshire Cemetery, Hampshire Twp, Kane Co., IL

Birthdate: Nov. 6, 1908

Death Date: March 13, 1987

Age of deceased: 78

Origin or Descent: Irish

Cause of death: pneumonia
Father: Thomas F. Phelan

Mother: Florence Brady

Informant: Katherine T. Poppino, grandaughter
 Martha Greve Holze

Spouse: Donald W. Gould

Burial on Sept 30, 1963 in Center Cemetery, Hampshire Twp, Kane Co., IL
 Birthdate: Dec. 11, 1888

Death Date: Sept. 28, 1963

Age of deceased: 74

Birthplace: Hampshire, IL

Cause of death: Carcinoma of Kidneys with metasasis
Father: Henry Greve

Mother: Mary Wilkening

Informant: Mrs. Alice Anderson, daughter
Florence PHELAN

Spouse: Thomas Phelan

Burial on May 6, 1920 in Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin, IL
Birthdate: Nov. 12, 1897

Death Date: May 3, 1920

Age of deceased: 43 years, 5 mos, 21 days

Birthplace: North Plato, IL

Cause of death: Carcinoma Cervix Uterus
Father: Henry Brady, born in Scotland

Mother: Lillian Collins, born in Ireland

Informant: Lillian Phelan

Thomas Francis PHELAN

Spouse: Florence Phelan

Burial on April 12, 1938 in Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin, IL

Birthdate: March 24, 1864

Death Date: April 9, 1838

Age of deceased: 74 yrs, 16 days

Birthplace: Plato Twp, IL

Cause of death: Cerebral Thrombosis
Father: Patrick Phelan

Mother: unknown

Informant: George Thurnau
Bertha Thurnau HOLZE

Spouse: Henry Holze

Burial on July 19, 1958 in Center Cemetery, Hampshire, IL
Birthdate: July 29, 1885

Death Date: July 17, 1958

Age of deceased: 73

Birthplace: Pingree Grove, IL

Cause of death: Poss. Acute myocard. infarction
Father: William Thurnau

Mother: Catherine Blaas

Informant: Henry Holze, husband

Spouse: widowed

Burial on June 9, 1970 in Center Cemetery, Hampshire, IL
Birthdate: Dec 11, 1870

Death Date: June 6, 1970

Age of deceased: 90

Birthplace: Germany

Cause of death: Acute Myocardial Insufficiency
Father: Fritz Holze

Mother: unknown

Informant: Lester Holze, son

Spouse: widowed

Burial on Jan. 13, 1983 in Lakewood Cemetery, Elgin, IL
Birthdate: March 18, 1888

Death Date: Jan. 10, 1983

Age of deceased: 94

Birthplace: Germany

Cause of death: Cardio- respiratory failure
Father: Fritz Holze

Mother: Minna Heineken

Informant: Hel??? Holze, son

Spouse: Karl Holze

Burial on May 11, 1970 at Lake ST. Mem. Park, Hanover Twp, Cook Co., IL
Birthdate: Dec. 19, 1891

Death Date: May 9, 1970

Age of deceased: 78

Birthplace: Holzhausen, Germany
Cause of death: Anemia
Father: August Schroeder

Mother: Lisete Boochmeier

Informant: Karl Holze, husband
Mrs. Alison (Binnie) Mclean was born in Scotland, February 23, 1837 (Slamannan Village) to Robert Binne (b.Feb 2, 1806 Muiranvonside Perish, Scotland) and Agnes Mclaren (b. 1806 Linlithgow, Scotland. Both parents are buried in Dundee).
Alison came to America when she was 11 years old, settling in Iowa, where she married and had several children before migrating to Illinois to be among other Scottish immigrants and her family. She married John Mclean, also born in Scotland (near Glasgow) Jan. 13, 1826. They had 15 children. Alison died on June 28th, 1906 of Gangrene which happened when she stepped on a rusty nail. She is buried in Oak Lawn Cemetary, Woodstock. Her place of death was: 214 Lawrence Ave. Elgin Illinois. She was 69 years old.
Many of her brothers and sisters and their off spring were prominent members of Dundee, Elgin, McDonough county, McHenry, etc. Names associated with the Mcleans are Binnie/McBroom/ Chrichton/Wilson/Pinkerton/McLaren/Carr/ Kerr/Templeton.....all living and dying in these areas. Contributed by Barb Norbie... email at barbnorbie@msn.com
Charles W. Levy

Retired from Farming in 1888

Buried: West Batavia cemetery 1 Oct 1913

Informant: Ann Levy
Born: 4 Aug 1829 Schenectady, NY

Died: 28 Sep 1913 at 5:10 p.m. Batavia, IL

Aged: 84 yrs, 1 mo, 24 days

Cause of death: apoplexy
Father: John Levy born Schenectady, NY

Mother: Nancy Clute born Schenectady, NY

Reg # 26708 Book 13 page 139
Ann Levey

Widow of Charles Levey, deceased

Buried West Batavia cemetery

Informat Mrs. Geo. Geyer
Born: 14 Nov 1835 Duanesburg, NY

Died: 17 June 1925 7:40 a.m

Aged: 89 years 7 mo 3 days

Cause of death: Artioschlerosis; Rumiciona (?) anemia
Father Daniel Frydendall born Schenectady, NY

Mother Hannah Venton born Schenectady, NY
Theodore Levey

Buried West Batavia cemetery 30 May 1926

Informant Zaidee Levey
Born: 2 Oct 1856 Batavia, IL

Died: 27 May 1926 Batavia, IL

Aged: 69 years 7 mo 25 days

Cause of death: Cerebral Hemorrhage
Father Charles Levey born Schenectady, NY

Mother Ann Frydendall born Shcenectady, NY

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