Pioneers of St. Mary's Parish

from "St. Mary's Golden Jubilee 1851 - 1901"

This list is included with the rest of the book "St. Mary's Golden Jubilee 1851-1901", but I've split it up to make it easier to search. Use the "Find" function on your browser or use the link to the search engine from the index page.

This book was scanned in and be aware that scanners do make mistakes. This list is not proofed. I've retained the original order of the names, so if a name looks out of place, it's probably because the scanner misread the original. Unfortunately, I do not have the original to check the list against. That being said, Happy Hunting!

From St. Mary's Golden Jubilee:

"The following is a partial list of the earliest settlers in the parish. The years preceding their names indicate the time of their coming. The majority were heads of families in the years named."


George Tyler


Burke, Owen

Ryan, Thos

Farrell, John, Sr.

McGrath, Owen

Farrell, Jeremiah

McGrath, Patrick

Farrell, John, Jr.

O'Brien, Patrick

Farrell, Timothy

O'Neill, Daniel (Big Dan)

Farrell, Dennis

O'Neil, Daniel (Little Dan)

Farrell, Wm.

Tyler, Calvin I.

McGrath, Dennis

Tyler, Israel

Ryan, John

Tyler, Noah


Burke, Michael

Keating, Edward

Barrett, Edmund

Keating, Wm.

Campbell, Edward

Leddin, Michael

Campbell, Wm.

Lynch, Timothy

Campbell, Edward, Jr.

Lynch, Eugene

Coughlin, John

Lynch, William F.

Carroll, Richard

Lynch,. David J.

Coleman, Peter

Martin, Patrick

Costello, John

Martin, Thos.

Dwyer, Richard

Martin, John

Dwyer, John

Moore, James

Dwyer, Edward

Moore, Richard

Dwyer, Thomas

McLaughlin, Wm.

Dooley, Michael

McLaughlin, John

Duncan, Patrick

McGrath, Terence

Donahue, Mrs. Mary

McGrath, John

Devine, Patrick

McGrath, Dennis

Flynn, John

McNiney, Patrick

Gleason, John

McMahon, Michael

Hennessey, William

McCartney, Arthur

Hennessey, Patrick

McCartney, John

Halligan, Mr.

Mc'Cartney, Arthur, Jr.

Hayden, Timothy

McCartney, George

Heimmer, Geo.

McCartney, Edward

O'Brien, Bryan

Quinlan, Jas.

O'Brien, John F.

Regan, James

O'Brien, Patrick

Tobin, John

O'Brien, Bernard

Tobin, Pierce

O'Brien, Thos.

Tansy, Martin

O'Burke, John

Tyrrell, Patrick

Quinlan, Daniel

Woods, Patrick


Beegan, Patrick

Dougherty, Edmund

Burke, Michael

Dunlea, John

Connor, John

Egan, Wm.

Connor, Terrence

Forkins, Martin

Connor, Michael

Fitzgerald, James

Collin, Patrick

Fitzgerald, Jas. (Rutland)

Coyle, John

Flinn, Daniel

Coyle, John, Jr.

Freeman, Patrick

Coyle, James

Freeman, Michael

Costello, Patrick

Freeman, James

Callahan, C.

Freeman, Nicholas

Carroll, Michael

Freil, James

Casey, Daniel

Frisby, Patrick

Clinnin, John

Qahan, Daniel

Duhy, James

Gubbins, James

Duhy, John

Gubbins, Joseph Ryan

Duhy, Matt.

Gubbins, Joseph V.

Daly, Patrick

Gubbins, William

Donovan, Dinnis

Gubbins, George

Donahoe, John

Gubbins, J. Maddin

Donahoe, Patrick

Gubbins, Robt.

Dougherty, John

Gallagan, John


Healy, Bernard

Mann, Thomas

Hayes, Rdward

Mann, John

Hayes, John

Mann, Michael

Hayes, David, Sr.

Martin, John

Hayes, David, Jr.

Mahoney, Dennis

Hayes, Edward

Mahoney, Jeremiah

Heelan, John

Murphy, John (Long John)

Heelan, Philip

Murphy, John (Short John)

Heelan, Wm.

Murphy, Cornelius

Hayes, Wm.

Murphy, Patrick

Hennessey, James

Murphy, Jeremiah

Hogan, James

Murray, Patrick

Kelley, John

McFarland, Wm.

Kelley, Mrs. Mary

McGrath, Daniel

Kelley, John

McGrath, John

Kelley, Timothy

McGrath, James

Kelley, Richard

McGrath, David

Keating, Patrick

McGrath, Thos.

Keating, Edward

Meagher, Edward

Keating, John

Meagher, Patrick

Keating, Patrick, Jr.

Mockley, Michael

Keating, , (Hoosier Grove.)

Mockley, John

Keogh, Richard

Needham, Martin

Keyes, James

Nolan, John

Kiley, Patrick

O'Flaherty, Patrick

Kane, Jas.

O'Kane, John


O'Leary, Timothy

Larkin, Timothy

Powers, James

Long, Thomas

Powers, John

McCall, A. C.

Powers, Martin

McOsker, Stafford

Powers, Maurice

McElroy, James

Powers, Thomas

M'cNamara, William

Powers, Patrick

Meehan, John, Sr.

Ponsonby, Patrick

Meehan, John, Jr.

Regan, James

Mann, Edward

Rice, Wm.

Mann, Patrick

Roach, John

Rourke, Daniel

Stanton, Michael

Rourke, James

Tyrrell, Pierce

Rourke, Patrick

Tyrrell, John

Ryan, John

Tyrrell, Mrs. B.

Ryan, Terrence

Tyrrell, Patrick

Sheedy, John

Tierney, James

Scanlan, James

Yaughan, M.

Scanlan, Patrick

Wallace, Edward

Scanlan, Wm.

Wallace, Patrick

Scanlan John

Wallace, John

Scanlan, Johnnie

Wallace, John, Jr.

Shea, James

Wallace, Thos.

Shea, John

Wallace, Wm.

Shea, Daniel

Wallace, Patrick

Shea, Martin

Wallace, Michael

Straussel, Martin

Welch, Michael

Solon, Michael

Welch, William

Stanton, John

Welch, James


Barrett, James

Connery, John

Boyle, Dominick

Cassidy, James

Bowland, John


Burke, Wm.

Clifford, Thomas

Byron, John

Connor, James

Bradley, Michael

Collins, Edward

Burns, John

Casey, Timothy

Burns, Hugh

Collins, David

Burns, Adam

Camphin, Edward

Barry, Joseph

Camphin, John

Bannon, Bernard

Camphin, Michael

Caldwell, James J.

Camphin, Daniel

Carroll, Larry

Cotter, Wm.

Connery, Thomas

Casey, James

Connery, Thos.

Cummings, Thomas

Connery, Michael

Costigan, Martin

Connery, Richard

Campbell, Thomas

Cannon, B.

Gahagan, Lawrence

CoHins, Michael

Gabbit, Michael

Cullen, Dennis

Carvy, Michael

Dunne, Wrn. (probably s/b "Wm.")

Garvy, David

Danner, Charles

Garvy, John

Drannan, Thos.

Gowrey, John

Drennan, ,Wm.

Hutchinson, Mrs. Richard

Drennan, Matt

Hutchinson, John. F.

Dunn, Owen

Hutchinson, F. J.

Dennis, Alex.

Hutchinson, James

Dorsey, Thomas

Hutchinson, Joseph

Dorsey, Michael

Hogan, John

Dadey, Dennis

Hines, Peter

Duggan, Jeremiah

Harrington, Wm.

Dooley, Michael

Harrington, Edward

Doran, James

Hannigan, James

Daley, John

Hand, Patrick

Driscoll, John

Haley, Patrick

Flannigan, Patrick

Hassett, John

Fleming, David

Higgins, Wm.

Fitzgerald, Patrick

Hopkins, Matt.

Foggerty, Joseph

Houlihan, Edward

Feery, Michael

Hayes, Patrick

Feery, James

Heslin, Thos.

Foggrty, Patrick

Horgan, Daniel

Frisby, Patrick

Hogan, Michael

Fordrescher, Joseph

Hyde, Nicholas

Fordrescher, Simon

Horgan, John 0. G.

Fordrescher, John

Kennedy, Jas.

Fitzsimmons, Patrick

Kennedy, Wm.

Gahan, Thomas

Kinkead, Jas.

Grady, Michael

Knowles, Patrick

Gannon, Mrs. Mary A.

Knowles, Matt.

Gilmartin, Daniel

Kinney, Bryan

Gleason, Dennis

Kelley, John

Gaffney, Patrick

Kean, Bryan

Galligan, James

Kelley, Owen

Kitzen, Michael

Murray, Michael

Kane, Andrew

Nolan, Patrick

Kelley, Andrew

Nolan, James

Kramer, N.

O'Brien, Philip

Kinney, Simon

O'Laughlin, J. P.

Kavanaugh, Peter

O'Neil, Matt.

Larkin, Patrick

O'Neil, Philip

Linnahan, John

O'Neil, Joseph

Lynn, Bernard

O'Neil, Dennis

Logan, Owen

O'Donnell, Wm.

Long, Richard

O'Reilly, Mrs. E.

Little, Peter

O'Connell, Thomas

Little, Lewis

O'Neil, Daniel

Little, Edward

O'Connor, Jeremiah

Little, Joseph

Provost, Joseph

Long, John

Pabst, Joseph

Lynch, Mrs. Ann

Pabst, Martin

Lawlor, John

Phalen, Daniel

Lawlor, Patrick

Phalen, Patrick

Mann, Jas.

Phalen, John

Morney, Quinn James

Ryan, "Johnny"

McGuire, Joseph


McDonnell, Wm

Ryan, Jeremiah

McGrath, Joseph

Ryan, John

McCarthy, Michael

Rafferty, Patrick

McCormick, Edward

Rafferty, John

McMahon, Michael

Riley, Wm.

McCormick, Patrick

Regan, Michael

Masterson, Andrew

Russell, Dennis

Moran, Martin

Ryan, Edmond

Maher, Martin

Ryan, Timothy

Miller, Joseph

Roche, Wm.

Maher, Thomas

Roche, Michael

Maher, Michael

Roche, John

Manning, Philip

Roche, James

Murphy, Michael

Tyrell, Mrs. David

Murphy, Philip

Rice, Wm.

Sullivan, Jeremiah

Tobin, Chas.

Sweeney, Patrick

Whalen, John

Sweeney, Neil

Walker, William

Shea, Michael

Walsh, Joseph

Shine, John

Wallace, Thos.

Shine, Daniel

Wetzler, Jacob

Spillard, John

Welch, Richard

Stanton, Patrick

Welch, James

Sower, George

Young, Thomas

Spaulding, Matt



Allen, James

Foley, Thomas

Barry, Robert

Gilick, Robt.

Burke, Francis N.

Gilick, Michael

Burke, Patrick

Grant, Patrick

Burke, John

Gubbins, Edward

Burke, Wm.

Garvey, Thomas

Burke, Maurice


Buel, Mrs. Josephine

Grant, Richard

Boyle, Dominick

Grady, John

Cooney, Patrick

Hefferman, Joseph

Carte, Charles

Hennessey, John

Considine, John

Hade, Mrs. C.

Colford, Patrick

Hannigan, Thomas

Colford, Richard

Handley, Patrick

Collins, Stephen

Hennick, Wm.

Connell, R.

Hennick, John

Costigan, John

Hogan, Patrick

Dougherty, Charles

Hickey, William

Delaney, James

Jones, Patrick

Dooley, Patrick

Kelley, Thomas

Dibb, Isaac

Kelley, Thomas B.

Donahue, Wm.

Kinney, Wm.

Duggan, Patrick

Kalahan, Thoma

Driscoll, Patrick

Kenneally, Mrs. Mary

Daley, John

Kenneady, James

Fay, Peter (1845)

Kenneady, Edward

Freeman, Michael

Logan, Owen

Fahey, John

Logan, Thomas

Foley, Patrick

Logan, John

Laughlin, Thomas

Murphy, Daniel

McGarry, John

Meenagh, John

McBroiarty, Anthony

Meenagh, Patrick

McNab, Michael

Nolan, John

McCartney, John

O'Brien, Michael

McCartney, Richard

O'Brien, Wm.

McCartney, Anthony

O'Brien, James

McEnerney, Patrick

O'Connor, James

McGraw, David

Powers, William

McGarry, Patrick

Quinlan, James

McLaughlin, James

Quillinan, James

McCormick, Stephen

Quernheim, Philip

Murphy, John

Rourke, Patrick

Miller, Peter

Rotcher, Michael

Mulloy, Patrick

Rochford, Patrick

Mulloy, James

Rhoden, Christopher

Morrisey, Patrick

Sheehan, James L.

Morrisey, Michael

Shields, James

Morrisey, Martin

Schaller, Andrew

Moore, James

Savage, James

Moran, Michael

Sweeney, Peter

Murphy, Philip

Shern, Michael

Murphy, John

Traynor, Patrick

Wallace, Matt.


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